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Morocco vs Croatia Prediction – 2022 World Cup

Sean Fenech
September 1, 2022
Modified: November 10, 2022

The ninth instalment of the FIFA tournament takes us to the Al Bayt Stadium where it’s Morocco against Croatia. Who will win and what are the Morocco vs Croatia odds? All this and more are discussed here in our Morocco vs Croatia prediction, which forms part of our World Cup 2022 predictions guide. Here at Betiton, we will not only give you a VIP box seat to watch the action live but will be putting you in the field of play with complete coverage of the 2022 World Cup.

So, who’s your money on for this fixture? If you’re not too sure, check out our team previews and World Cup tips, along with the odds, and our prediction of who will win. At Betiton, you can access loads of online sports betting markets for this game, so you don’t necessarily need to pick the win or draw option. Let’s now look at Morocco vs Croatia and how both countries weigh up in the Group F opener. 

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Our Morocco vs Croatia prediction: Croatia to win

Morocco Preview

Of the four teams in Group F, Morocco are not the favourites to be knocked out of the group stage. This means that they have an opportunity to make it to the next round and this game will be pivotal in making it happen. When it comes to World Cup betting the Moroccan team has never been considered as an outside contender to progress through the World Cup, but there is a real chance here that this could be a potential outside to upset any World Cup predictor that sees them nothing more than a punchbag for other teams. This might be the reason they carry odds of 73/20 right now at Betiton. Their outright odds come in at 209/1.

World Cup History

When it comes to Morocco’s historical appearances in the World Cup, it is not exactly flourishing. But can history be a useful resource for World Cup predictions? Well, Morocco they have only appeared five times as a sole nation. Their first venture was in 1938 and was part of France, so this we won’t count. Four of the five qualifications resulted in Group Stage finishes, and in 1986, reaching the Round of 16 and an 11th place finish.

Their most recent foray in the tournament was in 2018 when they failed to register a single win. Since and for their World Cup Qualifiers, it was a very different set of results. 

Qualification and Road to the World Cup 2022

Can a qualification round of results give any real insight into just how good a team is and how well prepared they are? Well, we think it’s a little bit of yes, and a little bit of no. When Morocco played their six qualifying matches, they won all the fixtures and only conceded a single goal, while scoring 20. They then progressed to the third stage in a play-off with DR Congo.

Date Match Final Score
03/09/2021 Morocco vs Sudan 2-0
07/10/2021 Morocco vs Guinea-Bissau 5-0
10/10/2021 Guinea-Bissau vs Morocco 0-3
13/10/2021 Guinea vs Morocco 1-4
13/11/2021 Sudan vs Morocco 0-3
17/11/2021 Morocco vs Guinea 3-0
26/03/2022 (1st leg) DR Congo vs Morocco 1-1
30/03/2022 (2nd leg) Morocco vs DR Congo 4-1

Morocco Players to Watch

If a team is able to select world-class players, it can greatly impact your World Cup bets. It may help you to back a top scorer market, most fouls conceded market, and so on. Here we highlight the three players to watch in this fixture that should have a bold enough impact on the game. 

  • Achraf Hakimi: Position: Right Back. 51 caps, 8 goals, and 7 assists is a phenomenal return for a right back. At 23, there is a huge expectancy for him to keep up the levels that make him the team star.
  • Hakim Ziyech: Position: Right Wing. 40 caps, 17 goals, and 10 assists. Could be a smart bet to have his net a goal in this fixture and could be the key for the Moroccans to escape the group stages.
  • Y. EN-Nesyri: Position: Striker. 48 Caps, 14 Goals, and 3 assists. The goal poacher and now in his prime will be looking to keep up his goal-to-game ratio as he leads the Moroccan front line.

Croatia Preview

If your football predictions are more honed to betting on the banker favourites, then Croatia is the team you will be backing. The Croatians walk into this fixture with odds of 81/10, and their outright odds are a respectable 51/1. Though not seen as the favourites of Group F, they are highly expected to exit the group which is why this match is so important. Win and first or second place is sealed, lose, and it could be an early exit for the nation that came runners-up in the last World Cup. The record aside, the Croatians seem to have this air of being dark horses when it comes to this competition. It’s easy to forget how good they are because they are not littered with household names. But it’s their competitive tenacity that is the paid in the backside for many opposition teams. 

World Cup History

How will their historical run help your football prediction? Well, like Morocco, the Croatian national team has only appeared five times in the World Cup competition. Their debut was as recent as 1998 when they reached the Semi-finals and finished third place. Expectations soon got the better of them as the next three World Cups only saw them start and end within the Group Stages. 

2018 was their glory moment, defying all the odds to reach the finals to only end up Runners-Up and losing to France 4-2. Will they manage to reach the same performance levels? Well, it is a big ask because the Croatian side is in a tricky group, however, recent results suggest that they may do very well in the competition. 

Qualification and Road to the World Cup 2022

When looking at the road to Qatar for Croatia, there are many positives. In the Nations League matches, they beat both France and Denmark, which is some statement to put out there. They will also play a further three more games before this opening fixture, so will that impact their WC 2022 betting odds? 

For their qualifiers, Croatia came top of their table with 7 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss registered. They only conceded 4 goals and scored 17. Good form all round, perhaps the 51 to 1 odds are too good to ignore.

Date Match Final Score
25/03/2021 Slovenia vs Croatia 1-0
28/03/2021 Croatia vs Cyprus 1-0
31/03/2021 Croatia vs Malta 3-0
02/09/2021 Russia vs Croatia 0-0
05/09/2021 Slovakia vs Croatia 0-1
08/09/2021 Croatia vs Slovenia 3-0
09/10/2021 Cyprus vs Croatia 0-3
12/10/2021 Croatia vs Slovakia 2-2
12/11/2021 Malta vs Croatia 1-7
15/11/2021 Croatia vs Russia 1-0

Croatia Players to Watch

If a team has star players, it can make all the difference when it comes to football betting because you don’t just have to bet on which team will win. At Betiton, you can bet on players to score and players to get booked.

  • Luka Modrić: Position: Centre Midfield. Without a doubt the greatest Croatian player of all time, and most decorated with title honour. At 36, this is most definitely his last World Cup. His legacy carries 152 caps, 22 goals, and 24 assists. Unplayable when on form but can the legs keep up with his quick thinking?
  • Marcelo Brozović: Position: Defensive Midfield. 74 caps, 7 goals, and 8 assists, but likely to pick up a yellow card or two as his record for fouling has him carrying 17 yellows so far in his international career.
  • Andrej Kramarić: Position: Striker. At 31, it is most likely another bowing out for the Croatian side. Andrej comes with 71 caps, 19 Goals, and 9 assists, which is a good return for a player with lots of time on the bench and injuries in the past.

Morocco vs Croatia Betting Odds

At Betiton we have over 310 betting markets for this feature and it’s not just about picking the winner that could lead to a payout. You have, for example, Both Teams to Score, Correct Score, and Winning Margin. Here we look at two markets that are popular choices with our membership. They are Match Winner and Over/Under 2.5 Goals.

Match Winner

Morocco to Win Croatia to Win Draw
4.50 1.87 3.30

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

Over 2.5 Goals Under 2.5 Goals
2.19 1.58

Who Will Win? Morocco vs Croatia Prediction

This will not be a push over match for Croatia. There are many factors to consider for this opening fixture. Will the Croatian side suffer any injuries in their three games before the World Cup tournament or will it help them to build their squad mentality? Morocco goes into this fixture with only one friendly confirmed. Should we read too much into this when making our football predictions?

Morocco’s strengths are transitional attacking but are hampered by an exposable defence. For the Croatians, their strengths are all the field, and they will largely control the midfield play with Morocco only really having the hope of catching Croatia out on counter-attacking football.

For our Morocco vs Croatia prediction, we think the score will be 2-0, Morocco will play well and may just get caught out by set pieces like corners and free kicks. So, these are markets to consider as well. 

Our Morocco vs Croatia prediction: Croatia to win

Our Morocco vs Croatia Betting Tips

The fixture allows for plenty of other betting options that can be successful that will return you a greater payout than just picking Croatian as the winner of the match. 

We predict the score to be 2-0 for Croatia and the odds for this is at 7 to 1. Given the attacking strengths of Croatia, they may take their lead in the first half, at 1-0 you can get odds of 117/50.

If you want to be brave, you might be interested in Morocco as the first team to score, potentially catching Croatia napping. For this specific bet on Morocco, you get odds of 181/100.

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