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Understanding Blackjack Strategy for New Zealander players

July 13, 2020
Modified: January 21, 2022

For those using Betiton for the first time, we are a new gaming site offering breathtaking gaming experience to NZ players and also the whole world. Throughout New Zealand, blackjack is one of the most popular card games.

As such, we offer NZ players the chance to play a wide range of blackjack games at our Betiton Casino. How much fun blackjack offers players does depend on the experience level you have. Newcomers to the game need not worry though, for we’re providing you with this comprehensive blackjack guide to help you out.

What is Blackjack?

In Betiton, blackjack is one of the most popular games available on our site, in various forms. What makes it popular is its simplicity in terms of mastering rules. As a player, you need to reach a hand valuing 21, but remember not to exceed it.

You will be dealt with two cards where you have the choice to fold, hit or stick. You should put more concentration on the dealers’ cards (forget other players on the game). Upon reaching 21, you win. Exceeding gives you a bust, and thus, the bet is lost.

Blackjack Strategies

The blackjack game is played well when you have a good strategy. The aim of having a strategy is to make sure you beat the house.

As you know, the Blackjack game was designed to always favour the house. However, different experts devised formulas to enable players to reduce the house edge and save them some cash. In Betiton, we have a complete guide on how to play blackjack.

Regardless of your level of competency, you are guaranteed to learn something. At the end, concentrate with the strategy which works better for you.

Basic Strategy

As a new player, basic strategy helps you to have a basic understanding of how to make money. If you are experienced but you want to reduce house hedge, this is the best place to start. Applying this strategy will make you lose little money.

Initially, those games are made to make the house win. We have a blackjack chart that shows a detailed possible combination of your cards against those of the dealer. All NZ players should master this strategy even before starting real money betting.

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Counting Cards

As a New Zealand player, we will teach you a technique of card counting to help them know when the advantage is in your favor. During the advantage session, the card counters will increase your bets.

Later the advantage may change to the dealer’s favor where the counter reduces their bet or fail to play. Those counters will always have a positive advantage over the casino by varying bets in this way. The technique of counting cards takes advantage of high-value cards such as tens, picture cards, and aces since they work against the dealer.

Blackjack Odds

As a player, the blackjack game is all about making correct mathematical decisions. For you to play a perfect game and master blackjack, you have to understand what is odds are. It will help you to take advantage of probabilities for every possible scenario the table presents.

The probability of happening for a given out is simple to calculate. What is needed is to divide the desired outcome by the number of possible outcomes. In blackjack gambling, it entails dividing the number of winning ways by the possible outcomes.

Tips To Win

Blackjack is not all about holding cards. You need to bring home a lot of money. Is it possible? The answer is yes. Here in Betiton, we will show you how to maximise your winnings while minimising your losses.

All our tips are based on Blackjack casino experience. If you follow them you will know more and have more fun. However, you should understand the money management technique is the basis of maintaining healthy gambling. Our team keeps updating you on the latest proven hacks which can help you have an edge.

Blackjack Trainer

In Betiton, we have software known as blackjack trainer. Using this tool will help you to know how to accurately count your cards. The software is designed by a team of experienced developers with high knowledge of blackjack.

The algorithm behind this software is aimed to make you better. It is proven that new players utilise this tool to have a hedge over the house when they play blackjack. After using this software for some time, you will get to understand that the card counting technique does not require you to memorise all the cards.

Blackjack Simulator

Traditionally, people used to visit casinos and play a solid brick-and-mortar blackjack game. Though there are a now a large number of online versions, these land-based games are still hugely popular.

The accessibility of the game improved, but players miss the atmosphere physical casinos. In Betiton, we are proud to have a blackjack simulator on our site. It is is designed to convey the atmosphere of a real-life casino environment. The HD graphics make you believe you are playing in real. It is easy to make a concrete decision since you can see the dealer’s hand.

Free Blackjack

For a new player, it is hard to start playing for money. You need to play free blackjack. In Betiton, we enable you to play for free. You are guaranteed to receive the ultimate casino challenge and improve your game play.

All the rules needed to play real money are followed. Those tools are designed by top-notch companies such as Microgaming and NetEnt. After spending sometimes here, you can now start wagering small amounts. You can log into our site at any time to play for free.

A Conservative Blackjack Strategy

It is a strategy employed by those with a little knowledge of the Blackjack game. For a fair game, you will not want to lose your fortune on your first, second or third attempt. Conservative strategy helps you to win little by little.

The idea is to raise your bet every time you win. In this strategy, you have to assume that both winning and losing comes in streaks. You can lose 3 times in a row, but miraculously the next 4 conservatively. If you increase your bet, you are guaranteed to recover the lost money.

Martingale Strategy

It is one of the best strategies here in Betiton. However, it favours when you have a large bankroll to invest in your game. It is the complete opposite of the conservative approach. You will need to double your bet every time you lose the game.

As soon as you get a win however, you revert back to the original bet value and start the process again. Since you have doubled your bets, you will recover almost all the money you had lost. This strategy is applicable to short gaming sessions.

1-3-2-6 Blackjack Strategy

The strategy does not require a player to wager a lot of money. The numbers (1,3,2,6) stand for the bets after winning a blackjack hand. You have to use this strategy after wining, but cut it the moment you lose your bet.

It helps you not to lose all your money at once. It is based on the idea of winning bets come in streaks. The approach gives you ability to control the game since it prevents you from betting randomly. Everything is done in a systematic way.

Insurance Strategy

It is considered a special strategy. It is simply a side bet in which a player has the ability to bet half of their original stake against the hand of the dealer hiting a blackjack. Insurance is only valid if the dealer shows an ace.

In case this happens, our online table gives an option of placing another bet (It will flash on the computer screen). In the event where the dealer achieves reveal 21, then you will get a payout at 2/1. Insurance works best when decks are more.

Blackjack Strategy Chart (4-8 decks)

It is applicable when you are using 4-8 decks of cards. The strategy requires you to pay attention to dealers visible card and your total value of the hand. There are boxes in the middle of the chat which helps you to make the correct decision.

In case you acquire a low score of less than seven, you need to hit instead of standing. The strategy is available on our site. You should print it and try to memorise it before you start the game. You can also open a tab and keep referring to it.

Why do you Need a Strategy?

A soldier needs to train on how to fight before getting deployed to a fighting camp. You will also need some training before you play.

These are a proved set of strategies which have worked for many players. If you follow those strategies, you can improve your gameplay. A well-mastered strategy will lower the house edge to 0.5%. Different strategies work for different people. Always pick the one which does the best with you. It is good to master or memorise those strategies before you begin betting for money. Always start by mastering the basic strategy.

Tips To Become A better Blackjack Player

This card game brings both entertainment and profit if played well. New Zealand players should understand that playing blackjack is addictive. Ensure that you manage your time wisely. Asit is betting like any other, know how to bet responsibly to avoid wasting a lot of money.

Maintain your health – It is important to know that gambling can consume the time needed to rest or exercise. You should have a documented time plan showing the things you want to do at a particular day. Ensure that you are over 18 years before you start playing.


So as to have advantage over the house.

There are more than 15 strategies you can use to win the Blackjack game. All you need is to master which works for you.

In Blackjack to ‘Hit’ is simply to ask for another card while to ‘Stand’ means holding your total and end your turn.

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