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MuchBetter Casino: How to Use MuchBetter at Betiton Canada

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Last Updated: 26-06-2023 14:09

If you’ve been looking for a reliable MuchBetter online casino in Canada, we would like to welcome you to the top MuchBetter Casino Canada has to offer. Betiton partners with the payment providers that offer the strongest security features, which is why MuchBetter has joined our growing list of available payment methods.

Although most casino payment options are similar, each one has its pros and cons, which is why it’s important to take the time to learn more about a payment method before you make a choice. In this MuchBetter casino guide, we’ll explain how the MuchBetter payment system works and how to get started. We’ll also highlight several perks you’ll benefit from as well as any drawbacks that you should be aware of.

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How to Start MuchBetter Online Gambling at Betiton

Depositing money into an online casino Canada with MuchBetter payments is a very straightforward process and if you’ve ever used an e-wallet before, it will feel very familiar to you. E-wallets, like MuchBetter, are very popular payment methods at Canada online casinos because they offer an anonymous solution to making deposits and cashing out any winnings too as well.

With more than 300,000 users worldwide, it’s safe to say that MuchBetter is one of the fastest-growing global payment solutions. Here at Betiton Canada, we’re proud to offer the most trustworthy and convenient payment options for our players and when it comes to MuchBetter, there are plenty of perks.

  • Low fees
  • Award-winning app to manage casino transactions and finances
  • Instant deposits and real-time transactions
  • Dynamic CVV code, Touch ID, transaction review system
  • Contactless key fob and prepaid debit Mastercard available
  • Pay at your favourite online casino using only your phone number


MuchBetter can be used to make real-time deposits at Betiton Online Casino. The funds can then be used to play any casino games of your choice or to enjoy sport betting. The minimum deposit possible at Betiton Canada is $10, both for your very first deposit (if you’re a new player) and regular deposits after that.

If you’re not familiar with the MuchBetter deposit method, you can follow the quick guide we’ve created below to make your first deposit at Betiton Canada:

  1. Log in to your Betiton account and click the green ‘Deposit’ button on the top right corner.
  2. Choose MuchBetter as your payment method.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit in the relevant field.
  4. Confirm the transaction from your MuchBetter app.


Before you can request a withdrawal at Betiton MuchBetter Casino Canada, it’s important to know that your account must be verified first. If you’re a new player or requesting a withdrawal for the very first time, Betiton Canada is required to conduct a KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This is a procedure that’s required to protect both Betiton as a casino operator and the player from possible identity theft/fraud and money laundering.

To complete the KYC process, you’ll simply need to provide the following documents which will enable us to verify your identity. Please note, this information will be used for verification purposes only and it will be kept strictly confidential too.

  1. Proof of ID: A clear photo or scan of your passport or identification card is required to verify your full name and age. This is required to prevent underage gambling on our platform.
  2. Proof of Address: This can be a recent bill, lease agreement, or government communication letter addressed to the address you provided when creating your account.
  3. Proof of Income: Under Canada’s gambling laws, proof of income is required to prevent money laundering and to ensure that players are gambling within their means as well.

It might take you a short while to gather your documents if you don’t have them readily available, but the good thing is that you’ll only need to complete this process once as a Betiton member. You’ll also have the option to verify your identity as soon as you sign up and get it out of the way immediately or wait until you’re ready to make your first deposit.

Now, when you’ve completed the verification process, you’ll be able to make a MuchBetter withdrawal by following the few steps we’ve listed below. As you’ll see, the whole process is very simple and won’t take you more than a couple of clicks to complete!

  1. Go to Betiton’s cashier section.
  2. Select the ‘withdraw’ option and choose the MuchBetter payment option.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your Betiton casino balance and click ‘confirm’.

Once you make your withdrawal request, our casino team will review the request and process your payment as soon as possible. In general, payments are processed within a few days and MuchBetter is one of the quickest withdrawal options offered at our casino.

Finally, our withdrawal limits are the last thing you should be aware of before banking with the MuchBetter payment option. The minimum amount you can withdraw from your Betiton account is $10, while the maximum you’re allowed to withdraw is $7,000 every month.

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What Is MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is an award-winning global e-wallet that was launched in 2016, providing one of the most secure ways to store, send, and receive money through an easy-to-use app. The MuchBetter service is renowned for its quick and easy sign-up process, enhanced security features, all the services they offer, and excellent user experience.

MuchBetter is a revolutionary online payment method, created by a team of innovators who wanted to create an easier way to manage and transfer money online and make it more rewarding too. The company was also the brains behind the first dynamic CVV code in the world, a security feature which we’ll explain in further detail later on.

The MuchBetter wallet has multiple online and offline uses, but it’s particularly suitable for online gambling in Canada. MuchBetter online casino sites like Betiton Casino Canada are becoming very popular because of the diverse benefits and perks that this payment method offers, not to mention the fact that all you need is a handy app to handle all your casino transactions.

MuchBetter is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and has the licence number 900704, which is one of the most obvious signs that the company is a legitimate and trustworthy payment provider.

What Is a MuchBetter Account?

Like most e-wallet payment services, to use the MuchBetter services, you’ll need to register for an account first. Signing up is 100% free and it won’t take you longer than a few minutes at most. To open an account, you’ll just need some basic details such as your mobile phone number, full name, address, date of birth, and a valid email address.

Once you provide this information, you’ll be able to start using your MuchBetter account right away. The next step is to link a bank card or payment account to add money to your MuchBetter wallet. The money in that wallet will then be used to make deposits at any online casino with MuchBetter payment options, like Betiton Canada.

What Is a MuchBetter Casino?

A MuchBetter Casino simply refers to casino sites that accept MuchBetter, such as Betiton Online Casino. Whenever you come across MuchBetter casino sites, then you can be sure that this particular casino or betting site will allow you to use your MuchBetter wallet to deposit cash into your betting account and to withdraw any winnings you might earn too.

Please note that an online casino Canada with MuchBetter payment options doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other payment options available. On the contrary, Betiton offers more than six different banking options for every player to choose from, so you’re not limited to using MuchBetter only.

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How Does MuchBetter Work?

MuchBetter works like any other e-wallet, except that it’s safe and even easier to use than some of its competitors. The way it works is very simple; You sign up for a MuchBetter account, deposit money into your MuchBetter e-wallet, and then use those funds to make casino deposits. Funds are deposited instantly when using MuchBetter, so you’ll be able to enjoy real-time gaming at your favourite online casinos like Betiton Canada.

MuchBetter Withdrawal Time

MuchBetter offers one of the quickest ways to cash out any winnings that you might have accumulated when playing at a MuchBetter casino. As a general rule, e-wallets offer the fastest payment processing times when compared to other payment methods like bank transfers or card payments, for example. At Betiton Canada, your MuchBetter withdrawal should be seen in your account within a maximum of four days once the request has been approved by our casino team.

MuchBetter Casino Payment Limits

In this section, we’ll go over the account limits that you should be aware of before you start playing at a MuchBetter Casino Canada site like Betiton but first, it’s important to note that there are three options to choose from for your account.

The first is a MuchBetter account without going through a verification process. You’re not required to verify your account right away, but without verification, you’ll be limited to a maximum of $125 in your account. Without verification, you also won’t be able to make withdrawals, order a MuchBetter ATM card or a key fob for contactless payments.

With basic verification, the maximum limit goes up to $38,500 which you can add over a period of one year. Additionally, you can also make up to 180 transactions over 365 days, with a total value that can’t exceed 20,000. If you verify your account, you can also order an ATM card and key fob to make the most of the services offered by MuchBetter.

Finally, the third option you’ll have is to complete further verification which will increase your limits, both for the amounts you can load on your e-wallet and the number of ATM withdrawals you can make too. With further verification, your account limits will be raised based on your profile. The limits are at the discretion of MuchBetter and are different for every profile.

It’s very important to note that although you can use MuchBetter without verifying your account, you will only be able to make deposits. To ensure you’ll be able to withdraw your funds, we suggest completing your MuchBetter account verification right away. Here’s how you can get it done by following a few steps:

  1. Log in to your MuchBetter app.
  2. Tap on ‘More’ and select ‘Limits’.
  3. Now, choose ‘Raise my limits’ and choose the United Kingdom from the list of countries.
  4. Choose the document type you would like to use for your account verification. This can be a passport, personal ID, or a valid driver’s licence.
  5. You’ll also need to take a selfie photo to complete the process.
  6. Scan your documents and upload them. Once your profile has been verified by the team, you’ll receive an SMS to confirm that verification has been completed.

Once you’ve verified your account, you won’t need to repeat the process unless you want to complete the enhanced verification to increase your limits even further. However, it seems that for most players, the limits with basic account verification suffice for the deposits they want to make at a MuchBetter casino.

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Advantages of Betting with MuchBetter

One of the reasons Betiton Canada decided to make MuchBetter payments available for all our Canadian players is the number of advantages that this payment system offers. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits you’ll be able to enjoy when betting at a top MuchBetter casino like Betiton Canada.

Quick Deposits

When you choose MuchBetter as your deposit option, you’ll be able to make real-time deposits. This means that the amount you transfer from your MuchBetter account into your casino account will be ready to use right away. You can start playing any casino or live casino games of your choice or betting on sports once you confirm the deposit through your mobile app.

No Need to Share Banking Details

One of the most popular features that casino players like about MuchBetter is the fact that you never need to share banking details. Once you link your bank card to your MuchBetter account, you never need to enter your online banking details or card number to make a transaction. So, if you have any concerns about providing your card number and details at an online casino, this won’t be a concern when using MuchBetter.

User-Friendly Payment Method

MuchBetter is an award-winning payment app that’s gained a lot of popularity within the casino industry in Canada and one of the reasons is that it’s so user-friendly and simple to use. You can log in to your MuchBetter account using Touch ID and once you’re in, deposits can be made in real time, and you’ll also be able to keep track of all your casino transactions. What’s great about betting with MuchBetter is that you can choose from more than 40 deposit options to top up your MuchBetter account.

Secure Payments

If you take some time to read about the MuchBetter wallet and how the company has set it up, you’ll realise that this company has gone even further than most e-wallets when it comes to security. MuchBetter has implemented every possible security measure to protect your information, including device pairing, dynamic security codes, a transaction review system to make sure that only legitimate transactions will be approved, and touch ID to enable secure login.

With a feature like Touch ID, no one other than the rightful owner of the MuchBetter account can log in. This is an optional feature that can be enabled, but it’s strongly suggested that you do so to get the most secure login possible. Additionally, any sensitive information you provide to MuchBetter will be protected by the cloud.

We mentioned briefly that MuchBetter was the first payment app to offer a dynamic CVV, a unique security feature that many other online banking solutions have adopted since then. As you probably know, the CVV is the 3-digit number on the back of your card which is usually needed to confirm any type of online payment or transaction.

Unlike any other bank card, you won’t find the CVV on the back of your MuchBetter card. Instead, it’s securely stored in your MuchBetter app, and it even changes every time you make a transaction, which makes theft or fraudulent use of your card extremely unlikely.

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MuchBetter App

MuchBetter is a very modern online payment system and e-wallet, so it comes as no surprise that it works primarily through an app. Without the MuchBetter app, you won’t be able to make payments at casino sites that accept MuchBetter payments. This is because your MuchBetter account is essentially twinned with your smartphone, and you’ll also need to confirm every MuchBetter casino deposit or withdrawal through the app.

The MuchBetter payment app is definitely one of the advantages of the MuchBetter casino payment method because it simplifies casino payments and makes them even safer. Additionally, in today’s world where we’re largely living on our devices, an online payment method without a mobile app will definitely feel outdated. The Muchbetter app won the award for Best Innovation in Payments at the Financial Services Forum in 2021, whilst also receiving commendations for their innovative security solutions and excellent customer service.

MuchBetter Cash

Another unique feature that’s quite popular about this banking method is the MuchBetter Cash feature which allows you to top up your account with cash vouchers. This feature essentially allows you to convert cash into online currency by using a cash voucher to top up your account.

You can purchase a MuchBetter cash voucher from thousands of stores and then use the code on that voucher to make a deposit. This is very similar to the way that most prepaid card or voucher systems work, such as Paysafecard, for example.

The MuchBetter Cash feature is just as secure to use, and transfers are 100% free and instant. The benefit of the Cash option, however, is that you’ll be able to control your spending even better and make sure you don’t go over your gambling budget. You can easily review how much you’ve been spending through the app.

Additionally, when you make a MuchBetter deposit using a cash voucher, you’ll be able to stay on top of your budget better because you won’t be able to deposit more than the amount that’s in your voucher.

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Disadvantages of Betting with MuchBetter

Next, it’s time to talk about any possible drawbacks that you might experience when betting with MuchBetter. Our job at Betiton Casino Canada is to make sure our players have the right tools to make the right choice for their own banking needs when choosing a banking option.

There are always pros and cons to consider when selecting a payment option, and no payment solution comes without its drawbacks, so let’s take a closer look at some of the disadvantages of using MuchBetter.

Requires a MuchBetter Account

The first drawback is probably the fact that you need to register for an account to be able to use the MuchBetter services. Considering that several casino payment methods don’t require you to sign up for an account, this might be a drawback for some players. There’s also the fact that you’ll need to verify your account before you can withdraw money from your Betiton account to your MuchBetter wallet, but both processes are very quick to complete.

Low Payment Limits

The limits are considered more of a drawback than the registration and verification requirements, especially for players who prefer to make larger deposits. There are limits on how much you can load into your MuchBetter wallet and limits on the number and amounts of ATM withdrawals too. Without registration, these limits are quite low, which might be an issue for some players.

Card Payments May Be Charged

Finally, there are a few fees that you might incur when using MuchBetter services, which is always considered a con. Luckily, online payments like casino transactions are free, whether you use the app or your card.

The only fee you may be charged is when using your MuchBetter card at an ATM, in which case a 0.99% fee can be charged. There is also a 0.99% fee that is charged for any currency conversions, but if you bank directly in Canadian dollars, you can avoid this fee.

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MuchBetter Mastercard

Before we wrap up our MuchBetter guide, we must say a few words about the MuchBetter Mastercard. You can request a free MuchBetter Mastercard which you can then use at any Mastercard Casino like Betiton, giving you even more options for your deposits and withdrawals.

With the MuchBetter Mastercard, you can benefit from a long list of perks, including:

  1. Zero fees (except ATM fees)
  2. Contactless payments
  3. Several ways to top up your MuchBetter account
  4. Freeze your card through the app if you lose it
  5. High level of security with a dynamic CVV and touch ID

FAQs About MuchBetter

Can I withdraw money with MuchBetter?

Yes, one of the many perks of using MuchBetter is that you can withdraw casino winnings to your MuchBetter wallet. You can then use these funds to make another deposit at an online casino or use them on any type of purchase you like. You also have the option to withdraw the funds to your bank account if you wish to do so.

How long does it take to withdraw from a MuchBetter casino?

The withdrawal timeframe usually varies from one MuchBetter casino to another but at Betiton Canada Casino, withdrawals are processed within a few days when using MuchBetter. You won’t need to wait more than a maximum of four business days to receive your MuchBetter payment.

Does MuchBetter have transaction fees?

No, one of the biggest perks of using the MuchBetter online casino payment system is that it’s completely free to use. You can transfer and withdraw money completely for free, using any top-up option you prefer. The only fee that can be incurred is a 0.99% fee when withdrawing money from an ATM using your physical MuchBetter card. However, if you plan to use MuchBetter for casino purposes in Canada, you don’t have to worry about any fees.

Why you should consider MuchBetter for deposits and withdrawals? 

We suggest considering the MuchBetter Casino Canada payment option for both your deposits and withdrawals simply because of all the benefits you can enjoy with this payment method. Deposits are instant and withdrawals – although not instant – are quite fast.

Additionally, MuchBetter offers security features that other e-wallets don’t, making it one of the most reliable and safe payment options to trust your money with. Signing up is free and very quick too, not to mention that the MuchBetter app is a great resource for managing your money and ensuring you’re playing responsibly.

How does MuchBetter work?

MuchBetter works like most e-wallet banking options. First, you sign up for an account to open a MuchBetter wallet. Next, you’ll need to load your wallet with funds by linking a bank account to your MuchBetter account. Once you have funds in your wallet, you can deposit money into an online casino account and use that money for online betting.

How to verify MuchBetter account?

You can easily verify your MuchBetter account by logging in to the app and tapping the ‘Verify Me’ button. Upload an identity verification document such as an ID card by following the instructions which will appear on your screen. Then, take a selfie and wait up to 60 minutes for your identity to be verified. Once the verification is complete, you’ll receive an SMS to inform you.