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The Formative Years of the NBA

The prestigious league found its beginnings in 1946, when it was inaugurated under the name Basketball Association of America in New York City. However, this association proved to be quite short-lived.

The association adopted its new name, the National Basketball Association (NBA), after merging with its rival organization, the National Basketball League. Thus the NBA was born in the United States in 1949.

As a professional basketball league in the 1980s, the NBA was troubled by bankrupt franchises, low attendance, and falling television ratings. Under the stewardship of David Stern, NBA commissioner from 1984, the NBA rebounded into an international entertainment company.

Star players such as Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan would soon become household names and transformed the NBA into a highly lucrative market. The league was further modernized through cost-effective broadcast rights for television, limits on player salaries, and the introduction of All-Star Games.

Today the NBA is one of the 4 major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada along with the NFL, the NHL, and the MLB. It is considered to be the original men’s professional basketball league around the globe and its associated betting markets are widely available.

Find Out About the NBA

With a wide-ranging appeal and a global fanbase, the NBA stands out as the premier men’s basketball competition. There is no other competition quite on par with it in the world of basketball, but how much do you really know about it?

In this section, we’ll be going over the rules of basketball, its scoring system, as well as some aspects of the NBA, which are: the NBA Draft and the All-Star Series. If you’d like to start betting on the NBA, we recommend reading this section.

  • General Rules
  • Scoring
  • NBA Draft
  • All-Star Series

General Rules

Teams must field 5 players on the basketball court with substitutions allowed during stoppages. Despite only having 5 players on the court at any time, teams are actually composed of a total of 15 players.

The 5 players that play on the court form a squad that comprises 2 forwards, 2 guards, and a centre. Once a member of any squad has possession of the ball, they have up to 24 seconds to try and score. We’ll discuss scoring in the next section.

Moving the ball, on the other hand, can be done in either of 2 ways: passing the ball to teammates, or by dribbling the ball. Dribbling the ball involves bouncing the ball as players are moving around the court.

An NBA game is split into 4 quarters, each 12 minutes long. After 2 quarters, there is a halftime that lasts about 15 minutes. The team that has the most points at the end wins; if teams are tied, then overtime periods will be played.


There are several ways that players can score in basketball, each with their respective number of points. Despite these numerous scoring methods, the shots in basketball can be summed up into 3 sorts of shots:

  1. Free Throws
  2. Two-Point Shots
  3. Three-Points Shots

Free throws—also known as foul shots—are unopposed shots that are worth 1 point each. They’re granted to a squad who was fouled by the opposing squad. Free throws are shot from the free throw line

Two-point shots are the most common shots that happen in basketball. Essentially, they’re any shot that happens within the so-called “three-point arc,” an arched line that surrounds a team’s net. There are many sorts of these shots, including:

  • Dunk
  • Layup
  • Hook Shot
  • Jump Shot
  • Bank Shot

The only differences between these shots is the method of scoring; they’re all worth the same. So, for example, bank shots hit the backboard before being netted, whilst layups are shots that are thrown from underneath the net.

Three-point shots are shots that are thrown from beyond the three-point line. They’re rather difficult shots to land as they can easily miss or be blocked by the opposing squad, which explains why they’re worth the most.

NBA Draft

The NBA Draft is an annual event that happens at the end of June after the playoffs. The NBA Draft first started out in 1947 and was inaugurated as an opportunity for all sides to add new players and to make sure bad teams are able to compete.

The Draft consists of two rounds. Each team takes turns choosing a player, otherwise known as the pick. After teams finish their picks, they’re then allowed to exclusively sign the players onto their team; although they can also be traded immediately.

The purpose of the NBA Draft is to lessen the impact of teams’ financial strength in the course of the NBA championship. That way, fantastic players can be signed onto poorly performing teams and actually win them the league!

All-Star Series

Showcasing 24 of the NBA’s star players for the season, the NBA All-Star game is a hugely popular exhibition game that takes place in February. The NBA All-Star traces its origins back to 1951, and has undergone a change in format in 2018.

Before the change, the teams were chosen via voting from different sources, including fans and members of the media. However, the new format sees the most-voted players become captains; these captains decide on their players.

After the captains have made their picks, the teams go on to play one another in a series of exciting games that offer the most intense, skillful, and thrilling displays of basketball you could ever ask for.

Who Gets to Host the NBA?

The NBA consists of 30 teams divided into the Eastern and Western conferences. The regular season consists of 82 games and runs from October to April. Each conference consists of 15 teams, all aiming to reach the playoffs.

Matches in the NBA are held at different stadiums throughout the year, with teams alternating between playing home and away games.

Only the top 8 teams from each conference advance to the playoffs, where progression to the next round relies upon getting the better over an opponent within a 7-game series. All teams must battle it out to make it to the conference finals.

To declare themselves NBA Champions and lift the Larry O’Brien Championship trophy, the Eastern and Western conference winners will face off in the NBA finals.

With the NBA season operating from October to June, players from Canada can find plenty of intriguing NBA betting tips; we’ll explain how to find those in an upcoming section.

Moreover, players can find loads of exciting NBA markets on our online sportsbook right now. Simply access our sportsbook, go to the basketball section, and enjoy!

Knowing What to Bet On: Markets Explained

Now that we’ve thoroughly introduced you to the NBA, you might be thinking that you’re finally ready to bet on the NBA. Well, not quite. There are still a few more things that you’re going to need to know when making wagers on the NBA.

The first thing that you should know about is the betting market. Betting markets are the bets that players can make on all online sportsbooks they’ll come across. To see what we mean, feel free to browse through our sportsbook.

On it, players can find countless things they can wager on, including who will win and the total number of points that will be scored. Those bets are precisely the betting markets that we’re speaking of, of which we offer plenty.

In fact, betting markets are offered by bookmakers according to certain conditions that need to be fulfilled in order for the wagers to pay. These conditions can be anything that happens in the game, including the ones we mentioned above.

Moreover, alongside the markets on offer, bookmakers will also calculated the odds; we’ll be explaining what these are in a later section. Before we do that, however, we’ll be looking at some examples of popular NBA betting markets we offer on Betiton.

Five Examples of Popular NBA Markets

There is a multitude of dynamic options when betting on NBA basketball. From your typical NBA betting lines to which player will score the most shots to the overall NBA MVP winner. Let’s look at some examples of popular markets you can play on.


Moneyline bets are the most basic bets of all and the most common as well. If you’re familiar with football betting, you would already have encountered this bet under a different name. The moneyline bet requires players to wager on which team they think will win.

Over/Under Bets

In these bets, the bookmaker proposes a number of points that they think will be the total score of a match. Players need to play against the bookmaker, by betting on there being less (under) or more (over) points scored.


This bet requires bettors to play on which player will earn the illustrious NBA Most Valuable Player Award (MVP). The MVP is chosen by a panel of members of the media and sportswirters.

Total Points Scored

For players to win this wager, they’ll need to correctly guess the total number of points that will be scored by both teams in a match.

Winning Margin

An interesting betting market where bettors have to try and correctly guess by how many points a team will win over its opponent.

What Chance Do I Stand? Understanding Odds

Betting on the NBA is rather fun experience, especially if you have an interest in the sport. Moreover, you’d enjoy the experience even more if understand the odds! We make it easy for bettors to enjoy their basketball betting by ensuring they can find the best odds on NBA matches quickly and securely.

Understanding how NBA odds work is crucial for successful players. Odds show you the probability of something happening during a match. The odds can vary widely based on a host of reasons, such as the form of the teams, key players missing through injuries or suspension, head-to-head matchups, and more.

Moreover, odds also show you how much a successful wager is worth. It’s because of these reasons that odds are so important: you’ll need to balance how much a bet is worth with how likely the event is of happening. Do you want to play a risky bet that pays out nicely? Or should you play it safe instead?

These are important questions to keep in mind when making any wager. Furthermore, it’s good to know that odds come in either of 3 formats, these being: decimal, fractional, and American. All 3 of these formats show the same things in different ways, so choosing a format is a matter of preference.

However, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the higher the odds are, the higher the payout but the higher the chance of the bet not working out. The lower the odds, the lower the payout, but the higher the chances of it winning. We’ll be explaining how the formats work in the next section.

How to Read Odds and Their Formats

As we already mentioned, there are 3 types of odds. Canadian sportsbooks will tend to opt for decimal odds, and so we’ll be explained those first: decimal odds use decimal numbers and the lowest possible number is 1.

1 indicates a 100% chance of success; therefore, anything above 1 starts becoming less and less likely. Calculating the payout using these odds involves using a simple mathematical formula, which we’ll be explaining in full.

The formula is as follows: first, multiply how much you’ll be betting by the odds. Then take the result and subtract your original stake from it. To use an example, let’s say that you’ll be betting $10 on odds of 4.5:

  • 10 x 4.5 = 45
  • 45 – 10 = 35

Therefore, the payout of the bet is $35. The next odds format is fractional odds. Fractional odds use fractions and can easily be read using a couple of tricks. Firstly, you can calculate your payout by using the figures of the fractions.

If you take the right figure to mean your stake and the left figure to mean your payout, you can easily deduce how much the bet is worth. So, for example, odds of 2/7 mean that for every $7 you stake, you’ll receive $2.

At the same time, you could understand that 2/7 represents rather low odds and that’s because the figure on the right is bigger. If the left figure were bigger, than the odds would be high: 7/2 are rather high odds that pay $7 for every $2 wagered.

Finally, we have American odds that uses a series of numbers, generally in the hundreds, that are either positive or negative. Depending on whether they’re positive or negative, these numbers can indicate either of two things:

  • positive numbers show you how much you’ll receive for a stake of $100
  • negative numbers show you how how much you need to stake to receive at least $100

At the same time, positive numbers generally indicate high odds, whilst negative numbers indicate low odds. For example: odds of 300 mean that you’ll receive $300 on top of your wager of $100, but the odds of the bet winning are pretty high.

Tipping the Scales in Your Favour

Whilst understanding the odds can go a long way towards making more successful bets, you can still find yourself having difficult consistently making good bets. This is because odds are calculated by bookmakers, so they won’t be entirely accurate.

Bookmakers calculate the odds using a number of important sports statistics, including team composition, current team strength, previous performances, etc. Whilst bookmakers’ odds are rather accurate, they’re not 100% precise.

You could exploit this “margin of error” to make bets that seem crazy on paper but actually work in your favour through a couple of ways. One of them is looking up tips. Tips are suggestions on what to bet, who to stake on, etc.

They’re given by tipsters, which are sports experts who spend a lot time analysing player form, team performance, and other such statistics to help them make predictions on which teams will win in a match against other teams.

Tipsters will also given their lines of reasoning alongside their predictions, which is great for beginning bettors. By reading these lines of reasoning, novice bettors can start to understand what to look out for when watching matches.

Moreover, tipsters will also visit many online sportsbooks to find and suggest the best bonuses to bettors. Whilst tips are undoubtedly very useful, they shouldn’t substitute for the research that all serious bettors should do.

If a bettor is serious about sports betting, then they should do their own research. There are plenty of reasons for this, including the fact that tipsters aren’t completely accurate themselves. They might overlook something that bettors pick up on.

Furthermore, with so many tipsters out there, who’s to say which one gives out the best tips? Finally, isn’t it simply more satisfying to make your own bets on your own terms? Ideally, then, tips should only be the first step in your own research.

Betiton Explains: Where to Look for Tips

Thankfully, tips are easily obtainable using nothing more than your trusty search engine. So, whether it’s Google, Bing, or what have you, simply looking up betting tips will give you more tips than you’ll even have time to read.

Of course, these tips should only serve as a stepping stone to doing your own research. Our best tips, on the other hand, are to stick to a budget; stay healthy; and to make time for other important things in your life, like family.

Who Are the Favorites for the NBA?

The Los Angeles Lakers are, so far, in prime position to lift their second NBA title in 2021, after winning the NBA in 2020. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis on their side, the Lakers stand a very good chance of winning again.

After firing their previous coach, Doc Rivers, the Los Angeles Clippers have now hired Tyronn Lue to take care of the talent roster that comprises Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. In theory, the team should be a force to be reckoned with.

Another favorite would be the Milwaukee Bucks, and for good reason. The Bucks are in possession of their not-so-secret weapon, Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Greek Freak is a sight to behold on the court.

Moving on to the next favorite, we have the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors will have their stars Steph Curry and Klay Thompson back on the court after being out on injuries; moreover, they have Draymond Green as the ace up their sleeves.

There are other noteworthy favorites to keep in mind, including the Brooklyn Nets, the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics, and the Toronto Raptors. Whilst you can feel free to use this information for your betting, don’t forget to do your own research!

Who Are the Current Top 5 Teams?

Current RankTeamPrevious RankRecord (Wins vs Losses)
1Los Angeles Lakers252-19
2Toronto Raptors353-19
3LA Clippers449-23
4Boston Celtics548-24
5Miami Heat844-29

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However, it’s worth noting that you must use this bonus all at once as splitting the extra bet is not allowed. Moreover, there are other terms & conditions associated with both our welcome bonus as well as all of our other promotions.

We highly encourage our players to read our terms & conditions, as well as our bonus policy, to understand on what conditions we offer our bonuses. Players can find both our T&Cs and our bonus policy in the footer of each of our pages.

Join the Betiton Loyalty Club

As a Betiton Loyalty player, you could potentially receive huge benefits such as monthly cashbacks; higher withdrawal limitsdedicated personal account manager; bonuses by chat; faster withdrawals; and tangible gifts.

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Discover What Payment Methods We Offer

It’s super simple to deposit and withdraw funds from your Betiton account. The first step is to go to “Cashier” and then select “Deposit”. Next, you can choose a suitable payment method and enter the amount you wish to deposit.

We offer a variety of payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Trustly, and Skrill. You can also deposit money through alternative payment methods such as the following e-wallets: EcoPayz, Paypal, GiroPay, and more.

Payment MethodDeposit Time (Days)Withdraw Time (Days)
Master CardInstant4-6

To make a withdrawal, click on “My Account” and press withdrawals or cash out. Indicate the amount you would like to withdraw and select a suitable payment method. It takes up to 48 hours for withdrawals to be processed by our staff.

Please note that all withdrawals are set to “Pending Withdrawal” status before being altered to “In Process” status. Don’t forget that you will be unable to make a withdrawal until your account has been verified.

Finally, it’s good to note the various limits we have in place: firstly, the minimum deposit and withdrawal are $10. Moreover, the maximum deposit is $5000 per transaction, whilst the maximum withdrawal is $7000 per month.

Never Miss Out on NBA Betting—Mobile Play

Mobile betting opens the door to the world wide web, giving you access to a range of NBA betting options whilst you’re out and about. Using your mobile device to place wagers has proved to be one of the easiest and most convenient advancements in recent years.

The time spent sitting at your desktop or having to go to the sportsbook or casino to get your NBA bets in is long gone. Players from Canada are now able to place your NBA wagers with ease, while you wait for your coffee at Tim Hortons.

Whether the event has yet to take place or is in-play, mobile betting means you’ll never miss out on the juicy odds on offer. With slam dunks, alley-oops, defensive blocks, and buzzer beaters, NBA games are always a spectacle to behold. Now it’s time to shoot your shot on our mobile platform.

How We Support Our Players

Providing fast and efficient customer service is an integral part of our long term strategy for our players in Canada. This helps to build trust between us and our customers, with the reassurance that your betting account is in secure hands.

The live chat feature allows players to talk directly to our customer support ensuring a swift solution if a problem arises. We also offer customer support through email. Finally, our customer service staff is on hand every day 8:00-0:00 CET.

How to Enjoy Gaming For Longer

When the fun stops, it’s time to stop. At Betiton, the well-being of our players is of the utmost importance. To help prevent customers from adopting risky behaviours and becoming problem gamblers, responsible gaming procedures have been put in place.

We want to educate Canadian customers about responsible gaming behaviours, providing them with valuable tools to manage potential risky behaviour and working with organizations to help prevent gambling addiction.

It’s a good idea to make sure you understand the risks of gambling and know what it involves before you play any money, so you can stay in control. Moreover, you must aged 18 or over to gamble so it’s important to make sure children don’t have access to devices used to gamble.

Remember: shrewd betting starts and ends with knowing when to stop, and not allowing betting to be an adverse part of your life. So, be sure to read our responsible gaming page to understand how to manage your gaming.

NBA Betting FAQs

What do NBA odds mean?

Odds are numbers that show two things: 1) how likely it is for an event to happen and 2) how much money players will win if their bet is successful. Odds can be represented in a few different formats, each with its own way of representing these two things.

In the context of the NBA, the odds will show you both the likelihood of something happening in the NBA (which team will win, for example, or which player will win the MVP award) and how much you’ll receive if your bet wins.

How do you bet without losing?

Losing is a natural part of gambling, which means that you should learn to accept the fact that you’ll be losing a bet or two in your betting adventure. This means that betting without ever losing is impossible. It’s wishful thinking at best.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to improve you chances of winnings your bets. In fact, there is quite a lot that you can do to make smarter bets that stand a greater chance of being successful; but it won’t be easy.

One such way is looking up tips, which are betting suggestions given by sports experts known as “tipsters”. However, the best way of improving your chances of winning your bets is by doing your own research.

How do you bet the spread?

First things first, you’re going to need to know what the spread is before betting on it. The spread is one way bookmakers equalise the competition between two teams of wildly varying strengths: a powerful team versus a mediocre one.

The powerful team will win the match without any problems, and this makes betting on either team a difficult choice: betting on the strong team hardly pays, whilst betting on the much weaker team is fruitless.

This is where the spread comes in: bookmakers ‘impose’ a range of points between the two teams, giving an advantage to the weaker team, and a disadvantage to the stronger. This range of points levels the playing field between the two teams in terms of betting.

Therefore, the stronger team would need to score more points for a bet on them to win, whilst bets on the weaker team can win even if that team loses. This gives players chances to bet on both teams with better odds, hence why the spread is popular.

To bet on the spread, you can easily find the spread bet option on display in the “basketball” section of our sportsbook. After registering to Betiton and depositing some money, simply click on the bet you want to make. 

The bet will show up on the betting slip on the left hand side of the page. On the betting slip, you can adjust how much money you’d like to bet. Afterwards, you can place the bet by simply clicking on the “PLACE BETS” button and voila!

Why would you bet on negative odds?

When it comes to American odds, players will be presented with either positive or negative numbers. Positive numbers generally indicate high odds, whilst negative numbers indicate low odds. Of course, these come with their own set of considerations.

High odds mean that something is less likely to happen, but at the same time the bet would have a fantastic payout. On the other hand, low odds mean that whilst the event is likely to happen, the bet’s return won’t be as desirable.

Betting on negative odds mean that you’ll be making a bet that’s hardly risky, often offering a pretty high chance of success. Betting on the safe option can be a good idea, especially considering the fact that betting is meant to be fun and not profitable.

What does +1 handicap mean?

Handicap bets are another way bookmakers equalise the competition between two teams of very unequal strengths. As such, they work quite similarly to the spread, with some people even considering them as the same thing.

A +1 handicap means that the weaker team has a +1 point advantage. Whilst in the actual game both teams start out with 0 points, in terms of the bets you’re making, the weaker team will instead start out with 1 point.

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