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Wimbledon Betting at Betiton™ UK

Last Updated: 26-06-2023 10:55

Wimbledon—also known as the Championships, Wimbledon and the Championships—is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. It’s also considered to be most prestigious tennis event of all, especially since it’s one of the four so-called Grand Slam tournaments. This makes Wimbledon betting a fantastic choice for punters.

These are the four most illustrious tournaments in tennis, where only the strongest athletes in the world compete. In fact, the winners of these tournaments are considered to be amongst the greatest players that walk the Earth.

Naturally, a tournament as important as the Championships attracts a lot of powerful participants, creating a championship with some extremely stiff competition. As a result, both spectators and bettors alike are treated to exhilarating matches.

So, if you’re interested in tennis betting—whether you’re an avid sports bettor and or simply a dedicated Wimbledon fan—you can find a wide range of betting markets on our UK sportsbook at Betiton™, including markets on the Championships!

However, if you’ve never visited any online sports betting sites and never placed a Wimbledon bet before, then you’re going to know a couple of things beforehand. Not to worry, though, as we’ll be explaining everything as we go along.

What Are Wimbledon Betting Markets?

The first thing that you’re going to need to know is what Wimbledon betting markets are, as these are what you’ll be using to bet on the Championships. Thus, betting markets are essentially the wagers we offer on our sportsbook.

These can be on anything that happens during the Championships, such as who’ll take home the entire championship or what the score of particular match will be. If you’d like to get a feel for what markets we offer, feel free to browse through our available markets.

Moreover, next to each market, you’ll see a couple of numbers—these are the odds for that particular market. It’s extremely important to know what odds are and what they mean, so we’ll be explaining them further below.

We offer a number of betting markets on the Championships, that punters can find on our sportsbook. Thanks to our wide range of offered markets, you can take a punt on nearly every aspect of the championship, making your Wimbledon betting all the more interesting.

Moreover, punters will have the choice of betting on all of the competitions offered by Wimbledon, including the Men’s and Women’s competitions. The most popular betting markets on the Championships are listed and explained below:

Outright Winner

This bet depends on punters to make a successful prediction on who the winner of the Championships will be. This applies to all the Wimbledon competitions equally, whether the Men’s, Women’s, or Mixed Doubles.

Set Betting

A match in tennis is divided into many rounds, one of which is the set; to win a match, players will need to win a number of sets. This bet, therefore, depends on bettors correctly guessing the set score when the match finishes, that is, how many sets each player would have won at the end of the match.


A handicap bet is offered when the competition in a match is “unfair,” that is, when there is a clear favourite and underdog. In these matches, bettors can easily tell who the winner will be and as a result the odds will be rather skewed.

However, handicap bets put a handicap on the favourite to even the competition and thus give bettors chance on betting on the underdog. This way, bettors can still win their bets on the underdog even if the underdog loses.

Match Betting

This market requires bettors to correctly predict which player will emerge victorious in a match.

How Do You Place a Wimbledon Bet on Betiton™ Online Sportsbook UK?

Before being able to place any bets on Wimbledon, you’re first going to need to create an account with us at Betiton™ UK (unless you haven’t already done so). Creating an account on our site is both easy and quick, so you’ll be betting in a flash.

To create your Betiton™ account, you simply need to click on “JOIN“, fill in the fields with the required information, click on “OPEN ACCOUNT“, and Bob’s your uncle. Afterwards, you’ll need to make your first deposit; this is the money you’ll be using to wager with.

We support a rather wide variety of secure, reliable, and renowned payment methods on our site. This means that all your transactions at Betiton™ are 100% safe. After registering and making your first deposit, you’ll be able to wager on the Championships:

  1. Go to the “tennis” section of our sportsbook;
  2. There, click on “All Leagues” and look for “Wimbledon Men” or “Wimbledon Women“, depending on whichever division of the championship you’d like to wager on;
  3. This will take you to all of our currently available markets on the Championships;
  4. Feel free to browse through our markets until you find the ones that you like;
  5. Click on whichever markets appeal to you most and they’ll appear on the betting slip on the right-hand side of the screen;
  6. On the betting slip, you can adjust your stake to your preferred amount;
  7. Once you’re satisfied with both your stake and your chosen markets, click on “PLACE BETS“;
  8. Congratulations on your first Wimbledon bet at Betiton™ UK!

Things to Keep in Mind When Placing Your First Wimbledon Bet

With both your first Wimbledon bet and your first deposit, you’ll be able to claim our new-member bonus. This is an extra bet that you can use to wager on the Championships. However, as is the case with all our offers, T&Cs apply to this offer.

Our bonus T&Cs go over the various conditions that apply to this bonus, including the min odds you need to wager on; the min stake you need to make; the min amount you need to deposit; and other such conditions that you’d need to follow.

If you claim our new-member bonus, you’ll also be accepting the T&Cs that apply to it. Therefore, we highly suggest reading both the T&Cs as well as our bonus policy before claiming our offer. You can find both on our “Promotions” page.

How Do Players Qualify for the Wimbledon Championships?

There are 3 ways that competitors can qualify for Wimbledon, each with their own requirements. These are:

  1. Ranking
  2. Qualifying Rounds
  3. Wild Cards

There are a total of 128 competitors that enter the Championships. 104 of these competitors enter through ranking; 16 enter through the qualifying rounds; and the final 8 enter through wild cards. We’ll be going over each of these qualification routes.


As we’ve already seen, this is how the majority of contestants enter the Championships. For participants to enter through the ranking route, they have to be amongst the 104 highest-ranked competitors. However, they needn’t be amongst the 104 best players in the world.

They only need to be amongst the top 104 players that signed up for the championship. So, for example, if out of the 104 best players in the world, 10 did not register for Wimbledon, then the 10 next best ones may qualify for the championship through the ranking route.

Participants may also enter by using what’s known as “Protected Ranking“. This is when a player cannot participate in the championship due to an injury, generally a serious one that will take them out of play for at least 6 months.

When this happens, the player can ask for their ranking to be “protected”. Then, once they’re able to play and participate in the championship once again, they can use their “Protected Ranking” to qualify directly into the next edition of the championship.

Qualifying Rounds

This is arguably the most difficult method of entering the Championships. A total of 128 competitors participate in the qualifying rounds of the championship and each one needs to win 3 matches before being able to qualify.

Participants enter the qualification rounds through ranking as well. Since the top 104 registered contestants qualify directly for the tournament, the next 119 qualify for the qualification rounds. The final 9 spots are given to wild cards.

Wild Cards

The final way of qualifying for the Championships is through wild cards. This is reserved solely for 8 lucky participants. These 8 participants need not play any qualification rounds because they qualify directly for the tournament.

Thus, these 8 competitors enter the championship as though they qualified through the ranking route. These wild cards are given by the tournament organisation to 8 participants who are generally up-and-coming players, celebrities, and so on.

What Should You Know About the Format of the Championships, Wimbledon?

There are a total of 16 events that are held during the Championships. These consist of 5 main events, 4 junior events, and 7 invitation events. The most important ones are, of course, the main events, which are the following:

Event No. of Participants
Gentlemen’s Singles 128
Ladies’ Singles 128
Gentlemen’s Doubles 64
Ladies’ Doubles 64
Mixed Doubles 48

All of these events are single-elimination competitions. Finally, matches in the Gentlemen’s Singles and Doubles events follow a best-of-five-sets format. On the other hand, the rest of the events instead use a best-of-three-sets format.

Find Out More About Wimbledon Betting Odds

When it comes to wagering on Wimbledon it’s important to understand all the odds that we provide on our sportsbook. This is because odds tell you 2 important things: firstly, they tell how much you stand to gain if your bet is a successful one.

Secondly, they also tell you how likely the bet will go your way. These are 2 important considerations that you need to keep in mind when playing any bets. Finally, odds can be represented in either one of 3 different formats, which are: fractional, decimal, and American.

The differences between these odds formats are how they each represent the odds and where in the world they happen to be most popular. Otherwise, they’re quite interchangeable, and you can use whichever format you feel most comfortable using.


This format is mostly popular in the UK, hence why it’s sometimes called “British odds“. However, you’ll also find it used amongst Irish bookmakers. This format uses fractions to represent the odds, like so: 4/5, 9/2, 7/3, and so on.


This format is largely popular on gambling sites from Europe, but you can also find that they’re popular in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. You’ll find that this format uses decimal numbers to represent the odds, like this: 4.25, 5.75, 8.20, etc.

Wimbledon Betting Tips: What Are They and Can They Help You?

Wimbledon tips can be considered as pieces of advice, in this case on who should punters potentially bet on, which odds to take, etc. Essentially, tips are “suggestions” on what to bet on and predictions of which contestants are likeliest to triumph.

Tips are provided by tipsters. These are people, generally sport experts, that spend their time analysing team compositions, player stats, and other factors in order to make predictions on who might emerge victorious in a particular match.

These tipsters will then post their tips online, either for free or at a price, for punters to use in their sport-betting endeavour. Whilst tips can prove useful, be sure to take each tip with a grain of salt and do your own research at the same time.

Where Can UK Bettors Find Wimbledon Betting Tips?

A simple Google search will give punters plenty of tips and tipster sites to work with. However, tips shouldn’t substitute for the research you should be doing before placing a bet on the Wimbledon championship or any other tournament.

Additional Information:


When does Wimbledon take place?

Wimbledon happens every year, over two weeks at the end of June and the beginning of July.

When is the next Wimbledon?

Wimbledon will next take place in 2021, during the following dates: 28th June 2021 to 11th July 2021.

Where does Wimbledon take place?

Wimbledon is held at the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, in London, United Kingdom. The Championships is held on a grass court, the only one of the Grand Slam tournaments, and it is widely considered to be the classic court.

Who has won Wimbledon the most times?

Roger Federer has won the Gentleman’s Singles a total of 8 times. On the other hand, Martina Navratilova has won the Ladies’ Singles the most times, with a total of 9 times.