AstroPay Casino: How to Use AstroPay at Betiton UK

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AstroPay is a virtual wallet that supports safe and quick transactions at hundreds of online merchants, including an online casino and betting site like Betiton UK. AstroPay betting is becoming quite popular in the UK, although it’s a relatively new payment method in the country.

This means you can now engage in AstroPay betting at an online casino like Betiton UK. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a beginner-friendly guide to betting at an AstroPay casino online.

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What Is AstroPay?

AstroPay is an online payment system that doubles as both an e-wallet and a virtual prepaid card too, and it’s widely available at online casinos in the UK like Betiton Online Casino. Established in 2009, AstroPay has been in the industry for more than 20 years.

Initially, AstroPay was created for the Brazilian payment market and the very first product they launched was the AstroPay Card, a voucher that can be used for online payments. After starting in Brazil and establishing a strong customer base, AstroPay moved on to Asia, shortly expanding to the African market too.

Although AstroPay has been available for more than two decades, it’s still a relatively new payment method for British players because it launched in 2021 in the UK. Now, they also plan to expand their offering to the rest of the world, although they’re already available in most parts of the world.

Eventually, AstroPay grew into a global payment company that’s available in 150 countries and counting! Not only that, but AstroPay currently supports over 50 currencies and boasts a growing number of 9 million users all over the world. In the UK only, it’s estimated that there are around two million users.

By now, it’s become one of the most widely accepted payment methods in the world, especially within the UK’s online gambling industry. Naturally, this means that you’ll find the AstroPay logo on our site when you want to make a transaction because we aim to offer all the best payment options available in the UK.

AstroPay, in our opinion, is one of the most unique payment solutions currently supported on our online casino site. The reason is simply that AstroPay combines the most convenient aspects of two different payment types: prepaid cards and e-wallets.

Both of these payment types are popular in the UK, especially for online gambling purposes. Although they work differently, both offer several benefits, particularly anonymity, speed, and safety. One of the major drawbacks of using a prepaid payment method is the fact that they can’t be used for withdrawals, but AstroPay will quickly solve that problem by offering an e-wallet service too.

AstroPay casino banner

What Is an AstroPay Card?

One of the main services offered by AstroPay UK is the AstroPay card, a prepaid card which allows you to do your AstroPay betting without the need for a bank account. It works much like any other voucher or prepaid card system which means that you purchase your AstroPay voucher and then use it to pay for your deposit at AstroPay casinos like Betiton UK.

The AstroPay card is very similar to other prepaid cards like Paysafecard, for example, another popular banking option at our casino. When you purchase your voucher, you get a unique 16-digit code which you’ll need to enter during the deposit process to transfer the money from your voucher to your casino account.

Essentially, instead of entering your bank details or card number, you simply need to use this code to complete the transfer. This way, your transaction remains anonymous from your bank and many players also feel much safer when they don’t need to use any financial information like a bank card number at an online casino.

One of the benefits of AstroPay gambling with a prepaid card is that you can choose from many different payment methods to pay for it, including Visa or Mastercard, PayPal, and many other options.

AstroPay Visa

Another option that AstroPay recently launched in the UK is the option to order an AstroPay Visa card which you can use for a variety of online purchases and payments, including, of course, gambling at an AstroPay UK casino.

Now, you might be wondering, why get an AstroPay Visa when you can simply use a Visa card you already have? Well, the answer is that besides a number of options to choose from to suit your needs, there are also the following additional benefits for any AstroPay Visa you choose:

  • Access to VIP lounge in airports
  • Other travel perks
  • Option to choose your currency, including British Pounds
  • Get instant notifications for transactions
  • Cashbacks on airport rides
  • Zero fees
  • Earn AstroCoins to redeem for a range of rewards later
  • Welcome Bonus of 500 AstroCoins when you make your first purchase with an AstroPay Visa.
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What Is a AstroPay Account?

If you want to transfer funds to an AstroPay casino, you also have the option of using the AstroPay digital wallet, in which case you’ll need to sign up for a One Touch AstroPay account. With an AstroPay account, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to withdraw any winnings you might earn from your gambling activity without using a different payment method. With AstroPay vouchers, you won’t be able to cash out winnings.

The AstroPay One Touch digital wallet is highly recommended because it allows you to manage your funds better and authorise transactions even quicker as well. With a One Touch account, you can approve transactions with a single touch, allowing you to transfer money into your casino account seamlessly and securely.

To create an account, you simply need a valid mobile phone number to complete the registration. Click the Sign Up button, provide your mobile number, you’ll receive a verification code via text message, and that’s all there is to it.

What Is a AstroPay Casino?

In this AstroPay guide, we’ve referred to our online casino and betting site as an ‘AstroPay Casino’, which simply means that our casino supports the AstroPay gambling option. However, this doesn’t mean that we’re exclusively an AstroPay casino. Like any other online casino that accepts AstroPay payments, we also offer our British players several other banking options, and plenty of them too. These include other e-wallet, prepaid voucher options, bank transfers, and card payments.

We offer a range of banking options to make sure every player can find a suitable payment method for them, but we choose the payment institutions we partner with very carefully. We only offer licensed, reputable, and trustworthy casino banking methods that are 100% safe, secure, and easy to use as well.

How Does AstroPay Work?

If you’re wondering how AstroPay works, it’s really quite simple. If you choose to register for an AstroPay account and use the digital wallet option, the way it works is that you sign up, fund your account using any of the supported banking methods, and then use your AstroPay login details to make a deposit at a casino. This way, AstroPay is a third party between you and Betiton, which means that you can still protect your privacy and avoid using bank details on the payment page.

If you prefer to use an AstroPay prepaid card, the way it works is a little bit different because you don’t need to register for an account in this case. With an AstroPay voucher or prepaid card, you simply purchase it in the amount you want and then use the code to transfer that amount to your casino account. When you need to make another deposit, you can simply purchase another AstroPay voucher to receive a new 16-digit code.

AstroPay Withdrawal Time

While AstroPay deposits are processed immediately, withdrawals take a little bit longer, which is usually the case for most casino payment methods. Ultimately, the withdrawal time depends on the AstroPay Casino online you choose and can take up to seven days. If you choose to play at Betiton UK, the expected processing time varies from instant transfer to a maximum of four days.

AstroPay Casino Payment Limits

Like most payment methods, there are minimum deposit and withdrawal limits that will apply to your AstroPay account, and you’ll also need to keep in mind the minimum deposit limit at Betiton Casino. In this case, we allow deposits starting from £10, while the minimum you can transfer into your AstroPay digital wallet is also £10.

How to Use AstroPay at Betiton UK?

Our aim here at Betiton Casino UK is to make sure our players can focus on having a safe and entertaining casino or online sports betting experience, which is why we take every effort to make banking seamless, quick, and of course, 100% secure. To avoid wasting time making deposits and requesting withdrawals, we partner with payment providers that offer the best solutions for instant, hassle-free deposits, and appropriate payout timeframes too.

There are several factors we take into consideration when adding a casino banking method like the AstroPay casino online payment system, but some of our priorities are safety, ease of use, licences, and the level of popularity too. If a payment option becomes widely available across the majority of UK casinos, then you can be sure to find it in our list of supported banking options.

Before we go into detail about AstroPay betting and a little bit of history about this company, we’ll first go over the steps you need to take to start AstroPay gambling at Betiton Casino.


The first transaction you’ll be making is a deposit via AstroPay, but to do that, you’ll first need to create an AstroPay account and then fund it. If this sounds like a lot, the guide we’ve created below will simplify things and explain each step you need to take.

  1. First, create an account with AstroPay by clicking ‘Join Now’.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number to receive your code.
  3. Enter the code when prompted.
  4. Create a strong password and fill in your personal details.
  5. Next, choose the amount you wish to deposit and how you want to pay.
  6. Log in to your Betiton account and go to the deposit page.
  7. Select AstroPay as your payment method and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Keep in mind that the minimum you can deposit at Betiton UK is £10.
  8. Confirm the transaction and your deposit will appear in your Betiton account.

Further on, you’ll also learn that you have the option to make a casino deposit using an AstroPay prepaid card or voucher. If you’ve never used AstroPay before, this is an even quicker and simpler way to get started, especially if you follow the easy Betiton guide below:

  1. First, purchase an AstroPay voucher. These can easily be purchased online from certified resellers and can be bought in different amounts too.
  2. On your AstroPay voucher, you’ll see also receive a unique 16-digit PIN code which is what you’ll need to transfer the money in your voucher to your casino account.
  3. Log in to your Betiton account and go to the withdrawal section.
  4. Select AstroPay as your preferred payment method and enter your PIN in the relevant field to complete the transaction.
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If you have any winnings in your Betiton account that you wish to withdraw via AstroPay, you’ll be happy to know that the process is very simple. Keep in mind that for withdrawals, you won’t be able to use an AstroPay prepaid card, so you’ll need a digital wallet account.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to withdraw winnings from your Betiton account to your AstroPay wallet:

  1. Go to the cashier section at Betiton UK and choose the withdrawal option.
  2. Select AstroPay as your payment method and choose the amount you wish to withdraw. Remember, the minimum you can withdraw from your Betiton casino balance is £10.
  3. Confirm the transaction and our team will start processing your request right away.
  4. Your AstroPay withdrawal should arrive in your digital wallet within a maximum of four days.

Advantages of Betting with AstroPay

If you’ve read this far, you can probably already tell that choosing AstroPay as your casino payment method comes with several perks and benefits. In this section, we’ll take a more in-depth look at the advantages of AstroPay betting in the UK.

Secure Payment Method 

AstroPay is a safe payment method that complies with all the standard security protocols and features. The company is also authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) while the parent company of AstroPay is registered with the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority. The privacy policy can also be easily found on the website, and we suggest going through it to assure yourself that the company will keep your data private and protected at all times.

AstroPay casino banner

Very User-Friendly 

What makes AstroPay ideal for thousands of punters in the UK including our Betiton Casino members is the fact that it’s very easy to use. If you download the AstroPay app, you’ll be able to make hassle-free payments with just a tap. The app’s interface has a very highly intuitive design, so if you’re a new user, you’ll know what you need to do thanks to the app’s design.

There’s also the AstroPay voucher option for deposits, which might be even easier to use, especially if you’ve tried prepaid cards and vouchers before. Additionally, you can use your AstroPay digital wallet or voucher in British Pounds, which means you can skip any currency exchanges to make the process even smoother too.

Anonymous Payments 

Whether you do your AstroPay betting by using the digital wallet or an AstroPay voucher, your identity will remain anonymous. Your privacy is protected when using AstroPay so you don’t have to worry about having to provide your bank card number to an online casino or that your casino transaction will show up in your bank statements.

Instant Deposits 

Like most casino payment methods offered at online casinos in the UK, deposits don’t have any waiting times. Both the digital wallet and the voucher payment method offer instant deposits, so you can transfer money and start playing any casino or live casino game of your choice right away.

Probably the most inconvenient feature you can come across when choosing a banking method is a lengthy waiting time for your deposit to be processed and credited to your casino account. For example, one of the few payment options which don’t offer instant deposits is the Wire Transfer option. In this case, you might need to wait up to five days to start using your deposit, which might ultimately discourage you from playing at all. Luckily, this is not the case with AstroPay; the deposit process takes no more than a minute and the money will be credited right away.

No Associated Fees 

If you take some time to research a few of the other popular casino banking methods in the UK, you’ll realise that the majority will charge you fees, especially when you want to withdraw funds. AstroPay, however, has no associated fees. It’s free to use, sign up, and transact with, whether you want to use it to top up or cash out money. There’s also the option to use AstroPay vouchers which don’t support withdrawals but are very easy to use and 100% free.

In fact, not only won’t you be charged any fees, but you’ll actually be rewarded by AstroPay’s Rewards Programme! When you make your first purchase using AstroPay, you get a Welcome Bonus of 50 AstroCoins and you’ll be able to keep earning rewards every time you make a purchase.

If you’re interested in joining the AstroPay Rewards Programme, take a look at the levels you can reach and the exciting rewards that come with each one:

  1. Standard – Instant online payments and fast withdrawals, 2x AstroCoins on debit card payments.
  2. Silver – All the above benefits as well as 2x AstroCoins on all purchases and 4x for debit card payments.
  3. Platinum – Exclusive Customer Support, chance to participate in a VIP Black experience, along with the rest of the benefits.
  4. Black – Additional coins on all activities, 6x AstroCoins on debit card payments, personal account manager, Black Passion Card, and VIP events.
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AstroPay App 

Want to take your AstroPay digital wallet with you wherever you are and use it whenever you want? Then we highly recommend considering the AstroPay app which can be downloaded on any Android or iOS smartphone.

This user-friendly app can be used to pay online at thousands of websites, including AstroPay betting sites. Whilst doing so, you can also earn yourself rewards and collect coins too. The app makes online casino payments even simpler and more convenient and can be used to handle every transaction you need to make at Betiton Casino.

Disadvantages of Betting with AstroPay

Let’s move on to the few disadvantages that we noticed when reviewing the AstroPay Casino online payment method. As always, no matter how popular and high-quality a banking option is, there will always be a few drawbacks to take into consideration too.

AstroPay Account Required 

To use the AstroPay digital wallet, registration is required, which is usually the case. Although there are a few digital wallets and payment solutions that don’t require you to sign up for an account, registration is still a standard practice in most cases.

Additionally, the registration process requires several details to complete, including an identity card number or passport number so that the company can begin verifying your identity right away. In total, the process should only take you a few minutes to complete.

High Withdrawal Limits 

Probably the biggest drawback for most AstroPay customers is that the withdrawal limit is quite high at £50. Although you can transfer as little as £10, you need a balance of at least £50 so the limits here are rather high. For players who are comfortable making bigger deposits, this won’t be a disadvantage, but for low rollers and casual players, the limit might discourage them from using AstroPay.

Withdrawals Can Take a While 

While deposits are immediate, withdrawals are a little bit different. The withdrawal time always depends on the AstroPay casino chosen, but the withdrawal times are slightly longer than expected for a digital wallet. For example, at Betiton UK, withdrawals via AstroPay are processed within a maximum of four days, while other e-wallets like Neteller and MuchBetter won’t take longer than two days.

FAQs About AstroPay Casino

Where is AstroPay accepted?

AstroPay is accepted at hundreds of online casinos in the UK, including, of course, Betiton UK Casino. Most online casinos will allow you to use AstroPay to fund your casino profile and cash out any winnings too, but it’s accepted at a variety of other merchants in the UK as well.

Is AstroPay safe?

Betiton partners with banking solutions that are 100% safe and secure, so you can rest assured that AstroPay is safe to use. Like any other reputable e-wallet, AstroPay is an anonymous payment solution that’s highly encrypted to keep your data private and safe. If you use an AstroPay prepaid card, you’ll even have fewer concerns about safety because you won’t be using any financial information to make a deposit.

Who owns AstroPay?

AstroPay is owned by founder Sergio Fogel who established the company back in 2009 alongside the company’s CEO Mikael Lijtenstein.

What is the minimum deposit for AstroPay?

The minimum deposit for AstroPay is £10, which is the average minimum deposit for most casino payment methods. If you wish to deposit more to avoid making several transactions, you can also do so.

What is the minimum withdrawal for AstroPay?

The minimum amount you can withdraw using AstroPay is £10, so even if you have a small amount of winnings, you can withdraw them right away if you wish to.

How long does an AstroPay withdrawal take?

At Betiton AstroPay Casino, withdrawals will take a maximum of four business days, but they can be processed instantly in some cases.

What is the minimum balance to withdraw from AstroPay?

If you want to withdraw the funds in your AstroPay account to your bank account or another payment account, you’ll need to have a balance of at least £50 in your AstroPay account.

How much does AstroPay charge to withdraw money?

It looks like AstroPay is completely free to use, whether you’re depositing money or withdrawing it. The only fees that you might incur will be currency exchange fees, but if you make sure to bank in British Pounds, you can easily avoid these fees. Additionally, from our side, we don’t charge any fees if you choose to transact with AstroPay.