Cost of an Injury

How Much Do Injuries to Top Players Cost?

Injuries are an occupational hazard for football players and the odds of not getting injured during a career are pretty low, and some injuries can put a player out of action for a very long time.

Some players’ wage packets are huge, meaning if they are out injured for a long time, there is a substantial cost to the club with no reward.

We have studied the injuries of players in Europe’s top five divisions over the past year to calculate which players’ injuries have cost the most, and which clubs have spent the most money on paying their injured players.

The Players with the Most Expensive Injuries







Money Lost
Due to Injury


The Clubs Spending the Most on Injured Players


Real Madrid

With eleven players costing Real over £1 million in wages while injured during the past year it is perhaps unsurprising that they are at the top of this list. As previously mentioned Eden Hazard’s injuries have cost the most in the world in the past season, but they also have captain Sergio Ramos in the top twenty, with his injuries costing just under £5 million. In total Real Madrid have spent £38.26 million on injured players’ wages in the past year.



The state-backed oil-rich Parisians have been the biggest spenders in football during the past few years, therefore it is unsurprising that they feature highly on this list despite having an average length of injury which is over ten days shorter than Real Madrid and twenty shorter than Barcelona. PSG’s total annual wage bill is in excess of £200 million and £35.11 million of that is spent on injured players, with Neymar and Marco Veratti in the top twenty players.



Rounding out the top three teams spending the most money on injured players wages are Spanish giants, Barcelona who spent £34.88 million in the past year. Barca are currently in a financial crisis, and reportedly have debts of over £1 billion and long term injuries to big-name players have not helped the situation. In addition to Coutinho in second place, they also have defender Samuel Umtiti in the top ten players who cost the club £6.33 million while injured last year.

The Clubs Spending the Most on Injured Players




Average Days

Average Cost
of Injury

Total Cost
of Injury


Injuries - Using personal injury records for each player from we calculated how many days each player had missed in the last twelve months, from April 2020 to March 2021.

Wages - To find out the wages for Premier League players we collected the data from Spotrac: And for the data on wages from all the other leagues we used