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World Cup 2022 Predictions

Last Updated: 30-11-2022 11:37

The 2022 World Cup kicks off on November 21st, and to get you all prepared and ready for World Cup betting, we present our World Cup predictor guide. These ought to help you make your own World Cup 2022 predictions. However, we’ll be presenting our own World Cup 2022 predictions to help you out in case you don’t have the time to invest in researching and coming up with your own predictions.

At Betiton™, you can gain full access to the FIFA tournament. We provide you with live betting coverage of every game, hundreds of betting markets, in-play betting, great odds, and online sports betting bonuses. There is no bigger footballing tournament in the world and over 1.1 billion people will be tuned-in to watch and take part in the celebrations. So, who is your favourite to lift the coveted trophy?

Our World Cup 2022 Predictions

Below are all of our World Cup 2022 predictions. We will be updating this table as more and more World Cup tips are published.

Match Date Match Prediction
1 21-Nov-22 Qatar vs Ecuador
2 21-Nov-22 Senegal vs Netherlands
3 21-Nov-22 England vs Iran
4 21-Nov-22 USA vs Wales
5 22-Nov 22 France vs Australia
6 22-Nov-22 Denmark vs Tunisia
7 22-Nov-22 Mexico vs Poland
8 22-Nov-22 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia
9 23-Nov-22 Belgium vs Canada
10 23-Nov-22 Spain vs Costa Rica
11 23-Nov-22 Germany vs Japan
12 23-Nov-22 Morocco vs Croatia
13 24-Nov-22 Switzerland vs Cameroon
14 24-Nov-22 Uruguay vs South Korea
15 24-Nov-22 Portugal vs Ghana
16 24-Nov-22 Brazil vs Serbia
17 25-Nov-22 Iran vs Wales
18 25-Nov-22 Qatar vs Senegal
19 25-Nov-22 Netherlands vs Ecuador
20 25-Nov-22 England vs USA
21 26-Nov-22 Tunisia vs Australia
22 26-Nov-22 Poland vs Saudi Arabia
23 26-Nov-22 France vs Denmark
24 26-Nov-22 Japan vs Costa Rica
26 27-Nov-22 Belgium vs Morocco
27 27-Nov-22 Croatia vs Canada
28 27-Nov-22 Spain vs Germany
29 28-Nov-22 Serbia vs Cameroon
30 28-Nov-22 South Korea vs Ghana
31 28-Nov-22 Brazil vs Switzerland
32 28-Nov-22 Portugal vs Uruguay
33 29-Nov-22 England vs Wales
34 29-Nov-22 Iran vs USA
35 29-Nov-22 Ecuador vs Senegal
36 29-Nov-22 Netherlands vs Qatar
37 30-Nov-22 Denmark vs Australia
38 30-Nov-22 Tunisia vs France
39 30-Nov-22 Poland vs Argentina
40 30-Nov-22 Saudi Arabia vs Mexico
41 01-Dec-22 Croatia vs Belgium
42 01-Dec-22 Canada vs Morocco
43 01-Dec-22 Japan vs Spain
44 01-Dec-22 Costa Rica vs Germany
45 02-Dec-22 Ghana vs Uruguay
46 02-Dec-22 South Korea vs Portugal
47 02-Dec-22 Serbia vs Switzerland
48 02-Dec-22 Brazil vs Cameroon
49 03-Dec-22 Netherlands vs USA
50 03-Dec-22 Argentina vs Australia
51 04-Dec-22 England vs Senegal
52 04-Dec-22 France vs Poland
53 05-Dec-22 1E vs 2F
54 05-Dec-22 1G vs 2H
55 06-Dec-22 1F vs 2E
56 06-Dec-22 1H vs 2G

World Cup 2022 Predictions: Who Will Win the 2022 World Cup?

Qatar will be the hosts of the World Cup tournament, after having won the controversial vote. This is a special tournament that for the first time in its history will be played in the middle of a traditional footballing and football betting season. This is due to the climate in the Arab country, meaning it will take place during winter rather than the traditional summer. The tournament will begin on November 21st and end with the final taking place on December 18th. The 2022 World Cup will be the first time the competition has been held in any Arabian country, and there will be 8 venues throughout 5 cities hosting the matches.

32 teams form the tournament made up of eight groups (A–H). We will now take you through all the teams and inform you of their odds, history of the tournament, top players, strengths and weaknesses, and some of our World Cup 2022 predictions and tips for the teams as well as groups. This ought to help you when making your World Cup 2022 picks.

Group A

Group A of the 2022 World Cup is a mixed bag of nations that have very little history with the tournament. There is one standout team that will be high on the list of many World Cup 2022 predictions – that being the Netherlands.

World Cup tournament predictor for qualification to the knockout stages: Netherlands and Senegal.

Qatar to Win

World Cup hosts Qatar is making the first-ever appearance in the World Cup. The hosts are granted a pass to the group stages, thus eliminating the need to go through the qualifying rounds. But what they lack in experience with the FIFA tournament, they make up by playing in the Copa America and the Asian Cup. It is in the latter tournament that Qatar in 2019 won the trophy, having not lost a game.

  • World Cup Appearances: 1
  • Star Players: Akram Afif, Homam Ahmed, and Abdulaziz Hatem
  • Team Strengths: Attacking play down the wings
  • Team Weakness: Defensive positioning
  • Odds to Win: 350.00

Ecuador to Win

The South American nation will be making their fourth appearance in the World Cup. With their debut happening exactly 20 years ago. Their lack of experience in this tournament is made up by participating in the Copa America. Their record is much better, having reached the Quarter-Finals in 2016 and 2021. In most recent international games, they have held both Brazil and Argentina to score draws.

  • World Cup Appearances: 4
  • Star Players: Moises Caicedo, Enner Valencia, and Pervis Estupiñán
  • Team Strengths: Strong defence that doesn’t concede much
  • Team Weakness: Temperament that leads to many bookings
  • Odds to Win: 155.00

Senegal to Win

The in-form African nation side is entering their third ever World Cup. The come into this as champions of the African Cup of Nations, having been runners up in the previous year. The Senegalese team are currently going through a period of success and will serve them will in this tournament.

  • World Cup Appearances: 3
  • Star Players: Sadio Mane, Idrissa Gueye, and Ismaila Sarr
  • Team Strengths: Strong attacking transitions and transitional attacking play
  • Team Weakness: Weak on corners
  • Odds to Win: 81.00

Netherlands to Win

Before this tournament, the Dutch had only qualified ten times, yet they are a nation with a rich history of the competition, having appeared in three finals and, with third and fourth place positioning, respectively. Despite having some historic players compete, they have never won the trophy. This is a hit-or-miss nation who, when on song, is great, but if lacking discipline, can be awful.

  • World Cup Appearances: 11
  • Star Players: Virgil Van Dijk, Frankie De Jong, and Memphis Depay
  • Team Strengths: Attacking and defensive control
  • Team Weakness: Discipline in midfield
  • Odds to Win: 13.20

Group B

One of the exciting groups of the 2022 World Cup, with the added element of political controversy for obvious reasons. The World Cup 2022 score predictions surrounding this group aren’t definite as it’s quite open. It should bring about a lot of entertainment nevertheless.

World Cup 2022 predictions for qualifying to the knockout stages: England and the United States.

England to Win

Always among the favourite for the competition, but often failing to produce quality that averagely gets them into the Quarter-Finals. England won the tournament in 1966 whilst hosting. England World Cup wins in this group are expected but may struggle to totally dominate. Currently, they are third favorites in the 2022 World Cup predictions.

  • World Cup Appearances: 15
  • Star Players: Harry Kane, Kalvin Phillips, and Phil Foden
  • Team Strengths: Strong midfield and defence
  • Team Weakness: Attack is slow paced
  • Odds to Win: 6.60

Iran to Win

The Iranians made their debut in a World Cup in 1974 and in every one of them since, they have never gone beyond the group stage. In the Asian Cup they have a more dominating presence having lifted the trophy three times and in 2019 reaching the Semi-Finals.

  • World Cup Appearances: 7
  • Star Players: Sardar Azmoun, Mehdi Taremim, and Alireza Jahanbakhsh
  • Team Strengths: Mentally strong team
  • Team Weakness: Defence will always concede
  • Odds to Win: 750.00

USA to Win

Between 1954 and 1990, the US did not qualify for a World Cup. They hosted the tournament in 1994 and in 2002 reached the Quarter-Finals. Their highest position to date is, in fact, semi-finalists and this was in the first-ever World Cup in 1930. This year the Americans come into the competition with a strong squad, and now have many players established in Europe and the English leagues.

  • World Cup Appearances: 9
  • Star Players: Cristian Pulisic, Brenden Aaronson, and Tyler Adams
  • Team Strengths: Attack and energy
  • Team Weakness: Inconsistency
  • Odds to Win: 100.00

Wales to Win

This is the second time Wales has qualified for the tournament since the 1958 competition held in Sweden. The Welsh will be going into this with a point to prove and will be hoping that their star player Gareth Bale will not be injured. They have a chance to escape the group but have to be on top form for at least two of their three games.

  • World Cup Appearances: 2
  • Star Players: Gareth Bale, Daniel James, and Brennan Johnson
  • Team Strengths: Pace and winger attacks
  • Team Weakness: Defensively frail
  • Odds to Win: 150.00

Group C

The World Cup 2022 game predictions for this group have a clear winner, but picking a qualifying team between Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland is too close to call. It is one of the tighter groups in the 2022 World Cup, which should make it exciting to watch.

World Cup 2022 predictions for qualifying to the knockout stages: Argentina and Mexico

Argentina to Win

Argentina is one of the more successful footballing nations when it comes to this tournament, which is why many match predictions favour them to win. Argentina has won the trophy twice in the 16 World Cups they have appeared in. They came Runners-Up in 1990 and in 2014. Star player Lionel Messi will make his last appearance and will most definitely guide the team out of this group.

  • World Cup Appearances: 17
  • Star Players: Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, and Lautaro Martínez
  • Team Strengths: Attacking and Midfield possession
  • Team Weakness: Inconsistency
  • Odds to Win: 8.10

Saudi Arabia to Win

In 1994 Saudi Arabia scored what many consider to be the greatest World Cup goal of all time. Can they repeat it? This will be their sixth tournament and only in the 1994 cup have they gone beyond the Group Stage. They have plenty tournament experience with the Asian Cup, something they have won three times. They’re the dark horse for Group C but ranked the least favourite to win the competition.

  • World Cup Appearances: 6
  • Star Players: S. Al Dawsari, Y. Al Shahrani, and Salman Al Faraj
  • Team Strengths: Defensively strong
  • Team Weakness: Slow pace and weak attacking options
  • Odds to Win: 750.00

Mexico to Win

Mexico brings great support to the tournament and their hosting of the 1970 cup was iconic. In the past seven tournaments, they have always reached the Round of 16 but getting beyond hasn’t happened since 1986. They are always ranked as outsiders to win, but the talent is there to get them out of this group.

  • World Cup Appearances: 17
  • Star Players: Raúl Jiménez, Jesús Corona, and Hirving Lozano
  • Team Strengths: Technically powerful, pace, and transitional play
  • Team Weakness: Temperament that brings bookings
  • Odds to Win: 150.00

Poland to Win

This will be the country’s ninth appearance in the competition. Their past three outings have only seen them remain in the Group Stages. This might be too big a call for them to qualify out of the groups, but they have one of the best strikers in Europe in Lewandowski. To reach the tournament, Poland had to qualify via the knockout stages having finished second in their group. They beat Sweden in the final 2-0.

  • World Cup Appearances: 9
  • Star Players: Matt Cash, Robert Lewandowski, and Piotr Zirlinski
  • Team Strengths: Wing attack
  • Team Weakness: Defensive inconsistency
  • Odds to Win: 125.00

Group D

The Group D list for the 2022 World Cup looks on paper to be one of the easier judgement calls, but it will be far from easy to escape this group. We do still back the favourites, but they will only just qualify to reach the next stages.

World Cup 2022 predictions for qualifying to the knockout stages: France and Denmark.

France to Win

France are the current World Cup holder and come into this tournament as champions. However, the last time that happened was in 1998, the following tournament was a complete disaster. Will history repeat itself? France has a great squad this year and come into the tournament as the third favourites to win.

  • World Cup Appearances: 16
  • Star Players: Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, and Paul Pogba
  • Team Strengths: Technically strong, controlling midfield, great defence and attacking play
  • Team Weakness: France does have a habit of shooting themselves in the foot
  • Odds to Win: 7.05

Australia to Win

During the early 2000s, the Aussies had a great team, but since then, they have struggled to convince. In their last three appearances, they have failed to progress beyond the Group Stages. In the last two, they failed to register a single win. They will fight, but their grit might not be enough to make the top two.

  • World Cup Appearances: 6
  • Star Players: Mathew Ryan, Aaron Mooy, and Jamie Maclaren
  • Team Strengths: Strong mentality
  • Team Weakness: Defensively and attacking weakness
  • Odds to Win: 260.00

Demark to Win

Always a dark horse for any sporting tournament. They had a great run in the recent UEFA European Championship and will look as dangerous in this competition. Despite their limited experience of the World Cup, they are second favourites to qualify from this group, and based on past experiences, they always have a knack for reaching the Round of 16.

  • World Cup Appearances: 6
  • Star Players: Christian Eriksen, Mikkel Damsgaard, and Kasper Schmeichel
  • Team Strengths: Mentally strong, good defence, and midfield control
  • Team Weakness: Light in attack
  • Odds to Win: 29.25

Tunisia to Win

Just like the Danes, the Tunisian team will be making their 6th appearance in the World Cup in Qatar. They will be seen as the underdogs of the group, but this team has some bite. They have a history of impressive appearances in the African Cup of Nations tournament that they can bring into this competition. Watch them rattle some cages.

  • World Cup Appearances: 6
  • Star Players: Mohamed Ali Ben Romdhane, Hannibal Mejbri, and Montassar Omar Talbi
  • Team Strengths: Mentally strong and good ariel threat
  • Team Weakness: Defending and pace
  • Odds to Win: 350.00

Group E

Every World Cup competition has a group of death, and this is by far the 2022 group of death. For Group E of the 2022 World Cup, you have four strong teams, where anyone could legitimately qualify. There is no easy World Cup 2022 predictor game when it comes to this group, there will be an upset, and that’s what we love to see.

World Cup 2022 predictions for qualifying to the knockout stages: Spain and Japan.

Spain to Win

The Spanish have lifted the trophy once in their history back in 2010, but they are a team that often reaches the Round of 16 or the Quarter-Finals. This isn’t the strongest Spain side to appear in the World Cup, but they will want to improve on their 2018 efforts where they finished 10th place. They are currently the fourth favourites to win the tournament.

  • World Cup Appearances: 16
  • Star Players: Ferran Torres, Rodri, and Sergio Busquets
  • Team Strengths: Technical talent, experience, defensive strength, midfield control, and attacking transitions
  • Team Weakness: Aging squad lacking pace
  • Odds to Win: 9.10

Costa Rica to Win

This will be the sixth appearance for the South Americans who finished 8th in the 2014 competition. Their route to Qatar was fairly convincing, but they will be seen as the weaker team in what is a tough group, but never right of a South American side because they have enough talent to surprise any team.

  • World Cup Appearances: 6
  • Star Players: Keylor Navas, Joel Campbell, and Oscar Durate
  • Team Strengths: Transitional play
  • Team Weakness: Defence
  • Odds to Win: 750

Germany to Win

As four-time winners, Germany are in that World Cup bracket of all-time greats, and they are always expected to produce. In recent years however, they have not been a team of absolutely great players. In 2018 they didn’t even advance from the Group Stage. Their route to the tournament was perhaps the easiest of all qualified teams, there just isn’t enough to convince us they will repeat past glories, which is why they are only sixth favourites to win.

  • World Cup Appearances: 20
  • Star Players: Thomas Muller, Ilkay Gundogan, and Kai Havertz
  • Team Strengths: Possession play, defence, midfield control
  • Team Weakness: Light in attack
  • Odds to Win: 12.10

Japan to Win

Having made their debut in the competition only in 1998, since then they have been impressive having reached the Round of 16, three of the six times they’ve played. Twice they have finished ninth, and they will want to match this at the very least. They have all the potential to out-muscle other teams in the group to reach familiar stomping grounds, and we think they will.

  • World Cup Appearances: 7
  • Star Players: Takumi Minamino, Takefusa Kubo, and Wataru Endo
  • Team Strengths: Mentally strong, transition play and pace
  • Team Weakness: Set-pieces
  • Odds to Win: 250.00

Group F

The Group F of the 2022 World Cup should be an easy one to call. There are two distinctly strong teams in here are two very weak sides. A good group to focus on for betting, and there should be lots of goals too.

World Cup 2022 predictions for qualifying to the knockout stages: Croatia and Belgium.

Belgium to Win

The Belgium side in recent competitions has improved bit by bit. The nation had produced a crop of highly impressive young players in 2010 that have now the right kind of experience for this tournament. In 2014 they finished sixth, and in 2018 came third. They will certainly exit this group stage to make it to the Round of 16.

  • World Cup Appearances: 14
  • Star Players: Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku, and Youri Tielemans
  • Team Strengths: Possession, Set-pieces, midfield control and attacking
  • Team Weakness: Defensively inconsistent
  • Odds to Win: 13.20

Canada to Win

The Canadians are making their second ever appearance in the World Cup, with the first being all the way back in 1986. For the Qualifiers, Canada finished top of their group that also had the USA, Mexico, and Costa Rica. That’s impressive, but we can’t see them repeating the impossible twice.

  • World Cup Appearances: 2
  • Star Players: Alphonso Davies, Johnathan David, and Stephen Eustáquio
  • Team Strengths: Height and Strength
  • Team Weakness: Defence
  • Odds to Win: 155.00

Morocco to Win

Only once has Morocco made it into the Round of 16 in their five attempts, and this was back in 1986. Morocco topped their qualifiers without a single defeat and only conceded one goal in the process. They have the potential to cause an upset against the stronger teams, but advancement to the Round of 16 might be too big a call.

  • World Cup Appearances: 6
  • Star Players: Hakim Ziyech, Achraf Hakimi, and Youssef En-Nesyri
  • Team Strengths: Defence
  • Team Weakness: Ariel, technical ability, and pace
  • Odds to Win: 250.00

Croatia to Win

Croatia come into this World Cup as Runners-Up, having lost to France in the 2018 final. In their first tournament in 1998 they finished third. They are one of the favourites to qualify from this group and in their recent Nations League matches they beat both Denmark and France 1-0 each.

  • World Cup Appearances: 6
  • Star Players: Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic, Marcelo Brozovic
  • Team Strengths: Possession and transition, pace, and set-pieces
  • Team Weakness: Corners and defending
  • Odds to Win: 52.00

Group G

In Group G of the 2022 World Cup, you have one clear favourite and three times that are all capable of qualifying for the next round. Not an easy call to say who will join the Brazilians in the next round, but it could even go down to goal difference.

World Cup 2022 predictions for qualifying to the knockout stages: Brazil and Switzerland.

Brazil to Win

Five Brazil World Cup wins make them the greatest nation to compete in the tournament, and they have appeared in every one of them. They are favourites to qualify from Group G and favourites to win the tournament. Their last trophy win was in 2002, so will 2022 be their year? It wouldn’t be a surprise if it were. Brazil next match could see them have 71 victories in 105 matches played in the World Cup, which is some record.

  • World Cup Appearances: 22
  • Star Players: Neymar, Raphinha, and Philippe Coutinho
  • Team Strengths: Technical ability, strength, set-pieces, attacking transitions
  • Team Weakness: Ariel
  • Odds to Win: 5.55

Serbia to Win

After several political and cultural changes, Serbia has been, in part, involved in 13 World Cups, but as an independent nation, this will be their third. In their previous two appearances they never went beyond the Group Stage, and it might just be the case again this year.

  • World Cup Appearances: 13
  • Star Players: Dusan Vlahovic, Dusan Tadic, and Luka Jovic
  • Team Strengths: Ariel ability, attack, and strength
  • Team Weakness: Defence
  • Odds to Win: 150.00

Switzerland to Win

We make the Swiss the second favourites to qualify from their group. In their previous two tournaments they reached the Round of 16, but this year it won’t be an easy task to progress given the openness of the group. They did, however, qualify without losing a game.

  • World Cup Appearances: 12
  • Star Players: Xherdan Shaqiri, Granit Xhaka, and Brell Embolo
  • Team Strengths: Strength and Mentality
  • Team Weakness: Defence
  • Odds to Win: 82.00

Cameroon to Win

In 1990, Cameroon became an iconic team, with brilliant football that got them to the Quarter-Finals. Since then, they have failed to get out of the Group Stages and have only won one game in this period. It’s a tough call, but maybe they just might miss out on qualifying this year on goal difference.

  • World Cup Appearances: 8
  • Star Players: Karl Toko Ekambi, Vincent Aboubakar, and Jean-Charles Castelletto
  • Team Strengths: Pace, technical ability, transition play
  • Team Weakness: Defending and light in attack
  • Odds to Win: 200.00

Group H

The Group H list for the 2022 World Cup could be a little tricky for some teams. While the favourites seem obvious, this is a group that has the potential to not go the way you think it will. We can see a few great games being played here and qualifications based on goal difference.

World Cup 2022 predictions for qualifying to the knockout stages: Uruguay and Portugal.

Portugal to Win

It might surprise you to learn that Portugal doesn’t have a great appearance record in the tournament. This will be their eighth time in the tournament. In 1966 they finished third and in 2006 finished 4th. In the last World Cup, it was 13th, so they have been a bit disappointing given their strong squad. They are, however, our tip for group winner or certainly qualifier because of their captain Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • World Cup Appearances: 8
  • Star Players: Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, and Joao Cancelo
  • Team Strengths: Attacking transitions, defence, and set-pieces
  • Team Weakness: Mentality
  • Odds to Win: 13.20

Ghana to Win

This will be Ghana’s fourth appearance in the World Cup, with their first only being in 2006. Their highest position was a brilliant seventh in the 2010 tournament. They could be the dark horse of the group, but the other times might just have too much quality for them to conquer.

  • World Cup Appearances: 4
  • Star Players: Jordan Ayew, Thomas Partey, and Abdul Fatawu Issahaku
  • Team Strengths: Pace, strength, and attack
  • Team Weakness: Defence and transition
  • Odds to Win: 250.00

Uruguay to Win

Winners of the first World Cup in 1930 and again in 1950. In recent appearances they finished fourth in 2016, 12th in 2014, and 5th in 2018. The team is stronger this year and we have them as favourites to win the group and do well in the tournament.

  • World Cup Appearances: 14
  • Star Players: Luis Suarez, Darwin Nunez, and Nicolas De La Cruz
  • Team Strengths: Attack and transitional play
  • Team Weakness: Discipline and set-pieces
  • Odds to Win: 52.00

South Korea to Win

This will be their tenth consecutive appearance in the competition, and they will be hoping to emulate their incredible 2002 performances that had them finish in fourth place. In their previous two appearances, they only managed the Group Stages. We think the same will happen again in Qatar.

  • World Cup Appearances: 11
  • Star Players: Son Heung-min, Hwang Hee-chan, and Kwon Kyung-won
  • Team Strengths: Pace, mentality, and attack
  • Team Weakness: Ariel and defence
  • Odds to Win: 250.00

Essential World Cup Betting Tips

How should you approach World Cup 2022 predictions? Is it wise to always rely on the favourites or the bigger teams? Following the World Cup draw predictions have placed the usual suspects top of the list to win. Betting outright still offers good odds as you can see with Brazil at 5.50.

Here at Betiton™, you can access many more markets to mix your betting up and how you experience the games of the tournament. Here are some of our betting tips to consider.

Both Teams to Score

With everything to play for, teams cannot afford to play cautiously and risk not qualifying on goal difference. Therefore, for the group stages and Round of 16, the betting market Both Teams to Score will be a sensible betting option. This will especially work for the games in Group A, B, E, F, and H.

Two Goal Sequence

In this market (listed under Special), you can bet on how the sequence of the first two goals will be scored. An example is HH, this is the registered home team scoring consecutively. With AH, the registered away team will score first, but the home team will equalise with the second goal of the game. This is a good betting option, especially for the better teams playing against weaker opponents. Examples include England vs Iran, Argentina vs Saudi Arabia, Belgium vs Morocco, and Brazil vs Serbia in the group stages.

First Half Score

Rarely in such a competition is a team going to be winning 3 nil by halftime. Common scores are either 0-0 or 1-0. You will often get odds at 3.00 for a 1-0 score line at halftime. Double your money, then if it comes in, you have a balance to play with for some second-half in-play bets.

Past World Cup Winners

The past World Cup football winners and those that came runners-up in the competition. Knowing the past winners is an important consideration to make alongside looking up World Cup 2022 predictions.

Year Winner Runner-Up
1930 Uruguay Argentina
1934 Italy Czechoslovakia
1938 Italy Hungary
1950 Uruguay Brazil
1954 West Germany Hungary
1958 Brazil Sweden
1962 Brazil Czechoslovakia
1966 England West Germany
1970 Brazil Italy
1974 West Germany Netherlands
1978 Argentina Netherlands
1982 Italy West Germany
1986 Argentina West Germany
1990 West Germany Argentina
1994 Brazil Italy
1998 France Brazil
2002 Brazil Germany
2006 Italy France
2010 Spain Netherlands
2014 Germany Argentina
2018 France Croatia

Frequently Asked Questions About World Cup 2022 Predictions

Who will win the FIFA World Cup 2022?

The favourites to lift the trophy are Brazil and our World Cup 2022 predictions are no different at Betiton™. With five champion titles already claimed by the Brazilians in the history of the competition, you wouldn’t put it past them to make it a record-breaking sixth.

Who is the World Cup Favourite?

Every bookmaker online has Brazil as favourite in their World Cup 2022 predictor. Only at Betiton™ will you get great odds of Brazil lifting the trophy at 5.50.

Who Will Win World Cup 2022 Predictions?

These are the top 10 outright World Cup predictions 2022 at Betiton™:

  1. Brazil = 5.55
  2. England = 6.60
  3. France = 7.05
  4. Argentina = 8.10
  5. Spain = 9.10
  6. Germany = 12.10
  7. Portugal = 13.20
  8. Netherlands = 13.20
  9. Belgium = 13.20
  10. Denmark = 29.25

Note that Odds and Cashouts will vary as the competition goes from game to game.

Which country will host the 2030 World Cup?

A misconception that football World Cup winners get to host the next tournament, but this is not the case. Hosts are selected from a ballot system. Countries will lobby their case and are then voted upon by FIFA. In 2026, the World Cup will be hosted between Mexico, Canada, and the USA. The voting for the 2030 World Cup host will take place in 2023.