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Eurovision Betting UK—Wager on the Eurovision at Betiton

The Eurovision Song Contest is undoubtedly a source of national pride, as singers from nations across the continent, and even beyond it, compete to become Europe’s favourite. It remains one of the most-watched non-sporting events on the planet, with numbers sometimes reaching up to 600 million.

This popularity is also reflected in the UK with the number of players turning to Eurovision betting in addition to their usual online sports betting. Rest assured that we offer plenty of wagers on the Eurovision on our sportsbook!

The betting odds for the winning entry in the Eurovision fluctuates as more and more countries add and confirm their chosen performer and song; so, the more singers there are, the higher the odds of correctly guessing the winning performer will be.

Know your Odds: Betting on the Eurovision Song Contest

Where Can You Find Eurovision Odds?

After the national contests are concluded in March, you will begin to understand which performer is the most likely to succeed. It’s worth staying up-to-date with the latest news to find the juicy odds before everyone else does.

For casual fans, you can still find good-value odds in the final week of being able to watch the performances, as a result of the number of contestants still in contention to win. Once gaining basic knowledge, UK players can then take advantage of Betiton’s superb online betting platform.

Are Eurovision Song Contest Betting Odds Accurate?

Firstly, it’s good to keep in mind that odds are essentially predictions on what is most likely to happen—for example, which performer will win the Eurovision final. The predictions themselves depend on how things are panning out in the competition.

But, at the end of the day, odds are still only guesses, even if they are educated ones; therefore, odds can never be 100% accurate because of that. Every Bookmaker sets their own odds, so it’s best to research and bet on a trusted betting site such as Betiton.

Even when betting on football, the most betted-on sport, you should always research and confirm the odds before placing your bet. So, if you’re placing bets on the Eurovision, do keep in mind that there’s always a chance you won’t win.

However, this is exactly what makes betting so exciting, especially if you do it whilst the competition is live!

5 Previous Eurovision Winners: Who Are They?

It wouldn’t be a contest if there were no winners, right? Of course not. Moreover, knowing the previous winners helps gives bettors an idea of which country might beat the odds and reign victorious as the year’s winning performer.

Which is why we decided to give you a list of previous winners so you might be able to better understand the odds of who will be crowned the best performer of the Eurovision Song Contest, and thus be able to place better and smarter bets.

The previous winner happened to be from the Netherlands, the same country that won the Premier League Darts that year, making it a good year for the Dutch. Of course, even with that knowledge, do keep in mind that knowing the odds doesn’t at all guarantee that you’ll win any of your bets, so bet responsibly.

2019NetherlandsDuncan LaurenceArcade498
2017PortugalSalvador SobralAmar pelos dois758
2015SwedenMåns ZelmerlöwHeroes365

Who has the Most Wins? The 6 Top Wining Countries

Whilst the previous table showed the last 5 winners of the Eurovision, which country has been most successful in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Currently, Ireland is at the top with 7 wins, but it’s been quite a while since their last win—24 years to be precise. So, the time might soon come when their place at the top is taken from them, unless they somehow start winning like mad again!

But even if a performer is from a specific country that has won a number of times, this doesn’t guarantee that their song will be pronounced the winner, so keep this in mind when betting on the Eurovision.

Similar to tennis, it’s up to the individual to perform and outdo the others; and, of course, that’s by accumulating enough points to make it to the final, and from there to the win.

7Ireland1970, 1980, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996
6Sweden1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012, 2015
5France1958, 1960, 1962, 1969, 1977
5Luxembourg1961, 1965, 1972, 1973, 1983
5United Kingdom1967, 1969, 1976, 1981, 1997
5Netherlands1957, 1959, 1969, 1975, 2019/td>

When Will the Eurovision 2021 Be Hosted?

Sadly, the Eurovision 2020 had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, so we don’t blame you if you’re eager for the next addition of the famous contest.

But when will it be? Well, the Eurovision is held annually, a few weeks after horse racing’s The Grand National. Forty-one countries will participate in the contest, each hosting a national contest to see which performer will represent their country in March.

Then the Eurovision proper will be made up of two semi-final heats before the grand final on the 22nd of May 2021. These three main events are stretched over a week, so you can easily have an exhilaration-filled week of watching which country’s performer will be chosen as the best performer of the Eurovision and take the big win for their nation!

Not only that, but if you’ll placing bets on the Eurovision, you’ll have the added thrill of betting on top of it! So, to recap: the Eurovision is hosted throughout three events: two semi-finals and a final. On the other hand, National Competitions begin and end in March. Find the table below for dates:

Semi-final 118th May 2021
Semi-final 220th May 2021
Final22nd May 2021

Why Is the Eurovision So Popular? Betiton’s Thoughts

Trying to answer this question is similar to trying to understand why football is as popular as it is; there’s no definite answer, but we can give some good guesses. Firstly, the Eurovision Song Contest guarantees a hugely entertaining spectacle from one year to the next.

You can expect cheesy gimmicks, political voting, and in between it all, some highly talented individuals from all around the continent and beyond taking part in the competition! The way it works is that each participating nation has its own national contest to decide who will be representing it in the Eurovision.

Then all the performers will perform their songs in front of the Eurovision audience. Once all participating nations have performed their original songs, each country must cast their own vote. The contest has a couple of semi-final rounds and the grand finale a little after.

The votes translate to a number of points that are conferred to other countries; the points are as follows: 1-8, 10, and 12. Obviously, the winning country is determined by the highest number of votes and points.

And, of course, if you happen to be setting bets on the Eurovision, and the country you’re betting on—whether it’s one of the Big 5, or any other country—gets the win, you can easily imagine how exhilarating the entire experience will be!

So, if you are searching for an alternative to the usual betting markets such as football, tennis, and rugby, you might be interested to try out placing bets on the Eurovision.

With an event as keenly anticipated, exciting, and massive as the Eurovision, it will certainly offer something different to the usual sports betting. The only thing that can make it more exciting is betting on the Eurovision live!

How Did It All Start? The Eurovision Story

On May 24, 1956, the very first edition of the Eurovision Song Contest took place with just seven countries included. The director of the European Broadcasting Union, Marcel Bezencon, is credited with the idea behind the show-stopping extravaganza.

With catchy songs and a live orchestra in the early years, Eurovision grew into one of the most anticipated European events years on year. Throughout the decades, Eurovision has introduced a number of high-profile artists to the world.

Most famously, perhaps, it launched the careers of a little-known Swedish band named ABBA. After claiming victory in the UK with the hit Waterloo, the foursome would go on to become one of the biggest selling performers of the 20th century.

Another notable name you may be familiar with is Celine Dion, who won for Switzerland in 1988.

Who is hosting Eurovision 2021?

Established by the Eurovision Broadcasting Organisation, the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be the 67th annual edition of the renowned international song competition. The rules state that the previous year’s winners of the competition must host the following year’s event.

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Find out about Betiton’s Eurovision Betting Offer and Bonus

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This offer can be redeemed and used on the sporting event of your own choosing. With an endless list of sporting events to choose from, maybe you fancy a flutter on the Aintree Grand National or perhaps you have your eye on a Eurovision performer. It’s up to you.

With a smooth and efficient mobile platform in place, you can use this offer from the comfort of your own home. All the information regarding Betiton promotions for new and existing players can be found in the footer, along with all our terms and conditions.

Safe and Efficient Depositing and Withdrawal

Betiton ensures our players enjoy a non-stressful experience when depositing and withdrawing funds. In order to deposit funds successfully into your account, navigate to ‘Cashier’ and select ‘Deposit’.

Next, you must choose a suitable payment option and enter the exact amount you want to deposit. Please note that the minimum deposit amount is £10. Betiton accepts a wide variety of payment methods:

Withdrawal and Deposit Types

Payment MethodDeposit Time (Days)Withdraw Time (Days)
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If you wish to withdraw cash, you should select ‘My Account’ and then press ‘Withdrawals’. Simply choose the amount you would like to take out and choose a payment method. Don’t forget that we have a dedicated online support team that are happy to help if you run into any issues with regards to depositing/withdrawing funds.

Betiton’s Live UK Customer Support: Solve Issues Quickly

At Betiton, we believe that it is fundamental to offer our players high-quality customer service through our smart Live Chat feature. The importance we put on solving an issue as quickly as possible is one reason why our British players love to use our service.

Whether you want to request a bet, have forgotten your username, or have any issue depositing funds, our staff are on hand from 08:00 am – 01:00 am CET to answer all queries in a timely manner.

Always Game Responsibly

Betiton takes pride in ensuring our loyal customers are assured a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. Responsible gaming means you are in control of your gambling, playing within your limits, and have the correct tools in place to make the most of your gaming adventure.

We want to equip our UK players with detailed information and ongoing support on the pitfalls of irresponsible gaming so that you can always make the right decision.

Betiton is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission and we also have strict rules in place to stop minors (anyone under 18 years of age) from operating on our platform. The protection and safety of children is taken very seriously.

If you have any concerns or worries related to your gambling activity, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer support team. For more information on our responsible gaming policies, please find the link in the footer below:

Eurovision FAQs

Are Eurovision odds accurate?

Eurovision odds fluctuate throughout the competition as countries progress. They can be accurate; however, it is always best to do thorough research before placing a bet.

When will the Eurovision 2021 take place?

The Eurovision 2021 will take place in May, particularly during the week between 17th-23th. Consult our “When will the Eurovision 2021 be Hosted?” section for more information.

When will the Eurovision Semi-Final take place?

The Eurovision Semi-Finals will take place on Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th of May, 2021.

Who won the 2020 Eurovision?

The Eurovision 2020 final was cancelled due to the pandemic, resulting in there being no winners. They are known as the Big 5 because they are the biggest financial contributors to the Eurovision. Due to this, these five countries are always guaranteed a spot in the finals.

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