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Live Baccarat


Last Updated: 12-07-2022 09:43

One of the staples of casinos everywhere would definitely be baccarat, a game whose enduring popularity has made it a must-have game for any online casino. Thanks to today’s advanced state of technology, baccarat has been made available for online casinos, both as a software game and as a live casino game. 

Play Live Baccarat at Betiton Casino?

Any self-respecting casino that wants to make a name for itself would do well to provide a game as sought-after as baccarat. At Betiton, you can find baccarat as a standard software table game and also a live casino version. If you want to get the hang of playing baccarat, you should try out the demo version of software game.

However, if you already know how to play baccarat, then you should definitely try out our live casino versions of baccarat as they add added layers of entertainment thanks to the live dealers on the other side of the screen. If, however, you’re completely new to baccarat, then you should definitely read the rest of this article.

How to Play Live Baccarat with Betiton?

Firstly, you are going to need to sign up for an account on Betiton as all of our live casino games aren’t available as demo versions. Afterwards, you will need to deposit to your bankroll using one of our many trustworthy and secure payment methods. Then you can access our live casino section, where you can find a handsome selection of live baccarat games.

To sum it all up, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up to Betiton
  2. Deposit
  3. Open our Live Casino Section
  4. Choose a Table
  5. Enjoy!

What are the Rules of Baccarat?

Baccarat is arguably the simplest casino game to play as it only has a small number of bets available, it involves nothing on the part of the player except for making bets, and all of its rules don’t need to be known by the player as the dealer will automatically carry out the rules of the game.

The simplicity of Baccarat makes it a great first casino game for players who are new to casino. However, even veteran players enjoy this game of chance. So, how does one play baccarat? Like nearly every other casino game, baccarat is played against the casino.

To play baccarat all you need to do is bet on either the player or the banker to get a card combination as close to as possible. If either the player or the banker land a card combination of either a 9 or an 8, then that is called a natural, and that hand automatically wins.

If neither the player nor the banker lands a natural, then a third card can potentially be drawn. The drawing of this card is based on a complex predetermined set of rules known as the third-card rules. These rules are part of the game and have to be automatically carried out by the dealer.

In fact, players don’t even need to know anything about the third-card rules to play the game, and it’s quite likely that most players have no idea what the third-card rules are. After the third cards are dealt, the card combinations are counted, and the combination closest to 9 wins.

If, however, the banker and the player have identical scores, then that is a tie and both the banker and player bets are refunded. However, there is also the option of betting on the possibility of a tie, and when a tie happens, you’ll win your bet! These are the basic bets, but other bets are also possible.

Counting the score in baccarat is as follows:

  • Cards from ace to 9 have a value according to their face value; so, for example, a 6 has a value of 6, etc.
  • The remaining cards have a value of 0. So, 10s, jacks, queens, and kings, all have a value of 0.

Unlike when you’re playing live blackjack, where combinations over 21 go “bust” and immediately lose, if the cards in baccarat exceed 9, then the score “resets,” that is to say, it starts again from 0. So, for example, a combination of a and a king has a value of and not 17 as two-digit values don’t exist in baccarat.

Due to this, it’s actually very possible to have a total score of 0, or as it’s also known, baccarat. So, for instance, a card combination of a queen and a jack have a combined value of 0. This doesn’t mean that the combination automatically loses, as both the banker and the player can get a score of 0, in which case, it would be a tie.

How to Bet on Live Baccarat?

Placing bets in live baccarat is rather easy and works much like it would in any other baccarat game, whether the software version or at an actual table. You will be given a choice between the possible bets you can make and a range of chips that you can use to place your bets with.

What you need to do is place the desired amount of chips on your bet of choice, and you will have successfully made a bet. You can adjust how much you bet before the dealer deals, but when the dealer deals, bets are officially closed and you can’t touch your bet until after the dealer finishes dealing.

What are the Possible Bets?

The popularity of baccarat can be easily explained as being thanks to the simplicity of the game. In fact, there aren’t many bets that can be placed on baccarat. The most basic bets that can be placed in baccarat are listed here:

  • Banker (Banco)
  • Player (Punto)
  • Tie
  • Banker Pair
  • Player Pair

First of all, it’s good to keep in mind that neither “player” or “banker” refer to real people, nor do they refer to the players or the house, or anyone for the matter. They are only meaningless designations for the sake of playing the game. To continue: banker and players bet pay 1:1

So, for every €1 you bet, you’ll get €1 back. However, because banker bets have higher chances of success, they also have a 5% commission to even out the advantage. So, for example, if you win €50 on a banker bet, €2.5 will be kept by the house as a commission.

Moreover, the tie bets play 8:1, or €8 for every €1, and pairs play 11:1, or €11 for every €1. Pairs win when either the player or the banker draw a pair of cards, depending on what you bet. There are are also some special bets which are possible, known as “bonus” or “side bets.”

These are other bets that you can make apart from your standard banker or player bets. Bonus bets include perfect pair bets, where both the banker and the player must draw a pair; and the dragon bonus, where the player would have to win over the banker by a certain margin. 

What are the Different Types of Live Baccarat?

Thanks to the innovative minds behind industry giants like Evolution Gaming, live baccarat comes in different flavours that offer slightly different features to your usual baccarat tables. Apart from the standard live baccarat we have on offer, you can find a number of baccarat variants:

  • Lightning Baccarat
  • Baccarat Squeeze
  • Salon Privé
  • Speed Baccarat
  • No Commission Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat adds an electrifying twist to your usual baccarat by having multipliers randomly chosen and attached to the cards that are drawn, possibly multiplying your win by a factor between x2-x8. Baccarat Squeeze focuses on the climactic and tense moment of the reveal.

The hand with the highest amount of wagers will be revealed slowly by the dealer, giving players a suspenseful game. Salon Privé is a special baccarat table designed specifically for high-rollers. Speed Baccarat, on the other hand,is for players who prefer a more fast-paced game than normal. 

In fact, rounds in Speed Baccarat only last 27 seconds as opposed to the 48 seconds of a regular baccarat round. Finally, No Commission Baccarat removes the commission from the banker bets. Instead, however, when the banker scores a 6, the payout is 0.5:1, or half your bet.

What are the Advantages of Playing Live Baccarat at Betiton?

  • Extensive live casino library
  • Sizeable game library
  • Dedicated sportsbook
  • Promotions & loyalty programme
  • Wide range of trustworthy payment methods
  • Fully optimised for mobile play
  • Live chat

As players can easily tell from the above list, playing live baccarat on Betiton’s platform offers multiple advantages, first of which is the fairly large number of live casino games that we offer in our live casino library, where you can even play live roulette. Of course, there’s more to online casino that just live casinos.

In fact, players can also find our casino section, that’s full to the brim with 100s upon 100s of fantastic games, including splendid slots like Gonzo’s Quest, Bonanza, and Book of Dead. Moreover, players can also enjoy betting on sports on our sportsbook, that offers players loads of sports to bet on

Each available sport has a sizeable number of available betting markets and odds provided by our bookmakers. Furthermore, players can also find a decent selection of promotions on offer for casino and sports lovers alike, and a healthy range of reliable payment methods.

Players will also be delighted to know that our casino has been designed to be compatible with mobile devices, and can easily and smoothly be used on all mobile devices. Finally, should players require any assistance, they can contact our customer care agents on our live chat.

Play Live Baccarat with Your Mobile

Whilst some players have a natural preference for mobile devices, others are somewhat forced to use them because they hardly have the time to sit at their computers. Whatever your motives, you can rest assured that Betiton’s platform has been fully optimised for mobile devices.

Thanks to the smoothly scalable nature of our website, you can use it on mobile devices without having to download an app; moreover, you can easily make the switch from desktop to mobile and find all the same features that you would find on the desktop version of the site.

Additional information:


Can you play live baccarat at Betiton live casino?

Yes, of course! Players can absolutely play live baccarat from our selection of live casino games, where they can also find a healthy variety of different baccarat games provided by the very best live casino developers in the industry. However, they will need to first of all register an account on Betiton. Moreover, our live casino games are not available as a demo version, so players will need to place a wager to play them.

How do you play baccarat?

Baccarat is a simple guessing game, and there’s not much to remember when it comes to playing it. In fact, anybody can easily play baccarat and possibly win, even first-time players. The objective of baccarat is to get a card combination of 9, or as close to 9 as possible. Players will bet on either the banker, the player, or a tie. If the banker gets a 9, 8, or score higher than player, then bets on the banker will win. The inverse applies to bets played on the player. Bets played on the tie will only win if both the banker and player get the same score.

Can you play live baccarat for real money?

Absolutely, but in actual fact, live baccarat has to be played with real money as there is no demo version available. So, make sure you’ve registered to Betiton and deposited to your bankroll, if you want to play live baccarat.