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Sports betting in New Zealand

Sports betting at Betiton

At Betiton in New Zealand we have a huge range of different sport bets for players in New Zealand. From rugby through to harness racing, we have it all.

New Zealanders enjoy a lot of different sports and as such, there is a wealth of sports betting options available to them. This can range from everything like football betting through to rugby and horse racing. However, when it comes to NZ, rugby is usually the top sport of choice, though cricket and netball also feature quite heavily in the sporting calendar of this nation. When wagering at Betiton, players from New Zealand will be able to access all these sports options as we have a wide selection of sports and their various events to choose from. We also are highly accessible giving you the option to play on your mobile or desktop. Finally, not only are we offering a wide set of markets, but also highly competitive odds so that you can get the best bets.

  • Wide range of sports
  • Competitive odds
  • Easy accessibility

There are a number of popular events for cricket betting as well as for rugby in New Zealand.

Most popular NZ sports events

  1. Super Rugby
  2. Rugby Championship

Rugby is arguably the number one sport in NZ, beating out horse racing betting, and as such, much of the sporting calendar revolves around this sport, be it male or female. One of the main events in the NZ rugby calendar is the Super Rugby tournament. This takes place every year and has done so since 1995. There are fifteen teams taking part, with five in one of three conferences. Five Kiwi teams make up one conference, four Australian teams plus one from Japan, makes up the second and the final conference is four teams from South Africa, with one Argentinean team. Each team will play the four other teams in their conference twice – once at home and once away – before the top teams, regardless of which conference they are from, will then move on to the next stages.

While other events such as harness racing, cricket and greyhounds are popular, it’s still rugby that holds the top spot. The second big sporting event for this country is also a rugby one. This time it’s the Rugby Championship, which began life as the Tri-Nations tournament back in 1996. Similar to the northern hemisphere’s Six Nations tournament, the Rugby Championship is the southern equivalent. It also takes place every year and sees the national teams of New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Argentina compete against each other for the title. As is the case with the Super Rugby, New Zealand has the best track record in this event, winning it in its inaugural event, and subsequently taking the title home a total of ten times, making them the standout winners of this event.

Odds and tips for sports betting

When placing bets on any sport from harness racing to rugby, you need to understand the odds.

Odds for NZ sports

When it comes to any type of sports betting in New Zealand, the main thing you need to be aware of is the odds. These are the numbers that essentially tell you everything about an event you are going to be betting on. For instance, the numbers firstly tell you how likely it is that an event will happen. The greater the number, the more unlikely it will be to happen, the lower the odd is, the more likely it will occur. In this way, it’s easy to pick out the favourite in a match-up as they will have the lower numbers associated with them. However, this does not always mean that they’re the best option to choose, as these important numbers also tell you how much you’re likely to win.

In NZ, odds are generally written in decimal format, though if you prefer other formats, you can simply switch to a format you prefer on our site. When it comes to looking at decimal odds, they’re quite straight forward making it easy to pick the best odds for an event. For example, odds of 2.2 are low, which means there’s a high probability that the event will occur. When you get a payout, you’ll get $2.20 for $1 bet. In this way, you will need to weigh up the likelihood of succeeding with the bet against how much you will get paid out. Odds of 10.00 will give you so much more in winnings, but as the odds are higher, the chances of the team, player or horse winning, becomes slimmer.

Tips and tipsters for online sports betting NZ

There is a myriad of tips and tipsters out there online. These can be very helpful if you know where to look, but make sure your tipster is a reputable one. In general, good tipsters will be specific to one sport. They will spend their time looking at the team or player forms and evaluating, from past and present history, how likely it is for an event to occur. After all this research they will then give their predictions, which you can choose to follow, or not, as you see fit. Tipsters will also look for lucrative and high-value odds for specific events so that players in NZ can make use of these suggestions and potentially make some money on a surprising bet that many other people may not have thought of.

However, when it comes to online betting, we do recommend that you don’t religiously follow the advice of tipsters, though as a beginner, they can help you to understand what to look for. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you do your own research, after all, tipsters can still be wrong. Sometimes you should go with your gut instinct, though we generally recommend avoiding simply picking your favourite team – if you are aiming for a profit that is. There’s nothing more important than good research, so that you can place knowledgeable bets that have the highest chance of coming through for you. Added to that is the need to understand odds so that you can place bets at sites where you get the best odds and can hopefully make the most profit when placing your wagers.

Betting offers and bonus at Betiton

For New Zealand players we have a number of different ways to help you get ahead successfully when you bet online. One of these is through the use of our exciting bonus. This bonus is a $10 free bet that’s awarded to players once they have made a $15 or more bet to qualify. This free bet can then be used on a range of different sports betting options from rugby to horse racing. You’ll have access to all the betting markets though you will need to ensure that you are betting the free bet in full – it cannot be split across bets. There are also wagering requirements attached to this bet that must also be met. For the full bonus bet terms and conditions, click here to read them all.

Deposit and withdrawal

At Betiton we offer numerous payment options for New Zealanders to use. Not only do we offer a wide range, but each transaction provider is a reputable, trustworthy one so you can be assured of safe and speedy transactions. Some of the options available include Skrill, Visa and MasterCard. Any deposits you make, no matter which payment option you use, will occur instantly. You can make deposits from $10 through to $5000 per transaction. Withdrawals are slightly different in that they have to go through a 48-hour pending period before the money appears in your account. When making withdrawals, you can withdraw anywhere from $10 to $7000 per month. However, you will need to have made sure your account is verified, before requesting funds as this will help make the process run as smoothly as possible getting your money in a timely fashion.

Bet on NZ sports with your mobile

Being able to bet via your mobile device is a must these days and at Betiton we make sure that we offer this option to players from New Zealand. While we do not have a dedicated mobile app at this time, we do offer players the option of a fully optimised mobile browser site. This is easily accessible via your mobile device while out and about and offers the same features you’d expect on the desktop site. All the same, sports betting options are there so you can get online, make a deposit, search for an event, get the best odds and make an actual wager all while you’re on your way to work. The platform is compatible and scalable, meaning that you can use it on a wide range of different devices.

Customer support and Loyalty Club

Having a strong support team is a must and so we offer a number of different contact methods to our players in NZ. However, while the options are all open every day, the chat has very specific opening hours if you need direct contact – these are from 8am to 1am CET. In addition to these support options, we try to boost your playing experience by giving you the chance to join our Loyalty Club. This is open to players of the casino, so why not place a few bets there as well as the sportsbook. Making real money casino bets will earn you points. With these points, you will move up through the seven Loyalty Club levels earning yourself access to a wide range of bonuses and rewards that include monthly cashback and so much more.

Responsible gaming

When gambling stops being fun, NZ players should stop. To help with this, Betiton has hotlines and self-exclusion options available.

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