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Jackpot Slots


What are jackpot slots and how do they work?

Last Updated: 07-07-2022 15:56

Jackpot slots are thrilling versions of slot games that take the excitement to a whole new level. These games work in the same way that other online slots do, the difference is that they have massive prizes to be won if you’ve got some Irish luck. Similar to other slot games, they come in a wide range of different themes including animals and luxury items through to games centred on superheroes and gods. This type of big prize slot game also contains a number of bonus games as well. These are the games that players need to get if they want to score those big wins. In-game features include wilds, scatters, extra spins, wheels of fortune, multipliers and more. To be successful on these games, you need to land three or more matching symbols along the eligible paylines, which will then result in a payout – which, in turn, will vary depending on the value of the symbol.

Rules of jackpot slots

The rules for jackpot slots are very similar to those of other slot games and online casino game options. As we’ve touched on, the aim of playing one of these slots is to match up a minimum of three symbols. These must land on one of the eligible paylines, which can run in various different ways across the reels. Generally though, all of them will run from left to right. If you don’t land the matching symbols then you won’t win anything on that spin. It’s a good idea to check out the paytable for each slot so you know the specifics. These games also have fixed betting limits per spin. You will need to check these limits and make bets that are within them if you want to win. If you try and place a bet that’s too low or too high, then you simply won’t be able to spin the reels.

Types of jackpot slots

  • Progessive
  • Fixed

There are a number of different types of jackpot slots. The first of these is the progressive jackpot. These games are hugely popular both in Ireland and around the world. They are the games that can really change your life with a win, especially if you use our deposit bonus to play. Progressives can accrue massive jackpots. This is because a tiny percentage of each player’s bet is added to the prize pot. So, the more players that join in, the bigger the prize can become. There are two types within this progressive slot option. There are local network progressives that are only played at a single casino. Then there are the global progressives, which are linked to a much larger network meaning that more people contribute to the final prize. There are also fixed jackpot casino games and these, as the name suggests, don’t get bigger. Instead, these games have a standard jackpot that remains the same even if players win it.

Most popular jackpot slots

When it comes to jackpot games, players from Ireland are almost spoilt for choice. There are a large number of different options available, each one offering a different theme as well as those big exciting bonuses. One of the biggest progressive jackpots found in Ireland is Mega Moolah. Popular on a global scale, this animal-themed slot has paid out in the multi-millions of euros. Not only that, but it has done so more than once, proving that this is a perfectly winnable jackpot. It’s also a highly appealing game that offers cute, vibrantly designed African animal symbols on the reels. It also contains a large number of in-game bonuses that eventually lead to a wheel of fortune game and the jackpot. One of the fun things about Mega Moolah is that it contains four different jackpots to win, each one a different value. Now that’s something you don’t see in blackjack online real money!

  1. Mega Moolah
  2. Mega Fortune
  3. Hall of Gods
  4. Jackpot Giant
  5. Mega Fortune Dreams

The next biggest game is Mega Fortune. A strong rival to Mega Moolah, this slot offers a little more class. Mega Fortune is all about the rich, opulent lifestyle. This is clearly shown on the reels, which are set on the deck of a yacht. The symbols are also all expensive items including watches, gold purses and diamond rings. Mega Fortune isn’t just pretty though, it’s also a big paying out slot having awarded players multi-million wins more than once. The slot was so successful that it spawned an equally successful sequel – Mega Fortune Dreams. Irish players can try their luck on this one too and see if they can score that top prize. For something a little different, new players can test out Hall of Gods. This exciting game is focused on Norse mythology and offers up a pretty impressive jackpot too. Jackpot Giant is very similar, with both games offering potential wins bigger than anything you’ll find playing online roulette.

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