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Discover Blackjack odds in Canada

July 13, 2020
Modified: January 24, 2022

Blackjack is one of the most popular games played in most casinos today and this article will focus on the blackjack guide tips. This is a game based mainly on odds and making the correct mathematical decisions and therefore, it’s crucial to understand the odds of each scenario you face in a game. It is a game of comparing cards between different players where each player competes against the dealer and not against each other.

The secret of this blackjack odds game is that it is tailored towards the casino’s advantage of winning. Therefore, each player should aim to increase their chances of winning by creating card totals that are higher than those of the dealer but not exceeding the busting limit which is globally set at 21.

The blackjack game in Canada may appear as a simple game, however the probability of winning is based on your understanding of the odds and rules of the game. The main goal of the player in this game is to reduce the chances of the dealer winning.

You need to understand the basic rule of the game which is having the sum of your card values closer to 21 but not exceeding 21. If a player exceeds 21, he/she loses even if the dealer also exceeds 21. If the dealer exceeds 21 and the player does not, then the player wins. If the player has a higher card total than the dealer but does not exceed 21, the player wins. If they both get the same sum total, no one wins.

What is the house edge?

Understanding how to play blackjack requires one to carefully learn the house edge odds and tricks. The house edge refers to the mathematical advantage that the gambling game or gambling venue has over you as you play over time.

The house edge advantage came about as a countermeasure by casinos to increase the difficulty of advantage-play against the players. The house edge is what sums up to the profits of the casino. Inevitably, the house will always have an edge on its players, no matter how much you may have mastered the blackjack odds and made all the right decisions. The only exception to winning against this house edge is by playing perfectly and learning how to count the cards. This may guarantee you a few wins in the multiple number of games you play.

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In blackjack odds and probability, there is a basic strategy that a player can follow to increase their chances of winning and reducing the house edge to as low as 0.2%. This strategy involves making the mathematically correct decisions of hitting, standing, doubling down, surrender and pair splitting.

Therefore, we players can use these alternatives to our advantage. However, it is important to note that these alternatives are not available all the time whenever we like and that there is an order that we should follow when playing. For instance, if the table you are playing at offers the surrender feature, you may opt for this alternative since it will guarantee you getting half of your stake back and save you money. The pair splitting is another feature that may help you lower the house edge.

How does the house edge work?

The blackjack strategy helps us understand how best to beat the house edge advantage. Understanding that the house edge is the statistical advantage that the game may have over us players, we may use the basic strategy to counter this.

If a casino has a house edge of 10% set on a blackjack game, that means that for every bet you make you are set to lose 10% of that amount and the many times you play the more you are set to lose. The house edge is mainly advantageous on a large number of bets, this means that if you are betting $100 on a 1% house edge, chances are you may win all the money or you could double-down and split and win double the amount compared to having multiple bets.

Being able to compete and win against the house edge, you will need to understand how counting cards works in a game. Card counting is a technique that allows players to know when the advantage shifts to their favour. If the favour shifts to the dealer, the player makes a smaller bet and when it again shifts to the player, he/she increases the bet.

When card counting, you first assign a (+1) tag to every card between 2-6 and a (0) tag to cards between 7-9, and (-1) tag to every card between 10-A. For example, if a player’s card count is four, six and A then the total running count will be (+1)+(+1)+(-1)= (+1). At this point, the player may increase their bet to increase their chances of earning more money.

The importance of odds

The blackjack odds are tips that can help you understand the correct mathematical decisions to make while playing and will help you counter the house edge advantage. Generally, odds are defined as the probability of a situation or an event happening. And in this case, we are looking at the odds of a player winning or losing a game.

The most important thing to note is the blackjack probability which is an essential aspect that every player needs to learn in order to determine the best move to make with every card at hand. Knowing the odds on blackjack probability will help a player make a wise decision on the best time to strike especially when it’s most probable to beat the dealer.

For a new gamer who would want to beat the game and earn money at a casino, we would advise you to download the blackjack trainer. This is a game that will help you understand the basic blackjack strategy and card counting. This game will make it easy for you to learn the basics of the best time to hit, surrender, double down and split pairs. This gives you a better understanding of the importance of odds and how they play out to your advantage.

For instance, in a game where the dealer hits the soft 17 mark, it gives the player a better chance of winning while for a double play option, you can only opt that on your first play, not after splitting.

Rules variations and the impact on the house edge

When talking about house edge in blackjack, the common number talked about is 5% but this can vary from 25% to 1% depending on the blackjack rule variations. To compete against this house edge, you need to learn all the blackjack basic rules and strategies. If you are a new gamer, the blackjack simulator will help you learn all the actions you make when playing while at the same time understanding the rules variations to help you win. In a blackjack game, there are a few rule variations that may affect the house edge.

First is the number of decks; the fewer the number of decks the higher the chances of winning for the player. When the dealer lands on a soft 17, the better for the player since the dealer’s chances of busting increases.

There are many free blackjack online games you can download and learn how to play the game. The advantage of these games is that you can start playing without betting any real money. It will teach you the basics of the game and the rules and variations you need to know in order to increase your chances of winning.

After making the (free) bet on the online game, the dealer will give you two cards and will show only one of his cards. You can then double your bet before you hit, or stand and split your bet if you get cards of the same value. The dealer will always hit if their value is below 16 but once they hit 17 they stop. You win if your card value is greater.

Card counting and odds

In a blackjack game, card counting and understanding odds is very important. When counting cards, the dealer places different tags for different cards. As mentioned previously, for numbers 2-6 a positive one tag is applied, for cards 7-9 a zero tag is applied, and for cards 10-A a negative one tag is applied.

This implies that if your set of cards falls between 2-6 you stand a higher chance of gaining against the dealer. At this point, the player may increase their bet which may end up earning them more money. However, if your set of cards falls between 10-A, this may lower your chances of winning and shift the advantage to the dealer. When you get to this point, it is best if you reduce your bet and save your money.

In addition to counting cards, there is also an essential aspect of playing a blackjack game which is learning the odds. In most casinos, the blackjack house edge varies depending on the rules and this may be from a low of 0.5% to a high of 25%.

The odds of one winning a game may vary from the number of decks being offered, the dealer hitting the soft 17, hitting, splitting, or even asking for a surrender. However, most blackjack casinos offer low house edge variations on the game. For example, if a casino offers a 0.5% house edge, this means that if you bet with $100 you may lose 50 cents for every $100. Understanding the card counting and odds technique can give you a better of winning a game against the dealer.


This depends on the number of decks, strategies, casino rules, skills, knowledge, and much more.

Blackjack odds are better with players who apply good blackjack strategies and skills while playing the game.

To make it known to everyone that there is nothing in their hand. It is commonly called clearing the hand.

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