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FIFA World Cup Betting at Betiton Canada

Last Updated: 26-06-2023 14:50

a footballer kicking the world cup ball and another footballer trying to tackle the ball

Every year, soccer bettors from all over the world sit in stadiums, at pubs, or in front of the TV after much anticipation for the FIFA World Cup in order to enjoy some excellent soccer and even some FIFA World Cup betting. This global event occurs every four years, with the last event taking place in 2018 when France were the awarded champions.

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest championship not just in terms of viewership, but it is also considered the most distinguished event of all. Players who participate in the tournament are considered among the biggest professionals on Earth. Of course, it’s not just the event itself that brings so many views – it’s the opportunity to place soccer bets that gets people even more excited about the event.

If you’re a Canadian sports bettor, you can enjoy all services provided on the Betiton Online Sportsbook website. Players will find more World Cup bets and World Cup odds on our platform than they ever imagined! Before you decide to place your first bet on the 2022 World Cup, let’s get you familiar with a few details surrounding FIFA World Cup betting online. If this is your first time placing a wager on a sports event, then this page is perfect for you – you’re about to find out all there is to know about FIFA World Cup betting!

Of course, those that have already dabbled in sports punting won’t feel left out either – there’s plenty of information on this page regarding the men’s World Cup itself, such as giving you the competition’s odds and a schedule of fixtures. Our website focuses on providing our members and readers with the best benefits, and we strive to indulge you with some incredible perks, including World Cup betting offers, World Cup tips, and World Cup 2022 predictions.

Last but not least, be assured that our FIFA World Cup 2022 odds offer excellent value and better bargains than those of other World Cup bookies.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

We bring to you the whole FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule, including the dates, teams, and locations, from the group stages through the knockout stages and into the championship games. Check the schedule below and never miss a game from the thrilling World Cup draw for soccer.

Match Date Team 1 vs Team 2 Group Time Location Result
1 20-Nov-22 Qatar vs Ecuador A 4:00 PM GMT Al Bayt Stadium 2 – 0
2 21-Nov-22 Senegal vs Netherlands A 10:00 AM GMT Al Thumama Stadium 0 – 2
3 21-Nov-22 England vs Iran B 1:00 PM GMT Khalifa International Stadium 6 – 2
4 21-Nov-22 USA vs Wales B 7:00 PM GMT Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium 1 – 1
5 22-Nov 22 France vs Australia D 7:00 PM GMT Al Janoub Stadium 4 – 1
6 22-Nov-22 Denmark vs Tunisia D 1:00 PM GMT Education City Stadium 0 – 0
7 22-Nov-22 Mexico vs Poland C 4:00 PM GMT Stadium 974 0 – 0
8 22-Nov-22 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia C 10:00 AM GMT Lusail Stadium 1 – 2
9 23-Nov-22 Belgium vs Canada F 7:00 PM GMT Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium 1 – 0
10 23-Nov-22 Spain vs Costa Rica E 4:00 PM GMT Al Thumama Stadium 7 – 0
11 23-Nov-22 Germany vs Japan E 1:00 PM GMT Khalifa International Stadium 1 – 2
12 23-Nov-22 Morocco vs Croatia F 10:00 AM GMT Al Bayt Stadium 0 – 0
13 24-Nov-22 Switzerland vs Cameroon G 10:00 AM GMT Al Janoub Stadium 1 – 0
14 24-Nov-22 Uruguay vs South Korea H 1:00 PM GMT Education City Stadium 0 – 0
15 24-Nov-22 Portugal vs Ghana H 4:00 PM GMT Stadium 974 3 – 2
16 24-Nov-22 Brazil vs Serbia G 7:00 PM GMT Lusail Stadium 2 – 0
17 25-Nov-22 Iran vs Wales B 10:00 AM GMT Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium 0 – 2
18 25-Nov-22 Qatar vs Senegal A 1:00 PM GMT Al Thumama Stadium 1 – 3
19 25-Nov-22 Netherlands vs Ecuador A 4:00 PM GMT Khalifa International Stadium 1 – 1
20 25-Nov-22 England vs USA B 7:00 PM GMT Al Bayt Stadium 0 – 0
21 26-Nov-22 Tunisia vs Australia D 10:00 AM GMT Al Janoub Stadium 0 – 1
22 26-Nov-22 Poland vs Saudi Arabia C 1:00 PM GMT Education City Stadium 2 – 0
23 26-Nov-22 France vs Denmark D 4:00 PM GMT Stadium 974 2 – 1
24 26-Nov-22 Argentina vs Mexico C 7:00 PM GMT Lusail Stadium 2 – 0
25 26-Nov-22 Japan vs Costa Rica E 10:00 AM GMT Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium 0 – 1
26 27-Nov-22 Belgium vs Morocco F 1:00 PM GMT Al Thumama Stadium 0 – 2
27 27-Nov-22 Croatia vs Canada F 4:00 PM GMT Khalifa International Stadium 4 – 1
28 27-Nov-22 Spain vs Germany E 7:00 PM GMT Al Bayt Stadium 1 – 1
29 28-Nov-22 Serbia vs Cameroon G 10:00 AM GMT Al Janoub Stadium 3 – 3
30 28-Nov-22 South Korea vs Ghana H 1:00 PM GMT Education City Stadium 2 – 3
31 28-Nov-22 Brazil vs Switzerland G 4:00 PM GMT Stadium 974 1 – 0
32 28-Nov-22 Portugal vs Uruguay H 7:00 PM GMT Lusail Stadium 2 – 0
33 29-Nov-22 England vs Wales B 7:00 PM GMT Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium 3 – 0
34 29-Nov-22 Iran vs USA B 7:00 PM GMT Al Thumama Stadium 0 – 1
35 29-Nov-22 Ecuador vs Senegal A 3:00 PM GMT Khalifa International Stadium 1 – 2
36 29-Nov-22 Netherlands vs Qatar A 3:00 PM GMT Al Bayt Stadium 2 – 0
37 30-Nov-22 Denmark vs Australia D 3:00 PM GMT Al Janoub Stadium 0 – 1
38 30-Nov-22 Tunisia vs France D 3:00 PM GMT Education City Stadium 1 – 0
39 30-Nov-22 Poland vs Argentina C 7:00 PM GMT Stadium 974 0 – 2
40 30-Nov-22 Saudi Arabia vs Mexico C 7:00 PM GMT Lusail Stadium 1 – 2
41 01-Dec-22 Croatia vs Belgium F 3:00 PM GMT Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium 0 – 0
42 01-Dec-22 Canada vs Morocco F 3:00 PM GMT Al Thumama Stadium 1 – 2
43 01-Dec-22 Japan vs Spain E 7:00 PM GMT Khalifa International Stadium 2 – 1
44 01-Dec-22 Costa Rica vs Germany E 7:00 PM GMT Al Bayt Stadium 2 – 4
45 02-Dec-22 Ghana vs Uruguay H 3:00 PM GMT Al Janoub Stadium 0 – 2
46 02-Dec-22 South Korea vs Portugal H 3:00 PM GMT Education City Stadium 2 – 1
47 02-Dec-22 Serbia vs Switzerland G 7:00 PM GMT Stadium 974 2 – 3
48 02-Dec-22 Brazil vs Cameroon G 7:00 PM GMT Lusail Stadium 1 – 0

World Cup Round of 16 Schedule

The entire World Cup schedule for the round of 16 is provided below, along with information about the dates, venues, and games. Naturally, this table will need to be revised in the future as the teams for the round of 16 have not yet been chosen, but you can understand how the participating teams will eventually become part of these events below:

Match Date Team 1 vs Team 2 Time Location Result
49 03-Dec-22 Netherlands vs USA 3:00 PM GMT Khalifa International Stadium 3 – 1
50 03-Dec-22 Argentina vs Australia 7:00 PM GMT Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium 2 – 1
51 04-Dec-22 England vs Senegal 7:00 PM GMT Al Bayt Stadium 3 – 0
52 04-Dec-22 France vs Poland 3:00 PM GMT Al Thumama Stadium 3 – 1
53 05-Dec-22 Japan vs Croatia 3:00 PM GMT Al Janoub Stadium 1 – 1 (PEN: 1 – 3)
54 05-Dec-22 Brazil vs South Korea 7:00 PM GMT Stadium 974 4 – 1
55 06-Dec-22 Morocco vs Spain 3:00 PM GMT Education City Stadium 0 – 0 (PEN: 3 – 0)
56 06-Dec-22 Portugal vs Switzerland 7:00 PM GMT Lusail Stadium 6 – 1

World Cup Quarter Finals 2022

If you’ve been wondering when the World Cup quarter finals will take place, you’re about to find out. Simply consult the table below. Do keep in mind that the World Cup quarter finals in 2022 will occur the weekend of the second week of December, following the round of 16, so this table will be updated along the way to feature the actual teams playing these days.

Match Date Team 1 vs Team 2 Time Location Result
57 09-Dec-22 Netherlands vs Argentina 7:00 PM GMT Lusail Stadium 2 – 2 (PEN: 3 – 4)
58 09-Dec-22 Croatia vs Brazil 3:00 PM GMT Education City Stadium 1 – 1 (PEN: 4 – 2)
59 10-Dec-22 England vs France 7:00 PM GMT Al Bayt Stadium 1 – 2
60 10-Dec-22 Morocco vs Portugal 3:00 PM GMT Al Thumama Stadium 1 – 0

World Cup Semi Finals 2022

It won’t be until mid-December when the World Cup semi-finals take place. Here’s the great news – you’ll be able to find some World Cup semi-final odds already available on the Betiton website. In fact, there are even markets where you can wager on whether your favourite club will advance to the semi-finals! So if you want to bet on the Canucks to win, this is the perfect opportunity.

Match Date Team 1 vs Team 2 Time Location Result
61 13-Dec-22 Argentina vs Croatia 7:00 PM GMT Lusail Stadium 3 – 0
62 14-Dec-22 France vs Morocco 7:00 PM GMT Al Bayt Stadium 2 – 0

World Cup Finals Fixtures 2022

The World Cup finals in 2022 are, of course, as far away as they possibly can be as they mark the culmination of the competition. Nevertheless, our World Cup finals odds are already available at Betiton, so make sure to check them out. These odds take into account who you think will come out as the winner, as well as the leading two teams.

Match Date Team 1 vs Team 2 Time Location Result
63 17-Dec-22 Croatia vs Morocco 3:00 PM GMT Khalifa International Stadium 2 – 1
64 18-Dec-22 Argentina vs France 3:00 PM GMT Lusail Stadium 3 – 3 (PEN: 4 – 2)

World Cup Favourites: World Cup Winner Odds

3 footballers trying to get at the world cup ball

Even though the competition is still a way off, you may place bets on World Cup outright markets. If you’re interested in this form of World Cup football betting, you may place your bets right now on the Betiton sportsbook as we already have the odds for these markets. No matter which team you support, you can be sure to get the odds you’re looking for on our sportsbook because we offer a wide variety of FIFA World Cup winning odds. Whether you want to check out the Canada World Cup odds, or any other country’s odds, we’ve got you covered.

It’s unfortunate for Gli Azzurri supporters that Italy has been eliminated from the 2022 World Cup in an unexpected change of circumstances. Therefore, we won’t be offering any odds on them for the World Cup in 2022.

However, there are a tonne of different groups that present fantastic chances for World Cup bets of all kinds online! Last but not least, if you’re interested in outright betting, we’ve included a table of FIFA World Cup betting odds below showing whom we predict will win this competition:

Team Fractional World Cup Betting Odds Decimal World Cup Betting Odds
Brazil 4/1 5.00
France 119/20  6.95
England 139/20  7.95
Argentina 139/20  7.95
Spain 159/20  8.95
Germany 99/10  10.90
Netherlands 119/10 12.90
Portugal 12/1  13.00
Belgium 139/10  14.90
Denmark 111/4  28.75
Croatia 49/1 50.00
Uruguay 49/1  50.00
Switzerland 79/1  80.00
Serbia 80/1 81.00
Senegal 80/1  81.00
USA 99/1  100.00
Poland 124/1  125.00
Wales 149/1  150.00
Mexico 149/1 150.00
Ecuador 149/1 150.00
Canada 159/1  160.00
Morocco 199/1 200.00
South Korea 249/1 250.00
Cameroon 249/1  250.00
Japan 249/1  250.00
Ghana 259/1 260.00
Australia 259/1 260.00
Qatar 259/1 260.00
Tunisia 349/1  350.00
Iran 499/1  500.00
Costa Rica 749/1 750.00
Saudi Arabia 749/1 750.00

N.B. The odds for the FIFA World Cup are correct at the time of writing.

Bookies’ World Cup Favourites

We’ll explain who we believe has the highest likelihood of winning the FIFA World Cup. If you’re seeking the World Cup favourites according to the bookmakers, the following eight World Cup predictions along with their chances of winning:

  1. Odds on Brazil to Win World Cup: 4/1 or 5.0
  2. Odds on France to Win World Cup: 119/20 or 6.95
  3. Odds for England to Win World Cup: 139/20 or 7.95
  4. Odds on Argentina to Win World Cup: 139/20 or 7.95
  5. Odds on Spain to Win World Cup: 159/20 or 8.95
  6. Odds for Germany to Win World Cup: 99/10 or 10.90
  7. Odds on Portugal to Win World Cup: 12/1 or 13.00
  8. Odds for Belgium to Win World Cup: 139/10 or 14.90

What Are FIFA World Cup Betting Markets?

If you’d like to partake in the FIFA World Cup betting, you should get familiar with the various betting markets. These “markets” are actually the type of available stakes you can place on an event, and they can be on anything that may happen throughout the duration of the championship.

An example of a betting market is placing a wager on whom you predict will become the World Cup winner – this is called betting on the outright winner. You may also bet on the outstanding goalscorer, and many other variants.

We consider ourselves one of the finest World Cup betting sites and as such, we want to help our readers and members find the best markets and odds for each market. We’ll go through the various types of FIFA World Cup bets in the next few sections and explain what they are.

Good Bets for the World Cup at Betiton CA

We provide a variety of World Cup online betting markets, each with its own set of winning requirements. Please feel free to peruse our bookie’s wagering options and FIFA World Cup odds. The most popular markets are listed below:

a footballer holding down the world cup ball with his foot

World Cup Match Betting

World Cup Match Betting is known by many names, but in its essence, it is a bet on the type of outcome – essentially on who will be the winner. Keep in mind it’s possible that the teams may draw, which is another option for this type of punting. If you’re looking for the FIFA World Cup odds, keep in mind this market goes by many names -it is also called 1×2 betting, full-time result wagering, win/draw/win wagering, or match result betting.

Over/Under Goals

This type of bet focuses on the number of goals scored during a specific game, and punters will need to bet on the actual number of goals being over or under that specified number.

Asian Handicap

If you’re looking for better betting odds for World Cup matches, consider handicap bets. The reason is that bettors place a handicap on the stronger team, levelling out the playing field. For those who are wondering, handicap wagering is equivalent to World Cup spread betting. The Asian handicap, on the other hand, assigns a disadvantage to both teams, shifting the odds to the advantage of the favourite team.

World Cup Outright Betting

We already touched on this briefly – outright betting is essentially gambling on the event winner – in this case, the World Cup winner at the final fixtures in December.

We offer the entire selection of World Cup outright odds that you would anticipate at a reputable bookmaker like us. In fact, farther up this page, we looked at the variety of World Cup winning odds that you can find at Betiton.

World Cup Qualifiers Betting

Soccer fans enjoy following the World Cup qualifiers as well, but did you realise that you can also wager on the world cup qualifiers? You read that right. There are a tonne of World Cup qualifying odds available here at Betiton that you may consider, so keep it in mind for the next World Cup event. Although it’s a little late to engage in this type of World Cup 2022 betting at this point, it’s nevertheless useful for you to be aware that you have the choice to do so in the future.

Watch out for the World Cup qualification odds on our sportsbook whenever the 2026 World Cup—or any other edition of the tournament—approaches!

World Cup Group Betting

People love placing bets on the FIFA World Cup largely due to the incredible betting opportunities. Apart from wagering on the match winner, the qualifiers and individual games, you may also place a wager on the various groups.

In fact, you may bet on a wide range of outcomes, including who you believe will place last in a given group, which team you believe will place first, how many points a specific team will score, and more. The group stage is quickly approaching, so this is the ideal time to put these FIFA World Cup odds to good use!

World Cup Betting Group Winners

In addition to the FIFA World Cup odds to win the overall championship, you may also place wagers on whom you think will make it to the finals. In other words, you can bet on the FIFA World Cup teams you believe will advance to the finals.

That’s not everything, of course, as you can also wager on the teams you believe will advance to the quarterfinals and semi-finals, opening up a whole new world of FIFA World Cup betting opportunities! Of course, you can be confident that our sportsbook will offer outstanding World Cup finalist odds.

Player of the Tournament Betting

A player can earn numerous honours during the prestigious World Cup, including the highly coveted Golden Ball and Golden Boot, and you can find markets related to all these awards! All you need to do is choose a player whom you believe will walk home with an award. For punters who prefer such types of markets, you can be sure that we offer a lot of World Cup Player of the Tournament odds.

Golden Boot Betting

The Golden Boot award, as you can imagine from its name, is awarded to the player that manages to score the most goals during the FIFA World Cup. To put it another way, this bet is based on who you believe will score the most goals during the World Cup.

With so many talented players from all over the world participating in the tournament, this betting market can be pretty exciting!

We offer a tonne of Golden Boot odds in our sportsbook for you to bet on some of the most incredible athletes. Whether you’re a fan of Robert Lewandowski, Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe or someone else entirely, we’ve got you covered!

Bet on Canada to Win World Cup

Are you excited about the World Cup approaching? Are you thinking of supporting your country during the tournament by placing a few wagers? You can check out Betiton’s Canada World Cup betting odds further up this page and even place a few wagers. Simply look for the World Cup winner odds to place your wagers!

two rival footballers trying to get at the world cup ball

World Cup Live Betting

Looking for a truly adrenaline-pumping experience? You might enjoy the World Cup Live Betting! Betiton provides players the option of betting on sports mid-action. You may place bets and enjoy excellent in-play odds while wagering on the world cup as it happens! As an extra bonus, you’ll be able to see updated odds as the game progresses and finger crossed, you might even land yourself an incredible win!

World Cup Accumulator Betting

Betting FIFA provides tons of opportunities for accumulator betting – or acca betting in short. Acca bets are made up of numerous wagers, all neatly packed into one. It awards you an increase in your potential rewards (in comparison to the award that you may get if you place these wagers individually)! The only problem is that the odds rise as well, reducing your chances of winning your World Cup accumulator.

Women’s World Cup Betting

Apart from the World Cup for men, there’s another market you might like to pay attention to – the Women’s World Cup. The next FIFA Women’s World Cup will take hold in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. Despite it being so far off, Women’s World Cup odds are still available on the Betiton sportsbook. You can even place a Women’s World Cup outright bet today – our odds are already out and they’re just waiting for you to give them a go!

How to Read World Cup Odds

We get it. We’ve been on the other side, finding it intimidating to understand all the odds and figure out which bet is actually worth it. Trust us when we say it’s easier than it may seem! Before you decide to place a bet, it’s essential you understand how the World Cup betting odds work.

The World Cup bookmakers that offer and calculate the odds base their numbers on the strength of teams and players based on prior performances and other comparable variables. Finally, FIFA World Cup betting odds can be exemplified in a variety of ways.

The most popular ones are decimal, fractional, and American. While there are a few distinctions between these forms of representation, they can be interchangeable and provide the same information under a different structure.

Fractional Odds

You learned about fractions in school, and this is exactly what these odds represent. They’re favoured by the British, hence why they’re often referred to as “British Odds”. Here’s an example of British odds: 5/3, 8/7, 99/10 and so on.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are most popular in Europe, but you may come across these in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, of course. They’re arguably the easiest to read, and their format follows the decimal numbers: 2.45, 28.75, 160.00, etc. FIFA World Cup betting odds on the Betiton Website are displayed both in decimal and fractional numbers.

American Odds

Lastly, the odds you’ll find all across the US are as the name suggests – American odds. They implement a 3-digit system, as well as pluses and minuses to represent the potential risk and profitability of a bet. You may switch between the three types of odds, so if you prefer to partake in FIFA betting online, and you’d rather read American odds, you can toggle these and use your preferred option. They will be immediately displayed as +300, -220, +560, and -320, for example.

Latest World Cup Odds at Betiton Canada

The greatest thing about betting on FIFA is that you don’t have to look far and wide for the latest odds on the tournament. They are being updated automatically, right before your eyes. You won’t even have to lift a finger! For those of you waiting with anticipation to try live punting on our website, you’ll need to be patient and wait for the tournament to start.

When the World Cup eventually rolls around, you can either utilise the most recent statistics we give you or you can click “IN-PLAY” at the top of our sportsbook platform to get the most recent World Cup odds on our website. This will display the World Cup match betting odds as they are updated in real time.

How to Bet on World Cup at Betiton Canada

Are you completely new to soccer World Cup betting? If you’re looking to make your first bet on our site, you’ll need to create an account first. Don’t worry – becoming a Betiton member only takes a couple of minutes, and we took extra care to make the sign-up process as intuitive and optimised as possible.

Simply click on the “JOIN” button located on the left side of the screen to begin the process and follow the steps below – betting on the World Cup is only a few moments away. Once you fill out the required information and make your first deposit, you can place your first wager on the tournament.

Here’s all you need to do to place a bet on the World Cup with your very own account at Betiton:

  1. Navigate to the football section of the Betiton website;
  2. Select “International” and look up “FIFA World Cup 2022”;
  3. This will redirect you to all of our World Cup wagers currently available;
  4. Have a look at our wagers and pick one (or several) you’d like to place your stake on;
  5. Click on the wagers you want to bet on, and you’ll see them instantly pop up in your betting slip over on the right side of the page;
  6. You can place as many stakes from the same World Cup series as you like;
  7. Once you’re happy with your selection you can adjust your stake from the betting slip and truly make your wager your own;
  8. Now that you’ve got everything in order, click on the “Place Bets” button;
  9. That’s it! You’ve officially placed your first World Cup wager on Betiton!

Free World Cup Bet for New Players & Other Betting Offers

We haven’t even talked about the best part yet – our Free World Cup Bet! As a new member of Betiton who recently signed up and made their first deposit, you will be awarded a special treat which you can use for FIFA World Cup betting! Just make sure to read the Terms and Conditions before your hurry up and claim it!

a footballer about to kick the official world cup football

The T&Cs go over the basic rules that apply to your Free World Cup Bet, such as the minimum odds you need to wager on, the min deposit you are required to make, how much you should stake in order to claim it, and more. All of this is neatly packed and explained in the bonus conditions located in our “Promotions” section.

Our 2022 Football World Cup Match Cards promotion is the other World Cup betting offer we’ll be making available to our players. If you want to blend online FIFA betting and bingo-like games, this promotion is fantastic for you! It’s actually very simple to participate in this offer: just place a World Cup bet to get a football match card that you can use to connect football match lines! You’ll receive a prize once you have amassed enough football match cards to form a successful match line.

Depending on how much you wagered and how many match lines you connected, your prize will vary in amount. You may participate in this entertaining campaign while betting on the soccer World Cup, and if you end up winning, you might walk away with cash, bonus bets, or free spins! Join Betiton for your 2022 World Cup betting if you want to place a wager on the tournament and also have the potential to win a little extra on the side.

Other Benefits of Betting on World Cup 2022 at Betiton

While World Cup betting is all good and fun, allow us to explain other reasons that make us a stand-out bookmaker. We want to highlight the main reasons why you should join Betiton – above all other sportsbooks.

  • Starting off, we offer a huge scope of World Cup bets, which we already introduced to you in the previous sections;
  • We offer a Free World Cup Bet, as well as other season promotions for our members!
  • Our website is 100% mobile compatible, and you can access it through your tablet, smartphone and desktop computer without compromising on the quality or features;
  • Our website is safe and secure, equipped with the latest 128-bit SSL (secure socket layer) encryption!
  • Betiton is a licensed and regulated sportsbook by the Malta Gaming Authority (license no. MGA/CRP/148/2007)
  • Additionally, Betiton is also licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (licence no. 039483-R-319409-016)
  • You can access our competent and friendly customer care team via email and live chat;
  • Our customer support team is available in different languages, for your ease.
  • Betiton partners with two responsible gambling organisations – BeGambleAware and GamCare to ensure our members can enjoy gambling safely;
  • Last but not least, Betiton offers a plethora of betting markets on a variety of other sports and sporting events;

How Does the World Cup Work?

Now that you’re familiar with how FIFA betting works, you must be wondering about the format of the tournament itself. Prior to the occurrence of the World Cup, a selection of qualifying rounds take place in order to select the greatest 32 national teams set to participate in the championship. The qualifying rounds are set up differently in each location, and they even begin at different times before the days of the real competition.

There is a lot of action during the qualifying rounds, which makes them pretty fascinating in themselves and they provide a lot of options for gambling. In fact, anytime the World Cup qualifying rounds are taking place, our sportsbook additionally offers a variety of World Cup qualifying odds.

Whenever the 32 teams are selected, they are split into 8 groups each consisting of 4 teams. These teams compete against each other within each group taking turns in what is called a round-robin format. Keep in mind next time the World Cup rolls around in 2026, these rules will have changed, increasing the teams to a total of 48.

The knockout stage competition, which consists of a round of 16, quarterfinal matches, semi-final matches, a third-place playoff, and the final, is where the two unsurpassed teams from each group compete. Finally, a scoring system is used to rank the teams from each group.

How Does the World Cup Draw Work?

By now you must be wondering – what does it take to become one of the qualifying nations to partake in the World Cup tournament? The World Cup only allows 32 nations from 6 regions to try their luck and eventually qualify for the FIFA World Cup. There are a fixed number of slots available in each region that the various countries will be able to qualify for. Along with their respective regional governing organisations, these regions are:

  • North America – CONCACAF
  • South America – CONMEBOL
  • Europe – UEFA
  • Asia – AFC
  • Oceania – OFC

Each nation also has a varied number of spots; Europe, home to the world’s most successful teams, has 13; as for the rest, Africa has 5, South America and Asia each have 4, North America has 3, and Oceania doesn’t have one.

National teams from Oceania must prevail in a playoff in order to advance to the World Cup. In an effort to qualify for the coveted tournament, nations will compete against one another in their respective areas.

The country hosting the tournament automatically qualifies for the competition, eliminating the need for them to compete for a position in the World Cup. Qatar is hosting the 2022 World Cup, therefore their participation in the event is guaranteed, as you can see from the table of fixtures.

We’re going to take a deeper look at the qualifying matches that take place in various regions as well as briefly examine the regional bodies that oversee the regions that we discussed above.

World Cup Qualifiers Europe – UEFA

As previously stated, Europe have the most spots over any other region. All 55 UEFA nations are eligible to compete in the qualifying rounds. There are two stages to the UEFA World Cup qualifying matches:

  1. Round One (Groups): The qualifying nations are divided into ten groups of five or six teams apiece. These teams then compete against one another in their group, gaining points based on their performance. In each of these groups, ten teams compete, with the best team proceeding straight into the FIFA World Cup.
  2. Round Two (Play-Offs): The 12 teams (the group stage runners-up plus the best two UEFA Nations League teams) are then divided into three playoff tracks, each consisting of two semi-final matches and a final match. The three winners advance to the World Cup.

World Cup Qualifiers Africa – CAF

The African region is allotted 5 spots and the CAF winners are divided into 3 rounds in the following way:

  1. Round One: 28 teams (ranked 27-54 in the July 2019 FIFA World Rankings) compete in two-leg home-and-away matches. The 14 winners progress to the next round.
  2. Round Two: The leading 40 teams (those placed 1–26 and the 14 first-round champions) are divided into 10 groups of four teams each. The teams compete against every other team in their group in home and away games. The winning 10 teams from each group move on to the championship round.
  3. Round Three: The 10 winners from the previous round are paired into home-and-away matches. The pairings are done according to the teams’ ranking in the FIFA World Rankings. The 5 winners from this round make it to the World Cup.

World Cup Qualifiers Asia – AFC

While we technically said that the Asian region has 4 spots, the truth is that they in fact have 4.5 spots. So what is this half-a-team we are implying here? Well, the easiest way to explain this is to talk about how the qualifiers for AFC are divided into four rounds:

  1. Round One: 12 teams, ranked 35-46 in the FIFA World Rankings for April 2019, compete in two-leg home-and-away matches. The last six victors will compete in the next round.
  2. Round Two: The 40 teams are divided into eight groups of five teams each (those placed 1-34 and the previous six winners). The teams contend against each other in their respective groups on a home-and-away basis. The undefeated team from each group, together with the four best runner-up teams, advances to the third round.
  3. Round Three: The 12 winners from the previous round are split into two groups of six teams each. Each team will face every other team in their group in home-and-away games. For a total of four teams in the World Cup, the winning two teams from each group advance, with the third-place team qualifying for the fourth-and-final round.
  4. Round Four: A single game is played between the two third-best clubs from the previous round. AFC, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF, and OFC clubs compete in two play-offs to determine who advances to the inter-confederate play-offs, with the winner earning a spot in those games. The inter-confederate play-offs’ two superior teams advance to the World Cup.

World Cup Qualifiers South America – CONMEBOL

Just like Asia, South America has 4.5 spots available for their teams to qualify. Unlike Asia, however, CONMEBOL has the simplest procedure of all the regions. Here it is:

  • The qualifiers include all 10 CONMEBOL nations competing in a round-robin format of home-and-away games (the teams contest one another). The leading four teams in the standings advance directly to the World Cup, while the fifth qualifies for the inter-confederation play-offs.

World Cup Qualifiers CONCACAF – North, Central America, & the Caribbean

In a similar fashion, the CONCACAF body (consisting of the Caribbean, Central American and North American Regions) is allotted 3.5 spots, and the qualifiers are separated into 3 rounds:

  1. Round One: 30 teams (those placed 6-35 in the FIFA World Rankings as of July 2020) are split up into 6 groups of 5 teams each. The best team from each group—a total of six teams—proceeds to the second round, in which each team plays each other within the group over the course of two home matches and two away matches.
  2. Round Two: The previous round’s six teams compete in two-leg home-and-away matches. The unsurpassed three finishers progress to the final round.
  3. Round Three: 8 teams – the previous round’s winners and the top 5 CONCACAF sides as of July 2020 FIFA World Rankings face against each other. This year, the teams are Mexico, USA, Jamaica, Costa Rica and Honduras, and the leading 3 qualify for the World Cup straight away. The fourth-place team advances to the inter-confederate play-off.

OFC World Cup Qualifying Matches – Oceania

Oceania are given the short straw, by only receiving 0.5 spots. The FIFA World Cup 2022 OFC Qualifiers were forced to contest in a non-traditional format owing to the pandemic even though they usually follow a specific three-round schedule. In truth, the OFC qualifiers for this World Cup had a relatively straightforward structure:

  • Eight teams were divided into two groups of four because numerous teams withdrew prior to matches. Every team in a group plays every other team once. Following that, the undefeated two teams from each group moved on to a single-leg knockout competition. The victor was granted entry into the inter-confederate playoffs.

Typically, the format for the Oceania World Cup qualifiers looks like this:

  1. Round One: The round-robin format pits the four teams who have the lowest FIFA World Rankings standing against one another. The winner moves on to the following round.
  2. Round Two: Eight teams (the previous round’s victor plus the rest of the OFC teams) are split into two groups of four teams. Each group’s best 3 teams advance to the championship round.
  3. Round Three: The past six champions are then divided into two groups of three teams each. The teams compete against each other twice, once at home and once away from home. The two winning teams from each group then compete against each other in a two-game series. The victor is eligible to advance to the inter-confederate playoffs.

World Cup Predictions

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If you’re looking for some tips before betting for World Cup, we are glad to announce you can find both World Cup betting tips and World Cup predictions on our site. Our team of sporting enthusiasts take extra care and attention when writing their analysis and predictions and consider major factors such as the team or player’s performance, among other factors.

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Where to Find World Cup Predictions 2022

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FIFA World Cup Betting FAQs

Who’s favoured to win the FIFA World Cup?

Before you bet on FIFA, it’s worth taking a look at some predictions. According to the odds and our research, this year’s favourites are Brazil and France. Currently, the odds for Brazil stand at 4/1 (5.00 or +400), while France’s odds are 119/20 (6.95 or +595).

Can you bet on the FIFA World Cup 2022?

Of course, you can! You can check Betiton’s World Cup odds and markets before you decide to place a bet on this year’s tournament.

Who has the best odds to win the World Cup 2022?

Currently, the nation with the highest odds for this year’s Qatar World Cup betting is Brazil. You can take a look at each country’s individual outright odds when you scroll up to the section titled “Who Are the World Cup Favourites? 2022 World Cup Winner Odds’.

What are the odds of England winning the World Cup 2022?

England’s chances of winning the World Cup in soccer are standing at 139/20 or 7.95.

What are the odds of Canada winning the World Cup?

If you’re looking for the Canada odds to win World Cup, we’ve got them right here. Betiton’s odds on the Canucks winning the championship are 199/1 or 200.00.