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Rugby Betting at Betiton™ NZ

Last Updated: 09-11-2022 10:59

Rugby union—generally known simply as “rugby“—is New Zealand’s favourite sport, as well as its unofficial national sport. Obviously, this means that rugby betting is highly popular in New Zealand. This team sport is played the world over but some of its tournaments are divided by hemispheres, contested by teams from those zones.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the most important tournaments by far are the Rugby Championship and Super Rugby. However, the most important tournament by far is the Rugby World Cup, where competitors from around the world compete.

At Betiton™ Sportsbook NZ, punters can enjoy wagering on hundreds of betting markets on this fantastic ball game. Our Kiwi players can also play wagers on the biggest rugby tournaments in the world with ease and in absolute security.

Other than that, our platform offers many more benefits. However, before you can place your first bet on this great sport, there’s a number of things that you should know. We’ll be explaining everything as we go along, so we suggest reading the rest of this page.

What Are Rugby Betting Markets?

The first thing you need to know is what sports betting markets are, and that’s because betting markets are what bettors will be using to play wagers. Simply put, betting markets are nothing more than the available wagers to make on a sportsbook.

They’re offered by bookmakers on certain conditions that need to be fulfilled for wagers to be successful. These conditions can be anything that happens in the duration of a game, from which side is going to emerge victorious, to which player is going to score first, and so forth.

At the same time, bookmakers provide markets with their odds. We’ll be explaining these in a further section, so be sure to read it to understand what they are. For now, let’s look at a handful of examples of rugby betting markets.

Top 5 Rugby Betting Markets at Betiton™

  • Outright Winner: this is a market that’s available before the competition even starts; essentially, bettors bet on whichever team they think is going to win the tournament.
  • 1X2: also known as “match odds,” this wager requires bettors to stake their money on whichever side they think is going to win. 1 represents home, 2 represents away, whilst X represents a draw.
  • Over/Under: the bookmaker makes a prediction of the total amount of points scored in a match. Punters need to defy the bookmaker’s prediction by staking on whether they think there’ll be less (under) or more (over) instead.
  • First Tryscorer: bettors are going to need to correctly guess who is going to score the first try in the game.
  • Winning Margin: for this wager to go your way, punters are going to need to successfully guess what the winning margin is, that is, the total number of points that the winners scored over the losers.

What Are the Steps to Placing a Rugby Bet at Betiton™ NZ?

Before you can go and use any of our many rugby union betting markets, you’re first going to need to create an account with us here at Betiton™ NZ. Not to worry, however, as you’ll be able to create your account in a matter of minutes.

To do so, all you need to do is click on “JOIN“, enter the required details, click on “OPEN ACCOUNT“, and you’re all set. Once your account is ready, you’ll then need to place a deposit some money so as to be able to play real money wagers.

You’ll be glad to know that all your transactions on our platform are completely secure as we support only the most reliable and trustworthy payment methods. Once both your account and depost are ready, you’ll finally be able to play your wagers:

  1. Go to the rugby section of our sportsbook;
  2. Whilst you’re there, look through our currently available betting markets;
  3. When you find the ones that appeal to you most, click on them;
  4. Your selected markets will appear on the betting slip on the right-hand side of your screen;
  5. Feel free to adjust how much you’d like to stake on the betting slip;
  6. Once you’re happy with your choice of markets and your stake, click on “PLACE BETS“;
  7. Congratulations on placing your first rugby bet at Betiton™ for Kiwi bettors!

What Do You Need to Know Before Placing Your First Wager on Rugby?

With your first deposit and when placing your first wager on rugby union, you’ll be able to claim our sports betting welcome bonus. This is an extra bet that will serve to boost your first wager on any match of your choosing.

Do bear in mind, however, that there are T&Cs that apply to this bonus. We highly encourage all of our players from NZ to read through our T&Cs, as well as our bonus policy, to understand what conditions apply when accepting our bonus.

Most Popular Championships to Wager On in Rugby

  1. Super Rugby
  2. The Rugby Championship
  3. Autumn Internationals
  4. The Rugby World Cup

Super Rugby Betting

The Super Rugby is definitely one of the most watched leagues in NZ. The event is relatively new as it was founded in 1995. However, since then, the competition has undergone a few changes, especially in recent years.

The changes were done particularly as more groups have been added to the event. However, the most recent changes served to restructure the tournament completely. In fact, the tournament is no longer international for the time being.

In its stead, Australia and New Zealand created domestic leagues: Super Rugby AU for Australia and Super Rugby Aotearoa for New Zealand. Beyond these leagues, there is now going to be the crossover tournament Super Rugby Trans-Tasman.

This new tournament will see the 5 teams of the Australian league play against the 5 teams of the New Zealand league. The Super Rugby Trans-Tasman is set to take place 14th May–19th June 2021, so be sure to log in to your Betiton™ account during these dates!

That way, you’ll be able to enjoy Super Rugby betting! Finally, the competition has been dominated by Kiwi clubs. In fact, Kiwi teams have won the event a total of 21 times. Out of these, it’s the Crusaders taking top prize as 10 of those titles are theirs!

Rugby Championship Betting

Another major event for Kiwi punters is the Rugby Championship. It is an annual international tournament which involves the national teams of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Argentina competing against each other.

The competition was originally known as the Tri Nations when it was first founded in 1995. However, in 2012, the competition underwent a revamp, changing its name to the Rugby Championship and including Argentina as a fourth contender.

Over the years, the All Blacks have seen the most success winning 17 times in total, including the very first event where they didn’t lose a single game. Out of these, 11 were Tri Nation titles and 6 were Rugby Championship titles.

Autumn Internationals Betting

The Autumn Rugby Internationals are a series of test matches that are often played during the autumn months of October and November, which is why the series is called that way. While this cannot be regarded as a championship, unlike the other competitions we looked at, these are international matches in which the national teams of the competing nations compete.

Generally, due to the format of the Rugby Autumn Internationals, Southern Hemisphere nations host Northern Hemisphere nations. To put it another way, teams from the Northern Hemisphere often play at home, whilst teams from the Southern Hemisphere will play away. Therefore, if, for instance, Italy and New Zealand were to compete, the game would be held in Italy.

In addition, rugby clubs from the participating nations compete in this rugby series. The results of the teams competing in the Autumn Rugby Internationals are taken into consideration when determining their rankings in the World Rugby system, making these contests extremely significant. Additionally, this of course means that our players should find Autumn Internationals betting highly entertaining!

For the 2022 edition of the competition, we’ll also give our players Autumn Internationals predictions. These betting tips may thus prove useful to you if you want to bet on the Rugby Autumn Internationals. Finally, by way of closing off this section, the 2022 Autumn Internationals fixtures, along with our Autumn Internationals odds, are shown below:

Date Team 1 vs Team 2 Time Location
29-Oct-22 Japan vs New Zealand 6:50 AM GMT National Stadium Tokyo
29-Oct-22 Scotland vs Australia 5:30 PM GMT BT Murrayfield Stadium Edinburgh
5-Nov-22 Italy vs Samoa 1:00 PM GMT Stadio Plebiscito Padua
5-Nov-22 Scotland vs Fiji 1:00 PM GMT BT Murrayfield Stadium Edinburgh
5-Nov-22 Wales vs New Zealand 3:15 PM GMT Principality Stadium Cardiff
5-Nov-22 Ireland vs South Africa 5:30 PM GMT Aviva Stadium Dublin
5-Nov-22 France vs Australia 8:00 PM GMT Stade de France Paris
6-Nov-22 England vs Argentina 2:15 PM GMT Twickenham Stadium London
12-Nov-22 Ireland vs Fiji 1:00 PM GMT Aviva Stadium Dublin
12-Nov-22 Italy vs Australia 1:00 PM GMT Stadio Artemio Franchi Florence
12-Nov-22 England vs Japan 3:15 PM GMT Twickenham Stadium London
12-Nov-22 Wales vs Argentina 5:30 PM GMT Principality Stadium Cardiff
12-Nov-22 France vs South Africa 8:00 PM GMT Stade Vélodrome Marseille
13-Nov-22 Barbarians vs All Blacks XV 2:00 PM GMT Tottenham Hotspur Stadium London
13-Nov-22 Scotland vs New Zealand 2:15 PM GMT BT Murrayfield Stadium Edinburgh
19-Nov-22 Italy vs South Africa 1:00 PM GMT Stadio Luigi Ferraris Genoa
19-Nov-22 Wales vs Georgia 1:00 PM GMT Principality Stadium Cardiff
19-Nov-22 Scotland vs Argentina 3:15 PM GMT BT Murrayfield Stadium Edinburgh
19-Nov-22 England vs New Zealand 5:30 PM GMT Twickenham Stadium London
19-Nov-22 Ireland vs Australia 8:00 PM GMT Aviva Stadium Dublin
20-Nov-22 France vs Japan 1:00 PM GMT Stadium de Toulouse Toulouse
26-Nov-22 Wales vs Australia 3:15 PM GMT Principality Stadium Cardiff
26-Nov-22 England vs South Africa 5:30 PM GMT Twickenham Stadium London

Rugby World Cup Betting

The biggest event in the rugby calendar would have to be the Rugby World Cup. The Rugby World Cup is organised by World Rugby, the world governing body for rugby. The first event took place in 1987 but a number of changes happened since then.

In the first tournament, 16 nations had taken part. However, the number of groups increased to 20 in 1999, and the number has remained unchanged since. These are 20 of the top national rugby teams in the world, making the competition quite stiff.

This includes the national teams of Ireland, NZ, South Africa, and England. Since then, the event has been held every 4 years with a different country hosting it. Until the last World Cup in 2019, the All Blacks were the record holders, with 3 title wins.

However, South Africa pipped them to the post in the last event and now stand equal to them with 3 title wins themselves. If you’d like to try your luck and take part in some Rugby World Cup betting, you can catch the next edition between 8th September and 28th October 2023.

What Are Rugby Betting Odds?

Odds are the helpful numbers that tell you how likely it is that an event is going to happen. The higher the number, the less likely it is that the event is going to actually happen. However, odds don’t just tell you the probability of an event.

They also tell you how much you would receive if your wager actually goes your way. How much money you get from a wager works the other way round to the probability. What we mean is that the higher the odds are, the bigger the payout you’ll get.

But remember that with those higher numbers, there’s a greater chance that the event won’t happen so you’ll need to weigh up these different factors. Finally, it’s good for bettors to know that odds are calculated by the bookies.

Bookmakers use all sorts of factors to calculate the odds as accurately as possible. These include a team’s previous performances; their current roster of players; their current financial strength and performances, and so on.

Knowing How to Understand Rugby Betting Odds

Punters should know that odds mainly come in 3 different formats: decimal, fractional, and American. These formats have a couple of differences, namely where they’re most popular and how they represent information.

Other than that, they all show the exact same things, so the same match can be represented in any one of these formats. Therefore, choosing one of these formats is merely a matter of preference. However, make sure to choose the one that suits you best.

We’ve already explained how our bettors from NZ can understand the odds you can find on our rugby betting markets. We highly suggest consulting our detailed guide on understanding the odds, that way you make your bets wisely.

What Are Rugby Predictions?

Rugby union tips are pieces of advice that tell you which team to back, what wagers to take, and so on. These are given by sports experts, known as “tipsters,” who provide these betting tips either for free or at a price.

To do this, tipsters carefully analyse games; look at the player and group form; and even take into consideration where the team is playing before making a final decision. This helps them predict which contender stands the best chance of winning.

Thus, it might be a good idea to consult some tips before deciding which rugby teams to wager on. We’ll be telling how to find tips in the next section. However, while all these tips can help you out, we do recommend that you do your own research as well.

Where to Find ‘Em: An Easy Guide

Like much of everything nowadays, a simple search on the web provides you with everything you’re looking for. So, simply open up your favourite search engine, look for betting tips, and you’ll able to find more tips than you could ever be able to go over.

However, with so many tips at your disposal, choosing the right ones becomes quite the challenge. This is why we advise all of our punters to become as informed as possible in the sport they would like to wager on, such as rugby union.

With this valuable knowledge at hand, punters can easily separate the wheat from the chaff and pick out the best tips. Our best tips, however, are to stay healthy; stick to a gaming budget; and to make time for important things in life.

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  • There’s no bigger sport around that football. Our NZ football fanatics can enjoy football betting to their heart’s content on our online sportsbook.
  • Horse racing is one of the most exciting displays of sport out there. Since we know how much our bettors from NZ love horse betting, so we’ve provided plenty of horse racing markets.
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  • Finally, our players from NZ can also look forward to harness racing betting on our sportsbook. This is a particular form of horse racing that is surely going to provide you with a different perspective of the sport.

Additional Information:

Rugby Betting FAQs

What does handicap mean in rugby?

The handicap bet is when a strong team (the favourite) faces off a much weaker team (the underdog). Bookmakers then give the favourite a handicap whilst the underdog gets a boost. Essentially, the favourite starts out at “negative points.” Meanwhile, the underdog starts out with a couple of points. Thus, the favourites are going to need to score more for bets on them to actually win. Wagers on the underdog win if the underdog loses by less points than their boost. However, wagers on the underdog also win if the underdog somehow manages to win the game!

How often do rugby games draw?

Draws are very rare in rugby, especially in games played at the professional level. In fact, it’s calculated that around 4% of matches end in a draw on average. For example, there have been only 3 draws in the entire history of the Rugby World Cup. Moreover, in the years between 2007-2017, there have been only 4 draws in the Six Nations. That’s 4 draws in 150 matches, or an incredible 2.7%.

Can you lose more than you bet?

Absolutely not! We never take more money that what you stake on our platform. Moreover, you’ll only lose what money you staked and nothing else—that is, if you lose your wager, of course.

Can you lose money on a winning bet?

It’s impossible to lose money on a winning wager as winning a wager means that you’ll receive your original stake back and an extra amount of money on top of it.