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Discover all the Roulette Odds

July 1, 2020
Modified: August 17, 2020

Online casino roulette is one of the big games of chance, so understanding how the odds work will help players plan a betting strategy and increase winnings. In basic terms, the odds are the possibility of the ball landing in the slot or slots you want, compared to the number of possibilities of the ball landing in the slots you don’t want. This may sound quite simple, but depending on the type of bet placed, odds can vary immensely. More on that a little later. If you have experience playing roulette, or if you’ve ever looked through a roulette guide, you will have seen that there’s a difference in odds between a European wheel and an American wheel. The European wheel offers the player (on a single number bet) odds of 1 in 37 while the American wheel offers (also on a single number bet) odds of 1 in 38. This is because there is an extra green spot – the “00” on the American wheel. By choosing to play at a European wheel, you’re already upping your odds significantly. At Betiton online casino, New Zealanders have the choice of various versions of both European and American roulette. Now, when more complex bets are placed, these odds can go up to 1 in 2.06 (European) and 1 in 2.11 (American). There’s a whole lot in between, and the key is knowing when and what to bet to place to maximise your chances of winning. It’s all about maths really – one little ball and 37 (or 38) slots. By following a few strategy tips, you can make sure you sway the odds in your favour.

What you need to know about roulette odds

When we talk about roulette odds, it’s important to also bear in mind two extra concepts, the house advantage and the payout rate. The house advantage is the percentage of bets that the casino will win over time. The payout rate is the number of dollars you win for each dollar you bet. For example, when playing European roulette, the player odds are 37 to 1, with a payout of 35 to 1. This gives an average house edge of 2.7%, quite a lot better for the player when we compare this figure to the American roulette with a house edge of 5.26%. The house edge can differ from game to game, as there are variations of roulette rules and it is important to have a clear knowledge of what the house edge percentage is before playing. Betiton offers a large selection of different games so that players can choose the variant with the most beneficial house edge in order to maximise their winnings and minimise losses. Once you’ve got the theory under control, practising any roulette strategies using an online roulette simulator that gives the player the opportunity to play for free is an excellent idea to perfect your betting technique. When players understand how the odds and the house edge work, they will tend to get more satisfaction from the game, as it no longer is a simple game of luck and chance. There is a stimulating mental challenge involved as bets are thought through and placed as the ball is rolled.

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How to calculate odds

Taking into account all of these factors, it might look like roulette is a hard game to win, but it is important to say that roulette is actually a very fair game. It’s obviously great to win money, but having fun is also a big part of online gaming. Online roulette allows players to spend a long time playing without suffering losses. How are the odds calculated? It’s not as difficult as it seems. There are 36 numbers plus one or two green ‘0’ or “00” spots. The 36 numbers are grouped into sets: 18 red numbers and 18 black numbers, 18 even numbers and 18 odd numbers, 18 low numbers and 18 high numbers. When you bet on any one of these three groups the odds are 18 to 37 or 38 – 18 possibilities of winning compared to the 37 or 38 possible slots. This is almost, but not quite, 50%. It’s the green spots that tip the balance and leave it at just under 50%. If you win you double your money. This is known as an even bet. Simple right? With this in mind, the odds for any bet can be calculated using the same method – the desired outcome compared to the possible outcome. Obviously, knowing how to play roulette and being able to work with the odds is important. As previously mentioned, practising with free roulette is extremely beneficial. Betiton offers free online games in New Zealand. It’s true that as the bets get more complicated, the odds are harder to calculate on the spot; it’s a good idea to memorise odds to make game days smooth and easy.

Odds by bet type

There are 2 basic types of bets which are divided into groups – outside bets and inside bets. The outside bets are placed on groups of numbers or colours. The odds of winning on outside bets are high, but the paybacks are lower. These bets are easy to understand and inexpensive. This group includes red/black, odd/even and high/low. These three are even bets, as mentioned before. Also included in the outside bets are the Columns and the Dozens, with 3 of each to bet on. The odds for Columns and Dozens can be calculated in the same way – 12 desired outcomes compared to the 37 or 38 possible outcomes. The odds go down but the payback is higher at 2 to 1, in other words, double your bet. Inside bets include Straight Up where you bet on a single number and Split where you bet on two neighbouring numbers. There are several further bets in this group and the maths for working out the odds is the same for all of them. The third group of bets is the Call bets. This is where roulette bets get a little more complicated for beginners and different variants have different rules. It’s a good idea to put in the extra hours to study and practise, and get comfortable with the odds and the payouts of the outside and inside bets before moving on to the call bets. The important thing to remember when calculating the odds of a bet is that as the odds get lower, the payouts get higher. That’s the exciting part.

How to know your odds

There are 3 basic steps to follow when it comes to knowing your odds when playing roulette. Step 1 – Before starting any game of roulette, it’s very important to take the time to pick the right wheel. Consider all the points that have been discussed and opt for a game that will offer you the best odds possible. This should include knowing the house edge and checking to see if there are any special house rules. Remember that the green spots count to the house’s favour when it comes to calculating the odds, so a European wheel gives you better odds from the start when compared to an American wheel. Step 2 – Keep things simple to start with. It’s easier to calculate the odds for the outside bets. By starting slowly with inexpensive bets you will be able to ‘mechanize’ the process of odds calculations, which will be of great help in the long run. Bear in mind the probabilities and the payouts as well as the odds. Take time to develop your roulette strategy. As soon as you are comfortable calculating and working with the odds for simple bets, it’s time to start working with more complex bets. Move from outside bets to inside bets then to call bets, one step at a time. Step 3 – Enjoy the game. The more you play, the more naturally you will be able to calculate the odds and decide on what to bet. As your strategy improves so will your winnings!

  • 1. Know the various roulette wheels – a European or French roulette wheel has better odds (for the player) than the American wheel due to the extra ’00’ slot on the latter.
  • 2. Know the various types of bets – there are inside and outside bets, as well as call bets. Inside bets are on specific numbers, outside bets are on colours, dozens or high/low (1-18 or 19-36).
  • 3. Advance progressively from the easy bets to the complete ones – begin by mastering calculation for inside and outside bets before moving to the call bets.

Roulette can be a great game to play in online casinos. It offers a fun experience and, if played with the right strategy, can earn handsome winnings. Part of formulating this winning strategy is understanding the odds that guide the game. The task may appear difficult at first but, with patience and desire, they can be learned in a short while. This guide has taken into account the various methods you can use to understand the odds of various roulette bets. It begins by highlighting the different types of roulette and how odds vary in each one of them. American roulette, for instance, has lower odds than the European counterpart due to the inclusion of an extra zero slot. This guide also helps potential players to understand various bets and what payouts each one of them offers. That said, it is important to note that roulette, no matter the version, is a game of pure chance. There is no way the outcome of one round can be hinged on another round. That means that understanding odds does not mean a player can predict better. Rather, it helps players to make smarter bets which either have a better chance of winning or those that give nice returns. Betiton, in a bid to help players have better playing experience, has put together honest answers to the questions that bother most players. The guide will not only help those who read it to make smarter bets, but it will help them have confidence and fun playing as well!


The game of roulette relies purely on probability and this is the method used to calculate the odds for each bet.

When playing on an American wheel, the odds for 00 are 1 in 38.

There are various strategies that can be followed. It’s always a good idea to develop one’s own strategy depending on experience.

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