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Top 5 Blackjack tips for New Zealander players

July 13, 2020
Modified: January 11, 2022

Blackjack is the most player-friendly game in the world because it involves a variety of players and secure procedures. It is easy to win play you follow all the rules. There is a large volume of rules that people do not know, but all of them make a difference between a winner and loser in the blackjack game in New Zealand.

Some of the basic rules which beginners should know before engaging into blackjack include playing using basic strategy, avoid playing insurance when in the game, always keep checking the dealer’s up card in the game, avoid sitting in the first base seat when playing as a beginner, and starting small to minimize the risk of loss.

These tips from Betiton act as a blackjack guide for beginners.

The Mindset in Blackjack

If you have ever thought of playing blackjack in a casino, there are few steps you have to learn before you play for real money. For starters, you have to be in a good mood and have a positive attitude when approaching the game.

Playing blackjack successfully means that you have to overcome all the fears of losing the game to any opponent. It is vital to have a specific budget and to stick to it if you have problems. Staying calm is essential in the game.

Also, keeping playing without worries helps in maintaining your approach to the game. When playing the game, abide by rules and stick to your strategy to have the upper hand on opponents.

You have to understand how to play blackjack before starting. First, all the hands are not linked to the finals outcomes. If you have two wrong hands in a row, have faith because it does not mean the third hand’s fate is connected with the first two bad ones.

There is no way you will know what the next card will be. Therefore, play your strategy and always stay positive when playing blackjack at Betiton. Having a clear mind and starting positive in the progress of the game helps in understanding the psychology of blackjack. If you win a hand, don’t let the excitement take you out of your planned budget and clear control.

Stay Healthy

Healthy habits boost your chances of concentrating when playing the game. Do not forget healthy eating increases brain functions. The eating habits assists in learning the game better when playing with opponents.

Memorizing proper blackjack is a basic strategy used by people to know how to act in specific situations. Besides, staying healthy boosts a person’s memory. Tasks such as card counting require good memories. Also, card counting requires concentration and perfection, a fact that requires a person to be healthy to maintain the flow of card counting. All the tools are essential for blackjack players.

Do not forget to eat appropriately to concentrate when in the game. Healthy eating is recommended because it is crucial for your profit potential when playing the game.

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But staying healthy, full and hydrated isn’t everything. Health in gambling doesn’t only refer to physical health, but also to responsible gambling. With gambling, whether in a real-life casino or online, you have to remember when the fun stops, so should you.

Make sure to keep track of your spending and not let gambling come in the way of your everyday life. Remember, your best gambling blackjack strategy is to enjoy the game and use online casinos as a fun distraction. If you feel that your gambling might be becoming a problem, don’t hesitate to reach out for help or apply for self-exclusion. You can find more information on how to overcome your addiction on our Betiton casino.

Learn the Basic Strategy

The basic gameplay in blackjack involves surrender, split, double, and hit or stand. The players in blackjack have a hand of cards totalling up to 21 points. If the hand totals more than 21, you go bust. The dealer offers each player two cards with only one face down.

With card counting system, you can use the Hi-Lo strategy in counting cards. High valued cards that include the 10s, aces and face cards count as -1. The low valued cards that start from 2 to 6 are counted as +1. Lastly, 7, 8, and 9 count as zero in the game. The players have to sum up the cards to develop a total called “running out”.

The probability of winning is uniform when using the basic strategy in blackjack. It is essential to learn how to make on-spot decisions. When making such decisions, it is best to rely on odds based on the probability of occurrence of the events.

When making decisions on the cards that turn up, be careful to understand the cards found in the pack and the chances of the cards turned up. Learn the total number of cards in the deck and the percentage of appearance of the cards.

As a starter in the game, make careful judgments about the statistical probability of turning up the cards. Make sure the predictions made are close to fifty per cent.

Understand how Blackjack Strategy Works

There are various blackjack strategies and they all have varying results to the players. Enrol with a blackjack trainer to learn the different approaches of playing the game. There is a stand and a hit when playing the game.

Blackjack also has other options such as split, double and surrender. Working with a trainer would assist in learning all the strategies and knowing when to use them when playing the game. At first, it will be hectic to learn the strategy and adopt better ways of making a spot-on decision. However, further practice and exercise through a trainer will boost your skills in the blackjack games. Get a certified trainer to learn new tips and tricks when playing the game.

New users find it challenging to learn blackjack for lack of information on how to go about it. However, a blackjack simulator can be used to learn all the actions made during the progress of the game.

The simulator is useful to learn how to play blackjack in casinos and online sites. The simulator makes you feel the effects of the decisions while making the wagers. Also, when using the basic blackjack strategy, the simulator makes a user learn the consequences of the fundamental decisions made when playing the game.

Do not forget to learn how the game works before advancing to the blackjack casino for the real game. Learning the basics through the simulator will sharpen your understanding and prevent confusion when playing the game.

Learn How to Play Every Hand

Learn how to play the soft and hard hands in blackjack to have the upper hand on your opponents. The basic knowledge in blackjack shows that any hand with an ace valued as 11 is called a soft hand. All the other hands in the game are called hard hands.

To learn more about the hands, access free blackjack games to know when to use the hands in the game. Free games help individuals to learn better decision-making methods in every hand. Discovering the best and the worst hands will make it possible to make an appropriate decision when playing blackjack.

Learning on ways of determining whether a hand is winning or not assist in making important decisions to keep an individual in the game.

Understanding the winning hands exposes the users to knowledge on the payouts, situations to call for surrender, splits and doubling down. When a player wins a hand, they are paid in a 1:1 ratio on the total wagered bet amount.

Also, learning how to play each hand sharpens an individual’s memory and understanding of the game. The hands broaden personal knowledge of the gameplay of the other competitors. Do not forget that knowledge of the value of the cards also extends the user knowledge.

Learning the hands provides an understanding of how the basic strategy in blackjack works for all the people. Enrolling in free blackjack game sites and other simulators will assist in learning how to play the hands in blackjack.

Follow the Best Blackjack Players

Most blackjack players claim to know how to play the game. However, few experts in the market can provide basic training on how to handle the game. The blackjack casino players can be a perfect example of people to use when learning blackjack.

However, not every blackjack casino player is ideal for training the game to new people. Therefore, an individual has to follow the best blackjack players to get the tips they need to know before starting in the game.

The people can be found online from for example blackjack blogs. They are experts in the casino games and they can show you essential tips on how to win correctly without cheating in blackjack.

Following the best blackjack players can also happen online. Best players have opened blackjack-training sites with simulators. Using them will provide a practical guide for learning how to play blackjack games.

Also, some of the experts offer guides and examples of casinos to start from as a beginner. They will give you the necessary tips to call for hands, using the basic strategy and what to avoid when engaged in the blackjack games.

Get in touch with any blackjack expert online through their social media sites and casinos to learn ways of improving your blackjack skills. The best blackjack players might be open to help starters as they passed through the same process before becoming experts in blackjack.


To hit means you want another card, to stay means you are satisfied with what you already have and do not wish to draw another card.

It doesn’t matter if you play blackjack alone since you are only playing against the dealer, not against other people.

Blackjack is a game of luck, but also skill. Taking care of your health and having a good mindset can influence the outcome of your game.

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