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Bet on Your Favourite Darts Leagues at Betiton Sportsbook

Darts is a wonderful sport to follow, with drama, tension, and excitement all on show for its loyal fans around the world. Darts can be easily understood by players due to the simplicity of the sport.

Whilst darts has achieved worldwide popularity, it continues being immensely popular in the UK, and can easily be considered one of the UK’s favourite sports; of course, this is in addition to multiple other sports that can be considered the UK’s favourite sports and that can be bet on at Betiton, the one-stop-shop casino and sports betting site that’ll make you forget all other sites!

In recent years, coupled with lucrative TV deals, darts has risen to become one of the most popular betting markets in the UK. With admiring fans all over the world, darts has transformed into a hugely popular and competitive sport for people to place their money on.

From the PDC World Championships to the Premier League Darts, darts provides punters with exciting matches and games from these prestigious competitions, and even tempting betting odds all year round.

Like betting on all major events, including one-off competitions like the Eurovision Song Contest, having the ability to spot value and opportunities in a market will ensure your bank account stays happy.

New players tend to struggle more in increasing their winnings when they do not understand the basics of how odds are calculated by the bookmakers and the best time to place their wager. Read on if you want to get to grips with the basics.

Finding the Best Odds: UK Darts Betting

A never-ending selection of mouth-watering competitions means betting on darts events can add even greater interest and excitement for our UK players.

But the key to maximizing your darts betting strategy is research: without the appropriate research to understand what odds are, how bookmakers assign them, and how much the bets you make pay out, you’ll hardly have a clue what’s going on.

Instead, all you’ll see is a host of meaningless numbers. Thankfully, there are a variety of tips for any and every sport, from darts betting through to football betting, available online to help you choose the right option; it’s music to the ears of our UK players.

Some players have a natural ability to find betting value, while others develop this skill over time.

7 Dart Betting Markets You Can Bet on at Betiton

Some of the most talked-about betting markets for darts in the UK include: Most 180s, Match Winners, and Correct Leg Scores. On the other hand, others enjoy taking advantage of high in-play betting odds.

In a darts game, a shift in the momentum can alter the outcome significantly. If you think that there is going to be a comeback, play it and you could make a lot of money in a short space of time.

However, if darts aren’t your jam, or maybe you’d like to try out a new sport that you’ve never bet on before, then maybe you’d like to try betting on rugby instead.

At Betiton, we have a broad range of markets for loads of sports, all of which are on offer for UK players, so getting bored on Betiton is impossible! 

  • Match Winner – this is probably the simplest possible bet: it’s a bet on who will be the winner of the match; that’s all there is to it.
  • Draw no Bet – this bet eliminates the possibility of draws being considered as possible outcomes for bets. Thus, if the outcome of the match is a draw, you won’t lose your bet, but you’ll be refunded instead.
  • Correct Leg Score – this is another simple bet as it’s a bet on the correct amount of legs won. Of course, a leg is a single ‘play’ or game of darts.
  • Correct Set Score – some competitions require players to win sets instead of legs; a set is a sequence of legs. So, instead of correctly guessing the number of legs won, this is a bet on the correct amount of sets won.
  • Most 180s – a 180 is the highest score possible in a single leg, achieved by land 3 darts on the triple 20 mark. This bet is based on correctly guessing which thrower will score the most maximums.
  • Total 180s – similar to the previous bet, this bet instead depends on correctly guessing the total amount of maximums that will be scored during the entire tournament.
  • Highest Checkout – this bet aims to correctly guess which player will have the highest checkout in the match. Checkout is the final score required to finish the leg and is dependent on how the player fared during the leg.

The Top 3 Dart Leagues to Bet on in the UK

As horse racing betting has its eagerly awaited The Grand National so does darts have its many awaited leagues and championships.

In fact, UK darts bettors can keenly look forward to a whole host of tournaments, including the biggest tournaments in the world, like the PDC World Darts Championship, the Premier League Darts, the BDO World Darts Championship, and so on.

Any player that’s looking to betting on darts, whether it’s their first time placing bets or they’ve been betting for longer than they care to admit, would do well to bet on these fantastic competitions where the best of the best in the darts-world will participate.

Be prepared for some thrilling matches where only the very best throws will win.

  1. PDC World Darts Championship
  2. Premier League Darts
  3. World Grand Prix

Bet on The PDC World Darts Championship

Unquestionably the most highly-anticipated tournament for darts fans all over the world is the PDC World Championships. The best darts players around the world compete over the Christmas period in front of a rowdy crowd at the Alexandra Palace in London.

The format sees players compete against one another in a knockout competition played out in a number of legs and sets. These games prove to be the amongst the most exhilarating in the entirety of modern darts championships.

In recent years, the event has skyrocketed in popularity and has become must-watch TV. Dutchman Michael van Gerwen and Englishman Adrian Lewis have become synonymous with the sport after lifting the Sid Waddell Trophy in recent years.

The current champion is Scotsman Peter Wright. The underdog managed to beat the heavily-backed van Gerwen to take home £500,000 in prize money.

Seeing and betting on all of these premier players is definitely exciting, especially for hardcore darts fans. There’s hardly anything that compares to this championship, not even other major darts leagues.

However, that shouldn’t hold you back from watching and betting on other leagues; or, indeed, other sports! Our sportsbook on Betiton is packed with different sports markets, so much so that you can even bet on a tennis match at the same time as you’re betting on these darts championships!

Previous Winners: PDC World Darts Championship

2020Peter WrightScotland£500,0007-3
2019Michael van GerwenDutch£500,0007-3
2018Rob CrossEngland£400,0007-2

Bet on The Premier League Darts

Despite being the newest major tournament in darts, betting on the Premier League Darts has exploded in recent years due to its exciting league format. The competition is only open to eight top-class darts players.

Players are selected like this: the top four players who earned the most prize money in the year are joined by four wildcards. The Premier League offers a round-robin league table with all eight chosen players playing each other twice.

The eye-catching event is played out over the Spring at different locations throughout the UK. At the end of the league stage, the top four players are drawn against each other in a playoff series until there is one winner.

Seeing the world’s best players playing against one another makes for some truly exhilarating matches, in an already exciting sport. The only thing that could make these games more exciting is betting on them—if you’re into that sort of things, of course. At Betiton, we even offer the opportunity to bet live on these games!

Previous Winners: Premier League Darts

2019Michael van GerwenDutch£855,00011-5
2018Michael van GerwenDutch£825,00011-4
2017Michael van GerwenDutch£825,00011-10

Bet on The World Grand Prix (Darts)

Another juggernaut on the darts calendar is the World Grand Prix event, which takes place in Dublin, Ireland in October. For many darts fans, this is the tournament they enjoy most.

The event often sees heavy favourites knocked out by unfancied players due to the opening rounds being famously short. This format suits novice players who fancy their chances to win a few sets and put their names in the headlines.

Another reason for the growing interest in the Premier League is the inclusion of the ‘double in, double out’ rule. Basically, this means players can only start a leg once they hit a double, while they must still finish the leg by scoring a double (or bullseye)!

For these reasons, punters also enjoy placing bets on the World Grand Prix, especially because choosing a winner is rather difficult, making bets more exciting.

Games like these make for some fantastic sport to be had, even more so when bets are placed on the outcomes of these championships.

Whether they’re on the final score of the throwers, who will score the most 180s, or who’ll take the grand prize, all of these bets are equally exciting.

The only you could possibly make these bets even more exciting is by placing them live! At Betiton, you can place bets live not just on darts, but on many other sports as well.

Previous Winners: World Grand Prix (Darts)

2019Michael van GerwenDutch£450,0005-2
2018Michael van GerwenDutch£400,0005-2
2017Michael van GerwenDutch£400,0005-4

Discover Betiton’s Darts Betting Bonus and Other Offers

We like to make our customers feel special at Betiton. That’s why we’re offering new players from the UK a betting boost. This can be used on any sporting event of your choice.

You could, perhaps, use this opportunity to place a bet on darts’ most famous event: the PDC World Darts Championship.

Don’t forget about the other exciting promotions we offer for our existing players; the latest Betiton promotions, and the terms and conditions for all our bonuses, are available here.

Depositing and Withdrawing Funds Made Easy

Betiton ensures our players enjoy their experience when depositing and withdrawing funds. In order to deposit funds successfully into your account, navigate to ‘Cashier’ and select ‘Deposit’. Next, you must choose a suitable payment option and enter the exact amount you want to deposit.

Please note that the minimum deposit amount is £10, whilst the maximum is £5000 at one go. Betiton accepts a wide variety of payment methods:

Payment MethodDeposit Time (Days)Withdraw Time (Days)
Master CardInstant4-6

If you wish to withdraw cash, you should select ‘My Account’; and then press ‘Withdrawals’. Simply choose the amount you would like to take out and choose an appropriate payment method.

It’s good to keep in mind that the minimum amount you can withdraw is £10, whilst the maximum amount is £7000 per month. Moreover, whilst deposits are mostly instant, withdrawals require a 48-hour processing period before they can begin to be transferred.

Take Your Darts Betting Anywhere in the UK With Betiton Mobile

Betiton is building a massive reputation with online bettors by offering one of the fastest and most reliable mobile sportsbook services around. In today’s world, betting while you are out and about is easier than ever, and allows players even more options when betting on their favourite darts events.

Search through a huge collection of online betting options to find tasty odds on current darts tournaments right at the tip of your fingers. The advantage of using your mobile device is that it offers you the chance to place that last-minute bet that could change your life.

Our mobile betting site looks the same as the online platform: it’s straightforward to navigate and ensures your data remains secure. Ultimately, this lets you make the swap to mobile betting without breaking a sweat.

Solve Your Queries Fast—Live Customer Support for All UK Players

At Betiton, we believe that it is fundamental to offer our players high-quality customer service through our smart Live Chat feature. The importance we put on solving an issue as quickly as possible is one reason why our players from Britain love to use our service.

Whether you want to request a bet, have forgotten your username or have an issue depositing funds, our staff are on hand from 08:00 am – 01:00 am CET to answer all queries in a timely manner.

Always Game Responsibly

At Betiton, we pride ourselves in ensuring all our players can enjoy a secure and responsible gaming experience. Our goal is to advise our British players on the risks involved with excessive gambling and give them the tools and knowledge they need to stay safe.

Minors (anybody under the age of 18) are prohibited from using our platform and offenders will be dealt with accordingly. The safety of children is paramount to our objectives here. Whatever the issue you face, know that our dedicated customer support team is on hand to help you get the support you need.

Darts Betting FAQs

How popular is Darts Betting in the UK?

Darts betting is extremely popular in Britain, especially because darts is most popular in the UK. Apart from darts, you can find several other sports—which are also quite popular in the UK—to bet on at Betiton.

How does dart betting work?

It works much like any other bets that you might make on other sports; obviously, however, you’d have to bet on things that only happen in darts games. So, for example, you can bet on things like who will score the most 180s and who’ll win the leg.

Can I bet on darts from my mobile?

Absolutely! Our platform at Betiton has been fully optimised for mobile usage; essentially, you can use our website on your mobile as you would use it on a computer, making it an easy matter to switch from desktop to mobile.

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