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Rugby Union Six Nations, Place Your Next Bet at Betiton UK Bookmaker

When it comes to the Rugby Union calendar, the Six Nations is always a prominent feature, particularly in the northern hemisphere. The Six Nations is an exciting event that sees which of Europe’s countries has the best rugby team that year.

The event takes place over seven weeks—always beginning in the first week of February and finishing in the middle of March. When it comes to sports, sports betting is a popular activity, whether in England or outside of it.

In fact, many people bet on rugby in the UK. If you are into rugby betting, or you would simply like to give a go, you can find odds and markets at Betiton Sportsbook. On our sportsbook, you can find odds offered on dozens upon dozens of games, including some of the biggest championships that take place around the world.

Find Out More About Rugby Six Nations Betting Odds

If you do decide on placing a bet on Betiton UK sportsbook, you will need to pay close attention to the odds as these will give you a clear indication of how likely your proposed scenario is. This applies to whichever sports you will be betting on, whether it will be rugby, football, tennis, or even horse racing.

Understanding how odds work is imperative for every bettor out there, especially the new bettors that are just getting into sports betting. Odds come in either of 3 formats: fraction, decimal, or American.

The most common representation of odds in the UK is the fraction format; however, other formats are available on our sportsbook at Betiton. So, depending on whichever odds format suits you best, you can change how our odds are displayed on our sportsbook.

Odds work like this: say, for example, you will be betting on a particular team to win in a rugby game. The bookmaker will offer you odds of 1/4 for this team to win. The odds are pretty low, meaning that the team could potentially have a chance of winning the game.

The 4 Most Popular Six Nations Betting Markets at Betiton Sportsbook

As with every sport that you would betting on at Betiton UK, our bookmaker will be offering various markets that depend on diverse factors to win. Similar to when betting on the Rugby World Cup or on any rugby game, you will have a number of markets available to bet on, each with its own conditions to win.

For instance, you can go with a simple outright winner of the tournament, or you can be more specific, choosing winners of each game, player head-to-head options, who will win the man of the match or even score the most tries.

Our UK players will be able to find markets that depend on teams winning entire championships and proving they’re the best, or on whichever team will score the most points or win the most matches, and so on. Players can find similar markets offered on other sports as well.

To close off, our 4 most popular markets are the following:

  • Outright Winner
  • Double Result
  • Highest Scoring Half
  • Point Spread

Outright Winner

To win this bet, all you have to do is successfully predict who the winner of the match, or even the championship, will be.

Double Result

This bet depends on players to correctly guess what the score will be at both the half-time and the end of the game, rather than simply the outright winner of the match or the score at the end.

Highest Scoring Half

On the other hand, this bet requires players to correctly guess if there will be more points scored in the first or the second half of the game; otherwise, they can opt to bet on a draw.

Point Spread

The point spread bet works similarly to the handicap bet, if players are familiar with that bet; essentially, these bets create an even playing field in a game between two teams where one is a clear winner.

The point is a range of points that the stronger team must score over in order for players who bet on that team to win; the weaker team will either need to win or maintain that difference in scores for the bet on them to win.

Where Can I Find 6 Nations Betting Tips?

Tips, to put it simply, are suggestions on what players should bet. They are given by tipsters, which are people who spend a lot of time analysing team compositions, and so on, to advise people on which team will might win in a particular championship, for example.

Tipsters will tell players which odds to take at which bookmaker, and so on. A simple Google search will provide you with numerous tips given by tipsters. However, that should not mean that players can forgo doing their own research; whilst tipsters can help new players, doing one’s own research is also important.

The Teams With the Most Championship Titles

If you’re going to be betting on the outright winners of the upcoming Six Nations Championship, you would do well to know which teams have won the championship the most times.

Currently, England have won the Six Nations the most, excluding shared wins, with 6 wins; moreover, they are also the nation that has the highest number of Grand Slams, with a total of 13 Grand Slams.

A Grand Slam is when a team defeats all others in the Six Nations. So far, only Italy and Scotland have yet to win the Six Nations (however, Scotland won previous iterations of the championship).

After England, there’s Wales, the current champions, and France, who are tied for the number of times they won the Six Nations, which is 5 times. Finally, there’s Ireland who won the Six Nations a total of 4 times.

Home Nations54107
Five Nations17126515
Six Nations654005

The 9 Different Tournament Trophies Awarded at the Six Nations

The Six Nations Championship is an entertaining tournament to follow not only because of the inherent exhilaration of the game of rugby, and the fact that some of the greatest rugby teams and players in the world take part in it, because also because of the multiple trophies within the same championship.

These trophies, which include a couple of cups, are awarded according to which team wins against another particular team. So, for example, Centenary Quaich is contested by Ireland and Scotland, and is awarded to whichever of the two teams wins.

Of course, you will be able to find markets on these trophies at Betiton, so you can also place your bets on who you think will win these trophies. A full list of the trophies at the Six Nations can be found below:

  • Calcutta Cup
  • Millenium Trophy
  • Centenary Quaich
  • Auld Alliance Trophy
  • Doddie Weir Cup
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy
  • Triple Crown
  • Grand Slam
  • The Wooden Spoon

Where Is the Rugby Union Six Nations Going to Be Held?

The Six Nations is not hosted by any one venue, city, or country. Instead, the event takes place across all six countries who are part of the event, with each team playing in their home stadium that’s usually located in the capital city.

This means that teams will get a home advantage in at least two of their games each year. Which country plays who at home is alternated each year. A table of the stadiums has been provided below.

IrelandAviva Stadium51,7002010
ScotlandBT Murrayfield67,1441925
WalesPrincipality Stadium74,5001999
FranceStade de France81,3381998
ItalyStadio Olimpico62,6981937
EnglandTwickenham Stadium82,0001909

How Does the Rugby Championship Tournament Work?

The Six Nations plays things a little differently from other sporting events in that there is no double round-robin. The teams actually only play one another once, and who plays at home is alternated on a yearly basis.

Teams—or at least their fan base—all hope for a Grand Slam, that is a clean sweep against their opponents, beating all the other teams and taking home the prize. However, what makes this tournament even more exciting is that there are a number of other trophies and accolades to win along the way.

For instance, the four home nations also compete to take the Triple Crown—that is to beat the other three home teams. This year, England narrowly defeated the Welsh to take home the plate. With this in mind, it’s always important to check the rugby odds before each game.

Betiton’s Rugby Six Nations Betting Offers and Bonus

At Betiton we offer our UK players a sport welcome offer. This offer can be used on any sporting event, so why not make the most of it and put it on a bet for England to win the Six Nations or to see who is going to get the man of the tournament. There are also wagering requirements attached so make sure you read our full terms and conditions which can be found right here.

Safe and Secure Deposit and Withdrawal Options for Your Betting Funds

For players in the UK, it’s always important to be able to access secure and trustworthy payment options when betting online. At Betiton, we offer you a range of payment options from top-quality providers including:

Payment MethodDeposit Time (Days)Withdraw Time (Days)
Master CardInstant4-6

When you come to deposit, you’ve got a range of £10 to £5000 available per transaction. These deposits will occur instantly so you can get betting right away.

For withdrawals, it’s slightly different as your request will go through a two-day pending period before the transaction can start being effected.

You can make withdrawals of £10 through to £7000 per month but will need to verify your account before requesting to ensure smooth transactions.

Bet on The Six Nations with Betiton’s Mobile Site

At Betiton we give you the option to be able to place your Six Nations bets while out and about. Not only do we have a desktop site, but we have a mobile optimised version of the site as well.

This means that no matter where you are, you will be able to get online to check out the latest rugby odds, the various Six Nations betting markets and even to do some in-play betting while the games are actually underway.

The mobile site is also fully scalable so you can use it on a variety of different devices with no change in the high-performance platform that you have come to expect from us at Betiton.

Live Customer Support Available for All UK Players

To make things as smooth as possible, we’ve got an excellent customer support service in place for our players in Britain. While we always make sure that our site is running optimally, we are aware that questions may arise from time to time.

For just such an eventuality, we have a number of different contact methods available to you. These are operated from 8 am to midnight CET and make sure that you can get help when you need it.

Always Bet on Online Sports Responsibly

We have a number of different options in place to help you out play responsibly. First, we offer a number of different hotlines so you can talk directly to someone about your issues.

If you want to take it further, you can use the self-exclusion option available, which will prevent you from accessing our site and any of the gambling or betting opportunities. This is a long-term situation and the ban will not be lifted until you expressly tell us to do so.

Rugby Union Six Nations Betting FAQs

Who won the previous Six Nations?

The Six Nations in 2019 was won by Wales after defeating the defending champions, Ireland, in the Millennium Stadium, Wales’ national stadium.

When will the next 6 Nations take place?

The first match of the next edition of the Six Nations will take place on the 6th of February in 2021. On the other hand, the championship is set to have its final match on the 20th of March in 2021.

Where will the Rugby Six Nations be held?

The Six Nations is hosted at each of the participating nations, at either the national stadium or at a dedicated rugby stadium.

In fact, the Six Nations will take place in England’s Twickenham Stadium; Ireland’s Aviva Stadium; Wales’ Millennium Stadium; Scotland’s Murrayfield Stadium; France’s Stade de France; and Italy’s Stadio Olimpico.

Which Teams Play in the Rugby Six Nations?

The teams that will be participating in the Six Nations are the following: England, Wales, France, Ireland, Italy, and Scotland.

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