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Argentina vs Saudi Arabia Prediction – 2022 World Cup

Sean Fenech
August 31, 2022
Modified: November 10, 2022

Group C kicks off in the Lusail Iconic Stadium on November 22nd. It will host Argentina vs Saudi Arabia, so our Argentina vs Saudi Arabia prediction will be perhaps the easiest of World Cup 2022 predictions that we will have to make. 

Here at Betiton, we bring you the World Cup in all of its betting glory. We are home to every game, and within each one, you will have hundreds of betting markets and odds to put on your bespoke betslip. So, Just how well will the Argentinian squad do against the footballing minnows, and how much damage limitation is Saudi Arabia able to handle? If there was ever a fixture to represent a footballing nation powerhouse to one that has very little history, this is it. Social media may have to start circulating the hashtag #prayforsaudiarabia during the game.

Our online sports betting guide for this fixture will detail each team’s history with the competition. We assess their chances, inform you of their odds, and make a bold but confident prediction of the result. 

argentina vs saudi arabia prediction

Our Argentina vs Saudi Arabia prediction: Argentina win.

Argentina Preview

Every World Cup predictor will always have the Argentineans among the favourites to win the competition, purely because of their successes and their culturally iconic importance to the competition. A World Cup without Argentina just doesn’t seem right. 

Currently, the World Cup betting odds on the favourites have Argentina with outright odds of 71/10, which is 8.10 under fractional odds. They are 4th favourites to win the tournament, and these are pretty good odds. When it comes to this game specifically, they are clear winners, it can’t even be argued.

Betiton has Argentina at odds of 1.18 to win the game against Saudi Arabia. This is what our money would be on, but at Betiton, there are so many other markets you can capitalise on, which we will highlight at the end of this review, where we discuss our World Cup tips. 

World Cup History

This fixture will be one of the easiest World Cup predictions to make. That’s not a dig at the Saudis, but the statistics, the tactics used by Lionel Scaloni (Argentina manager) are far greater than his rival. Plus, there is the addition of Lionel Messi. The equation to the sum of all parts is nothing more than a hammering by the Argentinian team.

When looking back at the history of the competition, Argentina has won the trophy twice in 1978 and again in 1986. They have been runners-up twice also in 1990 and 2014. In the last tournament, they finished a disappointing 16th. A lot of pressure is riding on this one. One last chance Lionel Messi will get to attempt glory and put himself on the same mantel as Diego Maradona.

Qualification and Road to the World Cup 2022

To earn a place in the World Cup, Argentina had to complete a gruelling 17 game league, they breached Covid-19 protocols, paid a FIFA fine, and they agreed to cancel an 18th game, which would have been against Brazil. To be fair, you would expect absolutely nothing less from the Argentinians. 

Here are the results of their qualifiers that saw them finish second behind Brazil having drawn more games but remained unbeaten in the process.

Date Match Final Score
09/10/2020 Argentina vs Ecuador 1-0
13/10/2020 Bolivia vs Argentina 1-2
13/11/2020 Argentina vs Paraguay 1-1
18/11/2020 Peru vs Argentina 0-2
11/10/2020 Argentina vs Uruguay 3-0
04/06/2021 Argentina vs Chile 1-1
09/06/2021 Columbia vs Argentina 2-2
03/09/2021 Venezuela vs Argentina 1-3
10/09/2021 Argentina vs Bolivia 3-0
08/10/2021 Paraguay vs Argentina 0-0
15/10/2021 Argentina vs Peru 1-0
12/11/2021 Uruguay vs Argentina 0-1
17/11/2021 Argentina vs Brazil 0-0
28/01/2022 Chile vs Argentina 1-2
02/02/2022 Argentina vs Columbia 1-0
26/03/2022 Argentina vs Venezuela 3-0
03/03/2022 Ecuador vs Argentina 1-1

Argentina Players to Watch

If you wish to expand on your football betting, you might want to look at the players individually and what they can bring to the game. Here are the top three players that can have a huge impact on the game against Saudi Arabia.

  • Lionel Messi: Position: Right Wing. This is the last chance Messi has of winning the cup. At 35, he will play his last. He is currently carrying 162 caps, 86 goals, and 51 assists. Likely to get a brace against the Saudis.
  • Paulo Dybala: Position: Striker. 34 caps, 3 goals, and 6 assists, but prone to the odd booking, he may get more yellows than goals throughout the group stages.
  • Rodrigo De Paul: Position: Midfield. Creative and an engine in the midfield. Potential to be the player of the tournament. 41 caps, 2 goals, 7 assists, and 7 bookings.

Saudi Arabia Preview

Currently ranked as the 35th team likely to win to tournament, they are on the edges of the outside odds at 749 to 1. Not to be harsh, but the odds are fair, and your World Cup bets would be wise to predict a loss for them in this fixture. It’s not all doom and gloom for this team, it’s just that Argentina is a task of Everest proportions. While they are unlikely to qualify from Group C, it has to be said that the Saudis either concede very little or score very little. But when faced with one of the strongest attacking midfield lines in world football, the organ sounds of Chopin’s Funeral March may be playing instead of the national anthem. 

World Cup History

Should past experiences be considered when making your football predictions? When it comes to Saudi Arabia and the World Cup, the affair is brief. They made their first entry back in 1994 and amazed everyone by reaching the Round of 16 and ending up in 12th place. In the three World Cups that followed, they never surpassed the group stages, and this was the same when they qualified for the 2018 tournament. Their combined experiences so far, had yielded a total of 3 wins, 2 draws, and 11 losses over 16 World Cup games. 

Qualification and Road to the World Cup 2022

To make it on the list of 32 nations appearing in the Qatar World Cup, Saudi Arabia has to progress through a second-round qualifier league playing 8 games. They topped the group with no losses, 2 draws, and 6 wins. They then progressed to the third and final round where 10 games are played. They topped the group beating the likes of Japan and Australia. They won 7, drew 2, and lost 1. Here are their results from the third round.

Date Match Final Score
02/09/2021 Saudi Arabia vs Vietnam 3-1
07/09/2021 Oman vs Saudi Arabia 0-1
07/10/2021 Saudi Arabia vs Japan 1-0
12/10/2021 Saudi Arabia vs China 3-2
11/11/2021 Australia vs Saudi Arabia 0-0
16/11/2021 Vietnam vs Saudi Arabia 0-1
27/01/2022 Saudi Arabia vs Oman 1-0
01/02/2022 Japan vs Saudi Arabia 2-0
24/03/2022 China vs Saudi Arabia 1-1
29/03/2022 Saudi Arabia vs Australia 1-0

Saudi Arabia Players to Watch

There is little reporting in the West on football played in Saudi Arabia. None of their players appear in any of the major European football leagues. But here are three of their players, who by stats, appear to be the best in their World Cup squad. 

  • Salem Al-Dawsari : Position: Left Midfield. 53 caps, 14 goals, 3 assists, and 7 bookings. Their star player may just have a surprise goal up his sleeve in the group stages.
  • Yasser Al-Shahrani : Position: Left-Back. 59 caps, 2 goals, 4 assists, 4 bookings.
  • Salman Al-Faraj : Position: Midfield. 56 caps, 7 goals, 2 assists, and 2 bookings.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia Betting Odds

All the WC 2022 betting odds are massively stacked in favour of Argentina. Because of this, the more popular markets within the fixture won’t return a great amount, so you may have to look at alternative Argentina vs Saudi Arabia odds.

Here we present some comparisons, between the match winner and that of over/under 2.5 goals.

Match Winner

Argentina to Win Saudi Arabia to Win Draw
1.18 15.30 6.80

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

Over 2.5 Goals Under 2.5 Goals
1.63 2.10

Who Will Win? Argentina vs Saudi Arabia Prediction

What is our Argentina vs Saudi Arabia prediction? Well, the game should be over within the first half. Our football predictions are banking on a 3-0 win, Messi to score in the game, possibly a freekick, with Saudi Arabi picking up 3 or more cards in the game.

Our Argentina vs Saudi Arabia prediction: Argentina win.

Our Argentina vs Saudi Arabia Betting Tips

Because Argentina’s odds are favourite, there will not be much of a return with any amount wagered should they win. To profit more healthily, you will have to gamble in other markets. Here are some of our betting tips to help you get a return that is worth putting your money on. 

  • Correct Score: Argentina to win 3-0 with odds of 6.05.
  • First Half Score: Argentina to be 2-0 up in first half odds of 4.64.
  • Asian Handicap (-2): Argentina to win with Saudis given a two goal lead at odds of 1.92.
  • Home Team Over 2.75 Goals at odds of 2.36.

There are many outside bets and markets that invite you to wager on many areas of the fixture that offer greater returns than a standard win bet. 

Sean Fenech

Content Writer at Betiton™

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