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Football Betting in Ireland

Football betting at Betiton

If you’re into online sports betting in Ireland, why not try your luck at a football bet!

Football is one of, if not the, most popular sports in the world. It’s watched by millions of people on a daily basis, whether that’s simply watching the World Cup when it rolls around (there’s always good odds for this event), or following a club through all aspects of the various football leagues that are on offer. There are a number of reasons why this sport is so popular, more so than horse racing betting for example. Essentially, this sport is just genuinely exciting. The game play is easy to follow and enables families to all enjoy it, making this something of a social event too. It can also be thrilling to watch the skill level of the footballers on the pitch, offering something for youngsters to aspire to.

  • Social event
  • Skillful game
  • Easy to understand rules

Football is one of the more popular sports in Ireland alongside rugby and Gaelic football.

Most popular football events

  1. League of Ireland Premier Division
  2. English Premier League
  3. FIFA World Cup

The League of Ireland Premier Division is the top division football league in Ireland. It was formed back in 1985 after the League of Ireland underwent a restructuring process. Similar to other football leagues, it relies on relegation and promotion to keep things interesting. However, there are two teams that have never been relegated – St Patrick’s Athletic and Bohemians – despite neither team having won the tournament for many years. The Premier Division is also prestigious enough to qualify for the UEFA Champions League, which only takes the top teams from each country’s top division. When it comes to betting on the League of Ireland, caution must be exercised, as you will need to do some research to ensure you get the best odds, much as you have to do with golf betting.

The English Premier League, known simply as the Premier League, is actually the most watched football league in the world, despite much of the viewership not actually being English or even residing in the country. Based in the UK, it is the number one football division in the country and is governed by a relegation and promotion system. Twenty teams compete in the league each year, but those in the bottom will face relegation, with top teams in the second division moving up to take their place. However, this league has been dominated for years by teams that constantly take the top spots including Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal, with Tottenham Hotspurs and Manchester City joining their ranks in recent years.

The FIFA World Cup is actually the biggest sporting event in the world, watched by millions. It takes place every four years and has actually been running since 1930. Currently the event has 32 teams playing, and these are split into eight groups of four teams each. In these group stages, all the teams within each group play each other in a round robin format, with the top two teams moving forward to the knockout stages. The next World Cup in 2022, is to be hosted by Qatar, a first for the event. Despite it being some years off, there are already talks of favourites, with reigning champions France, leading this charge, hotly contested by the tournament’s biggest winners, Brazil – a country that’s won the trophy five times.

Odds and tips for football betting

If you’re interested in betting on football, you need to understand what odds are and how tips can help you achieve your goals.

Odds for football

One of the most important things to understand when starting to place football bets is what the odds mean. Odds can be written in three different ways – fractions, decimals and American. For the most part, Irish bets are written in fractions, but if you’re more comfortable with another format, then you can simply switch it on our platform. Odds are the numbers that indicate how likely it is for an event to happen. For example, if we were placing a bet on Liverpool to beat Norwich City, the odds might be 3/1 for Liverpool to win and 18/1 that Norwich would win. As you can see the bet odds greater for Norwich, which indicates that this team is much less likely to win.

Continuing with this example, odds can also indicate how much you stand to win if the event comes to pass. If you were to place €1 on Liverpool winning, in this scenario, you would win back €3 plus your original €1 stake, which is only a small profit. However, placing the same €1 bet on Norwich, would see you get €18 plus your original wager as a return, if Norwich were to win that is. However, one of the biggest tips we want you to take home here is that you shouldn’t think about large profits. The likelihood of Norwich winning, as indicated by the odds, is low so you’re likely to be wasting that euro. While Liverpool might not yield a big win, it’s still a win!

Tips and tipsters for football

Football tips are an integral part of achieving success when online football betting. As a beginner, using the talents and suggestions of a tipster can be a really helpful way of getting started. Tipsters spend a lot of time looking at the form of teams and individual players, whether a game is home or away, and so on, to make educated predictions about the outcome of upcoming games. These predictions will be available publicly so that punters can make use of these suggestions as they see fit. Tipsters will often search for good value odds too, so that you can take advantage of them and potentially make a little extra profit when you use these tips. However, don’t overly rely on these tipsters as they can get things wrong.

What we can recommend is taking the tipsters advice as a jumping off point, especially if this is a sport you’re not familiar with. However, it is really important that you do your own research too and get to know what things to look for in a team or player that can push the game in their favour. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the odds available as well. We recommend not sticking with your favourite team when you are playing as often this can lead to a loss – thinking with your heart not your head is to be avoided in football betting. Instead, step back and objectively look at the team performance before you settle on a bet.

Betting offers and bonus at Betiton

Being able to make your bankroll stretch is a dream that all Irish players have. We are here to make that dream come true as we’re offering an exciting free bet bonus. If you place a first wager of €15 or more we will give you a €10 bet for free. This free bet can be used on a variety of different sporting events, so why not try out a more obscure football bet, or bet on one of the lesser known teams. Whatever bet you choose to make, just remember that this bet can only be used in its full value and cannot be split across multiple smaller wagers. For the complete terms and conditions of this bonus, click right here.

Deposits and withdrawals

It’s always important to be able to access secure payment methods when gambling online. To give our players in Ireland this chance, we have a wide range of different options on offer. All of these options are from trusted and secure providers including Neteller, Skrill, Visa and Mastercard. Deposits are all instant and can be made from €10 to €5000 in a single transaction. Withdrawals do take longer as there is a 48 hour pending period first. After that, the time it takes for your winnings to pop into your account depends on the payment method you used. You can make withdrawals of as little as €10 each time to a maximum of €7000 in a single month, and you must have verified your account before doing so.

Bet on football with your mobile

Mobile betting has really helped the online gaming market. Almost everyone has a phone or mobile device, using it for virtually everything. At Betiton we have a fully optimised mobile site that works well on a variety of different operating systems from Android to iOS. It’s also a scalable platform, which means that the site fits neatly to the screen size of your device. All the betting features are available to you as well – bonuses, support, odds, betting markets – you name it, we are offering it to you. It’s easy to get online too, just open your mobile browser, find Betiton and log in. You can start making deposits, placing bets and checking on results even while heading to work.

Customer Support and Loyalty Club

At Betiton we want all our Irish players to have easy access to a range of different support options in case there are any issues that need to be resolved. Our support team is on hand via live chat from 8 am to 1 pm CET every day and will give you prompt answers, helping you get on with your betting as quickly as possible. We also have an exciting Loyalty Club for you to join. This is made up of seven tiers. As you move through these tiers you will be given bonuses and rewards. In order to move through these levels you need to earn points, which you can do when making real money bets in the casino section of the site, but not in the sportsbook.

Responsible gaming

Responsible gaming is about knowing when to stop. We’re here to help you realise when that is through self exclusion and bet limit options, as well as providing links to various helplines.

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