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Enjoy Playing the Greatest & Newest Online Slots at Betiton™ Casino

Last Updated: 22-09-2022 10:22

Online slots would have to be the most beloved of the casino games out there by a mile. These are games that make use of digital reels and icons, essentially keeping more or less the same layout as their mechanical predecessors.

However, nowadays online slots come in all shapes and sizes, so much so that some of them bear no resemblance to their predecessors! On the other hand, there are some titles that are purposely made to resemble the old machines and way of playing.

In other words, when it comes to playing this particular kind of game, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. And this is not to mention their various themes, special features, and so on. We’ll be going over these in the rest of this page.

However, if you’re new to online slots and/or playing on an online casino, then there’s a handful of things that you ought to know. Not to worry, however, as we’re here to help out. Simply read the rest of this page to find out everything you need to know!

How Do You Play Online Slots at Betiton™ Casino?

First things first, in order to play any of our casino games, you’re first going to need to create an account with us here at Betiton™ Casino. Not to worry, however, as creating an account with us is both straightforward and quick! Firstly, click on the blue “JOIN” button.

This will cause a window to pop up. On the pop-up, fill in the empty fields with the required information. Once all of that is done, simply click on “OPEN ACCOUNT” and you’ve become an official member! Next, you’re going to need to make a deposit.

These are the funds that you’ll be using when playing on our casino. We provide a wide range of reliable payment methods, which means that any deposit you make will be 100% safe. After your account and your deposit, you’re ready to begin playing!

All you need to do now is simply find a title to enjoy. Feel free to browse through our selection of online slots until you find the one that strikes you the most. If, however, you’re having trouble finding the right one for you, we’ll be explaining how to choose a title for you further down.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Online Slots at Betiton™

  1. Once you’ve chosen the title you’d like to play, you’ll notice that it’s organised in a series of rows and columns (known as “reels“);
  2. What you’re going to need to do is land matching symbols on consecutive columns by clicking on the “SPIN” button;
  3. However, be sure that you’ve selected a stake that’s comfortable for your budget;
  4. If you get tired of manually playing and having to constantly click a button, you can set the slot to “AUTOPLAY“, which plays the game automatically for you;
  5. You can set various conditions to autoplay, such as how many spins it goes on for and other conditions that make it stop prematurely;
  6. If you find that the pace of your chosen title is too slow, you can turn on “FAST PLAY” which makes the reels go faster;
  7. All you really need to do now is enjoy your game!

Before going off, we’ll be giving you a handful of tips to get you started on playing video slots. Firstly, to get a better idea of what symbols the title offers and how much they give out as winnings, we suggest reading the title’s paytable.

Moreover, the paytable will also inform you of the slot’s special mechanics, bonus rounds, and so on. Bear in mind, however, that playing slots is all based on luck, and there’s no real way to guarantee landing a winning combination.

Depending on the title you have chosen, how often a winning combination lands differs according to its volatility. We’ll be explaining what this is in a further section. However, if you’re unsure about all of this, we suggest trying out the demo version first by clicking on “DEMO” on the slot’s thumbnail.

How Do You Succeed on Online Slots?

To succeed on video slots, you need to land matching symbols in consecutive columns. In other words, identical icons have to land next to each other. The number of identical icons required differs from title to title, but it’s generally 3.

The symbols will generally have to align with the paylines. These are lines that determine the winning combinations of the game. However, bear in mind that not every slot has paylines nowadays, as some of them have different systems.

This is why it’s important to read the paytable as it will explain everything you need to know about the symbols, how many you need to land, etc. Anyway, you can land these icons by clicking on the “SPIN” button and hope you get a winning combination.

This is because the symbols are randomly placed. The randomness is determined by a random number generator (RNG). This is a programme that uses complex mathematical algorithms to produce random results and which works with every play.

The First Step to Understanding Online Slots: Looking at Terminology

Now that you need what you have to do in order to play and succeed on video slots, there’s also the matter of understanding how they work. The first thing that we’ll be looking at is the terminology that’s used with video slot machines:

  • Reels: these are the columns that make up the grid of the slot. They’re known as reels for historical reasons. The number of columns changes from title to title but the lowest is 3.
  • Symbols: these are the icons that the slot uses in order to grant a winning combination. They’re usually in the form of images, letters, numbers, or cinematics.
  • Paylines: also known as “ways to win“, these are the predetermined lines through winning combinations are calculated. However, not all titles have these lines as they use others means of calculating wins.
  • Paytable: this is a table or a section of the slot that tells you all of the important information you need to know. This includes what symbols there are, how much they’re worth, special mechanics, etc.
  • Bet Amount: this is your current stake.
  • Spin: this is the button that you’ll be using to play with.
  • + and –: you can adjust your stake with these buttons.
  • Autoplay: you can set the slot to play itself for a number of times with this button.
  • Lines: this adjusts how many paylines are active during the game. Do note, however, that not all titles provide this.
  • Bet Per Line: with this button, you can increase how much you bet per payline. This also simultaneously increases your overall stake.
  • Max Bet: if you want to bet the maximum possible amount, simply click this button.
  • Collect: this button allows you to pick up your winnings.
  • Gamble: this is a form of minigame that can be found on some titles. With this minigame, you can potentially multiply your winnings through a simple guessing game.

The Second Step: How Do Online Slots Work?

Now that we’ve gone over how you can start playing video slots and the terms used in these games, we now have to turn our attention to aspect of a slot machine’s functionality. In other words, these are aspects of the game that happen “behind the scenes”, so to speak.

What Is Return-to-Player?

The first thing we’ll be going over is the return-to-player rate, or RTP. This is a theoretical percentage that’s calculated over millions and millions of plays. What this means, in essence, is how much of a player’s wagers should be returned to the player in the long run.

However, as we said, this is only a theoretical value and doesn’t always reflect on reality. In fact, there is what is known as “actual RTP“, which is the RTP value that’s calculated on the slot’s actual payouts over the long term.

What Is Volatility?

Volatility, also known as variance, is a concept that’s related to RTP but is not quite the same thing. The volatility of a title is its programmed risk. This is in terms of the slot’s payouts, both in the frequency and in the size of the payouts.

In other words, volatility is how often a slot pays out and how much it pays out. Volatility is measured on a spectrum, meaning that you can have low volatility and high volatility slots, and anything in between these two extremes.

Low volatility titles pay out often but their payouts are rather small. On the other hand, high volatility titles don’t pay out much but they have the potential to give out a really massive win! Then you have titles that offer something in between.

Finally, it might serve you well to know what volatility is actually for. In essence, volatility is simply a way to cater for the various kinds of players out there. That way, there will be diverse titles that will surely suit everybody’s tastes.

What Are Extra Spins?

The final “function” that we’ll be looking at is one of the most iconic features ever, and that’s extra spins. Rather than abstract aspects of a game, these are actually mechanics that you can enjoy whilst playing the title of your choice.

Essentially, these are “plays” on a slot that players don’t have to wager for. However, even if players don’t have to make any stakes whilst extra spins are happening, they can still receive real money from them! This is exactly what makes them so great.

How Can You Use Extra Spins?

Extra spins are generally granted as a bonus. They’re usually awarded by landing a certain number of bonus or scatter symbols (we’ll explain these in a later section). Once you receive this bonus, you simply have to play the game as normal.

Of course, the only exception is that you won’t have to stake for the duration of the extra spins. However, they can also be awarded as a bonus or part of a series of bonuses by the casino. Our welcome bonus, for example, grants you extra spins.

In fact, when you sign up to our casino and deposit some funds, you’ll be able to receive a handful of bonuses. These total up to 150 extra spins that you can enjoy! Consider these promotions as a way of showing our gratitude for signing up to our website.

However, you should know that T&Cs apply to these promotions. These are various T&Cs that apply, including the wagering requirements, the min amount you need to deposit, and several other important conditions that you need to know.

The Third Step: Understanding the Various Kinds of Online Slots

Now that we’ve gone over some important aspects of these games, we now have to turn our attention to the various kinds of slot machines out there. There is quite an array of available kinds, each appealing to various kinds of players and offering different mechanics. This section, however, is by no means comprehensive as there are too many kinds to name thanks to the constant innovation that software suppliers have dedicated themselves to!

What Are Video Slots?

This is the most sought-after kind of all the ones that we’ll be looking at in this section. The name of this kind of slot machine comes from the fact that these slots first came into existence as an “upgrade” of the original mechanical machines.

Instead of using mechanical parts, these slots were played on screens with digital reels and rows. Nowadays, these are the normal slot games that you’ll come across when playing on any internet gambling sites and casinos of your choice.

The advantage of this form is that you can essentially extend how many reels there are to essentially infinity. Moreover, you can also enjoy cinematics and several special mechanics that are only possible thanks to the digital nature of this kind of game.

What Are Classic Slots?

This form is a nostalgic homage to the original slot machines. This is because they replicate the layout and “feel” of these original games. What we mean to say is that these games come with the original 3×3 and 9-payline layout.

Some titles will actually have even less paylines than that! Moreover, other titles will actually incorporate elements that are reminiscent of these old games, like having the slot take place on a digital slot machine unit and so on.

What Are Megaways Slots?

This is a fairly recent innovation in the world of slot machines. Developed by Big Time Gaming, Megaways takes the “natural” randomness of slots and shift them to an extreme. What we mean to say is that Megaways titles have no fixed rows.

This means that even the rows on Megaways titles are randomised, giving you results that are even more random than usual. This also randomises the possible ways to win, which means that every spin will give you a different number of ways.

In fact, Megaways titles usually offer up to 117,649 ways to win. However, there are some titles that offer even more than this figure, whilst others offer less. These differ according to the title’s number of rows and columns.

What Are Multiways Slots?

This is the final type that we’ll be looking at. Also known as “all ways pay slots“, this type has done away with the traditional paylines. This means that they accept any combination of identical symbols as wins, so long as they fall on consecutive columns.

Whilst they might seem similar to Megaways titles, they’re different in that they don’t have randomised rows. In fact, they feel like normal games but without any paylines. The lack of any fixed paylines, however, also results in multiple ways to win.

The Final Step: What Are Special Symbols on Online Slots?

Finally, after going over the various kinds of slots, the terminology used, and some of their important aspects, we now move on to the special symbols that these games utilise. It’s important to know about these as they are significant contributors to the enjoyability of a title.

What Are Wilds?

The first symbol that we’re going to look at is arguably the most common of them all. This is a symbol that substitutes for others on the slot, effectively acting like a wild card. In essence, they will either extend your winning combinations or help you form them.

Moreover, wilds can come with diverse effects on top of their regular effect. For example, certain wilds will move down the reels, shifting position reel by reel. These are known as “walking wilds“. However, there’s many more than that.

What Are Scatters?

Scatters are arguably the most desirable kind of symbol on any title you choose. They’re essentially symbols that can take effect no matter where and how they land on the reels. Once they take effect, they usually award the player with some form of bonus.

What Are Bonus Symbols?

This is another important symbol that players should look out for. To put it simply, a bonus symbol awards the player with some form of bonus. However, unlike the scatters, these need to be part of a winning combination in order to award bonuses.

What Are Multipliers?

As you might easily guess from their name, this symbol multiplies the wins they form a part of. Multipliers can come in a range of multiplication factors. In other words, they can multiply your winnings by anywhere from x2 to x50 and beyond.

What Are Stacked Symbols?

Despite being one symbol, this is a large symbol that counts as multiple symbols. What this does is that this symbol can potentially trigger multiple paylines.

What Are Sticky Symbols?

The final kind of symbol that we’ll be looking at is the sticky symbol. As the name implies, this symbol sticks to the reels, generally for a certain amount of plays, before falling off. Finally, a stick symbol is also generally a wild itself.

Is There Anything That You Should Bear in Mind When Playing Online Slots?

Now that we’ve explained everything that you need to know in order to fully understand slots, we now have to explain what you need to know in order to get started on playing these fantastic games. Firstly, bear in mind that these are luck-based games.

This means that there’s no real preparation required for playing them other than consulting the paytable for individual titles. Moreover, it also means that there is no skill involved when playing them. However, there are other things that you should know.

Make Sure You Choose the Title That’s Right For You

With so many offerings and available titles nowdays, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t pick the title that’s right for you. Slots come in so many flavours that actually deciding on a title might be the most challenging part of enjoying these games.

Nowadays, there are thousands of titles, each offering differing themes, unique mechanics, or an altogether totally unique playing style. It would be a shame if you weren’t to take advantage of this vast selection of options when choosing a title to enjoy!

Take Advantage of Our Demo Versions

Just about every title that we provide has a demo version. In other words, you can try these games without so much as staking a cent. This is important to take advantage of because you can get a taste of the title and what exactly it offers.

Thus, you can understand which titles are right for you and which aren’t. This way, you won’t have to waste any funds on titles that simply don’t appeal to you. Moreover, it also gives you the opportunity to understand how slots and particular titles work.

Be Sure to Thoroughly Read the Paytable

We know that we’ve been harping on about this but the importance of thoroughly reading the paytable cannot be understated. As we’ve said, the paytable details all of the important information about a slot. The paytable, essentially, helps you understand how a title works.

Set Aside a Gambling Budget & Stick to It

Another very important point that you should keep in mind when playing on slots is to set aside a gambling budget. This is a budget composed of funds that you can afford to lose. That way, you’ll always have funds left over for the various necessities of life.

Find Out What a Slot’s Volatility & RTP Are

Finally, it might also serve you well to know what the RTP and volatility of a title are. As we’ve already said, these 2 values indicate how often a slot pays out, how big its payouts are, and how much you can expect to receive back as winnings in the long term.

Thus, these 2 values can give you an indication of what the title plays like before you can even stake anything on it. However, as we’ve already mentioned, these values are solely theoretical and your experience of the game might completely differ.

How Do You Select a Slot Title That’s Right For You?

Since we’ve mentioned that you should do yourself the favour of picking a title that appeals to you most, we’re now going to help you out by giving you some tips on how to choose one. So, if you wish to understand what you should do when choosing a slot to start playing, do read the following tips.

Choose the Theme of the Slot

Firstly, you should choose the theme of the game. This is because the theme is a significant part of the enjoyability of a title. There are dozens of themes to choose from, with fantastic titles in each available theme. In fact, there are numerous themes, ranging from Ancient Egypt to disco to Las Vegas to music to pop culture!

Find Out Who the Slot’s Developer Is

Secondly, it’s also an important consideration to discover who the creator of the title is. This is because certain software suppliers will be able to provide you with special mechanics that other developers simply can’t. Moreover, knowing who the developer is will already give you an idea of the quality of the title you’ve chosen.

Find Out What the Slot’s Bonus Features Are

Finally, you should also make it a point to find out what a title’s bonus or special mechanics are. So, for example, if you prefer titles that have a lot of interesting mechanics, you should read up on a slot’s special features in order to find out if it has enough interesting mechanics to keep you entertained.

What Is the Advantage of Playing Online Slots Instead of Physical Machines?

There are numerous advantages to playing on online sites rather than playing at brick-and-mortar casinos. Below, we’ve given you a list of the most compelling advantages that you can enjoy when gaming on internet casinos:

  • you can enjoy a much larger variety of available titles
  • you’ll be able to test out titles without having to stake
  • you can redeem promotions and use them on games
  • you’re eligible to receive loyalty points
  • you don’t have to wait your turn to start playing

As you can tell from the list, there are some pretty wondrous advantages that you can enjoy by simply playing from your computer. If you wish to enjoy these wonderful advantages, all you have to do is sign up to our website!

Discover Betiton™’s Wide Range of Available Online Slots

We’re not messing around when we tell you that we provide an absolutely astounding range of available titles. In fact, we provide well over a 1000 titles, including some of the greatest ones ever released. If you wish to get a taste of the range we provide, the following reviews should give you an idea:

However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg of the titles we provide. In fact, we provide many, many more titles than that. If you’d like to get a better idea of the range we provide, we highly suggest browsing through our casino.

5 of the Most Popular Online Slots in the World

Whilst we’ve given you an idea of the titles that we provide, it would also serve you well to know what the most popular titles are. In fact, we’ve gone ahead and provided a table with the 5 most popular titles ever created:

Title Software Developer Year of Release
Starburst NetEnt 2013
Book of Dead Play’n GO 2016
Gonzo’s Quest NetEnt 2011
Cleopatra IGT 2012
Bonanza Big Time Gaming 2016

At Betiton™, We Have Partnered Up With the World’s Greatest Software Suppliers

Other than providing a wide range of amazing titles for you to enjoy, we have also partnered up with some of the biggest names in the industry. It’s thanks to these partnerships that we’re able to provide you the most fantastic titles ever created. Some of these renowned software suppliers include:

  • Pragmatic Play
  • Betsoft
  • Big Time Gaming
  • IGT
  • NetEnt
  • Pariplay
  • Blueprint
  • Red Tiger
  • Play’n GO
  • Microgaming

A Comparison of Real Money & Demo Slot Games

Since we’ve mentioned that our players can try out our slots without so much as having to stake a cent, you might be wondering what the difference between demo and real money slots is. Well, there’s actually a handful of differences to consider.

Whilst both versions can be enjoyed across all possible platforms (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.), demo versions won’t be able to award you with any cash. That’s because you can only receive money when you stake some yourself. However, that also means that you can’t lose any funds.

On the other hand, playing real money slots means that you can lose those funds that you’ve staked. Of course, this also means that you’ll need to deposit some funds in order to begin playing these kinds of slots. This isn’t the case with the demo versions.

However, with demo versions, you’re also limited as to what you can play. Moreover, you also won’t be able to redeem any of the promotions we provide on our site when playing only demo versions. Finally, a summary of what we’ve just explained can be found in the following table:

Playing With Real Money Playing Demo Versions
You can receive real money as winnings You won’t be able to receive any money as winnings
There’s a risk of losing funds There’s no risk of losing funds
Mobile compatible Mobile compatible
You can redeem our offered promotions You cannot redeem our offered promotions
Titles are not available for free play You can try out a title for free
You can enjoy our entire range of available titles Not every title is available as a demo version
You’ll have to first deposit before you can start playing You won’t need to make any deposits before playing

Other Games to Play at Betiton™:

  • Other than slot machines, we have other games available for our players to enjoy. If you’re looking for some quick entertainment, playing some online scratch cards might be the best option for you!
  • However, if you’re into traditional casino games, you’ll be happy to know that we have a wide range of available online blackjack real money tables to enjoy. Blackjack is one of the most iconic casino games out there, making a perfect choice for players!
  • On the topic of iconic games, there’s hardly a more iconic casino game than roulette. If you want to play on our online roulette tables, feel free to browse through our selection to find the table that’s right for you.
  • Finally, if you want to take your slot-machine gaming experience to the next level, then our selection of progressive jackpot slots might be what you’re looking for. Playing on jackpot slots gives you the same experience as normal slots, but you’ve got the possibility of winning a massive cash prize on top!

Additional information:


Are online slots safe to play?

Absolutely. Our site is protected through industry-standard encryption technology and our RNG has been independently verified by iTech Labs, a renowned games-testing laboratory. Moreover, we are also licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, amongst other entities. All in all, our slot machines are 100% safe.

Are slots really random?

Yes, they are. This is thanks to their RNG, a microprocessor that continuously generates numbers at random. The RNG then uses these numbers to determine the results of the slot machine.

Can you play online slots for real money?

Yes, of course. All of our available slot titles can be played using actual cash.

Do online slots pay real money?

Indeed, they do. However, in order for these games to pay real cash, you’re going to need to stake some of your own. Only then will you be able to receive real money as winnings!

Where do I find the newest slot games?

You can do so by clicking on the “NEW” tab found in our casino lobby. This will redirect you to the new games section of our site.