What are the No Deposit Casino Bonuses for Irish players?

James Smith
July 2, 2020
Modified: June 30, 2023

⚠️ Betiton doesn’t offer a casino welcome bonus for UK players

Here we are in the year 2023. As can be expected, online casinos are more a thing this year than ever. One of the nice things about playing online is the online casino bonus culture that has risen up. Now that the year is almost half over there is a good amount of these bonuses on offer. We thought it would be a nice idea to round up many of the top bonuses here at Betiton. We have put them in this one convenient article for your reference.

Obviously, no list of this sort can ever be anywhere near complete! But what we’re giving you here is definitely a list of what we think are many of the most important/fun bonuses for 2020. In this case, we had no other particular criteria for selection. This is a list of bonuses by avid gamers and for avid gamers, to help people stay on top of current trends. We hope you enjoy going through this list every bit as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

Whats is a no deposit bonus?

We feel it’s always a good idea to address newcomers’ basic questions thoroughly. In this case, this is no exception. A no deposit bonus is a bonus that is not attached in any way to the amount of money you may or may not deposit in your account. It can be something as simple as a free bonus slot round to a credit to your account for signing up, or a promotional offer to get you to try out an exciting new game.

It should be duly noted that a no deposit bonus is not just extra money handed out to you. One invariable rule about these bonuses is that they are not directly convertible to cash; they are to be used exclusively inside the online casino. This is, of course, perfectly understandable for almost anyone and to be expected. We do feel, however, that this point bears making perfectly clear, for reasons of simple transparency. Now that we’ve gotten this point out of the way, let’s move on to:

What type of no deposit bonuses there are?

The most common and simple type of no deposit bonus out there is the bonus that simply and directly credits your account, allowing you to play with those credits. Another type of no deposit bonus is where your winnings are multiplied, so you get everything you would normally win times a set amount. This is also a very common type of bonus, at Betiton and elsewhere. The third type of bonus is when you get a certain amount of extra turns at one or more games. Here are some examples:

  • Extra spins
  • Extra cash
  • Bet 15, get 10
  • 100% bonus

Many no deposit bonuses are some sort of welcome package, meaning they are bonuses for new customers. They are great for people who are just getting their feet wet. This is because they allow people to try things out and get a feel for the games before experimenting with real money. Right now at Betiton, you get a 100% bonus offer on the first day. After that, there is a extra spins offer especially for the second and third days, although it’s not a no deposit offer.

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How to claim a no deposit bonuses?

Good news for many: some of these bonuses do not need any claiming at all. They are automatically available upon creating an account or some other otherwise necessary action. Others need promo codes to be entered in order to activate them. Promo codes are often sent to new and veteran players in the course of their gameplay. These extraordinary promo codes allow these special players at certain times to take advantage of extra exclusive offers. They are, naturally, always worth checking out.

Aside from the aforementioned casino welcome bonus, there are other kinds of bonuses. One of the main benefits of being a Betiton member is that they will get bonus offers sent to them via the in-casino chat. It should go without saying that the bonuses are going to be very high quality! Each of these particular bonuses (those that come via chat) is unique and each of them has specific instructions, although in some cases the player’s account credited and there’s nothing more required to be done.

What is a bonus code?

Bonus codes are codes used to unlock unique casino bonuses. More often than not, these offers are specific to you and to your own account. They are generated for you and your benefit only! To try to explain how an algorithm may or may not decide to credit you with a specific bonus is very complicated and quite a bit beyond the scope of this article. We can, however, say that many (although not all) of these bonuses are a means of rewarding the customer for some in-game action/series of actions.

Many people for some reason tend to think that bonus codes are complex, but they really are not. A bonus code in an online casino isn’t all that much different from a coupon that allows you to get a discount or a promotional offer at your local supermarket, for example. If you think of it in those terms, then the whole broad topic of online casino bonuses suddenly becomes a lot clearer to you. We hope that little example helps you a lot!

Who offers this bonus?

No deposit bonuses on online casinos are almost always going to be offered directly by the casino itself. In the case of Betiton, it is Betiton itself as an entity that is offering you all of these different welcome bonuses, extra spins bonuses, 100% bonuses, etc. We can honestly say we have never heard of one of these bonuses ever coming from an outside entity anywhere for any online casino. It’s within the realm of possibility, we suppose, but if it ever happened it would have to be exceedingly rare.

You may ask why are these bonuses so popular with online casinos? That is to say, why are they being so generous? The fact of the matter is, the online casino industry is very competitive and casinos are constantly trying to outdo each other to get your business. Another reason is that they increase confidence in the player tremendously by allowing them to get a feel for the place before they finally take out their credit cards and plunk down that initial deposit.

What is a wagering requirement?

In simple terms, a wagering requirement is an amount a player needs to play through before being able to withdraw any winnings. For example, let’s say your bonus is $50 and the playthrough is 20x. You would just multiply those two numbers to find out the total amount you would need to wager in order for your winnings to qualify for withdrawal. In this case, you’d have to wager $50×20=$1000 in total. As you can see, the concept is also pretty simple once it’s been properly explained.

Now that you have the basic concept of a wagering requirement clear, there are some caveats sometimes. Depending on the offer, not all games may count towards the wagering requirement. Also, with some games (commonly blackjack, for example), the amounts wagered may only count towards the requirement at a certain percentage. The important thing with any type of a casino bonus is to make sure you understand all the details and rules pertaining to it. This way, you will be able to use the bonus effectively.

Are there any limits on no deposit bonuses?

Once again, you have to make sure you read carefully and understand the terms and conditions of each particular bonus offer. Never assume one offer is exactly the same as another offer. As we have previously stated, many of these bonuses are uniquely generated. Don’t over-think or worry too much about it, but do be diligent and read carefully from the get-go. You will find that in a very short time you will be very familiar with the ins and outs of casino bonuses.

Common limits on no deposit bonuses include time limits, wagering requirements (as described above), maximum withdrawal amounts (on earnings from the bonuses), and restrictions on which games the bonus can be used, or which games count towards the wagering requirements and at what percentage. It should be kept in mind, however, that even with all these limits, these bonus offers are often very generous and well worth taking full advantage of. In the end, remember, you are at the very least having fun with the casino’s money!

Can I play any game with this bonus?

At Betiton, the offers tend to be wide-reaching and many bonuses offered are site-wide. This is not always the case, however, and certainly not the case with other online casinos. Once again, we urge customers to read the offer carefully. At the end of the day, it’s a offer and it’s still worth not looking in the mouth. Always remember that any offer only improves conditions for you; it’s never the other way around! There have been cases of customers finding new favourite games by taking advantage of promotions.

Sometimes, it makes a lot of sense for a casino bonus offer to be limited to a particular game. For example, when that game is newly launched, the casino is going to want to promote it with bonus codes and the like. In this case, you can reasonably expect great bonus offers tied to that one particular game only. There also may be cases where you will receive promotions for games you don’t regularly play. It’s a great idea to take these offers up in order to broaden your horizons.


It’s a bonus at an online casino that will work without the need for you to deposit money into your account.

They are codes that give you access to bonuses without having to deposit money in your account.

Sometimes they are automatic, sometimes they will come to you via chat or email.

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