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A Crash Course to the UFC

There is something intrinsically and uniquely human to see a fight for its own sake. Spectators enjoying the spectacle of battle is something that has a very long history: from the ancient Olympics, to the gladiatorial fights of Rome, to the UFC nowadays.

Since its founding in 1993, the UFC has grown to be the biggest MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) promotions company in the world. With UFC fight betting now available at Betiton, sports online betting in Canada has never been this exciting.

MMA is a full-contact sport that takes place in an octagonal ‘ring’. A full-contact sport is one where the rules allow for significant physical impact between players. In UFC events, athletes from different disciplines with different techniques and skills compete.

Since its introduction, the UFC has evolved from a no-holds-barred contest to a sport that is governed by rules which are known as The Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. Moreover, there are 12 weight divisions in the UFC.

These range from Flyweight to Heavyweight in the men’s division and Strawweight to Featherweight in the women’s division. These are integral to the rules as they regulate the competition, making it as fair as possible.

With over-the-top players such as Conor McGregor, the Diaz brothers, and Brock Lesnar, the UFC has managed to grow an incredible viewership over the years. This has also led to UFC betting markets at Betiton, letting fans and enthusiasts bet on this sport.

How Winning in the UFC Works

If you’re new to MMA, then you’re going to need to know some basic things, the most important of which is how a contender wins a fight. In order to win a fight, a fighter has to fight their opponent until they achieve victory through either:

  1. Knockout
  2. Submission
  3. Points

We’ll be explaining what these terms means further on in this section. However, it’s good for punters to know what is and isn’t allowed in an MMA fight: contenders are allowed to use virtually any martial art they are proficient with.

This means that contenders can punch, kick, elbow, knee, throw, wrestle, choke, and lock their opponents. However, there are a number of things that are forbidden in the match, including biting, hair-pulling, eye-gouging, head-butting, and so on.

Using these illegal moves in a fight earns the fighter a warning and can lead to disqualification. If both fighters use illegal moves, however, a no contest may be called. This is when the fight is stopped and no one is declared a winner.

In the UFC, contenders have 5 rounds in which to defeat their opponent. Each round is 5 minutes long, and can be ended early if one of the contenders wins the round. Otherwise, a decision will have to be taken at the end of all the rounds.


A knockout is probably the most common form of victory in MMA, and the one that fans enjoy the most. There are actually two forms of knockouts:

  1. Knockout (KO)
  2. Technical Knockout (TKO)

A knockout is when a fighter is knocked unconscious during a fight. This is generally the outcome of a powerful strike or a series of strikes. The fighter has a limited amount of time to get up, otherwise their opponent wins.

technical knockout, on the other hand, is when a fighter is considered unfit to continue fighting. This happens when the fighter is deemed unable to defend himself or when it’s too dangerous to let the fighter carry on the match.


Submission, or “tapping out” as it’s also known, is when a fighter is put into a painful lock, like an armbar, and gives in to the pain. The submission can be done by tapping the floor or their opponent, or saying they submit.

Similar to a submission, a fighter can forfeit the fight if they believe they can’t continue fighting, due to an injury, exhaustion, or any other reason.


If neither a knockout or a submission happens during the course of a fight, then the winner is decided based on the number of points they’ll have received from a panel of judges. The fighter with the most points is said to “win by decision.”

Rolling With the Punches—Why Bet on UFC?

There are many reasons why punters should consider wagering on the UFC, other than the simple fact that betting is fun. The UFC boasts the best MMA fighters in the world, which is definitely an important consideration.

In fact, bettors can enjoy heart-pumping, jaw-clenching fighting delivered by the likes of Jon JonesAnthony Smith, Thiago Santos, Curtis BlaydesJustin Gaethje, Kamaru Usman, and Derrick Lewis. This is only the tip of the UFC iceberg.

The UFC has held over 500 events so far. These includes fights which showcased some of the greatest fighters on the planet at the time, like the retired Khabib Nurmagomedov and Georges St-Pierre. Now, let’s look at some of the most popular UFC events.

The Exciting Events That Made UFC History

  1. UFC 229: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor
  2. UFC 202: Nate Diaz v Conor McGregor II
  3. UFC 100: Brock Lesnar v Frank Mir II

UFC 229: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor

UFC 229 took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on the night of Saturday, the 6th of October 2018. The main card included the much-awaited Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor main event.

In the fight, Khabib managed to submit McGregor by a neck crank in the 4th round. In total, the event saw 7 knockouts (KO), 3 of which were technical knockouts (TKO). UFC 229 was not without its controversies, however.

Only a few moments after the fight was over, Nurmagomedov assaulted McGregor’s training partner, Dillon Danis. Afterwards, McGregor got into a scuffle with Nurmagomedov’s cousin, Abubakar Nurmagomedov, when trying to exit the octagon.

When McGregor entered the octagon again, two of Nurmagomedov’s cornermen attacked him. This led to both fighters being investigated. Nurmagomedov later went on to say that he was provoked by Danis’ offensive trash-talk.

The event had an attendance of over 20,000 people and made north of $17,000,000 at the gate. Mc Gregor made $3,000,000 while Khabib made $4,000,000 with no win bonus. The event set the record for the highest attendance for an MMA event in Nevada.

UFC 202: Nate Diaz v Conor McGregor II

UFC 202 took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of 20th of August, 2016. The main event was the second bout between Nate Diaz and Conor Mc Gregor. Diaz had defeated McGregor with a rear-naked choke at UFC 196.

Dana White, UFC president, had at the time said that McGregor was obsessed with the rematch, which he won by decision with the bout going the distance. Only 2 other bouts in the preliminary card also went to the judges’ scorecards

Most of the remaining bouts ending in KO or TKO. McGregor made $3,000,000 for his win whilst Diaz walked away with $2,000,00015,539 people attended the event which generated just shy of $8,000,000 at the gate.

UFC 100: Brock Lesnar v Frank Mir II

UFC 100 was something of a special event, being the 100th event organized by UFC. The tournament was held on the night of the 11th of July2009, at the Mandalay Bay Events Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The main event saw Brock Lesnar defeat Frank Mir with a TKO in the second round. The main card also saw George St-Pierre take on Thiago Alves, and Dan Henderson take on Michael Bisping.

The event attracted over 10,000 people, generating over $5,000,000 at the gate. The match between Lesnar and Mir was a rematch of an earlier fight in which Mir submitted Lesnar. This was back in UFC 81, which was also Lesnar’s debut at UFC.

For his win, Lesnar made $400,000, while Mir walked away with a paltry $45,000 in comparison. At the time, the event held the record for the most purchased pay-per-view views, with an astonishing buyrate of about 1,600,000.

Learn About Betting Markets with Betiton

So, you’d like to try out betting, huh? Whether it’s betting on the UFC, or betting on basketball, or whichever sport, there’s a few things that you’ll need to know about before going into action. The most fundamental thing you need to know is what markets are.

This is because markets are what you’ll be using to bet with. Essentially, markets are the wagers that are offered to players on sportsbooks. If bettors wish to wager on any sport, they’ll have to do so through markets.

As readers can easily figure out, betting markets are offered by bookmakers. They are offered on certain conditions that need to be fulfilled for the wager to be a winner. This can be anything that happens in the course of a game.

For example, punters can simply bet on who the winner of a match is going to be, but also how many goals are going to be scored in a game of football; how many 180s are going to be scored in a game of darts; or how a fight is going to end in the UFC.

At Betiton, players can find markets on numerous sports—like soccer, golf, horse racing, and hockey—and tournaments, like the Super Bowl, the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA World Cup, and the National Basketball Assocation (NBA).

At the same time, bookmakers provide odds alongside these markets. We’ll be explaining what these are in a future section, but it’s good to know that they’re important and that players need to know how to understand to make smart wagers.

What Can I Bet On?

To help you get an idea of what betting markets are and what markets you can expect to find on MMA, we’ll be going through 5 betting markets that we offer on our sportsbook. So, if you want a cut of the action, maybe you can try out these betting markets.


This is likely the most popular and common betting market on the UFC, and in any other sport really. You can similar markets on other sports as well, like the NFL. For this markets, bettors simply need to play on who they think is going to win.

Method of Victory

An interesting betting market that requires players to stake on how they think the fight is going to be won. Be sure our “How Winning in the UFC Works” section to understand the terminology used in this market.

Fight to Go the Distance

For players to win their bets on this market, they need to correctly guess if the fight “goes the distance,” that is, if the fight will keep going to the end instead of finishing early in one of the rounds.

Over/Under Rounds

Over/under bets are very popular across many sports, including soccer, basketball, American football, and so on. This is a market where players “bet against” the bookmaker, so to speak. To clarify: the bookmaker gives a specified number of something.

In the case of the UFC, the bookmaker says that the fight will go on for a number of rounds. Players then have to defy the bookmaker’s prediction by saying that the fight will last more rounds (over) or less (under).

So, for example, the bookmaker says the the fight will end in the third round. However, you have a sneaking suspicion the fight is going to end earlier, so you stake on under. The wager wins if it the fight ends in either the first of second round!

Round Betting

Bettors need to correctly guess in which round the fight is going to end for their bets on this market to win.

Betiton’s Guide to Smarter Betting

Betting is meant to be a fun experience, and nothing more than that. The world of sports betting follows the classic adage, “you win some, you lose some,” almost to a tee. Losing is simply a natural part of the game, and should be regarded as such.

However, in spite of that, there are still ways to make bets which prove to be more successful, thus helping you enjoy your time betting even more. In fact, understanding odds and tips can help you place better bets.

After explaining what betting markets are and what they entail, we’ll now be explaining what odds and tips are, and how you can use them to your advantage. Read our upcoming sections to know how to step up your betting game when playing at Betiton.

Find Out Your Chances to Win

Odds explain two things: how likely a particular outcome is, and how much you can expect to make should you pick the right prediction. They are represented in either of 3 formats: decimal, fractional, or American.

The only differences between these different formats is 1) where in the world they’re most popular and 2) how they show you the probability and payout. Because of this, choosing a format is largely a matter of preference.

However, whichever format you prefer to work with, understanding how they work can help you place better wagers. We’ll be going over how the different formats work in the next section, but there’s a principle that all these formats follow.

The higher the odds, the higher the return but also the higher the chances that the wager won’t go your way. On the other hand, the lower the odds are, the lower both the associated risks and rewards are. This is important to keep in mind.

So, whether you are following UFC predictions and picks you found online or a friend gave you, it is always important to understand the odds presented to you before jumping into action. This is so that you’ll know how likely or unlikely you are to win.

Moving on, each available market will have odds assigned to it. The bookmakers who set these, use a variety of inputs to determine each odd. These factors include the contender’s previous performances, current form and strength, and so on.

Increasingly, algorithms are used to help turn the art of odd-setting into an exact science. Now that you know what odds are and what they show, we highly suggest to read our next section where we explain how they themselves work.

An Easy Guide to Reading Odds

As we already mentioned, there are 3 different ways to show the odds, all of which are available at Betiton. Whilst these formats represent the odds differently, they all show the same exact things, ultimately making them fairly interchangeable.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are also known as European odds because of their popularity in continental Europe. This format is also the format of choice in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Canadian bettors are going to most likely encounter this format.

Because of this, we’re explaining decimal odds first. Decimal odds are represented by decimal numbers such as 3.00. The lowest possible decimal odds is always 1, which indicates a 100% chance of success.

Anything higher than 1 veers away from the 100% likelihood, becoming less and less likely. It’s largely said that this is the easiest format to understand as it’s fairly straightforward, so explaining it shouldn’t be too hard.

However, to truly understand this format there are couple of calculations that you’ll need to do and keep in mind. The first of which is how to be able to determine the probability of the odds. For this, simply divide 100 by the odds presented.

This simply calculates how far away the odds are from 100% chance of success. Using the odds we mentioned above, the calculation would be like so: 

  • 100 ÷ 3 = 33.3

Therefore, the likelihood of the event happening is 33.3%. Another calculation that you should keep in mind is how to find out the payout of the wager. This can be done by multiplying the odds by your bet and then subtracting your original stake from the result.

It might sound complex when explained with words but it’s actually quite easy to do. Let’s say that you’ve decided to play $20 on the odds of 3. To know how much you’ll win if the wager manages to go your way, all you need to do is:

  • 20 × 3 = 60
  • 60 – 20 = 40

The total return will be $60, which includes your original stake paid back. The profit you’ll earn, however, is $40.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds, also known as British odds because of their propularity in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, use a slash to separate the numerator and the denominator, such as 1/7. Essentially, they use fractions to represent the odds.

Whilst fractions may be complicated to understand, there are a couple of simple tricks that you can use to find out how much the bet pays and how likely it is to win. The first trick is to look at the numbers of the fractions.

If the number on the right is larger, then the odds are low (they’ll definitely be higher than 50%). On the other hand, if the number of the left is the bigger of the two, then the odds are high (lower than 50%). The second trick also involves looking at the numbers.

If you take the right number to mean your stake, and the left to mean the return, then you can easily figure out how much you’ll receive on top of your wager. Let us look at a couple of examples to show you what we mean.

Odds of 1/7 tell you that for every stake of $7 you make, you’ll receive $1 on top of it. On the other hand, if we invert those numbers to 7/1, these odds tell you that for a wager of $1, you’ll get a payout of $7.

American Odds or Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds, also known as American odds because of their main use in the US, are expressed by a positive or negative sign and a number, for example, +300. Depending on whether the numbers are positive or negative, they’ll show you either:

  • how much you need to wager for a return of $100 (negative)
  • how much you’ll receive for staking $100 (positive)

This means that odds of +300 show you that for a wager of $100, you’ll receive $300 on top of it. Odds of -300, however, tell you that you need to bet $300 to receive $100. Finally, positive odds are generally high, whilst negative odds are generally low.

Getting Help From Sports Experts

Tipsters advise people by way of tips on who is most likely to win, which odds to take, how much they should stake, and so on. Moreover, tipsters visit various sportsbooks to give their readers advice on where to place their bets.

At the same time, they suggest which sportsbook offers the best bonus out of all sportsbooks. Tipsters offering tips on UFC bouts usually specialize in this kind of sport, helping them gain a better, deeper and more accurate understanding of UFC predictions.

If you’re looking for fight night predictions, you can find tipsters on a number of different platforms, offering tips to help you make the right picks. Tipsters offer their tips either for free or at a price, but both can be fairly accurate.

When making a prediction, tipsters tend to analyze a lot of information regarding the sport they specialise in. This information can be categorised into historical data of past events as well as data relating to the upcoming event.

Relevant data includes: the contenders’ reach, age, their fighting styles, and how good on the ground each contender is. A tonne of other data is also used to try to make an educated guess. Tips are usually given a few hours prior to the start of the UFC event.

This gives bettors enough time to place their bets. It might also be a good idea to get tips from different sources and then compare the available predictions. This will help you get a broader view of what to expect once the bell rings and the bout starts.

The Utter Limit of Tips

Keep in mind, however, that a tip is nothing more than an informed opinion, and as such does not guarantee that you’ll actually win each and every bet you place. However, there is another way of making better tips.

This is by doing your own research, which is much preferable to simply consulting tips and placing stakes on lines. Tips are fantastic for beginner bettors, especially because tipsters will usually explain their lines of reasoning behind their picks and predictions.

This helps beginners understand what to look out for when analysing fights and what information is relevant. However, doing one’s own research is generally preferable for a number of reasons, including the fact that even tipsters can overlook something.

Moreover, with so many tipsters out there claiming to offer the best tips, how can you be so certain about their abilities? Finally, wouldn’t it simply be more fulfilling to come to your own conclusions when making your wagers?

Betiton’s Tips On How to Find Tips

The magic of the internet means that finding anything is a simple task of using your trusty search engine. So, whether it’s Google, Bing, or whichever search engine you prefer, simply search “betting tips” and you’ll have more tips than you can read.

This is exactly why doing your own research is so important. The best possible tips we can give you is to stay healthy; to never bet more than you can afford; and to make time for important things in life, like family and friends.

Boost Your Bets With Betiton’s Bonuses

Joining a casino should always be a fun experience and at Betiton we want to make it exceptional. This is why we are offering an fantastic promotion to Canadian bettors that sign up to our casino.

Simply place a bet that’s worth at least $15 and you’ll receive an extra bet worth $10. Regardless of whether you win or lose your first bet with us, you’ll have a second chance on us to place a winning bet.

This is our way of welcoming you to our casino and thanking you for signing up. We also run daily offers and promotions to help you make the best out of your time playing with us.

However, our promotions are subject to certain terms & conditions. We highly suggest for all of our players to read both our T&Cs and our bonus policy to fully understand these conditions. Both our T&Cs and bonus policy can be found in the bottom of all our pages.

Big Fan of Betiton? Join the Club!

To make the most out of your time playing at Betiton we are also offering a Loyalty Club that lets you collect points as you play games with us.

Points can be exchanged for a number of exciting gifts and perks, including monthly cashbacks, exclusive bonuses, a dedicated account manager, and higher and faster withdrawals.

There are 7 levels available, with the rewards getting better as you progress up the club. T&Cs also apply to our loyalty programme, and they can be found in the Loyalty Club page.

Cash In and Out With Safety

Depositing and withdrawing funds at Betiton is easy and quick. The minimum deposit amount is set at $10, with the maximum set at $5000 daily. There are a number of different methods available so you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Payment MethodDeposit Time (Days)Withdrawal Time (Days)
Master CardInstant4-6

Deposits are credited to your account instantly with the exception of Interac. Withdrawing is just as easy. Simply go to My Account and then click on withdrawals or cash out. Choose the amount you want to withdraw and you’re good to go.

Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours after the pending process is completed. Further verification may be required before withdrawals are completed to comply with licencing and legislative requirements.

There are no withdrawal fees when withdrawing funds from your account. However, it’s good to know that the minimum amount that players can withdraw is $10. Furthermore, the maximum limit for withdrawals is $7000 monthly.

Carry On the Game On Your Mobile

Whether you like to watch UFC bouts at home or with your friends, Betiton offers you the convenience of betting from anywhere with our super smooth mobile website.

There are no apps to install. Simply head to the Betiton website from your mobile phone and log in with the same username and password you use on the main site.

Here you’ll be able to find all available UFC bets, giving you the opportunity to place those last-minute bets wherever you are. If you’re a fan of in-game betting, you can also place bets while the game is on directly from your mobile phone.

The mobile website is built with stability and security in mind so there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, thanks to our scalable mobile website, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of your device.

How We Care For Our Users

Whilst we can safely boast about the robustness and security of our website, unforeseeable issues will surely crop up. Other than that, players might have some other issues they’d like to resolve, or simply a question to ask.

For these situations, we have built one of the strongest customer support teams around who are ready to assist you should you need any help. For customer convenience, the team can be reached via live chat and email from 08:00 a.m. till 00:00 a.m. CET.

The Best Way to Play: Responsibly

Responsible gaming is an important part of the experience and as such we would like to remind our customers to play within their means. If you feel gambling has become a problem, there are a number of specialist entities who can help.

Our responsible gaming page offers the contact details of these entities in case players desparately need their assistance. Moreover, we also offer players the option to self-exclude for a certain period of time or indefinitely.

During self-exclusion, your account will be suspended so that you cannot access our platform, play any of our games, or use any of our features. We won’t contact you, and the self-exclusion can only be reversed or extended by you.

We also offer milder restrictions that you can set to help limit how much time and money you spend on our platform. These include deposit limits, cooling-off periods, and time limits, all of which can be set from your account.

Moreover, we also offer players information about the dangers of problem gaming and tips on how to keep their gaming responsible. Finally, we have a strict policy regarding underage gambling, which is strictly forbidden on Betiton.

We expect all of our players with children to prevent their minors from being exposed to underage gaming. We provides tips and links to programmes that help with this prevention. Failure to do so will result in severe consequences.

UFC Betting FAQs

How do you bet on MMA fights?

Betting on MMA fights is the same as betting on any other sport on Betiton. Firstly, you’ll need to create an account. Once your account has been registered, deposit some money to your bankroll by using one of our secure payment methods.

Afterwards, access our sportsbook. Feel free to browse through our available sports to see what we offer. From our list of sports, click on “MMA,” which will take you to our schedule of available MMA betting markets.

Browse through the markets to see which fight you’d like to bet on. If you’d like to specifically bet on the UFC, click on “Top Leagues” and then on “UFC” to see all our available markets. Once you’ve decide on which fight to wager on, click on it.

This will open all the markets that are on offer on that fight. Next, simply click on whichever bet you’d like to place. This will show up on the betting slip. Adjust how much you’d like to stake and click “PLACE BETS” and you’re done!

Why would you bet on negative odds?

In the American odds system, negative odds represent how much you need to wager to gain a payout of $100. Let us a illustrate this with an example: odds of -200 mean that bettors will need to wager $200 for a return of $100.

Whilst this hardly sounds worthwhile, negative odds are low odds. This means that they have a higher chance of winning. Not every bettor out there is looking for get-rich-quick schemes when it comes to betting.

In fact, some players simply do it for the fun and thrill of betting, and what’s more exhilarating than winning? Therefore, betting on negative odds is done so that players can make a bet that easily stands a chance of winning.

Can you bet on UFC fights online?

Yes, of course! Betiton offers its users the possibility of betting on UFC fights online, as well as fights from other promoters of MMA.

What is an underdog in UFC?

In any match, whether it’s a UFC fight or a soccer game, one contender is going to have an edge over the other. The contender that’s not expected to win is known as the “underdog.” Therefore, the underdog in UFC is the fighter who’s expected to lose.

What is a parlay bet?

A parley bet is a bet that involves two or more wagers packed into one. These wagers can include simple moneyline bets, point spreads, etc. There are many forms of parley bets, each with their own names, including accumulators, trixies, and yankees.

Can you bet on UFC in Canada?

Indeed, you can. Thanks to our licences, we can offer our services to bettors in Canada. Moreover, thanks to our partnership with SBTech, a leading supplier of sportsbook software, we can offer UFC markets to our players.

Can you bet on both fighters?

This is only possible if you do it on different sportsbooks. If you try to bet on both contenders on the same sportsbook, you won’t be able to. This is because it’s not possible to bet on two opposing things: you either support one fighter or the other.

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