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World Cup Betting at Betiton™

Last Updated: 20-07-2022 14:20

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest event in soccer betting. Held every four years, this is the biggest sporting event in the world, with millions tuning in to watch the matches. It’s therefore no surprise to learn that World Cup betting is as popular as it, having a big history behind it.

Team predictions, bets, and odds are all flowing long before the event even begins, starting back when the teams are just in the qualifying rounds. Because of this, it’s very important to understand the odds and how they can help you win.

What Are the Chances? Understanding Odds

Odds are the numbers that state how likely an event is to occur and how much bettors stand to win if the bet goes their way. These are extremely important when betting on the World Cup. They can be written as fractions, decimals, or American odds, but you can choose the one that suits you.

All 3 of the odds formats show you the same exact things in different ways, so picking a format is merely a matter of preference. We’ll be explaining how the formats work, but there is a good rule of thumb that you can follow.

So, keep in mind that high odds will give you a big payout, but the likelihood of the event occurring is relatively low. Low odds, on the other hand, are indications that the team is likely to win; however the payout is going to be small.

Reading Odds: How the Formats Work

Whilst Canadian bookies usually opt for decimal odds, it’s good for our players from Canada to have even a basic understanding of how all of the formats work. That way, they can have the freedom to choose whichever of the formats suit them best.

Let us start with decimal odds: these odds work with decimal numbers. The lowest possible decimal odds is 1, which indicates a 100% chance of success. Anything above 1 starts to indicate lower chances of success. 

To calculate the payout of decimal odds, there’s an equation that you could use: firstly, multiply your bet by the stated odds. Then subtract your original bet from the result of the multiplication to know how much profit you made.

Whilst it might seem complicated, it’s really not. Let us say that you made a bet of $20 on odds of 3.4. To calculate your payout, we’ll do the following:

  • 20 x 3.4 = 68
  • 68 – 20 = 48

Therefore, the payout of the bet is $48. Moving on to fractional odds, these odds function with fractions. There are actually a couple of simple tricks that you could use to estimate how much the odds are worth and what probability they indicate.

Firstly, you could figure out how high or low the odds are by simply looking at the numbers of the fraction: if the number on the right is higher, then the odds are low; if the number on the left is higher, then the odds are high.

Secondly, calculating the payout can be done by simply taking the right number to mean your bet and the left number to mean the return. So, for example, odds of 2/7 show you that for every $7 you wager, you’ll receive $2.

Finally, American odds use a series of positive or negative numbers, generally in the hundreds. Depending on whether the numbers are positive or negative, they’ll show you either of 2 things

  1. how much you need to wager to receive a return of $100 (negative)
  2. how much you’ll receive if you place a wager of $100 (positive)

It’s for this reason that American odds are also known as moneyline odds. As an example: odds of -350 mean that you need to wager $350 to get $100, whilst odds of 350 mean that for a bet of $100, you’ll get $350.

Reasons to Bet on the World Cup

The World Cup is so popular that it beats all other sports events in popularity, even similar soccer championships like the UEFA EURO betting. As we touched upon, the runup to the World Cup is almost as important as the event itself.

The World Cup brings together the greatest teams and players from all over the world in a series of cutthroat, riveting, and exhilarating head-to-head matches. The prestige of winning the World Cup is unmatched by any other soccer tournament.

Precisely because of the prestige and honour associated with taking home the highly sought-after FIFA World Cup Trophy is the tournament so enjoyable. In fact, even spectators which aren’t sports fans enjoy watching it!

If all these reasons won’t convince you to bet on the World Cup, we don’t know what will! However, betting on the World Cup at Betiton will provide you with multiple benefits, including a vast variety of possible bets, our welcome bonus, and more!

Why the 2022 World Cup Will Be Memorable

Apart from the fact that each and every World Cup is a momentous occasion that all soccer—and sports—fans should follow closely, the 2022 World Cup will be the first World Cup that will be entirely held in Arabia, and the second World Cup that’s entirely held in Asia.

Moreover, it’ll be the first World Cup that won’t be held in either May, June, or July. That’s because the 2022 World Cup has been moved to the months of November and December, for a number of reasons, including to coincide with Qatar’s National Day. This is important to keep in mind when World Cup betting.

Betting on the World Cup: What Are Markets?

When you access our sportsbook, you’ll likely notice all of the bets that are available to be made. These available wagers are what are known as “betting markets.” These are offered by bookmakers on certain conditions that need to be met for wagers to win.

Simultaneously, each market will have its associated odds; odds are also calculated by bookmakers according to the previous performances of the competitors, and several other factors which could potentially affect the outcome of a match.

Feel free to browse through all the available markets we have on our sportsbook to get an understanding of what is on offer, what the markets mean, etc. In the section, we’ll be giving a couple of examples of World Cup betting markets we offer at Betiton.

What Markets Are on Offer for the World Cup 2022?

There are many possible markets that one can bet on the World Cup; in fact, anything that happens in a match can be wagered on! However, to cut to the chase, here are the 5 most popular betting markets we offer.

World Cup Winner

As you might easily guess, this bet requires bettors to correctly guess who’ll win the entire World Cup rather than an individual match.

Asian Handicap

Certain matches are done deals, even before they would have started. That’s because certain competitors are so powerful that anything less than an equally powerful team won’t even begin to stand a chance against them.

This creates an awkward situation where betting on the favourite is unprofitable whilst betting on the underdog way too risky. To counteract this, handicap bets were invented. In handicap betting, the favourite is given a goal deficit.

That way, the stronger team would need to win by a certain margin according to the handicap imposed. With the imposed handicap, the odds become much fairer and the competition is a bit more even, giving players a chance to bet on both teams.

Asian handicaps, on the other hand, are a special sort of handicap bets where the favourite gets a handicap and the underdog gets a boost. This is done not only to level the playing field but also to eliminate the possibility of a draw.

This gives players way better odds overall as not only are the competitors on a much more level playing field, but the number of possible outcomes has been decreased to 2. Because of this, Asian handicaps are very popular markets.

Match Result

To win this bet, bettors need to wager on whichever team is going to win a match, or whether they’ll draw instead. This bet is also known as ‘1X2,’ where 1 means a home win, X means a draw, and 2 means an away win.

However, ‘1X2’ is more applicable to a national league or cup rather than the World Cup, where only one team would have a home game—and that’s the host!

Over/Under Goals

This is an interesting market and a very popular one as well which involves betting “against” the bookie. What we mean is that the bookmaker will say, for example, that in a match between France and England the total amount of goals scored will be 2.

In this market, therefore, players will bet to “defy” what the bookmaker thinks by betting on whether there’ll be less goals (under) or more goals (over) than 2.

World Cup Top Scorer

There is more to the World Cup than countries vying to win the illustrious trophies. That’s because there are other awards that can be won as well, including the prestigious Golden Boot award for the top goalscorer in the World Cup.

If you think you know who the winner of the Golden Boot is going to be, then this is the bet for you.

Standing a Better Chance—How to Use Tips

Whilst knowing what the odds indicate and what the markets mean is very important, it’s surely not enough to consistently make successful wagers. Thankfully, there are more things that you can do to stand a better chance at winning your wagers.

One of these is looking up tips. Tips are suggestions that aim to help you improve in your sport betting. They’ll advise you on which odds and bets to take; which sportsbooks to visit; which league or tournament to play on, etc.

Tips are given by tipsters who are generally very well-read and knowledgeable with regards to sports. In fact, they spend a lot of hours looking at important information, like team composition and player form, to make their predictions.

Moreover, they’ll scour the internet, looking for the best sportsbooks, bonuses, value for odds, etc., to suggest to players. Whilst that’s all well and good, we suggest that you don’t solely rely on tips when it comes to betting on sports.

Tips are perfect for beginner sports bettors, especially because tipsters generally give the reasoning behind their suggestions. This way, beginners will start to understand what they need to look out for when they review in a match or analysing players, etc.

However, bettors that are looking to become proficient sports bettors are going to need to do their own research instead of solely relying on tips. We’re suggesting this for many reasons, including the fact that tipsters aren’t perfect.

There’s bound to be something they’ll miss which you may be able to pick up on. Moreover, isn’t it more satisfying to come to your own conclusions? So, to review: whilst there’s nothing wrong with tips, they shouldn’t be the end-all of your sports-betting research.

Where to Find World Cup 2022 Predictions

For the 2022 Qatar World Cup, we here at Betiton™ will be providing World Cup 2022 predictions that should help you ought when placing bets on the FIFA World Cup. Other than helping you with World Cup betting, we are also providing expert football predictions. This is thanks to our partnership with Djibril Cissé, who played striker for Liverpool between 2004–2006 and also helped them win the 2005 Champions League.

The History of the FIFA World Cup

Despite FIFA being founded in 1904, it wasn’t until 1930 that the FIFA World Cup would officially launch. A previous attempt at creating an international football tournament was taken in 1906, but it proved to be a failure by FIFA’s own admission.

FIFA would then go quiet for a while until 1914 when it started managing the football Olympic competitions, taking over from the Football Association (FA), the entity which governs English football. FIFA improved upon the competitions.

Under FA, the Olympic football competitons served more as spectacles rather than tournaments, as it was believed. However, under FIFA, the Olympic competitions would prove to be the first instances of international football tournaments. 

The first football Olympic competition under FIFA was in 1920, and it managed the next 2 tournaments in 1924 and 1928 as well. These tournaments proved so immensely popular that they kick-started FIFA’s professional career in 1924.

After 1928, the popularity of the tournaments gave FIFA the confidence to create the first ever World Cup. Since then, the World Cup has been playing every four years ever since—with the exception of 1942 and 1946 due to the Second World War.

Over the years, the popularity of the event has grown, especially with the introduction of television, which offered the opportunity for spectators to watch the World Cup live from the comfort of their homes.

The competition brings the best of the best together, even bringing players from the popular English Premier League betting in the UK back to their home countries—like Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk—where they can do their nation proud. 

The event has 32 countries participating, a number which is then slowly whittled down through the group and knockout stages until we reach the final game.

The runup to the event is almost as exciting, though, as there are numerous qualification rounds that take place years before to see which of the lucky 32 teams will take part.

Who Will Host the Illustrious World Cup?

In 2022, the World Cup is going to be hosted by Qatar. This is the first time the event has been hosted entirely in Arabia and looks to be a huge success. Qatar is known for its delight in large festivities, so this looks like it’ll be a spectacle to remember.

The event is being hosted between five cities and eight different stadiums within the country. Unlike previous events, the World Cup 2022 has been shifted back a few months, taking place in November and December rather than the usual summer months.

This is partially because Qatar is a lot hotter during those summer months, which could affect the event. Shifting the dates back also means that the final game of the tournament will occur on Qatar’s National Day.

When it comes to tips for this event, things can change at a moment’s notice, so it’s important to do your research.

Explaining the Format of the World Cup

There are careful plans on how each region selects its qualifying teams. Qualifying takes place within each region and will differ within that region as to how that process takes place. This stage happens in the three years leading up to the event.

Contrary to popular belief, events like the UEFA Champions League betting do not determine qualification of any of the World Cup competitors. Each region is granted a number of spots that countries can qualify for. 

Once the World Cup is underway, the 32 teams are split into 8 groups of 4. Within these groups, each team will play the others. The top two from each group will then move forward to the knockout stages.

Throughout this entire process there will be numerous odds for different things—who qualifies, who doesn’t, which team will end up in which group, who’ll lead the group, and so on. Have a look through our sportsbook to see what markets we offer.

The Likeliest to Win the World Cup

As this early stage, it’s a little hard to accurately predict who’ll win the event as there is not enough info. However, it’s possible to go by current form to see who are the strongest contenders.

Top of the list are France—they’re the reigning champions, holding the trophy from the last event. With a young team and some up and coming star players, they’re still tops to take it again.

A close second, though, are top champs Brazil. With five wins under their belt, it’s likely that this team could pull it off again. Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands have all looked very strong of late, with the Netherlands nearly pulling an upset the last time around.

Other consistently strong nations include Argentina, Italy, and England, all of whom have strong soccer cultures and a wealth of top players to choose from. But really, it all means nothing until we hit that final game!

Who Last Took the World Cup Home

Year Winner Result Runner Up
2018 France 4 – 2 Croatia
2014 Germany 1 – 0 Argentina
2010 Spain 1 – 0 The Netherlands
2006 Italy 1 – 1 (PENS 5 – 3) France
2002 Brazil 2 – 0 Germany

The Most Successful National Teams

Team Titles Years
Brazil 5 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
Germany 4 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014
Italy 4 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006
Argentina 2 1978, 1986
France 2 1998, 2018
Uruguay 2 1930, 1950
England 1 1966
Spain 1 2010

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Payment Methods Available for Players in Canada

It’s important to offer players a wide range of different payment options. Not only that, but we want to make sure that all the options we offer are safe and secure.

With that in mind, we have made sure that the options we use all have global reputations for being secure, speedy, transparent, and trustworthy.

Canadian players can choose between a range of different options that include PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and Skrill to name but a few.

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Enjoy World Cup Betting on the Go

In this day and age it’s so important to be able to offer a platform that’s available on mobile devices. While we do not have a dedicated mobile app, we have made sure that our desktop site is fully compatible with mobile devices.

The site is fully optimised, ensuring that for Canadian players it’s a walk in the park to get online. All you need to do is open your mobile browser, find Betiton, and log into your account. You’ll have access to all of the same features, bonuses, and betting features ensuring that you don’t miss out at all.

When it comes to betting on the World Cup 2022, you’ll have access to all the same betting markets, the odds will be the same as those on the desktop site, and the betting slips will also work smoothly. The site is fully scaleable, so you’ll get all the features neatly on your small screen too.

Get the Customer Care You Deserve

It’s often overlooked, but customer support is a really important part of offering a stellar gaming platform. Betiton is always operating at the highest level, but in some cases it can be necessary for players in Canada to want, or need, to get in touch.

In case of such an event, we have a number of different contact methods available to you. The service is available every day of the week and is open from 8:00 am to 0:00 am CET. The support is manned by a fast, helpful, and friendly set of staff, ready to get you back on track as soon as possible.

How to Play Responsibly at Betiton

When it comes to playing online, it’s always important to make sure that gaming stays fun. When playing casino games stops being fun and becomes an obsession, then you should take a step back and re-evaluate the way you are playing.

In order to promote a safe, secure, and responsible gaming platform for Canadian players, Betiton has put in place a number of different features to help this. First, we are fully licensed and regulated by both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Both of these jurisdictions are the highest in the industry, holding their casinos to top-level regulations and requirements. We also offer players a number of ways that they can protect themselves while playing.

For instance, we have various helplines you can use to chat to someone if you feel gaming is becoming too much. We also have a self-exclusion policy you can implement to prevent yourself from accessing our games.

Furthermore, we also offer milder means of assistance, including a list of responsible gaming tips. Finally, underage gaming is strictly forbidden on our platform. Parents should see to it that they do not expose minors to gambling.

World Cup Betting FAQs

Will the 2022 World Cup be moved?

So far, there are no indications that the 2022 World Cup will be moved, whether it’s being moved to a new location or being postponed to another date. However, only time can tell if either of these need to happen.

Why is World Cup 2022 in winter?

The World Cup 2022 is being held in winter to make up for the fairly hot climate of Qatar. This is being done because most of the nations playing in the World Cup are not accustomed to such warm weather.

Moreover, the shifted dates mean that the last day of the World Cup coincides nicely with Qatar National Day, also known as Founder’s Day. The holiday is a commemoration of the unification of Qatar in 1878.

Where is the World Cup in 2022 being held?

The 2022 World Cup is being held in Qatar, which is one of the 7 countries that constitute the Arabian Peninsula.

What are the dates for World Cup 2022?

The World Cup is set to take place between the 21st of November and the 18th of December in 2022.