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Overview of Blackjack Trainer in New Zealand

July 13, 2020
Modified: January 24, 2022

New to blackjack? If yes, sit back and read our Betiton blackjack guide. This guide will give you first-hand information about what this exciting online card game is all about and how blackjack is played in New Zealand. We know that there are some aspiring blackjack players in New Zealand who may want to make extra cash on the side playing this game who have been held back by lack of know-how.

We don’t want that to happen to you that’s why we’ve put together this guide to enable you to learn about the game. In this guide, you are going to learn what blackjack online card games are and why you should consider using blackjack trainer. You’ll also get to learn the best way to practice your strategy. By the time you are done reading this guide, you would have learned all the necessary things that will help you to master and play the game with confidence.

What is a blackjack trainer?

Blackjack is an exciting and famous online casino game. For a player to be successful, the player is required to have a blackjack trainer strategy. Blackjack trainer is an online platform that helps train players, who are just starting to play blackjack, learn how to use the basic strategies while they play the game in casinos.

This platform is not difficult to use. With the help of this platform, beginners tend to master how to apply the basic and correct strategy faster. There seems to be not much difference between the blackjack trainer and the standard blackjack; the cash and bets are the same. The only difference is that your strategy of play is going to determine the score that you will see down the page, your wins or losses have nothing to do with it.

Many of the blackjack rules are the same worldwide, especially when it has to do with how to wager and hand strategy.

Why use a blackjacktrainer?

There are several reasons why you should use a blackjack trainer. Some of those reasons are: Blackjack is not totally a game of luck as most players think. For a player to find success within the game, the player must have a strategy.

This strategy is not easy to learn and implement. And that’s where Betiton blackjack trainer comes to play. Our blackjack trainer helps you learn how to play blackjack. It also helps you to apply strategy so you can feel confident about the game basic strategy. It also provides you with better tips on how to improve. Using our blackjack trainer helps you get tips to better your strategy from expert trainers.

During the gameplay, once you make a mistake a notification pops up on your screen. Telling you the manoeuvre that you were supposed to select, that way your strategy is improved. Using our blackjack trainer will help you learn the basics of the game.

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Free to use

The fear of having to pay for a blackjack trainer has kept many NZ players away from using the platform. But the good news is Betiton blackjack trainer is free to use. There’s no payment plan to upgrade to later, everything is totally free.

Our blackjack trainer is definitely not the first free blackjack trainer. But it’s one of the best, the type that you will want to try out. All that is required on your side is to dedicate your time to betting and mastering of the game strategy. With our blackjack trainer you are nearly sure to master the basic strategy of the game. Since you are wagering nothing, you will play with less tension and full concentration.

You will be able to learn and memorise all the necessary steps that will enhance your playing ability and make you a master of the game. You can go ahead and begin to practice immediately after reading this guide.

The best way to practice

Blackjack is not an easy game. If you think you are an expert, you may just lose your hard-earned money even before you realise it. That’s why it’s important for you to have a clue about the best way to play the game.

Here are some of the game best practice: Have a strategy in place – It’s essential to have a strategy in place when playing blackjack. Blackjack strategy will help save you from losing more than you could afford to lose. It’ll also help you to make more informed decisions. Decide on the betting limit and stick to it – one of the mistakes players make is to not set a limit or failing to stick to a set limit. It’s important to set a limit based on the amount of money that you can afford to lose.

Immediately you get to that limit it’s advisable that you stop, don’t make the mistakes of trying to recover lost money.

Learn the Blackjack strategy

It’s a known fact that Blackjack is a game of skills and counting cards is part of the skills. It’s also known that every hand has an optimal mathematical approach. This mathematical optimal way of playing every hand is what is referred to as a basic strategy.

If you have been to a casino gift shop, chances are you have come across the small laminated basic strategy card. Does this small laminated card real work? Sure it does. But it’s always best to know what to do in every situation. That’s why learning the game strategy is very vital. You can actually use our free blackjack trainer to learn and improve your skills.

Since it’s free and does not require any stake on your side. So you can practice as many times as possible. Remember that the more you practice the better you become with the game strategy.

How to use the blackjack trainer

Choose your level: in this step, you are required to choose your level of play. You’ve the option to choose from three different levels – easy, medium, and hard. Next, click on chips button to enter the amount that you intend to bet.

Next, enter the amount that you wish to bet. Next, click on the deal button. When you click on the deal button your cards will then be dealt for you to see. But after you must have entered the amount that you wish to bet. If you’ve a change of mind about the amount. Don’t click on the deal button, instead click on the clear button so you can clear any bet from the table. Select SPLIT, HIT, STAND, or DOUBLE, Once your card has been dealt with.

You’ll have four options to select from – split, hit, stand, or double. Make sure to think through the options before making a selection . Always remember that odds does not count when using blackjack.

Blackjack trainer rules

In New Zealand blackjack trainer has some rules that the players are expected to observe. Some of those rules are as follows: No doubling after a player split. No re-splitting. There is no player insurance and no surrender as well.

If the decision takes more than 10 seconds in the expert mode there will be a time penalty. All player choices are compared with blackjack basic strategy, so irrespective of the tips you are giving about how to win big or improve your blackjack strategy. Also it’s important to read the rules of blackjack trainer, that way you will have an idea of how it functions.

Remember that you can be shot out if you fail to follow the rules of the platform. Reading the rules gives you an edge so you don’t default, and not defaulting simply means you’re going to have nice time practicing in the platform.

Practice blackjack strategy

Blackjack players need to have some sort of knowledge, skill and practice in order to play the game optimally. Blackjack games that allow you to play without stacking are the best games to learn and practice the basics of the game with. It’s essential for a player to always know what to do during gameplay.

Constant practice helps you learn all of that. You might be of the opinion that you don’t need to practice more, or that you know card counting, but it’s not just about card counting. It’s about making informed decisions and reducing the casino advantage over you. If you must master the basic strategy of the game you have to really devote time to practice.

Like the saying “practice makes perfect”. With our free blackjack simulator you are introduced to the atmosphere and rules of playing real casino without risking any money. It’s the best way to learn since you have nothing at stake.

Learn how to count cards

Card counting is an important blackjack skill to learn because it will help you play very well. Card count can be done in four simple steps: Give every card a value. A running count should be kept based on the value of the card dealt.

The information in step 2 should be used to calculate the count per deck. As the true count rises it’s expected that you change the bet. Our free blackjack trainer is an excellent way to learn and practice how to count cards. Most blackjack players first started out with the blackjack trainer. When they felt confident about their level of skills they began to explore other options. With the tips that have been shared about how to count cards.

You can master it with little more practice. Betiton blackjack trainer can help you achieve all of the practice that you require to learn and improve your skills.


You can play blackjack for free by visiting Betiton casino as we offer free blackjack games or using a blackjack trainer.

You can practice blackjack my studying strategy cards with you play free blackjack games or when learning on a blackjack trainer.

You can play blackjack for beginners by setting the level to ‘easy’ when you play on a online blackjack trainer at an online casino such as Betiton.

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