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Jackpot Slots


What Are Jackpot Slot and How Do They Work?

Last Updated: 08-07-2022 15:19

Jackpot slots are very similar to the slot games you can play online. However, while they look similar, and even have similar rules, designs, themes and bonuses, there’s one big difference. Instead of offering players small wins throughout their gaming, these jackpot slots can offer you bigger wins. What’s even better is that as a player from the UK, when you join our Betiton online casino, you’ll have access to a huge range of different jackpot slots from a variety of top game providers.

So, how do these games actually work? There are different types of jackpot slots and at Betiton Casino we offer a whole range. In order for these jackpot slots to work, they rely on the bets placed by you, the player. As more players join in, the progressive jackpot increases as it takes a small percentage of each bet that has been placed, adding it to the jackpot. In this manner, the jackpot grows in value until it is won, when it resets to a predetermined amount.

Rules of Jackpot Slots

The general rules of jackpot slots are actually the same as those found for regular slot games. Each of the slot games will have set paylines available. These can be checked in each game’s paytable information, along with the payouts for each symbol. The paylines are where you need to hope the matching symbols land if you want to score a winning combination. As with other slots, you need to match a minimum of three symbols along a payline for a win. The more matching symbols you land, the bigger your payout will be. In order to get the massive top prize available in these progressive games, you will need to take note of different bonus symbols. For all British players accessing these games, we can’t emphasise enough that, as you’re playing live casino, you need to manage your bankroll and not just jump straight in to grab those possible wins.

Types of Jackpot Slots (bonus)

  • Progressive jackpots are variable, increasing as more players wager on the game
  • Fixed jackpots have a maximum set amount players can win

There are two main types of jackpot slots – progressive and fixed. Progressive jackpots are, as we have mentioned already, casino games with prizes that increase as time goes on and more players join in. These progressive games can be on local or global networks though, and this difference will change the size of the final pot. Local networks mean that the slot only takes a portion of wagers placed by players at that actual casino. This means the prize will increase, but more slowly and not to such high values as global network progressives. Global games are linked across casinos, so that players at a greater number of casinos will be contributing to the pot.

Fixed jackpot games do not increase in value. Instead, the jackpot is a standard set amount. This means that any UK player joining the game will know exactly what prize to expect regardless of whether the game has just been won or not. Progressive games will reset to a lower starting value after a win.

Most Popular Jackpot Slots

When it comes to jackpot slots, there are a number of top games that always spring to mind. Some of the truly massive prizes are actually found in the progressive jackpot slots as these will continue to grow in size until someone has actually won it. As a UK player, if you’re looking for the best jackpot slots to play, you can check out the games we offer from both Microgaming and NetEnt.

Between them, these two powerhouses offer a number of the jackpot games. Mega Moolah (Microgaming) and Mega Fortune (NetEnt) are the two most popular jackpot slots in this genre. This can be more fun, than other casino games such as blackjack real money could offer.

  1. Mega Moolah
  2. Cleopatra Jackpot
  3. Mega Fortune
  4. Mega Fortune Dream
  5. Jackpot Giant

Which of the games you choose will depend on your preference for a specific theme. Mega Moolah, for instance, is a brightly coloured game that’s set in Africa. The symbols are all represented by various cartoonified animals, giving it a playful. Mega Fortune, and its sequel Mega Fortune Dreams, are a little more serious in their outlook, promoting all that is opulent and luxurious. Symbols on these games are items, those that can be bought if you’re in the United Kingdom. Cleopatra Jackpot from IGT is another exciting slot game that offers a mysterious Egyptian theme. You can win up to 180 spins plus a triple multiplier within the game. Which is different than online roulette. Playtech’s Jackpot Giant bookends this list offering a progressive game that can be played for as little as 50p per spin, adapted for players in Britain.

Play Your Favourite Jackpot Game On Your Mobile

At Betiton, we know what it’s like when you get stuck into a game and want to play. But is heading out to work getting in your way? There’s no need to worry, if you’re a British player you will have access to playing jackpot games on your mobile. This can be done via our mobile optimised site that gives you access to all the same games as you can access via a desktop. Most game providers have also come to the realisation that playing via a mobile device is important for players. This means that all of your favourite jackpot slots are available to play on mobile devices too. Most games are now created using the HTML5 formatting system so that these games will play seamlessly across devices. While the game will be formatted slightly differently – many of the buttons and slot functions will be hidden in a dropdown menu – the actual gameplay itself, and the jackpots to be won, will remain exactly the same.

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Is Betiton™ casino is available for UK players?

Yes, we made a version for British players on our website.

Can you play slots online for real money?

Yes you can! At Betiton™, you can play demo version or play with real money.

What are the two mains jackpot slots?

There is progressive and fixed jackpot slots. The main difference is progressive jackpot works with prizes that increase as time goes on and more players join in.