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Betting on the FIFA World Cup 2022—What Are Betting Markets?

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest football event in the world, beating out all other football events. In fact, this event is so popular that it’s actually the top-ranking sporting event as well, and is even keenly watched by spectators that don’t usually follow football matches!

When it comes to online betting on football, this is one of the best events to choose as you are exposed to a wide range of teams and players, all of whom are carefully selected to represent their country and are really the best of the best. Of course, that means that there will be a lot of betting markets on offer.

But what are betting markets? Simple: they are the available bets that bettors can make on whichever sport they happen to be on. Bettors can find betting markets on any and all of our available sports on our sportsbook at Betiton. Moreover, every betting market will have its associated odds.

If you have no clue what odds are, read on because we will be explaining them in an upcoming section. Anyway, markets are offered by bookmakers and require certain conditions for them to pay out; for example, some markets depend on bettors to correctly guess how many goals will be scored in a match.

What Markets Can I Bet On?

Now that our readers understand what markets are, we can go into a couple of examples of markets we offer at Betiton. Of course, we will be talking of markets that will be offered for the 2022 World Cup. Below, players can a short list of betting markets they can play on alongside their explanations:

  • World Cup Winner: quite obviously, this bet requires players to correctly predict the winner of the World Cup tournament.
  • Over/Under Goals: this is a bet made “against” the bookmaker, so to speak; essentially, the bookmaker gives players a number of goals they think will be scored during a particular match, and players have to bet on whether they think more or less goals will be scored. So, for example, if you’re going to bet on a match of Spain vs Brazil and the bookmaker thinks 3 goals will be scored, you’ll need to bet on whether the actual number will be over 3 or under 3.
  • Match Result: betting on the match result means that you’re betting on a team to win a particular game; otherwise, you could also bet on a draw. This bet is also known as “1X2,” where “1” is a home win; “X” is a draw; and “2” is an away win.
  • Asian Handicap: a handicap bet generally places a goal deficit on the better team in a game, which gives bettors a chance to bet on both teams. An Asian handicap, however, places a handicap on the better team and grants the lesser team a headstart. The bet is to eliminate the possibility of a draw and to create an even playing field between the two teams.
  • World Cup Top Scorer: this bet depends on punters to guess who the winner of the Golden Boot trophy will be—that is, the player that will score the most goals in the World Cup.

There will be more markets available to bet on, each with their own conditions to be successful bets. You can find all of the available betting markets on the 2022 World Cup on our sportsbook when the World Cup will be near. When that happens, feel free to browse through all of our available markets.

Understanding World Cup Betting Odds

In order to get ahead, you will need to understand football odds and how they can help you. Odds are simply the numbers ascribed to a team or player to demonstrate how likely an event is to occur. These can be written in various formats—decimal, fractional and American so choose the one that suits you best.

Moreover, odds also show you how much a bet is worth if it wins, that is, how much it pays on top of your stake. These two factors are what make odds so important as they will tell you whether or not a bet is worth making; which is exactly why understanding what odds means is so important!

Betting Odds 101: How Do They Work?

As we mentioned, there are 3 different odds formats, each of which works in its own way. Despite working in different ways, each format will show you the exact same things: how much a bet pays, and how likely the bookmaker thinks the event is.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that, no matter what format the odds are represented in, low odds always mean higher chances of success, but low payouts; on the other hand, high odds always mean high payouts, but low chances of success.

You will need to weigh these factors before placing any bets. However, odds aren’t necessarily accurate as they’re calculated by bookmakers based on previous performances of the teams they’re offering the odds on.

If you do your research, you might realise that the bookmakers aren’t totally right with their assessment of the odds. Anyway, let us show you how these odds work.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are mostly used in Europe, which is why they are also known as “European odds,” but also in Canada and Australia. They work by representing decimal figures. The lowest decimal odds possible is 1 which shows a 100% chance of success.

Anything above 1 will show less likely outcomes. So, for example, odds of 1.5 mean that there is a 66.7% that the event will occur. Calculating the payout for decimal odds is a simple matter of arithmetic, nothing too complicated.

Essentially, you’ll need to multiply the odds by your bet to give you the total payout. So, if you bet €5 on odds of 1.5, your total payout is €7.5. To calculate your profit, simply subtract your original bet from your final payout: €7.5 – €5 = €2.5.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are the format of choice for UK and Irish punters and bookmakers, and they are represented in fractions. To understand fractional odds, you will need to understand the important relationship between the two numbers.

The higher the leftmost number is, the less likely the event will happen; the higher the rightmost number is, the more likelier the event will happen. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds; let us go through some examples.

An example of low odds is 1/4, which shows a probability of 80%. Reversing the numbers actually gives an example of high odds: 4/1 indicates a 20% chance of success. At the same time, of course, these numbers show the payout of the bet.

This can be done by taking the rightmost number to be your bet, and the leftmost to be the payout. So: 1/4 means that for every €4 bet, the return is €1; on the other hand, 4/1 means that for every bet of €1, the payout is €4.

American Odds

American odds are almost exclusively used in the US; they are also known as “moneyline odds” because they generally show you how much you need to bet to receive €100 or how much you will receive for a bet of €100.

American odds work on a system of positive and negative numbers, where the negative numbers show low odds, whilst the positive numbers show high odds. This might be somewhat confusing, so let us go through some examples.

Odds of -400 show you that you need to bet €400 for the bet to return €100, which is hardly profitable. At the same time, however, the odds show that the event will be very likely: in fact, it has an 80% of happening.

On the other hand, the positive odds show the exact opposite: odds of 400 mean that you will receive €400 on top of your bet of €100. However, the odds also show you that it’s rather unlikely for the event to happen: a 20% chance, in fact.

Learn About World Cup Tips

Tips are, well, tips! They are pieces of advice about which team you should bet on, which markets to use, which bookmaker to use, etc. They are meant to give you the most value for your bets. Tips are given by so-called “tipsters,” either for free or at a price, depending on who the tipster is.

Tipsters are generally sports experts that spend a lot of their time doing research about teams’ dynamics, player performances, and other such information that will help them determine which team will be most likely to win a game. Moreover, tipsters also scour the internet for the best deals they can find.

Tips are pretty good for bettors that are still learning the ropes, especially because tipsters give their reasoning behind their speculations. However, whilst they’re undeniably useful, tips shouldn’t be your main priority when it comes to learning how to make smart bets.

That’s because beginners should prioritise on doing their own research and understanding why one team is better than the other without relying on other people. Which is why players should always be doing their own research into sports statistics and other things that will help them make better bets.

Finding Tips About the World Cup

In today’s modern age, finding tips is a simple matter of searching on Google, or whichever other search engine you use. That way, you’ll find as many tips as you’ll ever need, and even more than that.

Different tipsters will say different things, however, according to what they believe the most likely outcomes will be. This is why doing your own research is important. Our best tips is to keep your gaming responsible and to stay healthy.

World Cup 2022: Teams With the Most Success

It’s always hard to make any meaningful predictions this far ahead of the World Cup—so much can still change. Which is exactly why punters should be doing their own research to understand which teams stand the best chance of emerging victorious from the World Cup.

In fact, punters will find out that there are always some standout football teams that participate in the World Cup, and this year is no exception. These are teams that proved their worth in previous editions of the World Cup.

One of the top favoured teams is France, who won the last World Cup, though it will depend on the draw as to who they have to play in the group. Brazil, with their five titles securely under their belt, are always hot contenders for the top spot and every year show their skills on the field.

Spain, Germany, Italy, and Argentina are also teams to keep your eyes on as they too have some great reputations and past successes in the event. Lastly, and slightly more the outsiders, there is England. All of these teams offer dazzling displays of fantastic football.

Whilst punters can feel free to use the information that we have provided in this section, it’s simply not enough to base their bets on previous wins by the national teams. It’s imperative that they do their research into the team compositions, player performances, team cooperation, etc.

Brazil51958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
Germany41954, 1974, 1990, 2014
Italy41934, 1938, 1982, 2006
Argentina21978, 1986
France21998, 2018
Uruguay21930, 1950

The Recently Successful Teams: 5 Previous Winners

As part of the information we’re providing to help punters out, we’ll be giving a table of the 5 previous winners of the World Cup. It’s good to know who recently won the World Cup, and who the runners-up were, to gain a full understanding of which teams are the best contenders for the win.

2018France4 – 2Croatia
2014Germany1 – 0Argentina
2010Spain1 – 0The Netherlands
2006Italy1 – 1 (PENS 5 – 3)France
2002Brazil2 – 0Germany

The Background of the FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup, also known as simply the World Cup, is the top event in men’s football. The event was founded in 1930. Before the World Cup became a standalone event, FIFA has striven to create a similar international event but it ended up being a complete failure.

Instead, FIFA had to settle on managing the Olympic football tournaments, which became official in 1908. Thus, in 1914, FIFA took over the responsibility of managing the Olympic football tournaments from the Football Association (FA), England’s governing body on football.

Under FIFA’s management, the 1920 Olympics held the first truly international football competition. This event became a huge success, marking the beginning of FIFA’s professional era. However, FIFA’s management of the Olympic football tournaments would prove short-lived.

After Uruguay gave stellar performances in the Olympic football tournaments of 1924 and 1928, FIFA tried its hand at organising another international tournament that’s unaffiliated with the Olympics. This time, the 1930 World Cup was immensely successful, and the rest is history!

The World Cup has been going on uninterruptedly in the 90 years since then, with the exception of two years in 1942 and 46 due to World War II. The event, like the Olympics, takes place every four years.

These years alternate between those of the UEFA European Championship, or the Euros, which are also held every four years. In fact, Euro 2021 betting is already up and running, and often can give clever punters a clue as to how a team is performing when looking ahead to the next World Cup.

The World Cup has a total of 32 teams competing, all of whom have gone through a series of qualifying rounds to get to this final position. Throughout the tournament, teams play each other in order to reach the winning matches: the quarter-finals, the semi-finals, and the finals.

How Does the FIFA World Cup Work? Betiton Explains

In order to qualify for the World Cup, all teams that wish to join in are required to undergo a qualification process. This usually differs in each of the regions with teams in each of the continental zones having to follow the procedures set out in that area.

In some cases, the qualification period can start two years prior to the World Cup actually starting. This means that any odds that are already placed on teams at this time, may not really be meaningful in a few years time when the tournament actually takes place.

Once the final 32 teams have been selected, the tournament has a group stage, much like the UEFA Champions League. There are 8 groups, each with 4 teams that all play each other. The top 2 teams from each group them move on to the knockout stages where points are used to rank each of the teams from the groups.

Where Is the 2022 World Cup Being Hosted?

The FIFA World Cup is generally hosted by a single nation; however, there have been exceptions in the past, like 2002 World Cup hosted by Japan and South Korea. In 2022, the host country will be Qatar, which makes it the first time this event has been held solely in the Arab world.

The country is already gearing up to make this an event to remember and given their theatrics and event planning for other events, it’s likely this upcoming World Cup will be something quite special. The tournament is to be hosted across 5 cities with a total of 8 different venues.

Unlike previous tournaments when the event was held earlier in the year, in 2022 the World Cup will be held from the end of November through to the end of December. This is partly to do with the Qatar’s hot climate. But it also means that the last day of the event coincides with Qatar’s national day.

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Enjoy Your Gaming Responsibly with Betiton

At Betiton, the safety and security of our players are one of our top priorities. As part of this, we have been licensed with both the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) as well as with the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission).

These two jurisdictions are the top in their field and enforce strict rules and regulations with regards to the safety of casino players while ensuring fair gaming is performed by all. Failure to comply with these rules can result in any casino licenses that are held being revoked.

In order to help players enjoy a responsible gaming environment, we have a number of features in place. Firstly, we have a series of helplines in different countries that you can contact if you feel you are getting overwhelmed when playing online.

We also offer the option to self-exclude, which means that you would not be able to access any of our games until you give us the go-ahead to remove the ban. Finally, we also offer a list of responsible gaming tips, which should help you enjoy your gaming in a healthier way.

FAQs About the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Who has hosted the most World Cups?

So far, 5 countries have hosted the World Cup twice, these being: Germany, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, and France. However, in 2026, Mexico will enjoy the prestige of being the first country to host the World Cup three times.

Where will the 2026 World Cup be held?

The 2026 World Cup is a bit of a weird one when it comes to hosts. That’s because the hosting rights have been split between 3 countries, which are: Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Which country will host the 2022 World Cup?

The host country for the 2022 World Cup is Qatar, a country located in the Arabian Peninsula, making it the first time that the World Cup will be hosted in the Arab World.

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