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World Cup Betting at Betiton UK

Last Updated: 03-10-2022 09:31

The FIFA World Cup—generally known simply as the World Cup—is the biggest event in the global men’s football calendar. It’s even the biggest sporting event on the planet! It’s an international championship that pits against each other national football teams from different countries around the globe. Naturally, World Cup betting has become extremely popular alongside the tournament.

The championship takes place every four years, and the next edition is set to be played at the end of 2022. It’s not only the biggest football tournament in terms of scope and excitement, but it’s also generally considered the most prestigious; in fact, the World Cup winners are regarded as the greatest footballers on Earth. But it’s not just the World Cup itself that brings in viewers, it’s the run-up and qualifying games too. If football betting is something that interests you, our sportsbook is the place to make the most out of your online football betting.

a footballer with red shoes holding a ball under his foot with the Betiton Sport logo and a button that says "bet here" for world cup betting

Betiton is an online bookmaker suitable for all sports bettors from the UK. Here, we offer players more World Cup bets and football World Cup odds than they knew existed! This way, punters can switch it up every now and again, or stake on multiple bets at once. However, if you’re new to online sports betting or FIFA World Cup betting, then you’re going to need to know a couple of concepts before playing your first World Cup bet. Not to worry, however, as we’ll be explaining everything you need to know in this page.

Finally, we’ll also be providing you with information about the men’s World Cup itself, such as providing you with a schedule of fixtures and the format of the competition. Furthermore, we’ll be informing you of the benefits that you can enjoy when you join Betiton. In fact, we offer a myriad of benefits, including our World Cup bet offers, our World Cup tips, as well as our World Cup 2022 predictions. Finally, rest assured that our FIFA World Cup 2022 odds provide great value, giving you better deals than other World Cup bookies’ odds.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

From groups to the road to the knockouts and into the final rounds, we present to you the complete FIFA World Cup 2022 fixtures, showing you the dates, teams, and venues. Never miss a game and witness the incredible football World Cup draw unfold.

The Football World Cup 2022 Table of Fixtures

Below, you can find a full table of fixtures for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. You can find all the matches and the days on which they’re happening; the order in which the matches will be played; the group that the matches belong to; the match-ups; the time of the match; the stadiums where they’ll be played, as well as a link to our World Cup prediction for that match:

Match Date Team 1 vs Team 2 Group Time Location
1 21-Nov-22 Qatar vs Ecuador A 7:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium
2 21-Nov-22 Senegal vs Netherlands A 1:00 PM Al Thumama Stadium
3 21-Nov-22 England vs Iran B 4:00 PM Khalifa International Stadium
4 21-Nov-22 USA vs Wales B 10:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
5 22-Nov 22 France vs Australia D 10:00 PM Al Janoub Stadium
6 22-Nov-22 Denmark vs Tunisia D 4:00 PM Education City Stadium
7 22-Nov-22 Mexico vs Poland C 7:00 PM Stadium 974
8 22-Nov-22 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia C 1:00 PM Lusail Stadium
9 23-Nov-22 Belgium vs Canada F 10:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
10 23-Nov-22 Spain vs Costa Rica E 7:00 PM Al Thumama Stadium
11 23-Nov-22 Germany vs Japan E 4:00 PM Khalifa International Stadium
12 23-Nov-22 Morocco vs Croatia F 1:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium
13 24-Nov-22 Switzerland vs Cameroon G 1:00 PM Al Janoub Stadium
14 24-Nov-22 Uruguay vs South Korea H 4:00 PM Education City Stadium
15 24-Nov-22 Portugal vs Ghana H 7:00 PM Stadium 974
16 24-Nov-22 Brazil vs Serbia G 10:00 PM Lusail Stadium
1B 21-Nov-22 Qatar vs Ecuador A 7:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium
2B 21-Nov-22 Senegal vs Netherlands A 1:00 PM Al Thumama Stadium
3B 21-Nov-22 England vs Iran B 4:00 PM Khalifa International Stadium
4B 21-Nov-22 USA vs Wales B 10:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
5B 22-Nov-22 France vs Australia D 10:00 PM Al Janoub Stadium
6B 22-Nov-22 Denmark vs Tunisia D 4:00 PM Education City Stadium
7B 22-Nov-22 Mexico vs Poland C 7:00 PM Stadium 974
8B 22-Nov-22 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia C 1:00 PM Lusail Stadium
9B 23-Nov-22 Belgium vs Canada F 10:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
10B 23-Nov-22 Spain vs Costa Rica E 7:00 PM Al Thumama Stadium
11B 23-Nov-22 Germany vs Japan E 4:00 PM Khalifa International Stadium
12B 23-Nov-22 Morocco vs Croatia F 1:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium
13B 24-Nov-22 Switzerland vs Cameroon G 1:00 PM Al Janoub Stadium
14B 24-Nov-22 Uruguay vs South Korea H 4:00 PM Education City Stadium
15B 24-Nov-22 Portugal vs Ghana H 7:00 PM Stadium 974
16B 24-Nov-22 Brazil vs Serbia G 10:00 PM Lusail Stadium
17 25-Nov-22 Iran vs Wales B 1:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
18 25-Nov-22 Qatar vs Senegal A 4:00 PM Al Thumama Stadium
19 25-Nov-22 Netherlands vs Ecuador A 7:00 PM Khalifa International Stadium
20 25-Nov-22 England vs USA B 10:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium
21 26-Nov-22 Tunisia vs Australia D 1:00 PM Al Janoub Stadium
22 26-Nov-22 Poland vs Saudi Arabia C 4:00 PM Education City Stadium
23 26-Nov-22 France vs Denmark D 7:00 PM Stadium 974
24 26-Nov-22 Argentina vs Mexico C 10:00 PM Lusail Stadium
25 27-Nov-22 Japan vs Costa Rica E 1:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
26 27-Nov-22 Belgium vs Morocco F 4:00 PM Al Thumama Stadium
27 27-Nov-22 Croatia vs Canada F 7:00 PM Khalifa International Stadium
28 27-Nov-22 Spain vs Germany E 10:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium
29 28-Nov-22 Serbia vs Cameroon G 1:00 PM Al Janoub Stadium
30 28-Nov-22 South Korea vs Ghana H 4:00 PM Education City Stadium
31 28-Nov-22 Brazil vs Switzerland G 7:00 PM Stadium 974
32 28-Nov-22 Portugal vs Uruguay H 10:00 PM Lusail Stadium
33 29-Nov-22 England vs Wales B 10:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
34 29-Nov-22 Iran vs USA B 10:00 PM Al Thumama Stadium
35 29-Nov-22 Ecuador vs Senegal A 6:00 PM Khalifa International Stadium
36 29-Nov-22 Netherlands vs Qatar A 6:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium
37 30-Nov-22 Denmark vs Australia D 6:00 PM Al Janoub Stadium
38 30-Nov-22 Tunisia vs France D 6:00 PM Education City Stadium
39 30-Nov-22 Poland vs Argentina C 10:00 PM Stadium 974
40 30-Nov-22 Saudi Arabia vs Mexico C 10:00 PM Lusail Stadium
41 01-Dec-22 Croatia vs Belgium F 6:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
42 01-Dec-22 Canada vs Morocco F 6:00 PM Al Thumama Stadium
43 01-Dec-22 Japan vs Spain E 10:00 PM Khalifa International Stadium
44 01-Dec-22 Costa Rica/New Zealand vs Germany E 10:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium
45 02-Dec-22 Ghana vs Uruguay H 6:00 PM Al Janoub Stadium
46 02-Dec-22 South Korea vs Portugal H 6:00 PM Education City Stadium
47 02-Dec-22 Serbia vs Switzerland G 10:00 PM Stadium 974
48 02-Dec-22 Brazil vs Cameroon G 10:00 PM Lusail Stadium

World Cup Round of 16 Fixtures

Below you have the full schedule of World Cup fixtures for the round of 16 with the days, location, matches, etc. Naturally, since the teams for the round of 16 haven’t been decided yet, this table will need to be updated in the future.

Match Date Team 1 vs Team 2 Time Location
49 03-Dec-22 1A vs 2B 6:00 PM Khalifa International Stadium
50 03-Dec-22 1C vs 2D 10:00 PM Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
51 04-Dec-22 1B vs 2A 10:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium
52 04-Dec-22 1D vs 2C 6:00 PM Al Thumama Stadium
53 05-Dec-22 1E vs 2F 6:00 PM Al Janoub Stadium
54 05-Dec-22 1G vs 2H 10:00 PM Stadium 974
55 06-Dec-22 1F vs 2E 6:00 PM Education City Stadium
56 06-Dec-22 1H vs 2G 10:00 PM Lusail Stadium

World Cup Quarter Finals

If you’ve been wondering to yourself “when are the World Cup quarter-finals?” well, then, we’re providing you the answer in the following table. Naturally, the World Cup quarter finals 2022 will be taking place after the round of 16, on the weekend of the second week of December.

Match Date Team 1 vs Team 2 Time Location
57 09-Dec-22 W49 vs W50 10:00 PM Lusail Stadium
58 09-Dec-22 W53 vs W54 6:00 PM Education City Stadium
59 10-Dec-22 W51 vs W52 10:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium
60 10-Dec-22 W55 vs W56 6:00 PM Al Thumama Stadium

World Cup Semi Finals

The semi-finals for the World Cup won’t happen until mid-December. However, there are already some World Cup semi-final odds available on our virtual sportsbook. In fact, you can bet on markets on whether your favourite team will reach the semi-finals round.

Match Date Team 1 vs Team 2 Time Location
61 13-Dec-22 W57 vs W58 10:00 PM Lusail Stadium
62 14-Dec-22 W59 vs W60 10:00 PM Al Bayt Stadium

World Cup Finals Fixtures 2022

Of course, the World Cup finals 2022 are as far away as can be as they are the final point of the tournament. However, in spite of that, you can already find our World Cup finals odds on our sportsbook. These odds include who you think the winner will be and who you think the top 2 teams are going to be.

Match Date Team 1 vs Team 2 Time Location
63 17-Dec-22 L61 vs L62 6:00 PM Khalifa International Stadium
64 18-Dec-22 W61 vs W62 6:00 PM Lusail Stadium

Who Are the World Cup Favourites? 2022 World Cup Winner Odds

someone holding the World Cup trophy with a football game happening in the background

Whilst the tournament is still quite a ways off, you can still bet on World Cup markets through World Cup outright betting. The odds for these markets are already on our sportsbook, so if you’re interested in this kind of World Cup football betting you can definitely place your wagers as we speak! We provide a wide range of FIFA World Cup winner odds, so no matter which team you support, you can be sure to find it on our sportsbook.

So, whether you’re looking at England to win the World Cup odds or the World Cup odds on Belgium, you can rest assured that there are plenty of World Cup 2022 betting odds of all kinds on our sportsbook. Sadly for fans of the Gli Azzurri, Italy has been knocked out of the 2022 World Cup in what was a surprising turn of events! So, we won’t be providing any World Cup 2022 winner odds on them.

However, there are plenty of other teams that are perfect opportunities for online World Cup betting of all kinds! Finally, if you’re interested in outright betting, below we are providing you with a table of FIFA World Cup odds on who we think is going to take home this tournament:

Team Fractional World Cup Betting Odds Decimal World Cup Betting Odds
Brazil 4/1 5.00
France 119/20  6.95
England 139/20  7.95
Argentina 139/20  7.95
Spain 159/20  8.95
Germany 99/10  10.90
Netherlands 119/10 12.90
Portugal 12/1  13.00
Belgium 139/10  14.90
Denmark 111/4  28.75
Croatia 49/1 50.00
Uruguay 49/1  50.00
Switzerland 79/1  80.00
Serbia 80/1 81.00
Senegal 80/1  81.00
USA 99/1  100.00
Poland 124/1  125.00
Wales 149/1  150.00
Mexico 149/1 150.00
Ecuador 149/1 150.00
Canada 159/1  160.00
Morocco 199/1 200.00
South Korea 249/1 250.00
Cameroon 249/1  250.00
Japan 249/1  250.00
Ghana 259/1 260.00
Australia 259/1 260.00
Qatar 259/1 260.00
Tunisia 349/1  350.00
Iran 499/1  500.00
Costa Rica 749/1 750.00
Saudi Arabia 749/1 750.00

N.B. the provided FIFA World Cup betting odds are correct at the time of writing.

Bookies’ Favourites for the World Cup

If you’re looking for the bookies’ World Cup favourites, look no further as here we’re going to explain who we think has the greatest chance of winning the FIFA World Cup! Below we’re providing you with our 8 World Cup picks alongside their odds to win the World Cup:

  1. Odds on Brazil to win World Cup: 4/1 or 5.00
  2. Odds for France to win World Cup: 119/20 or 6.95
  3. Odds for England to win World Cup: 139/20 or 7.95
  4. Odds on Argentina to win World Cup: 139/20 or 7.95
  5. Odds on Spain to win World Cup: 159/20 or 8.95
  6. Odds for Germany to win World Cup: 99/10 or 10.90
  7. Odds on Portugal to win World Cup: 12/1 or 13.00
  8. Odds for Belgium to win World Cup: 139/10 or 14.90

What Are FIFA World Cup Betting Markets?

World Cup betting markets are what you’ll be using to bet on the World Cup as they are the bets that we make available on our sportsbook. In other words, they are World Cup bets. These can be on anything that can happen during the course of the championship.

These include betting on the outright winner of the championship, the top goalscorer, and so on. Finally, alongside these markets, you’ll be able to see numbers—these are the World Cup bookies’ odds of each market. We’ll be explaining what these are in a further section.

Most Popular World Cup Bets on Betiton UK

We offer a number of different betting markets on the World Cup, each with their own conditions for winning. Feel free to look through the available World Cup bets on our sportsbook. However, our most popular ones are the following:

footballer with red shoes having just placed down the official 2022 World Cup football

World Cup Match Betting

This FIFA World Cup bet is known by many names, including win/draw/win betting, full-time result betting, match result betting, 1X2 betting, etc. This is a bet that depends on what you think the outcome of the match will be, that is, which team will win. However, betting on a draw is also possible.

Over/Under Goals

For this World Cup bet online, we will predict the total amount of goals scored in a certain match, and bettors will have to stake on whether the actual number of goals will be over or under that number.

Asian Handicap

Handicap bets give bettors better betting odds because they place a handicap on the stronger team, thus levelling out the playing field. For those wondering, handicap betting is the same thing as spread betting World Cup. The Asian handicap, on the other hand, places a handicap on both sides, tipping the scale in favour of the favourite team, giving you even better odds.

World Cup Outright Betting

Also known as “World Cup winner betting”, this form of online World Cup bet does exactly what it says on the tin, and that’s wagering on who you think the outright winner of the World Cup will be.

We provide the full range of World Cup outright odds that you would expect to find at a professional bookie like us. In fact, we’ve already looked at the range of World Cup winner odds that you can find at Betiton farther up this page.

World Cup Qualifiers Betting

As we’ve mentioned before, the World Cup qualifiers also provide plenty of excitement to football fans, but did you know that you can also bet on the qualifying matches? Yes, that’s right! Here at Betiton, you can find plenty of World Cup qualifiers odds that you can use!

Whilst it’s a bit too late now to indulge in this form of World Cup 2022 betting, it’s still good for you to know that you have the option of betting on the World Cup qualifiers. Who knows? Maybe you’d like to enjoy World Cup qualifiers betting in the next edition of the World Cup!

We always provide a wide range of World Cup qualifying odds that you can make use of when the qualifying matches come around. So, whenever the 2026 World Cup—or any other edition of the tournament—rolls round, make sure to keep an eye out for the World Cup qualifiers odds on our sportsbook! 

World Cup Group Betting

The beauty about FIFA World Cup 2022 betting is that there are many facets of the tournament that can be bet on. Not only can you bet on the outright winner, the qualifiers, and the individual matches, but you can also place a World Cup online bet on the groups themselves.

There are various forms of World Cup group betting that you can enjoy on our sportsbook. In fact, you can stake on who you think will finish at the bottom of their particular group; the team you think will finish first; the number of points a particular team will get; and so on.

As you can easily assume, we have more markets than the specific examples we’ve just mentioned. You can rest assured, however, that you can find plenty of great World Cup group odds on our sportsbook. And now is the perfect opportunity to make use of them as the group stage is almost upon us!

World Cup Name the Finalists Market

Apart from betting on the winner of the World Cup, you also have the option to name the World Cup finalists as a betting market. In other words, you can stake on the teams that you think will make it to the finals of the FIFA World Cup.

However, that’s not all, as you can also bet on the teams that you think will make it to the quarter finals and the semi-finals, giving you new of betting on the World Cup! Of course, you can be sure that you’ll find fantastic World Cup finalists odds on our sportsbook!

Player of the Tournament Betting

There are many awards that a player can receive during the illustrious World Cup, such as the Golden Boot or the highly prestigious Golden Ball. There are markets for each of these awards, where you simply stake on which player you think will receive an award. Rest assured that we provide plenty of World Cup Player of the Tournament odds for those players that enjoy these kinds of markets.

Golden Boot Betting

For those not in the know, the Golden Boot is the award given to the player that scores the most goals over the course of the tournament. In other words, this is a bet on which player you think will score the most goals in the World Cup.

There are many impressive players that participate in this tournament, which means that World Cup Golden Boot betting is just about as an exciting a market as they come! And because so many great footballers will take part, you can rest assured that you’ll find great World Cup top scorer odds at Betiton.

So, no matter if your favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo; Lionel Messi; Kylian Mbappe; Harry Kane; Karim Benzema, or whoever, our sportsbook is full to the brim with Golden Boot odds that you can enjoy to bet on these great players!

England to Win the World Cup 2022

Are you betting on it to finally come home?! Well, if you’re going to be supporting the England squad this time round, you’ll be happy to know that we provide odds on England winning the World Cup on our sportsbook. You can find these as part of our World Cup winner odds.

England Squad Betting

Other than betting on England to finally take it home, you can also bet on the English national team in various other ways. As part of our range of England World Cup squad odds, you can bet on the Three Lions to gain a certain number of points in their group; be the best team in the group; whether they’ll qualify from their group, etc.

These are all options that you can find on our sportsbook. For a more comprehensive range of what England World Cup squad 2022 odds we offer, browse through our World Cup betting online markets!

World Cup Host Betting

the official 2022 World Cup football and the Al Wakrah stadium in the background

As we’ve already said before, the beauty of World Cup online betting is that any aspect of the tournament can be bet on—even betting on who the future hosts will be! If this kind of market interests you, you can find our World Cup 2026 host odds on our sportsbook already. And that’s not at all as we’re already providing World Cup 2030 host odds

World Cup Live Betting

Part of the many features and benefits that you’ll get when betting at Betiton is the option of betting on sports live. In fact, you can enjoy World Cup live betting when the tournament comes round! What this means is that you’ll be betting on the World Cup as it happens! That way, you’ll get updated odds that can potentially land you a great win!

World Cup Accumulator

If you’d like to increase the possibility of earning a big win, then you might want to place a World Cup accumulator! An accumulator—also known as an “acca”—is a kind of “mega bet” because it’s composed of multiple bets. In other words, it’s a bet that gathers many wagers into one.

World Cup accumulator betting is quite popular because it increases the returns of your bets. Essentially, the more bets you add to your World Cup accumulator bet, the larger the win you’ll receive when you win! The only problem is that the odds also increase, which also means that your chances of winning your World Cup accumulator are slimmer.

Women’s World Cup Betting

OK, this isn’t exactly a World Cup bet that you can place, but most players often forget that the Women’s World Cup can also be bet on! The next edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup will be taking place in 2023 in Australia and New Zealand. However, even now, you can find Women’s World Cup odds on our betting site.

You’ll be able to find Women’s World Cup winner odds already on our sportsbook. However, as the tournament inches closer to us, you’ll be able to find more odds on the Women’s World Cup on our sportsbook. It’s just a matter of time now!

World Cup Odds 2022: How Do You Understand Them?

Understanding World Cup betting odds is important as these numbers are instrumental when deciding on which competitors to bet on. In fact, football World Cup betting odds show you both how probable an event is to happen, and how much you can receive as returns if you manage to win the bet.

Odds are calculated by the World Cup bookmakers that offer them, and they’re based on the strength of teams and players according to their previous performances, and other similar factors. Finally, World Cup odds can be represented in a couple of different formats.

These formats are the following: fractional, decimal, American. There are a couple of differences between these formats, mainly how they represent the World Cup odds and where they’re commonly used. Otherwise, the formats are generally interchangeable.

Fractional Odds

The most popular format in the UK is the fractional format, which is why it’s sometimes called “British odds“. This format is very popular with Irish bookmakers as well. It uses fractions to represent the odds, like so: 1/3, 8/7, 10/11, and so on.

Decimal Odds

The decimal format is largely used in Europe which is why you can find them as “European odds“. However, they’re popular in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada too. This format uses decimal numbers to represent the odds, such as: 2.35, 4.55, 6.75, etc.

American Odds

Finally, American odds are mostly used in the US and they use a system of 3-digit numbers and pluses and minuses to represent the risk and reward of a wager. In fact, if you switch the football World Cup odds to the American format, you’ll find them represented like so: +300, -440, +560, -320, etc.

How Do You Find the World Cup Latest Odds at Betiton?

The great thing about our sportsbook is that there’s no real thing that you have to do in order to find the latest World Cup odds on our site. This is because the odds we provide our automatically updated for you! However, if you’re looking to do some World Cup live betting, you’re going to need to wait until the tournament happens.

To find the World Cup latest odds on our site when the tournament finally comes round, you can either use the up-to-date numbers that we provide you or else you can click on “IN-PLAY” at the top of our sportsbook platform. This will show you the World Cup gambling odds on the matches as they’re happening live.

How Do You Place a World Cup Bet at Betiton UK?

If you’re new to our site, then you’re going to need to create an account before being able to bet on the World Cup. Don’t worry though as we’ve made our account creation process to be as streamlined and easy as possible.

This means that you can start betting on the World Cup in a mere matter of minutes. All you have to do is click on “JOIN”, fill in the required fields, click on “OPEN ACCOUNT”, and you’re good to go. Afterwards, you’ll need to make a deposit.

We support a number of secure, reliable, and renowned payment methods on our site, meaning that all your transactions are 100% safe at Betiton. With both your account and deposit ready, you’re all set to place your bets on the World Cup:

  1. Go to the football section of our sportsbook;
  2. There, click on “International” and look for the “FIFA World Cup 2022”;
  3. This will take you to all of our currently available World Cup bets;
  4. Feel free to browse through the wagers that we provide until you find the ones you like;
  5. When you find the wagers you’d like to stake, click on them and they’ll come up on the betting slip on the right hand side of the page;
  6. You’re free to choose as many World Cup bets as you like;
  7. Once you’re satisfied with your chosen wagers, adjust how much you’d like to stake on the betting slip;
  8. After adjusting everything to your tastes, click on “PLACE BETS”;
  9. Congratulations! You’ve placed your first World Cup bet at Betiton!

World Cup Betting Offers for New Players

When making your first depositand placing your first World Cup bet on our site, you’ll be able to claim our sports betting sign up bonus. However, do bear in mind that T&Cs apply to this bonus, which you’ll be accepting when you claim it.

a footballer with a red jersey holding the official 2022 World Cup ball and the Betiton Sport logo with a button saying join us

Our T&Cs outline the conditions that apply to our free World Cup bet. These include the min odds you need to bet on, the min deposit you need to make, the min amount you need to stake, any payment method exclusions, and various other conditions that apply.

Therefore, we highly encourage all of our players to carefully and thoroughly read our T&Cs (and our bonus policy whilst you’re at it too). That way, you’ll be entirely aware of all the conditions that apply to this new customers bet. You can find our bonus T&Cs on our “Promotions” page.

The Best Odds for World Cup Are Right Here!

If you’re going to choose Betiton out of all the possible World Cup bookmakers out there, there has to be something that we offer that you won’t find anywhere else! We’ll be talking about the benefits you can enjoy when becoming a Betiton member in the next section.

However, in this section we’ll be looking at the odds that you can find on our sportsbook. We provide excellent odds, so much so that we believe we offer the best odds for World Cup around! If you don’t believe us, simply have a look at our World Cup bet odds and see for yourself.

At the same time, this also means that we provide the best World Cup bets around! It’s hard not to choose us over other World Cup bookmakers, huh?

Other Benefits of Betting on the World Cup at Betiton

You might be wondering why you ought to choose Betiton out of all the available World Cup bookies. Well, other than the benefits we’ve mentioned above, we have many more than you can find listed down below:

  • A wide range of World Cup online bets, including several World Cup special bets, and the best betting odds for World Cup
  • A myriad of betting markets on a multitude of other sports and sport tournaments
  • £10 free World Cup bet for all new players
  • Regular promotions that our players can benefit from
  • Mobile-optimised website so you can bet on the World Cup on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Fully secure website thanks to 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption
  • Licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (licence no. MGA/CRP/148/2007)
  • Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (licence no. 039483-R-319409-016)
  • Partnered with responsible gaming organisations like BeGambleAware and GamCare so that our players can enjoy safer gambling
  • Daily customer support via email and live chat
  • Customer care available in different languages

Take a gander at the above benefits and who knows! maybe they’ll convince you to become a Betiton member!

How Does the FIFA World Cup Work?

Before the men’s World Cup itself and the football World Cup betting that ensues, there are qualifying rounds to select the 32 national teams that will battle it out for the title. Each region has its own setup for these qualifying rounds and will even start the qualifying process at different times before the days of the actual championship.

The qualifying rounds in themselves are quite exciting as well as there is plenty of action going on—which also means that there are plenty of opportunities for betting! In fact, our sportsbook also has plenty of World Cup qualifying odds whenever the qualifying rounds are taking place.

Once those 32 national teams have qualified, they are divided into 8 groups each with 4 teams(this format is soon to be increased to 48 national teams for 2026). Within each group, there is a round robin format, with each team playing every other team in their group.

The two best teams from each group move on to the knockout stage competition, which involves a round of 16quarter-final matchessemi-final matches, a third-place playoff, and the final. Finally, the teams from each group are ranked using a points system.

How Do Nations Qualify to Play in the World Cup?

The way the qualifications work is that only 32 nations from 6 different regions are allowed to qualify in the World Cup. Each region has a predetermined number of spots that nations will be able to qualify for. These regions, alongside their respective regional governing bodies, are:

  • Europe – UEFA
  • Asia – AFC
  • Africa – CAF
  • Oceania – OFC
  • North America – CONCACAF
  • South America – CONMEBOL

Europe has the largest number of spots due to having the most powerful teams on the planet. In fact, Europe has 13 spots. As for other regions: Africa has 5 spots, South America and Asia have 4 spots each, and North America has 3, whilst Oceania doesn’t have a spot.

For national teams from Oceania to be able to qualify for the World Cup, they need to win a playoff. Countries will play against each other in their respective regions, trying their best to secure their spots in the prestigious tournament.

On the other hand, the host country automatically qualifies in the tournament, so they don’t need to play for their spot in the World Cup. The World Cup 2022 host country is Qatar, so their spot in the tournament is already secured.

In the following sections, we’re going to briefly look at the regional bodies that govern the regions that we mentioned above as well as taking a closer look at the qualifying matches that happen in those regions.

World Cup Qualifiers Europe – UEFA

As we’ve already said, Europe has the most spots out of any other region out there. There are 55 UEFA nations, all of which get to participate in the qualifiers. The UEFA World Cup qualifiers are divided into the following 2 stages:

  1. First round (groups): the qualifying nations are divided into 10 groups composed of either 5 or 6 teams. These teams then play every other team in their group garnering points depending on their performance. The top performing team of each group—a total of 10 teams—immediately qualifies for the FIFA World Cup.
  2. Second round (play-offs): 12 teams (the runners-up of the group stages and best 2 UEFA Nations League teams) are then placed into 3 play-off paths consisting of 2 semi-final matches and a final match. The resultant 3 winners make it to the World Cup.

World Cup Qualifiers Africa – CAF

The African region is allocated 5 spots. The CAF World Cup qualifiers are split into 3 rounds, as we’ll be looking at below:

  1. First round: 28 teams (those ranked 27–54 in the July 2019 FIFA World Rankings) play home-and-away 2-legged matches. The 14 winners then advance to the following round.
  2. Second round: 40 teams (the teams ranked 1–26 and the 14 winners from the first round) are separated into 10 groups of 4 teams each. The teams play home-and-away matches with every other team in their group. The resultant 10 winners (the top team from every group) from round advance to the final round.
  3. Third round: the 10 winners from the previous round are paired into home-and-away matches. The pairings are done according to the teams’ ranking in the FIFA World Rankings. The 5 winners from this round make it it to the World Cup.

World Cup Qualifiers Asia – AFC

Whilst we said that the Asian region has 4 spots, they technically have 4.5 spots, which is a weird thing to say. How can there be half a team? Well, let’s explain how the AFC World Cup qualifiers work. The World Cup qualifiers for AFC are split into 4 rounds as below:

  1. First round: 12 teams (those ranked 35–46 according to the April 2019 FIFA World Rankings) play 2-leg home-and-away matches. The resultant 6 winners move forward to the next round.
  2. Second round: 40 teams (those ranked 1–34 and the previous 6 winners) are divided into 8 groups of 5 teams each. The teams play every other team in their respective groups in home-and-away matches. The top team from each group and the 4 best runners-up then advance to the third round.
  3. Third round: the 12 winners from the previous round are divided into 2 groups of 6 teams each. Each team will play every other team in their group in home-and-away matches. The best 2 teams from each group qualify for the World Cup—a total of 4 teams—whilst the 3rd best qualify from the fourth and final round.
  4. Fourth round: the 2 3rd best teams from the previous round play a single match. The winner qualifies for the inter-confederate play-offs, which are 2 play-offs played between 4 teams from the AFC, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF, and OFC regions. The winning 2 teams from the inter-confederate play-offs qualify for the World Cup.

South America World Cup Qualifiers – CONMEBOL

South America are also allocated 4.5 spots for their national teams to qualify. Thankfully, however, the CONMEBOL region has the simplest qualification process from all the regions. The CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers follow the below process:

  • All 10 CONMEBOL teams participate in the qualifiers, where they play in a round-robin (each team plays every other team) series of home-and-away matches. The resulting top 4 teams immediately qualify for the World Cup whilst the 5th team qualifiers for the inter-confederation play-offs.

CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Matches

Similarly, national teams under the CONCACAF body (those in the North American, Central American, and Caribbean regions) are allocated 3.5 spots in order to qualify for the World Cup. The CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers are divided into 3 rounds:

  1. First round: 30 teams (those ranked 6–35 according to July 2020 FIFA World Rankings) are divided into 6 groups of 5 teams each. Each team plays every other team in their respective group once in 2 home and 2 away matches, with the top team from every group—a total of 6 teams—advancing to the second round.
  2. Second round: the 6 teams from the previous round play in predetermined 2-legged home-and-away matches. The resultant 3 winners advance to the final round.
  3. Third round: 8 teams (the previous round winners and the top 5 CONCACAF national teams according to the same July 2020 FIFA World Rankings. The teams are: Mexico, the USA, Honduras, Jamaica, and Costa Rica) play against one another in home-and-away matches. The best 3 teams immediately qualify for the men’s World Cup whilst the 4th qualifies for the inter-confederate play-off.

Oceania World Cup Qualifiers – OFC

Oceania get the short end of the stick by receiving only 0.5 spots. Whilst they have a particular, 3-round format, due to the pandemic, the FIFA World Cup 2022 OFC Qualifiers had to be played in a different format. In fact, the OFC qualifiers for this edition of the World Cup had a very streamlined format:

  • Due to many national teams withdrawing before playing, 8 teams were drawn into 2 groups of 4. Each team plays every other team in their group once. The top 2 teams in each group then advanced to a single-leg knockout match. The winner qualified for the inter-confederate play-offs.

The usual format for the Oceania World Cup qualifiers, however, works as so:

  1. First round: the 4 lowest qualified teams according to the FIFA World Rankings play against each other in a round-robin format. The emergent winner advances to the next stage.
  2. Second round: 8 teams (the winner from the previous round and the remaining OFC national teams) are divided into 2 groups of 4 teams. The top 3 teams from each group advance to the final round.
  3. Third round: the previous 6 winners are then separated into 2 groups of 3 teams. The teams play home-and-away against every other team in their group. The 2 winning teams from each group then meet in a 2-legged match. The winner qualifies for the inter-confederate play-offs.

World Cup Predictions & Betting Tips: A Quick Explanation

a smartphone with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 logo on the screen and a football stadium and the World Cup trophy in the background

World Cup predictions and World Cup betting tips are pieces of advice offered by “tipsters”. These are sports enthusiasts that spend a lot of their time analysing team compositions and dynamics, and players’ performance to give educated estimations of what the likelihood of a match will be.

Tipsters post their advice either for free or at a price, depending on who they are. So, if you’ll be betting on the World Cup, looking up World Cup 2022 betting tips isn’t a bad idea at all. However, looking up World Cup predictions and tips should only be a part of the research you should be doing before betting!

Where Can You Find World Cup 2022 Predictions?

You can make use of our in-house football predictions and World Cup betting predictions when the tournament comes round. Our resident football expert is none other than Djibril Cissé, the ex-Liverpool striker and Champions League winner!

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Other Football Tournaments to Bet On:

  • Whilst the men’s World Cup is the biggest football tournament of all, we can’t forget about other major tournaments either. First of which is the UEFA European Championship, which is happening in 2021. So, if you’re looking to do some EURO betting, you can find plenty on our sportsbook. 
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Additional Information:


Can you bet on the World Cup 2022 at Betiton?

Yes, you can! You will find a wide array of World Cup odds and markets on our sportsbook for you to stake a bet on.

Where is the World Cup 2022 being held?

For the first time ever, the World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar. It will be the first time that a World Cup tournament will be held in an Arabic country, and the second time to be held solely in Asia.

When is the World Cup taking place?

The next edition of the World Cup will be held in 2022 between the 21st of November and 18th December.

Why is the World Cup happening in November?

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is happening in November to counteract Qatar’s naturally hot weather which most footballers wouldn’t be accustomed to. This will be the first World Cup that won’t be hosted in the summer months.

Where can I find World Cup betting tips?

You can find World Cup betting tips right here at Betiton! You can make use of all of our football predictions, both those on the World Cup and those on other leagues, for free!

Who are the favourites to win the World Cup?

Currently, according to World Cup 2022 odds, the favourites to win the tournament are Brazil and France. The FIFA World Cups odds for Brazil currently stand at 4/1, 5.00, or +400. On the other hand, those for France to win are 119/20, 6.95, or +595.

What are the odds on England winning the World Cup?

The football World Cup odds for England to win World Cup are at 139/20, 7.95, or +695.

What’s the odds on Germany winning the World Cup?

The World Cup betting odds on Germany to win currently stand at 99/11, 10.90, or +990.

What are the chances of Argentina winning World Cup 2022?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup odds on Argentina to win are 139/20, 7.95, or +695.

What are the odds for World Cup 2022?

You can find 2022 World Cup odds on our sportsbook. Simply click on the “football” tab, go to the “Internationals” tab, and then click on “FIFA World Cup 2022” for odds on the championship.

How many groups are in the World Cup?

There are 8 groups of 4 teams each in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Who won the last World Cup?

The 2018 World Cup was won by the French national team. Thus, France are the defending championsin this edition of the tournament.

Which country won the FIFA World Cup most?

Currently, Brazil has won the World Cup the most times. They have won the tournament 5 times.

Has Messi won a World Cup?

Despite being one of the greatest footballers of all time, Lionel Messi has yet to win a World Cup!

Has Ronaldo won a World Cup?

As unbelievable as it sounds, a World Cup victory has also eluded the great Cristiano Ronaldo!

Is Messi playing in the FIFA World Cup 2022?

Yes, Messi will be playing in the 2022 Qatar World Cup! However, there’s a very good chance that this will be his final World Cup for good.

Will Ronaldo play in the 2022 World Cup?

Indeed, Ronaldo will be playing for the Portugal squad in the FIFA 2022 World Cup. Like Messi, the chance that Ronaldo will get to play in the next World Cup are quite slim.

Are Italy in the football World Cup 2022?

Sadly, for fans of the Italian squad, Italy has been knocked out of the World Cup. This is because they lost a World Cup qualifying match against North Macedonia after they conceded a goal in the 92nd minute.