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Sports Betting at Betiton™ Sport

Last Updated: 07-11-2022 10:16

One way to turn up the action when it comes to spectating sports is by sports betting. Some believe that sports fan should try sports betting at least once in their life, as the combination of watching your favourite team play, or your favourite sport, and placing a wager on the match is something that every Kiwi sports lover should experience.

So, whether you’re an avid punter or you’re just trying it out for the first time, our online sportsbook is the perfect place to enjoy sports betting. In fact, at Betiton™ Online Bookmaker for Kiwis, you can find all the most popular sports to wager on.

Calling all big football fans, punters who love their basketball, or aficionados that enjoy a bit of cricket, we feel that we have everything you’re after. So much so, that we offer plenty of other sports betting options that punters are likely unfamiliar with, like Gaelic football.

Moreover, when it comes to betting on sports, we offer all of our players a variety of sports bet options to wager on each and every sport. In fact, some sports have over 100 markets that punters can choose from.

Other than a great variety of sports to choose from, we boast a good number of other fantastic features. We’ll be going through all of these features in this page, as well as some ways you could improve your sports betting.

How to Bet on Sports

If you’ve never placed a bet on any sport before, then you’re going to need to know how the process works. Below, we have provided you with the simple steps that you need to go through if you would like to lay a wager at Betiton™.

  1. Click the red “JOIN” button and complete the registration form by filling in the necessary details;
  2. Deposit some money into your new account and then look for the sport you want to wager on;
  3. Feel free to have a look at the different betting options on offer. Choose those that interest you the most and click on them;
  4. These are then automatically added to your betting slip, which is on the right hand side of the site;
  5. Decide how much cash you’re willing to stake and then click “PLACE BETS”;
  6. Congratulations! You’ve just placed your first sports bet at Betiton™ in New Zealand!

Sports Betting Markets: What Are They?

Knowing what sports betting markets are important because they’re what you’ll be using to place your bets on our online betting site for Kiwi punters. Simply put, markets are the bets that are available to make on any sports betting site.

These are offered by bookmakers and require specific conditions for the bet to be won. These conditions can be anything that happens in a game and range from simply guessing the winner of a match, to accurately guessing the final score.

Moreover, bookmakers also declare the associated odds with a market. We’ll be explaining what these are in a further section but it’s safe to say that they’re important for punters to know. Feel free to browse through our sportsbook to get familiar with markets.

What Sports Betting Markets You Can Expect to Find

Nowadays, there are dozens of different sports betting markets that punters can wager on, some of them with very interesting conditions that need to be fulfilled. Below we have provided you with some of the different sporting options that you’ll come across at Betiton™:

Betting Market Example Sport
Exact Score Football
Winner of the Coin Toss Cricket
Total Number of Points Scored Basketball
Winner of the First Set Tennis
Method of Victory MMA
Most 180s Scored Darts
Winner of the Map eSports
First to Score Ice Hockey

Popular Sports to Bet On for Kiwis

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhounds
  • UFC
  • Golf
  • Harness Racing
  • NBA
  • eSports
  • Cycling
  • American football
  • Snooker
  • Boxing
  • Olympics
  • NFL

Football Betting at Betiton™ New Zealand

Football is the world’s most popular sport. This exciting game was first invented by the English and then spread like wildfire around the globe. We know that many Kiwis love football betting and there are plenty who support teams from around the world.

At Betiton™, New Zealand football fans will be able to back the top domestic leagues in the world. These include choice leagues like English Premier League betting, La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, and the Bundesliga in Germany.

We also provide options for the Australian A-League as well as many other lesser-known leagues from the around the world. However, domestic leagues aren’t all that we provide amongst our football betting markets.

We also provide a variety of options for the big European championships. In fact, punters can find markets on the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. But what about international football tournaments?

Well, players can also find plenty of markets on the biggest international competitions in the world. These include the FIFA World Cup, and the UEFA European Championship. As you can see, when it comes to football, we have you covered.

Football Betting Tournaments

Competition Information Dates Current Champions Most Successful Team
FA Cup This is the oldest cup club competition in the World. Going into the 141st season, the 124 teams will battle to reach the final held at Wembley Stadium in May 2022. 6th Aug 2021 – 14th May 2022 Leicester City Arsenal (14 titles)
EFL Cup This tournament is open to all clubs in the Premier League and the English Football League. This 63rd season will see teams vying for a spot in the final, which is to be held on the 26th February 2023. 10th Aug 2022 – 26th Feb 2023 Manchester City Liverpool / Manchester City (8 titles)
UEFA Europa League Going into the 51st season, this is the second-tier competition for eligible European teams. The 2022 final will be held in Seville, Spain. 15th Sep 2021 – 18th May 2022 Villarreal Sevilla (6 titles)
UEFA Champions League This is the most prestigious European club tournament in the continent. The current edition is the 67th season of the competition, with the final being held in the Stade de France. 14th Sep 2021 – 28th May 2022 Chelsea Real Madrid (13 titles)
English Premier League England’s most important domestic football league, and one of the most popular leagues in the world. This 30th season will reach its climax in 22nd May, 2022. 13th Aug 2021 – 22nd May 2022 Manchester City Manchester United (13 titles)
UEFA European Championship More commonly known as the EUROs, this is the most important continental championship in Europe. The 17th edition will take place in 2024, in Germany. 14th Jun 2022 – 14th Jul 2022 Italy Germany/Spain (3 titles)
FIFA World Cup The no. 1 football tournament in the world. The winner is declared the most powerful football force on the planet. The 22nd edition of the competition is set to happen in Qatar in 2022. 21st Nov – 18th Dec 2022 France Brazil (5 titles)

A Correct Score Bet

The Correct Score betting market is the one for you if you feel that you can correctly guess the outcome of a match. Since you need to get the exact score in order to win the bet, it is trickier than a bet where you are simply selecting a team to win the game. However, trickier is not always a bad thing since the added layer of difficulty will be compensated by higher odds. Thus, naturally, this is a sports betting market that attracts plenty of bets who want to test out their ability at nailing the target.

Both Teams to Score Bet

Football is the only sport out there that has a Both Teams to Score market, and football fans across the world love placing wagers on such a market. The main benefit of this type of market is that it is really straightforward and that neither the game’s winners nor the goal difference matter. All that you need to hope for when placing this kind of sports bet is that both teams will go on to score. The decision to cash out the bet before the final whistle or see the wager through to the end is very exciting because this bet is active throughout the whole 90 minutes.

First Goalscorer Bet

The First Goalscorer market is a simple bet to understand, but it can be a challenging one to execute. However, due to the unpredictability of this market, the odds are always very enticing. Since forwards are more likely to score the first goal in a game, they will have the lowest odds, meaning you will not make as much as a profit as you would if you were to bet on a defender to score the first goal. Please remember that it is not counted as the first goal if a player puts the ball into the back of his own net.

Draw No Bet

A Draw No Bet describes a two-way betting market that allows punters to select Team A or Team B as the match winner, meaning that you cannot bet in a draw between the two teams that are playing. This type of wager has become very appealing to gamblers since it decreases their risk because if a match does end in a draw, the bettor gets his stake back.

Since there is a decreased risk, please do not expect a big reward if you guess correctly, but it is a very good alternative for those who are new to sports betting. If you are the type of bettor that likes to be in with a chance to make yourself a large profit, then simply do not make use of such a market.

Our Predictions for Football Betting

At Betiton™, we love to try and help all of our players increase their chances of winning some bets, which is why we often provide you with top-quality football predictions for big competitions, such as our World Cup 2022 predictions. All of our predictions and World Cup tips have been composed by our football experts who know a lot about this wonderful sport, so you would be foolish not to make full use of their betting tips.

Rugby Betting at Betiton™

If there is one sport that the great majority of Kiwis love, it would definitely be rugby. And it’s no wonder when you consider the fact that it’s the national sport of New Zealand; but you guys know that better than we do.

With the enormous amount of cultural investment in the sport, it’s easy to see why Kiwis love rugby betting so much. So, what rugby events will New Zealanders be able to bet on at Betiton™ New Zealand?

Well, Kiwis can enjoy Super Rugby betting, 6 Nations betting, Rugby Championship betting, Lions Tour betting, and Rugby World Cup betting amongst many others. Simply browse through our available markets and see for yourself!

The Biggest Tournaments for Rugby Betting

Competition Information Dates Current Champions Most Successful Team
Premiership Rugby Consisting of 14 clubs, this sees the best English rugby union teams battling for the trophy. The Harlequins are the defending champions. 17th Sep 2021 – 18th Jun 2022 Harlequins Leicester Tigers (10 titles)
British and Irish Lions Tour This Rugby Union team takes the top players form the United Kingdom to play tours every four years against Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. 2025 South Africa Willie John McBride (17 caps)
Six Nations An annual tournament that happens between 6 nations, which are currently England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Italy. 4th Feb – 18th Mar 2023 France England/Wales (39 titles)
European Cup This annual tournament is for top clubs for countries who compete in the Six Nations Championship. 10th Dec 2021 – 28th May 2022 Toulouse Toulouse (5 titles)
Calcutta Cup This trophy is won during the Six Nations Championship and is awarded to the winner of the match between England and Scotland. 4th Feb – 18th Mar 2023 Scotland England (71 titles)
Rugby World Cup The most important tournament on the rugby calendar with the best teams in the world competing against one another. The winner is considered the most powerful team on the planet. 8th Sep – 28th Oct 2023 South Africa New Zealand/South Africa (3 titles)

Outright Winner Bet

The most traditional rugby bet that you can make is known as the outright winner. In such a market, you place a bet on the team that you feel will win the whole tournament. Many rugby bettors make their choice based on a team’s current form, whether they have injuries to key players, and their previous performances in the same competition.

At Betiton™, apart from betting on tournaments, you can also bet on a variety of other sports betting markets such as the team that will win the regular season and the team that will have the most defeats.

Total Points Bet

In football, you can place a bet on the number of goals that will be scored in the match, but there are no goals scored in a rugby match, so this is obviously not something that you can bet on. In fact, you can place a bet on the total points that will be scored in a game.

With such a bet, we will provide you with a totals line that represents the number of points that we feel will be scored in a particular match. It is then up to you to decide whether you think the final number of points scored will be under or over that line. We will make use of half points, such as 48.5 points, as this helps to prevent the final outcome from being a draw.

Grand Slam Winner Bet

In rugby competitions such as the Six Nations, each team obviously has an aim to win the trophy, which is a great achievement, but an even bigger achievement is to win all five matches and claim what is known as the Grand Slam. The Six Nations is a fiercely competitive tournament, so winning the Grand Slam is not something that comes around that frequently.

If you think that one team is much better than the five other teams during one particular Six Nations competition, then you should think about placing a bet on them to win the Grand Slam. Due to the difficulty of this feat, you will land yourself a lovely profit if your bet goes on to be a winner.

Winning Margin Bet

In football you can place a bet on the number of goals that a team will go on to win by, and in rugby you can place bets on the number of points that a team will win the match by. You will be provided with a number of points ranges, with their different odds, and then you simply have to choose the one that you believe will be the most likely outcome. Since this is not that easy a bet to get correct, you will often find some very enticing odds for such a market.

Our Predictions for Rugby Betting

As part of our goal to help our players win a little bit more, we also provide a number of rugby predictions on the biggest rugby tournaments that you can find. For example, we provide predictions on the Six Nations, which is a yearly rugby competition that happens in the Northern Hemisphere. For those Kiwis wishing to follow northern rugby, they can consult our Six Nations predictions if they wish. However, more pertinent to our New Zealand players are the 2022 Autumn Internationals, where teams from the Southern Hemisphere, including the All Blacks, will be facing teams from the Northern Hemisphere. Any Kiwis looking to find Autumn Internationals predictions can find their fill right here on our sportsbook.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is another sport that was created in England and spread out around the globe. It is now very popular in various countries around the world, especially those out of Europe and those with the strongest tie to British culture.

These includes countries as South Africa, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, Australia, and, of course, New Zealand. On Betiton, Kiwi cricket fans can enjoy plenty of cricket betting markets and tournaments around the world.

Kiwis can wager on great events like The Ashes, the Big Bash, the Indian Premier League, the Caribbean Premier League, Cricket World Cup betting, the T20 World Cup, and a variety of international matches (T20, Tests, and ODIs).

Most Prestigious Tournaments for Cricket Betting

Tournament Dates Venue
Cricket World Cup 16th Oct – 26th Nov 2023 India
T20 World Cup 16th Oct – 13th Nov 2022 Australia
The Ashes Jul – Sep 2023 England

Horse Betting, Greyhounds Betting, & Harness Racing Betting

We know that Kiwis love horse betting, so that’s why we have provided markets for all the popular horse racing events. In fact, Kiwis can back the Grand National, the Dubai World Cup, the Kentucky Derby, and the Karaka Million.

We also know that New Zealanders love greyhounds betting and harness racing too, which is why we also have markets on these two sports. Kiwis betting on greyhounds can find options on races like the English Greyhound Derby, and the Melbourne Cup.

When it comes to harness racing betting markets, Kiwis can find betting options on great races like the Cane Pace, and the Inter Dominion. So, if you’re into horse racing, harness racing, and greyhound racing, you can find plenty to keep you entertained here.

Most Exciting Races for Horse Betting

Race Information Dates Current Champions
Royal Ascot This five-day horse race is another huge event in the UK. Known for its high fashion and attendance by the Royals, this event is one of the pinnacles of the yearly calendar. 14th Jun – 18th Jun 2022 Subjectivist (Joe Fanning)
Cheltenham This is a four day festival in the month of March and has the second highest prize fund to the Grand National. This event was founded in 1860 and continues to draw in huge crowds. 14th Mar – 17th Mar 2023 A Plus Tard (Rachael Blackmore)
The Grand National Happening during a 3-day festival, the Grand National is one of the most important horseraces in the UK and the most valuable in Europe. 15th April 2022 Noble Yeats (Sam Waley-Cohen)
2000 Guineas Classed as one of Britain’s five classic races, it is open to three-year-old thoroughbred colts and fillies. 30th Apr 2022 Poetic Flare (Kevin Manning)
Scottish Grand National Taking place at Ayr, Scotland, this race is a one of the best for jumps racing. With 27 fences to content with over a four mile track, punters love the thrill of watching this action packed event. 1st Apr 2023 Win My Wings (Rob James)

Win Bet

The Win Bet is the most popular bet that those who gamble on horse racing like to make. It is as straightforward as it comes since all you have to do it try and select the horse that will go on to win the race. If the horse finishes in first place, then you make a profit, but if it does not, then you will lose your bet. See, we told you that it does not come much simpler than this.

Place Only Bet

If you think that a particular horse will have a really good race, but you are still unsure as to whether they will go on and win the race, then the Place Only betting market is definitely one that you should think about making use of. With such a market, you are betting on a horse to finish in the top two or three positions, instead of just whether it will go on to win the race or not.

The number of places on offer will depend on the number of horses that are running in the race. For example, if there are just five to seven runners in the race, only first and second will pay out. However, if there are over 16 runners in a particular race, then it is likely that the first four spots will be classed as places.

Forecast Bet

With a forecast bet, you need to take a look at the participants of a race and pick the horse that you think will finish in first and the horse that you believe will come in second. Now, you need to keep in mind that with this type of wager, the two horses have to finish in the exact position that you predicted they would. So, in other words, if the horse you had to finish first comes in second, and the horse you had to come in second finishes first, you would not win your wager.

Due to the odds that are always on offer with such a market, it has become a popular one among horse racing fans because it gives them the chance to make a tidy profit.

Tricast Bet

If you are looking for an even harder market than the forecast bet because you are feeling lucky and want to try and land an even bigger profit, then we really do recommend that you make use of a Tricast bet. With this kind of wager, what you need to do is find a horse race that you want to bet on and pick out the horses that you believe will finish in first, second, and third.

Just like with the forecast market, the three horses that you decide to bet on have to finish in the exact same order that you predicted in order for you to win your wager. Due to the fact that you need to predict the final position of three horses, you will land a really good profit if you end up being correct.

Tennis Betting

Tennis has become one of the world’s most popular sports, and this really is no surprise when you consider just how action-packed it is. There really is something mesmerizing about watching two players at the top of their game participate in rallies that can last for more than a minute. It is also amazing to watch the players take part in matches that can last for three to four hours, or even more. It is fair to say that tennis is ultimate test of skill and stamina.

Another thing that makes tennis such a popular sport is that it is a sport that lends itself to a variety of sports betting markets. Boredom is something that will definitely not creep into your day if you decide to place some bets on a tennis match.

The Best Tournaments for Tennis Betting

Competition Information Dates Current Singles Champions
Australian Open This is the first of the Grand Slam tournament of the year, which will be held in Melbourne. The next edition will be the 111th and provide all the betting fans a great way to kick off the new season. 16th Jan – 29th Jan 2022 Rafael Nadal/Ashleigh Barty
French Open Played in May and June, the French Open is played on clay courts and is the second of four annual tournaments. 22nd May –5th Jun 2022 Novak Djokovic/Barbora Krejčíková
The Championships, Wimbledon The third in the series of the Grand Slam tournaments, and arguably the most prestigious. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. 27th Jun – 10th Jul 2022 Novak Djokovic/Ashleigh Barty
US Open This tournament is the final big event of the year. 29th Aug – 5th Sep 2022 Daniil Medvedev/Emma Raducanu
Grand Slam Not quite an event, however this achievement is hotly contested as it’s only awarded to the winner of the four major championships (Wimbledon, and the Opens in Australia, France, and the US) in one year. This incredibly hard feat is watched and cheered on by millions. 2022 N/A

Outright Winner Bet

When a big tennis tournament rolls around such as Wimbledon, Roland Garros, the Australian Open, or the US Open, then you can place a bet on the player, whether in the men’s tournament or the women’s tournament, that you think will go on to lift the title. If they go on to win, then you win your bet, while if they get knocked out, you will lose your wager, it is as simple as that.

When it comes to making an outright winner prediction on upcoming sports events, you should make your prediction as early as possible because the odds that are on offer will be high. If you wait, and the player that you want to bet on wins a number of games, then obviously the odds for their chances of lifting the title are going to decrease. Thus, if you have a lot of confidence in a particular player, place your wager before the tournament has started.

Match Winner Bet

As well as betting on the player that you think will go on to lift the trophy, you can also place a bet on a player that you think will go on to win a particular match. Sometimes, especially at the start of a major tennis competition, there will be huge mismatches, and betting on the winner will not be that enticing because of the odds that are on offer. You can bet on the favourite but you will need to place a huge stake in order to win any type of decent profit, and if you bet on the underdog, you are probably throwing your money away because there is not much chance of them going on to cause an upset.

However, this does not mean that you should not place a bet on such matches. No, for such matches, you can make use of tennis handicap betting which is where you give one player an advantage or disadvantage in order to improve the odds or increase your chances of winning.

Set Betting

Set betting in tennis is a term that is given to wagers that are placed on particular markets that focus on individual sets in a match. There are many different markets in set betting, but the main ones are the correct score of the match, the player to win a particular set, and the correct score in a certain set.

The beauty of placing set bets is that you can follow the ebb and flow of a game and decide when to make a timely bet. For instance, in 2022, it might be the case that you believe Rafa Nadal will tire in a five-match set on a hard court or that one of his persistent injuries will kick in and cause him a lot of grief. Additionally, Dominic Thiem is known for rallying on clay, and he could be smart to bet on him to drop a set early at the French Open before pushing on to win later on in the contest.

First Set Winner Bet

The first set of a tennis game is an important part of a match as it sets the scene for the whole event. It is very important that players get off on the right foot because this will give them a better chance of going on to win the whole game. You can bet on the winner of the first set and, if your prediction comes true, then you will win the bet and make a profit. This really is one of the most uncomplicated wagers that tennis bettors can make use of.

Online Basketball Betting

Basketball is a very entertaining sport, and it is one of those sports that opens itself up to a wide variety of sports betting markets due to the many different facets of the game. Obviously, the biggest basketball competition in the world is the NBA, and here at Betiton™ you will be able to find a plethora of markets as well as competitive odds for this top-quality basketball tournament. We will also provide you markets and odds for a variety of other basketball tournaments that take place around the world.

Upcoming Basketball Betting Events

Event Date
2022 NBA Finals 2nd – 19th Jun 2022
NBA Draft 23rd Jun 2022
EuroLeague Final Four 19th – 21st May 2022
FIBA Basketball World Cup 25th Aug – 10th Sep 2023
Basketball at the Summer Olympics 26th Jul – 11th Aug 2024

Darts Betting

There was a time when darts was just a game that people would play down the pub with their friends to help pass the time, but it has come a really long way from then, and it is now one of the most popular sports in the world. All of the biggest darting events such as the Premier League of Darts and The Masters are played out in front of massive crowds, while millions more follow all of the action on their television.

Not only has darts become a very popular sport for people to watch, but it is a sport that many sports bettors like to place some wagers on. Darts, like many of the other most popular sports in the world, has plenty of markets that you can bet on, and we will offer all of our customers competitive odds and a variety of darts betting options, ensuring that betting entertainment can be felt at all times.

Upcoming Darts Betting Events

Event Date Held
PDC World Championships 15th Dec 2021 – 3rd Jan 2022
Premier League Darts 3rd Feb – 26th May 2022
UK Open 3rd Mar – 7th Mar 2022

UFC NZ Betting

Watching the UFC is extremely entertaining, but there is a way to make such fights even more entertaining and this is to place some bets on it. Every main UFC event comes with at least 12 bouts, which means that fans of this sport have more than enough chances to put their bets down. There are plenty of different markets that you can bet on too, meaning that you do not need to bore yourself by only placing a bet on the fighter to win a particular bout.

Upcoming UFC Fights

Event Date Held
UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Aspinall 23rd July at 18:00
UFC 277: Peña vs. Nunes 2 31st July at 00:00
UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Hill 7th August at 00:00
UFC Fight Night: Vera vs. Cruz 13th August at 22:00
UFC Fight Night: Gane vs. Tuivasa 3rd September at 18:00
UFC Fight Night: Sandhagen vs. Song 17th September at 22:00
UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Xiaonan 2nd October at 00:00

Method of Victory

There are different ways that a UFC fighter can win a fight, and with this type of bet all you need to do is try and predict how they will go on to win. For instance, will they win by a technical knockout, by knockout, or courtesy of the judges’ decision? Since it is not that easy to predict how a fighter will win, the odds that are on offer for such a market are usually quite good.

Fight to go the Distance

With such a market, you are simply placing a bet on whether the fight will go to the judges’ decision. If the fight ends before the judges get to decide who the winner is, then you will have lost your wager, it is that simple really.

Round Betting

If you are looking for high odds that you can take advantage of in order to try and win a large profit, then you need to make use of the Round Betting market where you will be putting your money on the round that you think the fight will end in. If you make a Round Betting accumulator including four fights, you can get odds where a mere $1 stake can win you thousands – obviously, your chances of winning are slim, but it is definitely worth the risk for a dollar or two.

Golf Betting

Golf has become one of the most popular sports in the world, and it is a really good sport for sports betting fans to place bets on. Why is this the case? Well, it is because there are many golf events that take place across the world every week, which means that golf bettors will always have something that they can put their money on.

Furthermore, there are many golf markets that you can put bets on, which means that boredom should never creep in because you can vary your wagers, and variety is, as they say, the spice of life.

Upcoming Golf Betting Tournaments

Event Date Held
The Open Championship July 14th-17th 2022
Rocket Mortgage Classic July 28th-31st 2022
Tour Championship August 25th-28th 2022
Toto Japan Classic November 3rd-6th 2022
Pelican Women’s Championship November 10th-13th 2022

Betting on the Cut

In any golf stroke play competition, after two days of play there is an enforced cut which eliminates those who are in the bottom half of the playing field. Those who are allowed to carry on after this elimination procedure are said to have made the cut, while those who do not have missed the cut. You can place a bet on whether you think a certain player will manage to make the cut or not.

Top Nationality Betting

With most golf events, you will be able to place a bet on the top player from a certain country. For example, if there are three golfers from Ireland playing, and you put your bet on Rory McIlroy to play the best out of all three, then all he needs to do in order for you to win is do better than his fellow Irishman.


Even those punters who do not follow golf that closely will know what a hole-in-one is. If you do not, then it is when the golf ball lands in the hole during the first shot. This is very rare, but it is something that you can bet on, and the odds are always enticing because of how hard it is for a player to hit one. What is good about this market is that you do not need to choose a specific player to hit a hole-in-one.

Betiton™ Guide to Sports Betting Odds

Odds are numbers or combinations of numbers that tell punters two things:

  1. The likelihood of the event actually happening
  2. How much money they’ll win if the wager happens to be correct

This is exactly why they’re so important. Moreover, there are three ways of representing them: decimal, fractional, and American. Each one of these represent the same two things but in different ways. Essentially, then, choosing a format is merely a matter of preference.

Since odds are a representation of the chance of success a wager has, a bookmaker will take many factors into account to provide the most accurate ones possible. These include team composition, player strength, previous performances, etc.

How to Read the Various Sports Betting Odd Formats

Different formats are most popular in different parts of the world. The decimal format is mostly used in continental Europe. However, it’s also commonly used in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The fractional format is mainly used by bookmakers in the UK and in Ireland. Finally, the American format is called that because it’s mainly used in the USA.

Decimal Format

The decimal format uses decimal numbers, like 2.84, to indicate the probability and payouts. The lowest possible decimal odds is 1, which means that the chance of success is 100%. Going higher than 1 means that the likelihood starts to drop.

Whilst this is often cited as being the easiest format to understand, there are still a couple of equations that you need to use to truly understand it. The first of which is to understand the likelihood of your wager winning. To do this, simply divide 100 by the odds you’re presented. So, let us take a look at an example:

  • 100 / 2.84 = 35.2

So, the chances of success are 35.2%. On the other hand, there’s an equation that you can use to figure out what the payout of the wager is: simply multiply your stake by the presented odds, then subtract your original stake from the result.

That sounds awfully complex but it’s actually much easier than you might think. In fact, let’s take a look at an example: imagine you’re betting $20 on 2.84:

  • 20 x 2.84 = 56.8
  • 56.8 – 20 = 36.8

Therefore, your total payout would be $56.80 but the profit is $36.80.

Fractional Format

The fractional format uses fractions to represent its values. This format might seem complicated to understand but there are actually two tricks that make reading this format a breeze. Therefore, it’s good to keep these tricks in mind.

The first trick can be used to understand if the odds are high or low. The trick is to look at the numbers of the fraction: if the right number is higher than the odds are low (over 50%); if the left is higher, then chances are that they’re high (under 50%).

The second trick also involves looking at the numbers, but it’s used to figure out how much the wager pays out. If you take the right number to mean your stake and the left number to mean the return, you’ll easily calculate the payouts.

So, imagine you’re considering which wagers to back, and the one that catches your eye offers odds of 2/9. This means that for every $9 you stake, you’ll get $2 on top of it. Furthermore, this means that your wager has a good chance of success.

How to Use Sports Betting Tips

When deciding on who to wager on, tips can help you out. These are suggestions on which team to back, which wagers to play, how much you should stake, which sites you should play at, and so on. It’s easy, then, to see why they’re useful.

Tips are given by tipsters, sports experts that spend hours analysing various factors to determine which contenders stand the best chances of winning. These factors are, funnily enough, the same factors that bookmakers use to calculate the odds.

Furthermore, there are two kinds of tipsters: those who offer tips for free, and those who give them in exchange for payment. However, despite all this, tips should be considered more as a starting point for your own research.

Finding Sports Betting Tips

Simply use your favourite search engine to look tips up, and voila! On the other hand, the best tips we can give you is to keep healthy; to make sure to make time for important things in your life; and to stick to a gambling budget of money you can afford to lose.

Sports Betting Bonuses to Boost Your Fun

Whilst spoiling our players for choice by offering them more betting options than they could wager on is all well and good, it’s still not enough to give them the best sports betting experience possible and the one that they deserve.

We have plenty of promotions on offer, but the one that should pique the curiosity of our sports bettors from New Zealand is our sports betting welcome bonus. New players can look forward to a nice extra bet when placing their first wager on our online sportsbook.

The way it works is easy: when players stake at least $15 on our sportsbook, we’ll give them a $10 extra bet to use on any of our sports markets. So, whether you want to wager on horse races, football, or whatever, the extra bet applies all the same.

However, the welcome bonus is subject to a number of conditions. Players would do well to read up on these in our T&Cs and bonus policy ; in fact, we highly encourage for players to do so. Both of these can be found at the bottom of each one of our pages.

Feel Appreciated With Betiton™ Loyalty Club

For those players that would like to stick around on Betiton, we have a loyalty programme in place to reward them for their commitment to our platform. Our programme is divided into seven levels, with each level offering different benefits.

To progress up the levels, you’ll need to play with real money at our online casino. In exchange for the wagers you make, we’ll give you loyalty points. These loyalty points, then, can be used to move to the next tier, and so on.

The higher the level, the better the bonuses that you’ll receive. In fact, players at the topmost tiers of the loyalty programme receive monthly cashbacks, faster withdrawals, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, free bets, and personal account managers.

Playing On the Go & Bet From Your Phone

You’ll be glad to hear that we have made sure that our online sportsbook is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android devices. Furthermore, we have ensured that our mobile site is really easy to use and that it is pleasing on the eye.

When you’re gambling on our mobile site, you’ll be able to find all the same wagers that you would use on the desktop site. You can follow the action of your wager, place live bets and make use of our cash-out feature if you believe that your wager is going to lose.

In short, you can find all the same betting options and features of the desktop site on our mobile site. This applies as well to our bonuses, the way you’ll be placing your wagers, and how you can deposit and withdraw your money.

Supported Payment Methods on Betiton™

At Betiton, we have made sure that players are able to deposit and cash out in nothing less than absolute security. This is because our site is encrypted with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

Other than that, we only support payment methods that renowned for being secure and efficient. In fact, all our players are able to make use of popular banking methods such as Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, ecoPayz, and Euteller.

Payment Method Deposit Time Withdrawal Time
ecoPayz Instant Up to 4 business days
AstroPay Instant Up to 3 business days
MasterCard Instant Up to 6 business days
Neteller Instant Up to 2 business days
Visa Instant Up to 6 business days
Skrill Instant Up to 2 business days

When it comes to the minimum amount that you can deposit to or withdraw from your account, this is $10. The most that you’ll be able to deposit is $5,000 daily, while the most that you can request to withdraw is $7,000 monthly.

Any money that you deposit into your account will be available to use right away. Withdrawn money can be received right away, or you might have to wait anywhere between 3 to 8 days, depending on the payment method that you chose.

Please note that the withdrawal period also includes a processing period where our finance team processes your withdrawal request. After the processing period is complete, the withdrawal will start making its way to you.

Showing You We Care: Our Customer Support

We care about all of our customers equally, which is why we make sure that our customer service agents are always willing to go out of their way to solve any issues that our customers might come across as quickly as they can.

In fact, our customer service staff is composed of competent and friendly agents who’ll do their utmost to help players in need. Moreover, we know that there is nothing more annoying than having to wait ages for an issue to be fixed.

If you need to speak to one of our customer care agents, then you can do so seven days a week between 08.00 a.m. and 00.00 a.m. CET. You can send them an email, or you can speak to them on our live chat feature, and they’ll sort you out as quickly as possible.

Responsible Sports Betting

Responsible gaming is taken very seriously at Betiton. When you have an account with us you have the ability to place a deposit limit for a day, week, or month. This helps you keep how much you spend on our platform in check.

The way the deposit limits work is as follows: when you reach the deposit limit that you have set, it won’t be possible to deposit more money until the time frame has passed. Furthermore, you also have the option of banning yourself from your account.

This can be for any period of time that you prefer, usually 1, 3, or 6 months. However, if there comes a stage in your life where you believe that you are becoming severely addicted to gambling, then you can ban yourself from your account permanently.

If you opt for this, then we’ll close your account and give you back any money that was in it. If you would like to undergo an exclusion period, then you need to get in touch with one of our customer support agents.

We have other responsible gaming measures, including a cool-off period that is similar to the self-exclusion measure but isn’t quite as severe. In fact, players would still be able to use certain aspects of our site whilst on a cool-off period.

We also provide players with information about the symptoms of problem gaming and with responsible gaming tips. Finally, underage gaming is strictly forbidden on our site. This refers to anyone gambling under the age of 18.

We expect all parents on our site to prevent their minors from being expected to gambling. We assist them by providing them with tips and software against underage gaming. There are severe consequences for those that fail to prevent underage gambling.

Sports Betting FAQs

What does the point spread mean?

The point spread is a range of points that is “imposed” between two teams. The spread favours the underdog whilst giving a disadvantage to the favourite. This evens the playing field whilst also giving much better odds. Wagers on the favourite win if the favourite wins the game with more points than the spread. Wagers on the underdog win if the underdog either wins the game outright or if they lose the game with less points than the spread.

How do you play the point spread?

Simply click on your preferred point spread bet and play it like you would play any other wager. Remember to adjust how much money you’d like to stake, and to never stake more than you can afford.

How do you bet without losing?

Losing is simply a natural part of sports betting. In fact, you should learn to accept the inevitability that your wagers will lose. It’s simply part of the game.

Do you get your bet back when you win?

Yes, you do. The payout of a wager will include your own original stake as well as the associated profit of the wager. To figure the payout of a wager, please refer to our odds section further up in this page.

How can I gamble online safely?

By playing at Betiton™! Our platform at Betiton™ is 100% encrypted thanks to the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology we’ve employed to protect our site. Moreover, we only support the safest payment methods out there. You can rest assured that all your payments are done with absolute security.

Can you lose more than you bet?

No, you cannot lose more than what you’ve staked. So, if, for example, you’ve staked $20 on a wager and the wager loses, you’ll only lose those $20.