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Place Your Next Bet on the Six Nations at Betiton™ UK Bookmaker

The Six Nations Championships—generally known simply as the “Six Nations“—is one of the most important rugby union competitions of all. It’s an international tournament that takes place in the Northern Hemisphere every year.

It’s contested by 6 countries, which are: Italy, Wales, Scotland, England, France, and Ireland. The event takes place over 7 weeks—always beginning in the first week of February and finishing in the middle of March

If you are into wagering on rugby, or you would simply like to give it a go, you can find markets on the Six Nations at Betiton™ Sportsbook for UK players. We provide various markets as well, meaning that you’ll never get bored betting on rugby.

However, if you’re new to sports betting and the Six Nations, then there are a couple of things that you’re going to need to know. Not to worry, though, as we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with all the necessary information on this page.

What Are Six Nations Betting Markets?

Six Nations betting markets are the wagers that we make available on the illustrious rugby competition. We provide these on our sportsbook alongside the odds of each market; however, we’ll be explaining what these are in another section.

We offer markets on just about every aspect of the famed championship. For instance, you can go with the outright winner of the tournament, or you can be more specific, choosing winners of each game, who will score the most tries, and so on.

The 4 Most Popular Six Nations Betting Markets at Betiton™ Sportsbook

As we’ve said, our UK players will be able to find markets on a number of things that might happen over the course of the Six Nations championship. However, our 4 most popular markets are the following:

  • Outright Winner
  • Double Result
  • Highest Scoring Half
  • Point Spread

Outright Winner

To win this market, all you have to do is successfully predict who the winner of the championship will be.

Double Result

This market depends on players to correctly guess what the score will be at both half-time and the end of the game, rather than simply predicting who the winner of the match or what the score at the end will be.

Highest Scoring Half

On the other hand, this market requires players to correctly guess if there will be more points scored in the first or the second half of the game; otherwise, they can opt to bet on a draw.

Point Spread

This market creates an even playing field in a game between two teams where one is a clear winner. The point spread is a range of points that the stronger team must score over in order for players who wager on that team to win their wager. On the other hand, the weaker team will either need to win or maintain that difference in scores for the bet on them to win.

How Do You Place Wagers on the Six Nations at Betiton™ Bookmakers UK?

In order to place any wagers on the Six Nations, you’re going to first need to create an account with us here at Betiton™. Don’t worry, however, as we’ve streamlined our account creation process to be as straightforward as process.

This means that you’ll have your account created in a mere matter of minutes. All you need to do is click on “JOIN“, enter the required details, and click on “OPEN ACCOUNT“. Afterwards, you’ll need to make a deposit in order to place wagers.

We support a wide array of secure, reliable, and efficient payment methods, so all of the transactions you make on our platform are 100% safe. After you’ve created your account and made your first deposit, you’ll finally be able to play bets on the Six Nations:

  1. Go to the rugby union section of our sportsbook;
  2. Click on “All Leagues” and select the “Six Nations” tab;
  3. This will take you to all of our currently available markets on the tournament;
  4. Feel free to browse through what markets we offer until you find the ones you like;
  5. If you wish to place wagers on any of the markets we provide, simply click on the markets you like and these will appear on the betting slip on the right-hand side of the page;
  6. Bear in mind that you can select multiple markets but feel free to select as many or as few as you like;
  7. On the betting slip, you can adjust how much you’d like to wager by adjusting your stake;
  8. Once you’re satisfied with both your selected markets and your stake, click on “PLACE BETS“;
  9. Congratulations on placing your first Six Nations bet at Betiton™ UK!

What Do You Need to Know Before Placing Your First Bet on the Six Nations?

With both your first deposit and your first wager on the Six Nations, you’ll be able to claim our new-player bonus. This is an extra bet that you can use when wagering on the fantastic championship. However, bear in mind that T&Cs apply to this bonus.

These include a number of conditions like the min odds to bet at, the min deposit required, etc. We suggest reading our T&Cs as well as our bonus policy to thoroughly understand the conditions that you’ll be accepting when accepting this bonus.

How Does the Six Nations Work?

The Six Nations plays things a little differently from other sporting events in that there is no double round-robin. The teams actually only play one another once for a total of 15 matches, and who plays at home is alternated on a yearly basis.

As of 2017, the Six Nations has opted for a bonus points system, instead of their original system. The original system awarded 2 points for victories, a point for draws, and none for losses. The current system, however, awards more points.

Teams receive 4 points for winning; 2 points for draws; a point for scoring 4 or more tries in a match; a point for losing by 7 points of fewer; and there are none awarded for a loss. Finally, if a nation manages to achieve a Grand Slam, they receive 3 extra points.

A Grand Slam is a clean sweep against one’s opponents, beating all the other teams and winning the prize. This is a prestigious achievement for a nation to get; teams that manage to achieve the Grand Slam are generally regarded as being amongst the best.

However, there are a number of other trophies and accolades to win along the way. For instance, the 4 home nations (England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) also compete to take the Triple Crown—that is to beat the other 3 teams

The 6 Different Tournament Trophies Awarded at the Six Nations

These trophies, which include a couple of cups, are awarded according to which team wins against another particular team. A full table of the trophies alongside their explanations at the Six Nations can be found below:

Calcutta CupEngland & Scotland
Millenium TrophyEngland & Ireland
Centenary QuaichIreland & Scotland
Auld Alliance TrophyFrance & Scotland
Doddie Weir CupWales & Scotland
Giuseppe Garibaldi TrophyFrance & Italy
Triple CrownEngland, Scotland, Ireland, & Wales

Where is the Six Nations Going to be Held?

The Six Nations is not hosted by any one venue, city, or country. Instead, the event takes place across all 6 countries who are part of the event, with each team playing in their home ground that’s usually located in the capital city.

This means that teams will get a home advantage in at least two of their games each year. Which country plays who at home is alternated each year. A table of the stadiums and other related information has been provided below:

IrelandAviva Stadium51,700
ScotlandBT Murrayfield67,144
WalesPrincipality Stadium74,500
FranceStade de France81,338
ItalyStadio Olimpico62,698
EnglandTwickenham Stadium82,000

Find Out More About Six Nations Betting Odds

If you decide on placing a bet on the Six Nations, you’ll need to pay close attention to the odds. These are the numbers that you’ll find next to each on our offered markets. These will give you a clear indication of how likely it is that your wager will be successful.

Moreover, they also give you an idea of how much you’ll receive as returns for a winning wager. This is why it’s important to understand what odds tell you. Finally, these numbers come in either of 3 formats: fractional, decimal, or American.

The differences between these formats are: where in the world they happen to be most popular, and how they indicate the your chances of winning your wager. Otherwise, these formats are largely interchangeable, so you can use whichever you’re most comfortable with.


The most common format in the UK is the fractional format. At the same time, this format is quite popular with bookmakers in Ireland too. This format uses fractions to represent the odds, like so: 6/1, 4/5, 8/3, etc.


This format, on the other hand, is popular in mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, and it uses decimal numbers to show you the risk and reward of a wager. This format is usually represented like so: 4.50, 3.75, 1.07, etc.

What Are Six Nations Betting Tips? 

Tips, to put it simply, are suggestions on what players should bet. They are given by tipsters; these are people, generally sports experts, who spend a lot of time analysing team compositions, player forms, previous performances, and so on.

They do this in order to advise people on which team they think will win in a particular championship, like the Six Nations. Therefore, tipsters’ suggestions can be useful when deciding on which teams to play bets on. However, be sure to take every tip with a grain of salt.

Where Can I Find 6 Nations Betting Tips?

A simple Google search will provide you with numerous tips given by tipsters. Our best pieces of advice, however, are to never bet more than you can afford to lose; to always stay healthy; and to make sure you set aside time for other important things in life.

Other Rugby Tournaments to Bet On:

  • If rugby union is your favourite sport to watch and bet on, then there is no better championship to bet on than the Rugby World Cup! We provide plenty of markets on this tournament too, so betting on the Rugby World Cup at our sportsbook presents you with plenty of options!

Additional Information:

Rugby Union Six Nations Betting FAQs

Who won the previous Six Nations?

The Six Nations in 2021 was won by Wales after defeating the defending champions, England.

When will the next 6 Nations take place?

The first match of the next edition of the Six Nations will take place on the 5th of February in 2022. On the other hand, the championship is set to have its final match on the 19th of March in 2022.

Which teams have won the Six Nations the most times?

Currently, England have won the Six Nations the most, excluding shared wins, with 7 wins. Moreover, they are also the nation that has the highest number of Grand Slams, with a total of 13 Grand Slams.

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