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Sports Betting Online at Betiton™ Sport

Last Updated: 21-11-2022 17:54

Sports betting online is one of the most popular activities in the sporting world. It involves bettors attempting to predict the outcome of a match or some other event by placing bets on that circumstance. If the circumstance comes to pass, the bettor wins his wager!

There is a rather wide variety of circumstances that you can place bets on. This, of course, depends on the sport that you’ve chosen to wager on. At Betiton™ Online Sportsbook you will be able to find a wide variety of sports that you can stake on.

Whether you are a huge football fan; into horse racing betting; or enjoy betting on the Eurovision, we believe that we have all that you are looking for. When it comes to betting on sports, we offer a wide variety of markets as well as great betting value.

However, if you’re new to online sports betting and online gambling sites, there is a handful of things that you should first know before going ahead and placing a sports bet. Don’t worry, however, as we’re here to help you out by telling you everything you need to know!

Sports Betting Online Bonus Offers: Bet Big With Betiton™’s Bonuses

We have a number of online sports betting promotions available on our platform, including our sports betting welcome bonus. The various bonuses and offers that we provide can be used by both new players and Betiton™ members. We’ll be going over a few examples of bonuses that you can find on our sportsbook.

Betiton™’s Sports Betting Online Sign Up Bonus: Bet €15, Get €10

We value all of our members, new and old, so we treat anybody who signs up with us to a €10 extra bet. In order to claim our welcome offer, you need to deposit €15 or more and then place a €15 bet that has odds of at least 2.00.

Once you have done that, you will receive your €10 extra bet. There is a 14-day time limit to use this bonus. There are no wagering requirements in place, but the extra bet total will be removed from any winnings that are gained.

These are some of the main terms and conditions that are attached to the welcome bonus. However, we have more conditions attached to our bonuses; please consult our T&Cs and our bonus policy to get on top of these conditions.

Join Betiton™’s Loyalty Club for a Warmer Welcome

For bettors that wish to stick around for the long haul, we have provided a loyalty club that rewards our members for doing what they love: playing. The loyalty programme works via a loyalty points system, where points are exchanged for money wagered.

Moreover, the loyalty programme is divided into 7 levels. The higher the level you are on, the better the benefits that you’ll receive. So, whilst the club is open to all of our members, the more players stake, the better the rewards they’ll receive.

In fact, players at the top of our loyalty club enjoy exclusive benefits like monthly cashbacks; faster cashout rates; higher withdrawal and deposit limits; personal account managers; and invitations to exclusive tournaments.

What Are Sports Betting Online Markets?

The first thing you ought to know when embarking on your sports betting online journey is what markets are. In short, these are the available wagers that you can find on our platform. Thus, these are what you’ll be using to stake on sports on our platform.

There are many sorts of markets out there, with different sports offering different ones. Finally, next to every market you’ll find the odds of that market. This is an important concept that we’ll be explaining in more detail later on.

What Sports Betting Online Markets Can You Find on Betiton™?

As we’ve already said, there a wide variety of markets for each sport on our online gambling site. This is great because you can vary the wagers you play on our site. Below we have provided you with some examples of the various online sports bets that can be found at Betiton™:

Market Sport
Correct Score Football
Winner of the Eurovision Eurovision
Number of Rounds Fought UFC
Team With Most Points in a Quarter Basketball
Winner of the RWC Rugby
Winner of the Masters Tournament Golf
Total Rounds in a Fight Boxing
Winner of the First Map eSports

Why Choose Betiton™ Out of All Sports Betting Online Sites?

There are a number of reasons why Betiton™ Sport should be on your list of sportsbooks to place a sports bet at. We’ll be going over these reasons in the content, but you can rest assured that being a Betiton™ member comes with a large number of benefits.

These include Betiton™’s sports betting sign up bonus, our wide range of available sports betting online markets to enjoy, as well as a number of other available promotions to take advantage of. A list of benefits that players at Betiton™ can enjoy include the following:

  • Thousands of available sports betting markets online
  • A number of sports bonuses for players to enjoy, including our sports betting sign up bonus
  • A loyalty programme that rewards players for playing casino games
  • Completely mobile-optimised website which means you can sports bet on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Fully robust & secure website thanks to 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption
  • Licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (licence no. MGA/CRP/148/2007)
  • Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (licence no. 039483-R-319409-016)
  • Daily customer support via email and live chat
  • Customer care available in different languages

How to Play a Sports Bet on Betiton™?

If you are new to online betting, then you might be wondering just how it is that you go about placing a sports bet. Well, the first step that you need to take is creating an account with us here at Betiton™. This shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes at most.

All you need to do is click on the red “JOIN” button. This causes a window to pop up with a handful of empty fields, which you’ll need to fill in with your details. After you’ve filled everything in, click on “OPEN ACCOUNT” and you’re an official Betiton™ member!

With your account ready and your Betiton™ login done, the next step is to make a deposit. We provide a wide variety of payment methods, which means that all your transactions are absolutely secure on our platform! With your deposit and account done, you’re ready to stake:

  1. Firstly, look through our offered sports;
  2. Feel free to browse for as long as you like until you find what you’d like to play wagers on;
  3. Once you’ve found the sporting activity of your choice, click on it;
  4. This will take you to all of our available wagers on that sport;
  5. Feel free to browse what we offer until you find the bets that you’d like to place;
  6. Once you’ve decided on what you’d like to play, click on your chosen bets and they’ll appear on the betting slip on the right-hand side of the screen;
  7. Of course, you’re more than free to choose multiple wagers at once;
  8. Once you’ve selected what you’d like to place, decide on how much you’d like to wager by adjusting your stake on the betting slip;
  9. Once you’re satisfied with your selected markets and your stake, click on “PLACE BETS“;
  10. Congratulations on your first bet at Betiton™ Online Sportsbook!

Enjoy Sports Betting Online on Your Mobile

You will be able to access Betiton™’s sportsbook using your mobile device, no matter if it is iOS, Android, or Windows. The mobile site is easy on the eye, easy to navigate, and you can bet on all of the same sports that you can find on the desktop site.

You can follow all of the action from your phone, tablet, etc., place live in-play bets, and there will often be a cashout feature available if you feel the need to cash out before your bet has run its natural course. In a word, the mobile site works the same as the desktop version.

In fact, the process for placing a bet from your phone, tablet, or whatever other device you have is exactly the same. All you have to do is follow the steps that we explained above when we explained the process of placing a sports bet on a desktop device.

Enjoy Safe Deposits and Withdrawals

We offer a vast range of payment methods on our website, including all of the popular payment methods. Players will be happy to know that we at Betiton™ only support the most reliable, secure, and efficient payment methods. A sample of our offered payment methods can be found in the table below:

Payment Method Deposit Time Withdrawal Time
ecoPayz Instant Up to 4 business days
AstroPay Instant Up to 3 business days
MasterCard Instant Up to 6 business days
Neteller Instant Up to 2 business days
Visa Instant Up to 6 business days
Skrill Instant Up to 2 business days

When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, we have a minimum amount of €10 for both of them. The maximum deposit amount stands at €5,000 at a go, while the maximum monthly withdrawal is €7,000.

Any deposit that is made will appear in the account instantaneously, while withdrawals will take up to 48-hours to be processed. For a full list of payment methods, please check our payment methods page.

The Customer Support You Deserve

Our members mean the world to us which is why we have friendly and knowledgeable customer support agents that are ready to answer any questions or solve any issues that you have. Moreover, our staff is composed of different agents of various nationalities.

This is done in order to accommodate bettors from diverse parts of the world who prefer communicating in their native language. Our customer support agents are reachable from 08.00 – 00.00 CET, 7 days a week. You can contact them by email or by using our live chat feature.

Let’s Explain Sports Betting Online Odds

Before you go ahead and start betting on sports, it is also vital that you have a good understanding as to what odds are and how they work. These are simply the numbers that you’ll find next to the wagers we provide on our site. These numbers show you 2 things:

  1. Firstly, they represent the likelihood of an event happening;
  2. Secondly, they show you how much you can win if the punt you’ve placed is a winner.

Thus, online sports betting odds are extremely important when it comes to placing sports wagers. Moreover, these numbers come in either of 3 formats, which are: decimal, fractional, or American. Whilst these formats show you the same things, there are 2 main differences between them:

  1. The first difference is how they show you your chances of success and the amount of money that you can win;
  2. The second difference is where in the world they happen to be used the most.


The first format that we’ll be looking at is most commonly used in continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. This format uses decimal numbers in order to represent the risk and reward of whatever you’ll be playing on our platform.

The lowest possible decimal odds is 1, which means a 100% chance of success. Anything above 1 indicates a lower chance of success. To discover what the chance of success is, simply divide 100 by the decimal odds that you’re presented. For example, imagine you’re presented with 3.25:

  • 100 ÷ 3.25 = 30.77

Thus, your chances of success are 30.77%. If you wish to know how much you can win from your wager, simply multiply your stake by the decimal odds and then subtract your original stake from the result. This gives you the “profit” that you’ve made from your stake. So, if you’ve wagered €20, you need to do the following:

  • 20 × 3.25 = 65
  • 65 − 20 = 45

Therefore, your total return is €65 but the profit you’ve made would amount to €45.


The second format that we’ll be explaining is the fractional format. This format is mainly used in Ireland and the United Kingdom, which is why they’re sometimes called “UK odds“. The fractional format makes use of fractions which you can make sense of by using a couple of tricks.

If you compare the numbers of the fraction, you can figure out if they’re high or low. If the number on the right is higher than the left, than the chance of success is over 50%. On the other hand, if it’s the other way round then the chance is less than 50%.

To figure out the payout, then, you’ll need to consider the left number to be your stake and the right to be the payout. So, for example: odds of 7/2 show you that for every €2 you stake, you’ll receive €7 on top of it.


The final format that we’ll be explaining is the American system of odds, that mainly sees use in the US. This format uses a system of pluses, minuses, and three-digit numbers (e.g. +240 or -400) to represent the risks and rewards of the bets you’d like to place.

Essentially, American odds represent either of two things, depending on whether the number has a plus or minus sign:

  1. Minus or negative odds represent the clear winner or favourite of the match. Moreover, they also tell you how much you need to bet in order to receive a payout of €100;
  2. Plus or positive odds represent the underdog of the match, that is, the competitor expected to lose. At the same time, they also show you much you can receive if you stake €100.

By looking at the numbers of the odds, you can understand the chances of your wagers being successful. The higher the number for plus odds, then the lower the chance the bet will win, and vice versa. It’s the opposite for minus odds: the higher the number, the better the chance of winning, and vice versa.

What Are Sports Betting Online Tips?

Tips are suggestions on what to stake on when gambling. They’re given by sports experts known as “tipsters”. Tipsters spend a lot of time going over various matches, inspecting teams and their players, and analysing similar information.

Once they’ve finished their analyses, tipsters will post their tips for their users to use when wagering. Depending on the particular tipster you’re consulting, you can find tips either for free or at a price. It’s up to you, however, to decide which tipsters are best for you.

How Can You Find Online Sports Betting Tips?

This is actually easier than you can imagine as all you need to do is look them up on your preferred search engine. That’s really all there is to it! However, our best tips are to never stake more than you can afford to lose; always stick to a gambling budget; and always make time for other things in life.

Football Predictions by Ex-Liverpool Striker Djibril Cissé at Betiton™ Sport

If you enjoy betting on football, then you’ll be happy to know that here at Betiton™, we’re providing exclusive football predictions by Djibril Cissé, the legendary ex-French international & Liverpool striker. Having played at the highest levels of football, Djibril’s football expertise means that he’s more than your average tipster.

Djibril will be providing football betting predictions on a number of high-profile leagues, including the English Premier League and Ligue 1. These are two leagues that Djibril has actually competed in whilst playing for a number of important clubs, such as Liverpool and Olympique de Marseille.

These football betting tips are available every Thursday, so we suggest checking our predictions page every Thursday to get your prediction of the week! Then if you’re feeling lucky and would like to make use of our football predictions, you can simply place your bets on our sportsbook!

The Best Sports That You Can Bet on at Betiton™ Sport

Whilst we provide a tonne of sports on which you can play stakes on, we believe that the most popular sports in our repertoire are the following:

  • Football betting
  • Golf betting
  • Politics betting
  • Horse Racing betting
  • Snooker betting
  • Cricket betting
  • UFC betting
  • Darts betting
  • eSports betting
  • Eurovision betting
  • Tennis betting

Moreover, you also have the option of placing your bets live! Live betting means that you are placing bets exactly as the match is unfolding. Live betting can be done on all of our sports and can also be done on our mobile platform.

You can access our live betting feature by clicking on the sport you would like to stake on live, and click on the “In-Play” section. You will be taken to all the games that are currently happening in that sport, all of which are available for live gambling.

Football Betting Online: Bet on the Biggest Football Matches

Football, it goes without saying, is the most popular sporting activity in the world. At Betiton™, you will be able to find a wide variety of wagers for football competitions, including English leagues such as: the Premier League, the EFL Championship, the FA Cup, etc.

If you support a club from other major European leagues, then don’t worry as Betiton™ covers the Bundesliga, La Liga, the Serie A and a host of other leagues too. You can also find football betting markets on the great European competitions.

Of course, we’re talking about tournaments like the UEFA Champions League. When it comes to international football, we will always provide you with wagering opportunities for big competitions such as the World Cup, and the European Championship.

Event Date Held
Premier League 13th Aug 2021 – 22nd May 2022
Champions League 22nd Jun 2021 – 28th May 2022
FIFA World Cup 21st Nov – 18th Dec 2022
UEFA European Championship 14th June – 14th July 2024

UEFA Champions League Betting

As part of the wide array of football markets that we provide on our platform, players also have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to Champions League betting. The UEFA Champions League is one of the most important football tournaments in Europe.

In fact, the best clubs around Europe compete in this tournament. These include powerful teams such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Barcelona, and Paris Saint-Germain.

These are some of the strongest teams in the entirety of Europe, and even in the world. Thus, you can expect to enjoy watching an extremely high level of football. At the same time, you can find a treasure trove of football bets on our sportsbook for you to enjoy betting on.

EURO 2024 Betting

When it comes to important European football tournaments, none compare to the highly anticipated UEFA European Championship—better known as the EUROs. The last edition of the EURO was in 2021, postponed from 2020 due to the pandemic.

For those players itching to enjoy some EURO betting, it would serve you well to know that the next edition of the competiton is in 2024. For anyone wondering, the tournament takes place every 4 years, much like the FIFA World Cup.

Moreover, it also takes place in between the years of the World Cup. This competition sees the national teams of European countries, such as heavyweights England, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany, battling it out for European football dominance, making it an excellent opportunity for sports betting online.

FIFA World Cup Betting

Finally, we have the most important football tournament of all and what is arguably the biggest sports event ever: the FIFA World Cup. This tournament is so important that even non-football fans end up watching it. This popularity also means that World Cup betting is extremely popular too.

The next edition of the World Cup is taking place at the end of 2022 in Qatar. The most powerful teams in football participate in this highly prestigious competition, making it a great opportunity to enjoy watching and betting on football.

Strong teams participating in the FIFA World Cup include Brazil, Germany, Italy, England, Spain, Argentina, and reigning champions France. World Cup betting odds so far show Brazil and France to be the favourites of the tournament, but anything can happen!

To help our players with betting on the World Cup, we’re providing an array of World Cup 2022 predictions that ought to help them gain an edge. Our World Cup tips are written by football and sports experts, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the help you need.

Golf Betting: Bet on the Biggest Golf Tournaments in the World

When it comes to the best sports that you can bet on, the next on the list after football would definitely have to be golf. We offer a wide array of sport betting markets on the most important golf tournaments that take place around the globe.

These would, of course, include prestigious and eagerly followed championships like the U.S. Open, the Masters, the PGA Championship, and the Open Championship. These just happen to be the most important championships in the entirety of golf, known also as the majors.

Winning all the 4 major championships in the same year is the highest achievement possible in golf, and is known as the Grand Slam of Golf. However, this is notoriously difficult and only one golfer, Bobby Jones, has managed to achieve it.

Thus, other Grand Slams have been created to celebrate a similar achievement. These are the Career Grand Slam (winning the majors in one’s career) and the Tiger Slam (winning consecutive majors in different years). The next majors will be happening in the following dates:

Event Date Held
U.S. Open 13th – 19th Jun 2022
Masters 7th – 10th Apr 2022
PGA Championship 19th – 22nd May 2022
Open Championship 10th – 17th Jun 2022

Horse Racing Betting: Find Markets on the Grand National & Other Prestigious Horse Races

It would have been foolish of us not to include horse racing betting amongst our broad selection of betting markets. Horse racing has stood the test of time as one of the oldest sports in history and now can be considered as one of the most popular.

There are many highly prestigious races that happen in the horse racing calendar, especially in the UK and Ireland. Of these you can find important UK meetings such as the Grand National, Cheltenham Gold Cup, Epsom Derby, and the Royal Ascot.

When it comes to Ireland, you can find important races such as the Irish Derby, the Irish 1,000 Guineas, the Irish Champion Stakes, and the Irish Oaks. We also offer markets on other races, but you can find dates for these races in the following table:

Event Date Held
Grand National 9th Apr 2022
Cheltenham Gold Cup 18th Mar 2022
Epsom Derby 4th Jun 2022
Royal Ascot 14th – 18th Jun 2022

Snooker Betting: Wager on the Most Important Snooker Tournaments Around

Snooker betting is another extremely popular choice amongst sport betting players. Snooker is a highly respected sport that combines precision and patience. Of course, you can easily expect this sport to hold a number of important tournaments, and you’d be right!

The most significant championships of all are the World Championship, the UK Championship, and the Masters. These form the so-called Triple Crown Series. Players who win all 3 tournaments are said to win the Triple Crown, the greatest achievement in snooker.

There are other prestigious championships that happen in the snooker calendar, including the China Open, the Champion of Champions, the German Masters, and the Players Championship. For anyone wishing to enjoy more snooker betting, the following table provides dates for the most prestigious events:

Event Date Held
World Championship 16th Apr – 2nd May 2022
UK Championship 8th – 20th Nov 2022
Masters 8th – 15th Jan 2023

UFC Betting: Bet on UFC Fights & Other MMA Tournaments

Betting on the UFC happens to be enjoyed by a good number of online sports bettors. The UFC (short for Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the biggest and most important MMA (mixed martial arts) promotion organisation in the world.

Whilst there are other companies promoting MMA, UFC will generally have the strongest fighters in its roster. Strong fighters include people like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Kamaru Usman, Jon JonesGeorges St-Pierre, Amanda Nunes, and Valentina Shevchenko.

Of course, this makes for some fantastic displays of the sport, whilst also making it a great opportunity for sports betting online. There are a number of different UFC events happening on a weekly that you can enjoy and bet on, including “numbered” events & the UFC Fight Night.

Cricket Betting: Enjoy Bets on the Best Cricket Tournaments

Cricket is another sporting activity with a very big following all over the world. On our site, you will be able to find many a market for a wide variety of international matches in all three formats (T20I, ODI, and Tests) such as The Ashes, and the ICC Champions Trophy.

When it comes to domestic competitions, you will find betting opportunities for popular competitions such as the Indian Premier League and the Australian Big Bash. The following table should give you a taste of the competitions on offer:

Event Date Held
Indian Premier League 26th Mar – 29th May 2022
The Big Bash 5th Dec 2021 – 28th Jan 2022
T20 Cricket World Cup 16th Oct – 13th Nov 2022

Rugby Union Betting: Find Wagers on the All of the Greatest Rugby Union Games

Rugby is a really popular sporting activity and one of the most eagerly anticipated competitions is the Six Nations. This event takes place each year between February and March and sees England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Italy play each other once for the right to be crowned Champions.

It is a competition that is watched by rugby fans all over the world. We will provide you with wagering opportunities for this intriguing rugby event as well as for the Lions Tour, the Rugby Championship (contested between New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, and Australia) and the World Cup.

Event Date Held
Guinness 6 Nations Championship 5th Feb – 19th Mar 2022
European Rugby Championship Cup 10th Dec 2021 – 28th May 2022
The Rugby Championship 6th Aug – 24th Oct 2022
The Rugby World Cup 8th Sep – 28th Oct 2023

Darts Betting: Get Your Darts Game On With Our Darts Wagers

If you enjoy your darts, you might be glad to hear that we provide markets for plenty of darts events and tournaments. These include the PDC World Championship and World Matchplay. Of course, we provide plenty more darts tournaments than that. The following table gives you a taster of the events that you can find on our platform:

Event Date Held
PDC World Championships 15th Dec 2021 – 3rd Jan 2022
Premier League Darts 3rd Feb – 26th May 2022
UK Open 3rd Mar – 7th Mar 2022

Tennis Betting: Follow & Place Stake on All the Biggest Tennis Matches

When it comes to tennis, you do not get a more prestigious event than Wimbledon, which is held each year in London. Therefore, you will obviously be able to find markets for this entertaining event. What about other tennis betting online opportunities for other events though?

Well, you will be able to place bets, should you wish, on the rest of the Grand Slam events. These are the US Open, French Open, and the Australian Open. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wagering on this great sporting activity!

Event Date Held
Wimbledon 27th Jun – 10th Jul 2022
Australian Open 17th Jan – 30th Jan 2022
US Open 29th Aug – 11th Sep 2022
Rolland Garros (French Open) 22nd May – 5th Jun 2022

Other Things to Bet On at Betiton™ Sport: Non-Sports Betting Online

Our sport betting site offers more sports than those mentioned above. Moreover, we even provide opportunities for bettors to stake on non-sporting events! When it comes to non-sporting events betting, the following are the most popular we provide:

  • Politics betting
  • eSports betting
  • Eurovision betting

We will also include celebrities in some of our wagers such as who will be the next James Bond. If you want to see the unique markets that we are offering when you are visiting our site, simply click on the “Specials” tab that can be found in the list of our offered sports.

Play Your Bets Responsibly at Betiton™

Responsible gaming is something that Betiton™ takes very seriously. We provide our members with the option of placing a daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limit as well as the ability to exclude themselves from their account for a set period of time.

The exclusion can also be permanent, but in this case the account will be terminated and any money in the account will be returned to the player. Shorter exclusion periods can be 1, 3, or 6 months. In order to set an exclusion period, a player has to get in touch with our customer care team.

As well as the above, our players can also set time limits for their sessions—this can also be done by contacting customer support. We also provide contact details to some organisations that are dedicated to helping problem gamers.

This, of course, is for those unfortunate and extreme cases. Finally, we absolutely forbid underage gambling and expect all of our members to comply. In order to help out our members with this, we provide some tools and tips to prevent underage gambling from happening.


How can I bet on sports online?

First, you’re going to need to create your Betiton™ account. Once you’ve completed your account and the Betiton™ login, you’re going to need to deposit some money. With the deposit out of the way, you can bet on sports by selecting a market on our sportsbook. Simply select the bets you’d like to place, adjust your stake, and you’re good to go.

What is a wager in sports betting online?

A wager is an amount of money that you stake, that is, risk, on an outcome or event that has yet to happen. The wager is won if the outcome or event happens in the future. For example, you could place a wager on a team winning a match. You win the wager if the team actually emerges victorious.

What is the best sport to bet on?

The best sport to bet on is the one you enjoy watching and following the most. As such, there is no sport that’s better than another, so it’s all down to personal taste.

Is sports betting online a good idea?

Sports betting online is a good idea insofar as you enjoy watching sports matches and would like a bit of extra excitement on the side—and maybe even a chance of winning some cash! However, make sure to gamble responsibly if you wish to start sport betting.

What is the best way to sports bet?

The best way to stake on sports is to enjoy it responsibly. Bettors have to keep in mind that betting is only a way of having fun with money, and it can never be a moneymaking endeavour. So, stick to a budget and have fun.

Do you get your bet back if you win?

Yes, absolutely! When you manage to win your wager, you’ll receive your original stake back. Moreover, you’ll also receive more money on top of your original stake as part of your winnings.

Can you lose more than you bet?

Absolutely not. You’ll only lose whatever money that you decide to stake.

How do you bet without losing?

There is no real way of betting on sports without losing as losing is part and parcel of the online sports betting. However, if you do your research and maybe make use of betting predictions, you’ll have a greater chance of placing successful bets.

What is a handicap in sports betting online?

A handicap is a market that you can play stakes on in certain matches where the competition is uneven. Essentially, when you have one team that’s much stronger (the favourite) than its opposing team (the underdog), the odds become skewed in favour of the favourite. This makes it unprofitable to gamble on the favourite and way too risky to play on the underdog, which is where the handicap comes in. The handicap places a point deficit on the favourite whilst also placing a point bonus on the underdog. This gives you the opportunity to stake on either team!

How does the over/under work?

The over/under is another interesting market that you might want to stake on. With this market, we’ll be giving you a number of points that we think will be scored over the course of the match. All you have to do is stake on whether you think more (over) or less (under) will be scored than what we gave.