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Online Blackjack


What is blackjack online?

Blackjack has long been a popular game in land-based casinos due to its quick format and easy to understand gameplay. As the trend changed to online venues, online slots became hugely popular. Following this trend, blackjack also made the jump to the online platform, hence the slight name change. By being available online, blackjack is now more accessible to the masses than ever. There are also a wide variety of different blackjack options now too. From virtual games through to live dealer options, each one gives the player a new and exciting way of playing and enjoying this game.

Basic Rules

  • How to beat the dealer
  • How do you lose to the dealer
  • How to play your hand

As with all games, you’re out here to win so it’s important that you know how you can do that. In blackjack, the aim of the game is to reach the value of 21, but not exceed it. To win you need to reach 21, but the dealer doesn’t. In order to achieve this, you must be a careful player, understand the rules and know when to hit, stick or fold. Unlike jackpot slots where you can just let everything unfold, there are a number of strategies you can memorise to get ahead.

There are many ways you can lose to the dealer if you are not paying careful attention to your cards. If you bust or surrender in this type of casino games, the dealer wins. The dealer also wins if their hand is closer to 21. However, there are some rules that the dealer must abide by when looking at the card options they’ve been dealt, which can swing the game back in your favour. For instance, a hard 17 the dealer stands, but a soft 17 the dealer must hit, which can give you the edge.

When it comes to playing your hand it’s important to know all these ins and outs. Playing at an online casino doesn’t make anything easier either. First, you should choose a table that suits your bankroll. Then you should take a look at a cheat sheet and learn when you should be splitting aces and eights. It can appear to be a bad move, but is likely to result in a good profit. It’s also a good idea to stand when you hold a card that could bust against the dealer especially if their face up card is a 4, 5, 6.

Playing blackjack games online comes with a whole lot of advantages to players. For instance, you can access these games at any time, no matter where you are – as long as you have good Wifi connections of course. Accessing blackjack online is also a great way of exposing yourself to a number of additional blackjack options that you might not be able to find in a land-based casino. Similar to roulette, there are other versions available in different countries that, with an online connection, you will now be able to play easily.

Different types of Blackjack games

  1. Double deck
  2. Multi deck
  3. American
  4. Live

Double deck blackjack is a slightly different game to other blackjack variants. Instead of having multiple decks in play, this game only has two 52-card decks. This means that there is a slightly different strategy that’s good to be employed if you want to succeed. For instance, doubling down can be used on any cards with doubling after a split also permitted. However, unlike other games, you can’t surrender. What’s great though is this game has a house edge of just 0.40% making it much better odds than games like online scratch cards.

Generally casino live games come in the form of multi deck blackjack. This means that the game can have anywhere from four to eight decks. As you might imagine, the more decks there are, the harder it is to strategies and predict the next cards. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to carefully look at the number of decks in a game before taking a seat at the table. These multi deck games always have a wide range of strategies to help you, so you can pick a strategy table that suits you to help you get ahead.

American blackjack is another variant. It has some slight differences when compared to playing the European version which is crucial if you want to win and implement the right strategy. In American blackjack, the rules are a little more flexible. For instance, there’s a hole card (this is the face down card held by the dealer). In the American game, the dealer is allowed to look at it if the face up card is an Ace. American games also use 6 to 8 decks with European sticking with 2. The doubling down rule can also be implemented on any hand in American.

With so many different versions available, software providers are always looking for new ways to play blackjack. And this is where the live game was born. Now you can play live blackjack, interacting directly with the dealer and also with the other players at the table, but all from home. These games are streamed live from a studio directly to your device. You can play the game, place your bets and practice your strategies exactly the same as you would on a virtual game. But the plus here is you get the casino atmosphere and player camaraderie too.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

  • Pair splitting
  • Hit and stand
  • Doubling down
  • Insurance and even money

When it comes to blackjack there are a number of different strategies you can use to get yourself ahead and we don’t just mean card counting. Doubling Down is an exciting move you can use to try and boost your wins by doubling your bet in the middle of a hand. You can only do this once in a game. There are three times we recommend that you place this more risky bet. If your cards total 11 and the dealer has a 6 or lower; if you have a soft 16/17 /18; or, when you have a hard 9 or 10.

Insurance bets are offered at the beginning of a round. It can be worth as much as half your original bet. It can be played in the case that the dealer reveals their cards and they have a blackjack. Without this bet, you would lose your bet, but with this bet you will get half your original bet back. Even money bets are when you have a blackjack and the dealer has an ace. Usually, the bet is 3:2 but in this case, it will drop to 1:1. If you don’t take this bet and there’s a tie, it results in a push.

Casino Offer and Bonus

Casino bonuses are the perfect way to push your online gaming to the next level. At Betiton we’re offering all newcomers to our site the chance to boost your bankroll and to check out our site almost for free! When you signup we’re offering a 100% match deposit bonus which will see your bankroll doubled. In addition to that, we’re giving you 150 spins to use on specified slot games on our site. However, there are terms and conditions attached to these bonuses so click here to read more about them and not get caught out.

Deposit and withdrawal

Having safe and secure monetary providers is a must when operating an online casino. As such we offer a whole range of different options to you, for both deposit and withdrawals. These options do vary for different countries so please make sure you check the options available to you. We do not take fees from our end either. Deposits usually occur instantly so you’re up and running in no time. Withdrawals are subject to a processing period, which means that your winnings don’t turn up into your account until a few days have passed.

Play blackjack online with your mobile

In recent years the mobile industry has boomed with more and more people accessing websites from their mobile devices. Betiton has kept up with this transition and offers a fully mobile optimised and compatible website. No matter what device you are using you will find the transition from desktop to mobile platform a seamless one. All the game operators are working on the same lines too, offering their games as HTML5 format so that they are fully scalable across a range of mobile devices, losing nothing in the way of game features and design.

Customer support and Loyalty Club

Though our Betiton Casino platform is carefully maintained, making use of all the latest technologies, there are occasional glitches. Because of this, we have a customer support service in place so that if anything does go awry, then you can contact us easily. Of course, you may also just have a simple query so it’s a quick click of the button to contact one of our professional staff members to get everything sorted. Our Loyalty Club is also available to you and the perfect place to grab yourself some extra rewards and bonuses.

Responsible Gaming

Playing games online is a whole lot of fun until it starts to take over your life. At Betiton we want to make sure that you’re online gaming is a fun experience, not a negative one. In order to promote a responsible gaming atmosphere, we have a number of helplines in place that you can contact if you feel that the gaming is getting a bit too much. Additionally, due to our strict licensing and regulations, we also offer an option for you to self exclude from our site, allowing you to rejoin later when you feel it’s manageable.


How to play Blackjack?

Beat the dealer

What’s an Ace?

Card valued 1/10

What difference between Online and live blackjack?

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