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Learn how to play Roulette Online in New Zealand

July 13, 2020
Modified: January 24, 2022

Roulette is one of the most popular games offered in online casinos worldwide. Learning how to play the roulette is easy as there are no unique abilities requires. As a player, you will have to manage your account fund and understand the rules of playing the roulette.

Players have a big play table containing all the available numbers on the wheel and different types of bets they can do. They can place as many bets as they prefer depending on different betting options available.

After dropping the ball, no betting is allowed by the dealer. Players are to wait and observe in which pocket the ball lands. Players win if it falls in the one they bet on and lose if it doesn’t. We will go more into details of roulette rules and variations in this Betiton roulette guide.

  • Place your bet. You will need to place a bet to be part of the gameplay.
  • The dealer spins the wheel. This is the gameplay.
  • The outcome. It is the final point when the wheel stops spinning.
  • Collect your winnings. If the outcome favours you, you will have won and your winning will be handed to you.
  • Roulette rules. These are the guidelines for playing the roulette.
  • Roulette wheel. This is the tool used to enable the players to play and get the final outcome of the game.

Being successful in the roulette game requires players to understand the basic rules. As the gaming sector has continued to evolve, passionate players have the capability and the convenience of playing in the comfort of their homes.

At the New Zealand Betiton, we offer a wide range of live dealer casino games to our online players. We also provide our players with a live stream roulette tables with a croupier who is professionally trained and very qualified and, in rare cases, with other players.

The live stream roulette games have enabled the players to communicate with other players and dealers using live chat, making the roulette games more sociable and enjoyable. Basic tips for playing online roulette include: understanding the basic roulette rules, having a good bankroll, choosing wisely, and if you are a beginner, starting with free roulette.

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How to play roulette in 4 easy steps

The popularity of New Zealand’s Betiton roulette has been facilitated by the easy steps of playing. Place a wager on the pocket where the ball is likely to land. Players are allowed to pick numerous pockets.

They can also bet on the pocket colour irrespective of the different numbers range, or odd and even numbers. Secondly, the roulette chips efficiently marked with different values are used to place roulette bets. They can be placed on the table’s jurisdiction, numbered spots, and boxes. The cost of players’ stakes comes from their account.

Spin is the third essential part of the game. Players don’t have to bet on real money to spin the roulette wheel. They can always try their luck in free roulette simulators, to begin with. Lastly, the results – a marker placed on the table indicates the winner after the ball has stopped.

Place your bet

To become good at playing roulette, you will have to know how to place a bet. The basic roulette strategy commonly used is Martingale, Labouchere, or the d’Alembert. This is a game of pure luck and the named strategies do not guarantee winning but they just increase your gaming skills and management of your account.

Martingale is the most popular strategy working by increasing bets on every loss by players until a win occurs. The Labouchere strategy, on the other hand, requires you to decide on the amount you want to win and write positive numbers equal to the amount you’ve chosen.

Each balanced bet must equalize the last and the first numbers on the list’s totals. The d’Alembert strategy entails raising your bet on every loss but reducing it slightly when you win.

Dealer spins the wheel

Spinning the wheel is one of the main steps of playing roulette. This will be done by the dealer where the winners are determined after the ball has landed and payouts distributed to the player who has won.

Players have a right to bet on any number after purchasing the chips. However, sometimes this is impossible because of the crowding in land-based casinos and the lack of time. The dealers can make spins more predictable by spinning at a consistent speed. The conditions for this to happen include: first, when the wheel needs to poses a very dominant diamond. Secondly, the ball needs to fall in a reasonably predictable way.

Third, the dealer should spin the wheel and ball at a consistent speed. These skills depend on the dealer’s experience, but players should know that the spins are not perfect, and there is always a small error margin.

The Outcome

Most players play it safe because they prefer betting on the outside bets, which offers them better odds of winning roulette games. The most popular of these outcomes are ‘even money’ bets, covering almost half of the total possible outcomes, leaving only the double 0 found in the American roulette and the zero.

Apart from that, all the even bets in the roulette are even or odd, black or red, 19-36 and 1-18. All the above bets have almost close to 50% chance of winning. The inside bets, however, have significantly lower winnings, but their payouts are high. Called bets are the other outcomes, which differ from both inside and outside bets.

They are specifically for the French and European roulette. The combination of numbers in them are according to the position of the wheel rather than the table. There are two types, variable and fixed called bets.

Collect your winnings

There are different ways to collect your bonuses and winnings from roulette. If you have selected coloured chips, you will need to have them converted to the standard type of casinos that have a dollar value. After the conversion, you will be permitted to leave your table and visit the cash register.

You must provide a photo identification; if your winnings are above a particular threshold, and in some other instances, payouts can be via written checks instead of cash. In case you are playing professionally, it will be very critical to avoid detention and the management will need to cash carefully to avoid the threshold.

Roulette games also have progression-based tips which are given especially after a loss or win. The most common is the Martingale betting system, where bets are being lost.

What the difference between inside and outside bets?

There are many differences between outside and inside bets. The first difference is, the outside bets have high chances of winning but will give you a low payout while the inside bets have small winning chances, but if a player wins, the payout is high.

A roulette simulator can help players to determine the odds and payouts of both the inside and outside bets. It assists New Zealand Betiton players in placing good bets.

The second difference is that the inside bet with the highest shot of winning is the Six Line, Corner, Street, Trio, Split, and the one with the lowest chance of winning is the Straight up, while in outside bets, comprises of Dozen bets, Odd or Even, 19 to 36, Black or Red, Column and the last one is 1 to 18. These are the major differences between inside and outside bets.

Inside bets

You need to learn more about other important things apart from the rules. These include learning about the inside bets, which you can practice playing free roulette. Inside bets are bets on more specific numbers.

Types of inside bets include Straight, the bet that covers a single number. The next one is Split which is a wager on two numbers head-to-head on the table. The third is Street, a bet placed on three numbers, which are consecutive and found in the same line. The other is a Six line, a bet on two adjacent lines.

Corner refers to a fourth number bet, placed by putting chips in the corner of the four numbers. The fifth is Trio, it’s a three-number bet including zeros. The last is Basket, a bet on 3, 2, 1, 0 with a chip in the corner shared by first line and the zero box.

Outside bets

It is also important to learn more about outside bets in roulette. These are bets placed outside the number field in roulette. They are found on the sections that cover the bigger groups of numbers.

The common types of outside bets include Black or Red – betting on the winning number’s colour. Even or Odd – betting to determine whether the winning number will be even or odd. 19 to 36 or 1 to 18 – betting to determine if the winning number will be below or above 19. Dozen – betting on one out of the three dozes found in the layout of the table. Columns – betting to determine which column out of the three will the winning number be.

The snake bet is also considered an outside bet, but it’s only available in some variations of roulette. It covers the red numbers forming the shape of a snake.

How to apply rules on all roulette variations?

Becoming a successful player in roulette games requires players to also familiarize themselves with other roulette rules. There are eleven types of bets with different payouts and odds, and the table minimum applies to all players’ bets.

The dealer offers the players only 60 seconds to place their bets. Players can continue to place their bets as long as the croupier has not waved a hand over the table. Another important rule is the surrender. It states that if the player placed an outside bet and the ball lands in zero, they are to surrender half instead of full bed hence reduction of house advantage on even money.

Third, ‘En Prison Rule’, applies in the French roulette. The rule has effect on ‘even money’ bets only. When the ball lands on a 0, the player is offered two different routes to follow. There are other rules depending on variations.

  • European Roulette Rules. Players will have to choose the wager and place on the desired place on the table. After pressing the spin button, the wheel will spin and stop at one pocket. Winnings will be in accordance with the size of the wager.
  • American Roulette Rules. A player places a bet on top of a number between 1-35. The payout is 35 to 1 if the number comes up on the wheel.
  • French Roulette Rules. The rules are similar to the European Roulette going from 1 to 36 and one 0.
  • Mini Roulette Rules. The ball is spun and the bets are awarded according to the number where it lands.
  • Multi-Ball Rules. It follows the European rules only that up to three balls are spun.
  • Multi Wheel Rules. It uses European roulette rules, but the player can bet for up to eight outcomes from which they can choose an active wager during every spin.
  • Live Roulette Rules. Most of the same rules apply as in a real casino, but the player sees the dealer on screen and plays from the comfort of their home.


You will choose a number and place your bet.

With 18 years you will be allowed to play. This also depends as you may be required to be 21 years to play in some countries.

Yes, they are, as they use randomized number generators.

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