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Spain vs Costa Rica Prediction – 2022 World Cup

Sean Fenech
September 1, 2022
Modified: November 10, 2022

On November 23rd, Group E kicks off its campaign in the World Cup tournament. At the Al Thumama Stadium it is Spain vs Costa Rica, and it should make for a very entertaining match. This is our Spain vs Costa Rica prediction, as part of our series of World Cup 2022 predictions guide for each World Cup fixture. We will be detailing each team’s history with the cup, their star players, and how their route to Qatar progressed.

We are online sports betting experts, and we will provide you with our prediction on who will win this match and direct you to the top odds you can bet on, here at Betiton. Not only that but we will also be providing you with our top World Cup tips that ought to help you when betting on the World Cup.

spain vs costa rica prediction

Our Spain vs Costa Rica prediction: Draw.

Spain Preview

Our World Cup predictor has Spain listed fifth in the outrights to win the World Cup. Their World Cup betting odds to lift the trophy are 81/10.

The Spanish team’s world ranking is currently sixth, which is a fair representation of where the team is right now. When you think of Spain, you would naturally assume that they come with some gravitas because of how popular domestic football is and La Liga. Well, most of their successes have actually come from the UEFA European Championship. In this competition, they have won the title three times and been runners-up once. Their titles blossomed in 2008 and 2012, as the team mostly comprised of Barcelona players, which lead to these two titles.

But what of the World Cup success?

World Cup History

Will Spain’s past in the competition reflect your World Cup predictions? Spain has always been a predominant figure in the competition and have always qualified for it since 1978. During this period, they won the trophy once, this was back in 2010, again, during their most successful spell as a team. However, compared to what happened before and after, they’ve done very little else, with the Quarter-Finals being the other higher achievement. In 2014, they were, like many teams in the past, struck with the winner’s curse and didn’t make it out of the group stages. In 2018, they got as far as the Round of 16 and ended in 10th place. 

So, what are their chances this year? Well, Spain are a classic example of a team where anything can happen. Forget the big names in the team, egos do not sync well of late for the Spaniards, so a win against Costa Rica is by far from a guarantee.

Qualification and Road to the World Cup 2022

If you want a good idea of where the Spanish squad are right now, then recent form might be a good indicator of that. However, when faced with the likes of Kosovo and Georgia, it doesn’t exactly give a fair representation. 

The road to Qatar saw Spain top their group table. With 8 games played, 1 draw, and 1 loss. Here are the results of their qualifying progress.

Date Match Final Score
25/03/2021 Spain vs Greece 1-1
28/03/2021 Georgia vs Spain 1-2
31/03/2021 Spain vs Kosovo 3-1
02/09/2021 Sweden vs Spain 2-1
05/09/2021 Spain vs Georgia 4-0
08/09/2021 Kosovo vs Spain 2-0
11/11/2021 Greece vs Spain 0-1
14/11/2021 Spain vs Sweden 1-0

Spain Players to Watch

We now look at three of the top players in the Spanish side that we think will have the most impact on this fixture against the Costa Ricans. Looking at players individually can also benefit you in other football betting markets that are separate from the team performance odds. 

  • Sergio Busquets: Position: Defensive-Midfield. A general in the centre facing his last World Cup. He will be needed to make sure Spain has flowing action and not be complacent at the back. Busquets holds 136 caps, 2 goals, 9 assists, and 24 bookings
  • Marcos Llorente: Position: Attacking-Midfield. A late comer to the squad at 27 could play a great role in the transitional attack which the opposition will struggle with. 16 caps and 3 assists.
  • Jordi Alba: Position: Left-Back. As Costa Rica will look to play wide, Jordi can capitalise on this and be pivotal in breaking play and pressing on the counter. 85 caps, 9 goals, 19 assists, and 8 bookings. Vital to the team for this fixture.

Costa Rica Preview

99.9% of all the World Cup bets for this fixture are going to be placed on Spain, but is this a smart move? Safe yes, but guaranteed no. Costa Rica are currently 34th as joint outsiders to win the tournament, at an eye-popping 749 to 1. Is it justified? Well, the ranking would suggest so, but Costa Rica is the typical non-threatening team that could cause a shock in the Group. This is a game that will be entertaining, and the Costa Ricans will bring as much as the Spanish give. 

World Cup History

The history of Costa Rica in the World Cup won’t aid any football predictions any time soon. They made their first appearance in 1990, missed the two cups after that, and then in 2002 and 2006 only made it to the group stages. 2014 was their best appearance, reaching the Quarter-Finals and ending in 8th place. In 2018, they once again settled for the group stages. 

How will they fair this time around? Well, based on recent form, they might struggle if their qualifiers are anything to go by.

Qualification and Road to the World Cup 2022

Getting to Qatar was a long and arduous road for Costa Rica. They finished 4th place in the final round table, winning 7, 4 draws, and 3 losses out of the 14 games play. They then had to play against New Zealand in an Intercontinental play-off to determine the qualifier. Here are the results of their matches.

Date Match Final Score
03/09/2021 Panama vs Costa Rica 0-0
06/09/2021 Costa Rica vs Mexico 0-1
09/09/2021 Costa Rica vs Jamaica 1-1
08/10/2021 Honduras vs Costa Rica 0-0
11/10/2021 Costa Rica vs El Salvador 2-1
14/10/2021 USA vs Costa Rica 2-1
13/11/2021 Canada vs Costa Rica 1-0
17/11/2021 Costa Rica vs Honduras 2-1
28/01/2022 Costa Rica vs Panama 1-0
31/01/2022 Mexico vs Costa Rica 0-0
03/02/2022 Jamaica vs Costa Rica 0-1
25/03/2022 Costa Rica vs Canada 1-0
27/03/2022 El Salvador vs Costa Rica 1-2
31/03/2022 Costa Rica vs USA 2-0
14/06/2022 Costa Rica vs New Zealand 1-0

Costa Rica Players to Watch

Here we highlight three of the Costa Rica team that may be able to impose some influence on the game. It might also influence how you bet in other available markets through Betiton.

  • Keylor Navas: Position: Goalkeeper. 107 caps and 41 clean sheets. Will need to be on form to stop Spain from scoring.
  • Joel Campbell: Position: Right Wing. 117 caps, 25 goals, 20 assists, and 10 bookings. Has the potential to be a tricky player if they can press on counterattacks down the wings.
  • Oscar Duarte: Position: Centre-Bank. 68 caps, 3 goals, 1 assist, 12 bookings, and 1 red. The lynchpin to the defence will be looking to break Spain’s rondo-style link-up play.

Spain vs Costa Rica Betting Odds

Betiton has over 300 WC 2022 betting odds for this fixture alone. Whether you bet on traditional Spain vs Costa Rica odds that focus on team achievements, or you bet on more detailed areas of gaming and player involvement. The choice is yours. You can build your Acca how you want. Here are the current odds for our most popular markets, winner, and over/under 2.5 goals.

Match Winner

Spain to Win Costa Rica to Win Draw
1.16 14.90 6.20

Over/Under 2.5 Goals

Over 2.5 Goals Under 2.5 Goals
1.71 1.98

Who Will Win? Spain vs Costa Rica Prediction

Who will take the three points in this FIFA Group E fixture? The obvious Spain vs Costa Rica prediction would be to lump your money on Spain, but football has a funny way of not going the way you think, which is why we all love the sport. Our football predictions see this as a tight game. Spain may dominate but that stat counts for nothing if the ball can’t be put into the net. This Spanish squad is missing a clinical striker, which could be their downfall in this competition. Their World Cup inconsistency will continue for Spain, and Costa Rica will hold on for a score draw, 1-1.

Our Spain vs Costa Rica prediction: Draw.

Our Spain vs Costa Rica Betting Tips

There are plenty of other bets you can place on this game. This will be a battle in the midfield because Spain plays direct, while Costa Rica will play wide. The game will perhaps also be messy from the heat. You might want to look at betting markets that cover the 1-1 draw. Also, in the booking markets, we would select Oscar Duarte to pick up a yellow. 

If you want to play safe, and Spain dominates the game, then look at a 3-0 score. If you want to take a bolder approach, then Costa Rica to score first or be winning at halftime 1-0. 

Sean Fenech

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