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Learn all the Blackjack rules

July 7, 2020
Modified: August 17, 2020

Under normal playing circumstances, a house/casino has a very low edge in the blackjack game. For this reason, with the right strategy and all the bonuses Betiton casino offers, there is a lot of advantage on your side. Here, you even might not need to count your cards. You only need to get the right tables, some good offers and you are good to go. There is no holy grail here. It’s simple, practise and play often. This blackjack guide delves deeper into the basics, table game rules as well as rules for players in Betiton Casino.

Some Fundamental Basics at Betiton

  1. Card numbers with values 2 to 10 are worth the number therein.
  2. Face cards (those with pictures) are worth 10 except the Ace that is worth 1 or 11

In blackjack, winning is simple and straightforward. Here, you simply need to beat the dealer’s hand, without just going over 21. If you land 21 points that is called a blackjack. Landing a blackjack simply means that you get s 3:2 payout. You can also get a 2:1 payout. For instance, if you wagered $200, you will get $300. 2:1 means that if you wagered a $100, you will get $200. You could even get a game that pays 1:1. Such a game isn’t worth even looking at. Keep reading to learn how to play blackjack in Betiton Online Casino.

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Understanding the Blackjack Playing Area – Betiton Casino

You have now understood what it is to play blackjack at Betiton Casino. You perhaps also by now must have come up with a basic strategy. Let’s move on. Once you hit the playing table, you will find that each New Zealand player has their own betting area. On the betting area, you may find his cards and even probably a location for a double down bet too. Likewise, the dealer has a designated area where he keeps his cards and his “shoe” as well. The shoe contains at least one deck of cards. A “shoe” could contain an automated reshuffler.

Basic Blackjack Table Rules

You have learned about counting cards, Let’s now look at some of the common terminologies used in blackjack. For instance, someone may say that that played the house. This basically means that they played against a casino which was represented by a dealer during the game. Here, the Betiton dealer will deal one card face up to each of the players from the left end to the right. The last card goes to the house’s hand and is usually a face down. The dealer will also deal with one a card facing up for each of the players and finally the house.

Some More Basics

When the initial deal is done, the casino or the dealer should ask each player if they need more cards. This is called a “hit” and goes on and on until you probably go over 21 or even think that you have landed the best hand possible. In an instance where you got all the cards that you need, you will need to “Stand”. This simply means that you signal the dealer that you don’t need any more cards. Indeed, each of the successive players could decide on whether to “stand” or “hit”. Each step done appropriately increases your odds.

Push- Win or loss?

After all players are done with their hands, the Betiton dealer will reveal his own cards. Depending on what they reveal, the rules of the game will determine if the dealer stands or hits. Players that didn’t go “bust” can then compare the scores they made with the dealer’s. Those that are lucky enough to have beat the dealer will win while the rest lose. Some others could have ties with the dealer, a situation known as “push”. If a push happens, a player gets his funds refunded. Keep reading on for some more tips!

Rules for Dealers at Betiton

In order to understand the best way of beating the casino, it’s really important that you know how your dealer is affected by the rules of the game as well. Essentially, the dealer also plays by the same strict rules set by the Betiton casino all the time. Basically, those rules are meant to protect the house advantage in the long term and thereby ensuring that a dealer remains simple and mistake-free throughout the gameplay. In the long run, this means that the house will, of course, make some profit. A Betiton blackjack trainer advises that players be keen on their moves.

More Dealer Rules

Indeed, if you lost in your first game and keep trying to beat the house, the more losses you will incur. This is more so if you are playing without sticking to the set rules of the game. When it is the dealer’s round to reveal his hole card, he will use the very same rules in determining his next move. Notably, if the card total in a game is 16 points, a dealer will always be allowed to pull another card from the deck. Whether you are playing against a real dealer or a blackjack simulator, these rules do not change.

A “Bust” For the Dealer

Indeed, they may continue drawing more cards from the deck until he earns the house at least 17 points or even goes “bust” by exceeding 21 points. If in the instance that the dealer lands 17 points and still lacks an Ace, the dealer will “stand” even if you as the player have 21 points or even higher. Also, the dealer could have a 17 soft hand. This includes an Ace and some other cards whose when the value is combined, a total of six points is achieved. Try this out the various free blackjack versions available here at Betiton Casino.

Blackjack Bonus Payouts

While trying out your luck here, as soon as you deal the winning hand, the Betiton casino will pay immediately. There are however some specific times when Betiton doesn’t pay up immediately is when there is a 21 hand. This may include times when their face-up card is typically an Ace or just any card that is worth 10 points. This rule is due to the fact that if a dealer also happens to hold a blackjack hand, the round is defined as a “Push” or a “Draw”. In the case of a “push”, an NZ player gets his funds back.

Table Limits – Blackjack

Notably, table limits in blackjack could vary from one casino to the next. This is for both land-based casinos and online casinos as well. Table limits on land-based casinos could start at a minimum of $5 while at Betiton we have limits starting at just $1. Also, each casino also has a maximum betting account. This could range anywhere between $50 and $50,000. You also may need to note that most 21 gaming tables are only able to accommodate a maximum of six players. Lets now look at blackjack insurance offered by Betiton to New Zealand players and what it entails.

Blackjack Insurance at Betiton

In blackjack, insurance refers to whether or not a dealer has 21 points from a deal. This requires that players lay off their initial wagers. Notably, if the dealer has a 21, the house could pay the “insurance bets” at 2:1. Such a payout wipes out the loss from the initial wager. Further to this, if the dealer didn’t make 21 points, you could lose the initial bet but still get a 1:1 payout. If both the player and the Betiton dealer make a 21, it’s called a tie and the player gets back his wager.

Hit or Stand

Players could also decline any additional cards using a “Stand”. You may need to note that NZ players also have a variety of options that they can choose from after their first two cards are dealt with. Usually, the decisions the players make could affect the cards held by other players as well as those held by the dealer and sometimes determine who wins! Normally, a player could “stand” when the point value of the cards they have ranges from 16 to 21. Let us now give some attention to blackjack splitting rules as well.

Blackjack Splitting Rules

In the instance where the dealer deals you two cards that have the same blackjack value (often 8’s or aces), the “split rule” could apply. Here, the two hands could be separated by placing a second bet that is equal to your first. Virtually, all the players will be in a position to create an additional bet. This could potentially land them some more wins. After you receive 2 more cards, you could decide on whether to hit or even stand, considering you got each of the two cards as the dealer. Notably, a “Re-split’ is also allowed.

Different Types of Blackjack at Betiton Casino

With blackjack being one of the oldest casino games in the world, there are lots of variants that could have cropped up over the years. Some are associated with the different regions that they were discovered. For instance, there is the Classic Blackjack. This is the traditional version by which all other versions are built on. There is also the progressive blackjack that comes with bigger winnings as compared to the other variants. Some of the versions of blackjack you could try out your luck on including European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack.


You can play blackjack for free by signing up for blackjack simulator option on the Betiton website.

Blackjack is played by clicking on the chips available on the game board to bet your desired amount. Then, to see your pick or hand, you click the “Deal” icon. After that, choose between ‘Double’ ‘Hit’ or ‘Stand’ to increase your winning probability. Finally, learn the blackjack strategies and ropes by playing Blackjack game online.

blackjack surrender is offered to play34s who wish to lose half of their bet instead of losing their entire bet. When playing Blackjack, you should surrender 16 against an ace, a 9 or a 10. This should be done if the dealer shuffles and stands on all 17’s with only exception being a pair of 8’s.

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