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England vs Wales Prediction – 2022 World Cup

Sean Fenech
November 22, 2022
Modified: November 23, 2022

We now enter Group B’s second round of games, and for England, it is looking more comfortable than it is for Wales. Our World Cup 2022 predictions look at what the result of this game will be and the factors around it that can have an influence on the game. Our online sports betting tips will also be backed by historical gaming data, player performance stats. Plus, you have our trusted England vs Wales prediction for the result. We will also provide you with some of the latest odds that you can click on to instantly generate a bet slip and wager on. 

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Our England vs Wales prediction: England to win.

England Preview

In England’s first game they beat Iran 6-2. Our World Cup predictor got the result right, and if you had put money on this scoreline, you would have had odds of 32 to 1. Our World Cup betting advice on the score of this game, will be significantly different. England and Wales will be a tremendous clash between neighbouring countries. Pride plays a lot in football, and this produces a very different atmosphere. 

World Cup History

England were World Cup winners in 1966 and have since not come close to repeating this glory. In the last World Cup, they went out in the Semi-finals as they lost to Croatia, ending in 4th place. Many World Cup predictions always have England in the top 5 outright winners. Given their loss in the Finals of the 2020 European Championships, this should be enough to spur them on to the same performance levels. 

Qualification and Road to the World Cup 2022

For major sporting nations, their route to World Cup competitions hardly poses much of a challenge. Here are the results of their World Cup qualifiers and how they made it to Qatar. 

Date Match Final Score
25/03/2021 England vs San Marino 5-0
28/03/2021 Albania vs England 0-2
31/03/2021 England vs Poland 2-1
02/09/2021 Hungary vs England 0-4
05/09/2021 England vs Andorra 4-0
08/09/2021 Poland vs England 1-1
09/10/2021 Andorra vs England 0-5
12/10/2021 England vs Hungary 1-1
12/11/2021 England vs Albania 5-0
15/11/2021 San Marino vs England 0-10

England Players to Watch

The depth of this England squad is the best it has been for a long time. Will this influence your football betting? Well, it should because while it is a team sport, individual players can make turn games on their heads, whether as a starter or as a sub. Here are three definite starters that will look to cause the Welsh some serious damage, and should also be considered for any individual player betting within the Betiton sports markets. 

  • Harry Kane: Position: 76 caps, 51 goals, and 16 assists. One of the favourites for the Golden Boot may find his first in this tournament at the hands of Wales.
  • Jude Bellingham: Position: Midfield. 18 Caps, 1 goal, and 1 assist. Scored the opener against Iran and will continue his dominance against the Welsh. He may not score but will provide his dribbling skills and assists to help overpower their defence.
  • Bukayo Saka : Position: Right Midfield. 21 caps, 6 goals, and 5 assists. Scored two against Iran and was perhaps the Man of the Match. A dangerous right-wing player that hugs the line and cuts in to wrong foot players. Will find it effective against a weak Welsh backline.

Wales Preview

Following a 1-1 draw against the USA team, the Welsh have given themselves a chance of qualifying to the Round of 16. Their performance against the U.S. was underwhelming until the second half. Many World Cup bets placed on this game had them to beat the Americans, but there were huge concerns over how easy the U.S. made it look playing through them. This is something they will be very concerned about when faced against the England team who are far superior in talent than the Americans.

World Cup History

As you will know by now. This is Wales’s second ever World Cup, their first being back in 1958! There isn’t much history to tap into that can help influence football predictions. Instead, you just have to look at their recent form and their qualifiers for the tournament.

Qualification and Road to the World Cup 2022

Getting to where they are now, the Welsh did things the hard way. They took the long route to Qatar by playing group matches and because of their final position (2nd), then had to go through a knockout round of games. Needless to say, it was a success, but here are the results that made it happen. Were they lucky, and can their luck hold out?

Date Match Final Score
24/03/2021 Belgium vs Wales 3-1
30/03/2021 Wales vs Czech Republic 1-0
05/09/2021 Belarus vs Wales 2-3
08/09/2021 Wales vs Estonia 0-0
08/10/2021 Czech Republic vs Wales 2-2
11/10/2021 Estonia vs Wales 0-1
13/11/2021 Wales vs Belarus 5-1
16/11/2021 Wales vs Belgium 1-1
24/03/2022 Wales vs Austria 2-1
05/06/2021 Wales vs Ukraine 1-0

Wales Players to Watch

We said in our Wales vs USA prediction that the Welsh squad heavily relies on Gareth Bale and that has shown true with his equalising goal. It will be much of the same against England, so our top star players doesn’t change from the first game. These are pivotal players that need a draw or a win to be in with a chance of qualifying. 

  • Gareth Bale: Position: Forward. 109 caps, 40 goals, and 22 assists. If there is to be a Welsh free-kick he will take it, and if there is to be any goal, it will be from him.
  • Daniel James: Position: Midfield. 38 caps, 5 goals, 5 assists, and 5 yellows. Not so effective against the US but likely to start still in hopes his speed will upset the England defence.
  • Brennan Johnson: Position: Midfield. 15 caps, 2 goals, and 1 assist. Will look to put pressure on the England midfield line. Strong in attack and will still do defensive duties. Has skill in him and might get a few fouls on him by slower players.

England vs Wales Betting Odds

There are over 300 WC 2022 betting odds that can be selected for this game. At Betiton Sport, we have every feature of the sport covered. You can bet on anything that can happen within the 90 minutes and beyond. Here are the top markets that are being bet on in this World Cup. If you like the latest odds, click and form your bet slip. 

Match Winner

England to Win Wales to Win Draw
1.49 6.25 3.85

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

Over 2.5 Goals Under 2.5 Goals
1.92 1.76

Who Will Win? England vs Wales Prediction

Kane’s quest for the FIFA World Cup Golden Boot will be underway. While the game will be close, the threat England poses is too great for Wales to contend with. Putting two men on Bale is enough to snuff out his threats. So, Kane to score, perhaps a 2-0 win, and our football predictions say that this will go down to the last game for Wales with goal difference being the factor. 

Our England vs Wales prediction: England to win.

Our England vs Wales Betting Tips

The following are our World Cup tips for the England vs Wales match: the odds for England to win can be boosted by forming an Accumulator bet. This means having more than 3 winners or drawing predictions on one bet slip. The more selections you add, the bigger the return. This is because you are betting on all results to come in and not individual results. 

It’s a good game to make individual bets on players, though it could also still be 0-0 at halftime, which is a classic English scoreline when it comes to tricky fixtures.

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