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Discover all the No Deposit Casino Bonuses and Bonus Codes

July 2, 2020
Modified: October 6, 2020

You can redeem a variety of casino bonuses if you look to enjoy games and slots in New Zealand. No deposit bonuses are types of bonus offers that you are awarded without the need to make a deposit. These bonuses come with some terms and can be redeemed during sign up or even in your account if you are already registered as a member. Betiton advises first reading terms and conditions to understand the requirements and limitations of each offer before you redeem the deal.

Sign up no deposit bonuses are redeemed through a bonus code, which you should insert in a designated space to claim the offer. Many casinos like Betiton offer a section with the latest offers for both new and existing players, and those with a program offer even better deals to their loyal customers. In 2020, you can find different types of casino offers that you could use to access different games and slots. The benefit of such offers is that you are able to explore new casinos without risking money.

What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a type of casino bonus offer that you are awarded without having to deposit money into your account. The only requirement for you to enjoy the bonus is to have an account with the casino, which makes it the easiest type of bonus to earn. With this casino welcome bonus, you can play games and slots, but you have to confirm which games are applicable as most offers come with limits. Even then, you could still win money and start building your portfolio before depositing.

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The welcome casino no deposit bonus is applied either after you sign up, or during registration, depending on the terms of the online casino. In some cases, you may be required to redeem a code while registering for an account. If you are an existing player you can chat with support to find out if there are bonuses for existing players that you could also redeem. See below to understand the different types of no deposit bonus offers and how each works.

What type of no deposit bonuses there are?

Casino players can expect to find a variety of no deposit bonuses when they join a casino like Betiton. The different types of bonuses often offered include free cash, no deposit free spins, free play bonuses, and cash backs. Casinos offer cashback as a gesture of goodwill, in which case they give back some money when you incur losses. Some casinos, instead, offer free play as a bonus especially if you’ve been a loyal member for some time. The two most common no deposit offers are free spins and free cash.

  • Free spins
  • Free cash

You are awarded a no deposit free cash offer in the form of some money to your account. This offer is mostly dished out to new players as a way to help them explore the features of the casino without spending any money. With the bonus, you can play some games approved for the promotion. Another way casinos will reward you is by offering free spins. In this case, you are required to spend the free spins on specific games within a specified time period or before a certain date.

How to claim a no deposit bonuses?

The first basic requirement for you to claim a no deposit bonus and get to use it is having an account with the casino. Some bonus offers are specific to users, so you might also be allowed to redeem an offer after registration. You can navigate the promotions section of the casino to find current no deposit deals. Sometimes, such offers are applied automatically and you only need to click confirm to claim the deal. If you’re not sure, contact the casino you are using to learn how to access offers.

Before you confirm a no deposit bonus deal, take some time to preview the terms and conditions of the offer. This is because most bonuses come with limits that may specify how many times you need to play before you are allowed to withdraw money won through the bonus. Understand for what period the offer will be valid to ensure you don’t get caught by the expiry of the deal before you have benefited fully. Generally, casinos offer enough time for you to use the bonus but ensure to confirm terms.

What is a bonus code?

As defined by Betiton, a bonus code is a computer-generated code made up of letters or numbers that you can use to redeem casino discount deals. This is one of the ways through which you can redeem a no deposit bonus when you join a casino. Some casinos even offer the option to existing players. Usually used during registration, the code can be inserted in a specified section and the player is automatically awarded a welcome no deposit bonus, which they can use as per the terms.

To find the latest bonus codes, browse in the promotions section of the online casino. If you cannot find this information, don’t give up as some online casinos require that you chat with support to get the offer activated. There are exclusive bonuses that are only specific to an individual player depending on the information provided by the system’s algorithm. These are the offers mostly awarded through loyalty and programs, which reward players who have been using the casino for some time.

Who offers this bonus?

Generally, online no deposit bonus deals are offered by the house. This means any information about bonus deals you find online has to have originated from the online casino. It makes sense, therefore, to rely only on the information provided by the casino instead of searching on the internet for different no deposit bonus codes, some of which might have expired. Before you sign up, you should chat with support to know if there are available no deposit offers and how they work.

Since each casino can create its own bonus deals, they can also attach different terms and conditions on offers. It’s advisable to take your time to understand how the bonus is structured. Read about the wagering requirements if there are any as these are some of the limitations that could make using the bonus challenging if you’re not prepared. Only accept the offer if you are comfortable with the terms. Used well, a no deposit bonus offer could help you explore games and understand features offered by a casino without risking money.

What is a wagering requirement?

Betiton defines a wagering requirement as a series of conditions that you have to meet before you are allowed to withdraw winnings resulting from a no deposit bonus. A simple example would be where you are awarded $20 bonus with a wagering requirement of 10x. What this means is that you will need to play ten times, or spend $200 on casino games before you are eligible to withdraw the money earned from using the bonus. Therefore, your winnings are placed in the pending balance until this condition is met.

This is the reason you are advised to read and understand the terms on a deposit bonus before you commit. Some players get into it excited, hoping to withdraw after winning once, only to be hit with a surprising reminder that they have to play nine more times before the money is made available to withdraw. Knowing what to expect will save you from such frustrations, so take the terms and conditions seriously. In case some parts are not clear, always consult with the support of the casino for clarification.

Are there any limits on no deposit bonuses?

Something else you need to confirm about a no deposit bonus offer before you commit is the limits imposed. The first and most common limit is wagering requirements, which you have to satisfy before you are allowed to withdraw money won. It’s important to look for this information as it helps you to understand what you are getting yourself into. Read the terms keenly to know which limits are applicable and this will help you to decide if the deal is worth your time.

In addition to wagering requirements, you may also have to deal with time limits. Mostly, you are required to redeem offers sent to you before a specific date, failure to which the bonus deal expires. Also, check for how long the deal remains active after you claim it. Other casinos will restrict the kind of games you can play using the bonus offer and you may also be restricted from placing big bets when you are using the bonus to play casino games.

Can I play any game with this bonus?

As mentioned above, in most cases, not all games are approved for no deposit bonus offers. You need to check the promotions page for information about the games that are listed on the specific bonus offer you look to redeem. However, you will still find enough games to choose from, so this is not a big problem. Read terms to see what limits are applicable in the games approved for the bonus. This will help you to avoid frustrating situations as you already understand what to expect.

Using no deposit casino bonus offers gives you an opportunity to explore new games while ensuring you don’t incur any real losses. Once you get familiar with the casino environment, you can then invest your money. Even skilled players fancy no deposit bonuses as they are able to try out new games and explore new features. Therefore, even with the limits and wagering requirements, you could use a bonus to your benefit if you take your time to first understand how the system works.


It’s a bonus at an online casino that will work without the need for you to deposit money into your account.

They are codes that give you access to bonuses without having to deposit money in your account.

Sometimes they are automatic, sometimes they will come to you via chat or email.

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