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The Rugby World Cup—also known as the “RWC“—is a rugby union championship that is contested by the topmost international teams every 4 years. It’s the biggest event in the rugby union calendar and arguably the most important rugby tournament of all. This makes Rugby World Cup betting a very exciting endeavour!

This is due to the fact that the victor of the championship is considered to be the greatest rugby team in the world. In fact, only the best of the best have a shot at winning the Webb Ellis Cup—that is, the trophy awarded to the winners of the RWC.

The Rugby World Cup provides UK players with a wide range of rugby betting options, all of which are available at Betiton™ Bookmakers UK. This means that our bettors from the UK can find plenty of variety when wagering on the Rugby World Cup.

What’s more is that we provide players with the ability to place wagers on live matches, as well as placing wagers from their mobile devices. However, if you’re new to online sports betting, there are some things you need to know.

Don’t worry, however, as we’ll be going over the various things that you need to know in order to play your RWC bets effectively. Therefore, we highly suggest reading the rest of this page before going to wager on rugby.

Rugby world cup betting on Betiton

What Are Rugby World Cup Betting Markets?

Rugby World Cup betting markets are what you’ll be using to play your wagers on the illustrious tournament. In other words, these are the bets that we offer on our online sportsbook. These can be on anything that happens during the championship.

At the same time, we also provide the odds of every market. These are the numbers that you’ll next to every market we provide. Being able to understand odds is extremely important when placing wagers, which is why we’ll be explaining it in a later section. 

The Rugby World Cup offers a good number of different markets. These depend on different conditions for bets to be successful, so it’s recommended that punters read up on what the markets are before placing any wagers. In the meantime, we’ll be explaining 4 of the most popular Rugby World Cup markets that we offer on Betiton™:

Outright Winner

Wagering on the outright winner means that you’re wagering on who will win a tournament. Usually, this wager is placed before the tournament begins.

Betting Without

This market—which is short for “betting without the favourite”—eliminates the favourite team from being considered in the wager. This gives you better odds for a team which you might prefer but which don’t happen to be the strongest.

Winning Hemisphere

Since there are competitors participating from all over the planet, you can choose to back those that hail from the Southern hemisphere or the Northern hemisphere. With this market, you can back whichever half of the globe you think will take the trophy home.

Name the Finalists

This market pretty much does what it says on the tin, and that’s having to guess which countries will make it to the finals. Unlike outright winner wagers, you don’t need to guess who will win the championship to win this market.

Rugby World Cup Matches

There are plenty of matches that you will be able to bet on at the 2023 World Cup, but obviously in order to bet on a rugby match, you need to know when it is scheduled to be played. Find below all of the important dates for this huge international rugby competition.
Make a note of the matches that interest you the most from a betting perspective, so you do not accidentally forget and miss out on a betting opportunity.

MatchDate and Time (GBT)Venue
France vs New Zealand8th September at 20:15Stade de France
Italy vs Namibia9th September at 12:00Stade Geoffroy-Guichard
Ireland vs Romania9th September at 14:30Stade de Bordeaux
Australia vs Georgia9th September at 17:00Stade de France
England vs Argentina9th September at 20:00Stade de Marseille
Japan vs Chile10th September at 12:00Stade de Toulouse
South Africa vs Scotland10th September at 16:45Stade de Marseille
Wales vs Fiji10th September at 20:00Stade de Bordeaux
France vs Uruguay14th September at 20:00Stade Pierre-Mauroy
New Zealand vs Namibia15th September at 20:00Stade de Marseille
Samoa vs Chile16th September at 14:00Stade de Bordeaux
Wales vs Portugal16th September at 16:45Stade de Nice
Ireland vs Tonga16th September at 20:00Stade de Beaujoire
South Africa vs Romania17th September at 14:00Stade de Bordeaux
Australia vs Fiji17th September at 16:45Stade Geoffroy-Guichard
England vs Japan17th September at 20:00Stade de Nice
Italy vs Uruguay20th September at 16:45Stade de Nice
France vs Nambia21st September at 20:00Stade de Marseille
Argentina vs Samoa22nd September at 16:45Stade Geoffroy-Guichard
Georgia vs Portugal23rd September at 13:00Stade de Toulouse
England vs Chile23rd September at 16:45Stade Pierre-Mauroy
South Africa vs Ireland23rd September at 20:00Stade de France
Scotland vs Tonga24th September at 16:45Stade de Nice
Wales vs Australia24th September at 20:00Parc Olympique Lyonnais
Uruguay vs Namibia27th September at 20:00Parc Olympique Lyonnais
Japan vs Samoa28th September at 20:00Stade de Toulouse
New Zealand vs Italy29th September at 20:00Parc Olympique Lyonnais
Argentina vs Chile30th September at 14:00Stade de la Beaujoire
Fiji vs Georgia30th September at 16:45Stade de Bordeaux
Scotland vs Romania30th September at 20:00Stade Pierre-Mauroy
Australia vs Portugal1st October at 16:45Stade Geoffroy-Guichard
South Africa vs Tonga1st October at 20:20Stade de Marseille
New Zealand vs Uruguay5th October at 20:00Parc Olympique Lyonnais
France vs Italy6th October at 20:00Parc Olympique Lyonnais
Wales vs Georgia7th October at 14:00Stade de la Beaujoire
England vs Samoa7th October at 16:45Stade Pierre-Mauroy
Ireland vs Scotland7th October at 20:00Stade de France
Japan vs Argentina8th October at 12:00Stade de la Beaujoire
Tonga vs Romania8th October at 16:45Stade Pierre-Mauroy
Fiji vs Portugal8th October at 20:00Stade de Toulouse
Winner Pool C vs Runner-Up Pool D14th October at 16:00Stade de Marseille
Winner Pool B vs Runner-Up Pool A14th October at 20:00Stade de France
Winner Pool D vs Runner-Up Pool C15th October at 16:00Stade de Marseille
Winner Pool A vs Runner-Up Pool B15th October at 20:00Stade de France
Winner Quarter-Final 1 vs Runner-Up Quarter-Final 220th October at 20:00Stade de France
Winner Quarter-Final 3 vs Runner-Up Quarter-Final 421st October at 20:00Stade de France
Runner-Up Semi-Final 1 vs Runner-Up Semi-Final 227th October at 20:00Stade de France
Winner Semi-Final 1 vs Runner-Up Semi-Final 228th October at 20:00Stade de France

Which Team Will Win the Rugby World Cup?

Everyone has their own view as to who will go on to lift the Webb Ellis Cup, and there are about six or seven teams that will truly believe that they have a very solid chance of going on write their names in the history books. However, below are the three teams that I think have the best chance of lifting the title.


France have been one of the best teams in the world over the last couple of years – they are lethal in attack and stingy in defence, thanks mostly to Shaun Edwards, who is the best defence coach in world rugby. Since the 2023 RWC will be taking place in France, it is not hard to understand why most bookmakers have them as one of the favourites to lift the title.

However, it must be highlighted that the French team has more than just home advantage to help them claim their first ever World Cup – they have made it to the final on three occasions (1987, 1999, and 2011), but have lost every time.

They have some of the best players in the world, such as Antoine Dupont, who was recently voted as World Rugby Player of the Year, so no team will relish taking them on. They have been drawn in a group alongside New Zealand, Italy, Uruguay, and Namibia, meaning that they are almost certainly guaranteed a spot in the Quarter-Finals – whether as group winners or runners-up, we will have to wait and see.

We do not think that there will be many betting against France becoming just the second Northern hemisphere, after England, to go on and win the RWC.


Ireland are currently ranked as the best team in the world, so it would be somewhat strange if they were not included as one of the favourites for the upcoming World Cup. They have been on fire for a couple of years now under the guidance of Andy Farrell – they picked up a rare series win in New Zealand in the summer of 2022, and then they won the Grand Slam during the 2023 6 Nations.

Will Ireland’s relatively poor history in the World Cup come back to bite them though? They have never made it past the Quarter-Final stage of any World Cup that they have played at, and history will be weighing heavily on their shoulders, that is for sure. They will have to be on it from the beginning as they are in a pretty tough group, with any two of South Africa, Scotland, and Ireland being capable of making it through to the Quarter-Finals.

No matter where Ireland finish in Group B, it is likely that they will have to circumnavigate a very tough Quarter-Final in order to book themselves a spot in the last four – they will have to get past either France or New Zealand in the last eight to carry on their quest for World Cup Glory.

New Zealand

Whenever a World Cup rolls around, the All Blacks will always be one of the favourites to go on and win the title. To date, they have three World Cups under their belt, which they picked up in 1987, 2011, and 2015. Ian Foster, the current New Zealand coach, will be looking to go out on the biggest high possible as he is going to be replaced by Scott Robertson at the end of the competition.

New Zealand might not have been at their very best over the last couple of years, but like Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League, they are a team that can never be written off. They never know when they are beaten, and if a team switches off against them, even for a couple of seconds, then it is likely that they will end up being severely punished. The All Blacks have an aura about the, that no other team has, and this provides them with a psychological advantage before the referee blows the first whistle. This is why we have them as one of the favourites.

They will get out of their group easily, with their only hard game being against the French – with no disrespect meant to their other opponents – and then a mouth-watering clash against Ireland or South Africa awaits. No matter who goes on to win the 2023 Rugby World Cup, one thing is for certain and that is that this World Cup has the potential to be the best one yet.

Bet on the Rugby World Cup with Betiton

Bet on rugby world cup on Betiton

If you are new to betting on rugby, then the Rugby World Cup is the perfect place to start. However, before you are able to bet on rugby at Betiton, you will have to have an account with us – this is an easy process, and we have explained how you can go about doing so below:

  1. Click on “Join” in the top left, and provide us with your email address, username, and strong password
  2. Once you have done that, you will be required to give some more personal information such as your full name, house address, and mobile number
  3. When you have provided us with all of the required information, click “Open Account”, and you will have your very own Betiton UK account

You will then need to make a deposit so that you can place bets on your favourite rugby markets. Head over to our payments method page where you will find a variety of trustworthy, reliable, and secure banking methods. Once you have funded your account, you can start betting on the Rugby World Cup. Below is a guide as to how you go about doing this:

  1. Go to our Rugby Union section
  2. Click on All Leagues and then click on “World Cup”
  3. You will then be able to see our available RWC bets
  4. Click on the markets that appeal to you, and they will be added to your betting slip – which will appear on the right of the screen
  5. Add the amount that you would like to stake to your betting slip. Once you are content with your selections, select “Place Bets”

What Should You Know Before Placing Your First Bet On the Rugby World Cup?

At Betiton, we offer our punters a free bet Welcome Bonus worth £10 that you can use on this prestigious rugby event, should you wish to do so. You will need to bet £15 with minimum odds of 2.00 in order to claim the offer. Like with all bonuses and promotions, there are other T&Cs that apply, so make sure that you give those a read first.

How Does the Rugby World Cup Work?

The Rugby World Cup sees 20 countries compete for the right to call themselves the best team in the world. The top three teams in each group the World Cup automatically book themselves a spot in the next edition of the competition, while the hosts are also automatic qualifiers. Thus, 12 teams qualified via their finishing position at the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and these are shown in the table below:

Team Region
South Africa Africa
England Europe
New Zealand Oceania
Wales Europe
Japan Asia/Pacific
France Europe
Australia Oceania
Ireland Europe
Scotland Europe
Italy Europe
Argentina Americas
Fiji Oceania

So, this means that there are eight spaces for other teams to fill, and these eight teams are determined through a qualification process. The teams that made it through the qualifiers and will get to mix it with some of the best players in the world are:

  • Namibia
  • Georgia
  • Romania
  • Portugal
  • Samoa
  • Uruguay
  • Tonga
  • Chile

Rugby World Cup Odds: What Are They & Are They Important For You to Understand?

Rugby wordl cup odds

When it comes to wagering, it’s very important to make sure that you understand what odds mean. These are important because they’re the numbers that will tell you how likely something will happen in the context of a match, a competition, and so on.

It’s also important to remember that odds also indicate how much you stand to potentially gain if a bet that you made goes your way. Furthermore, odds come in a few different formats, namely: fractions, decimals, and American.

There are 2 main differences between these various formats, which are: 1) how they present the odds and 2) where they happen to be most commonly used. Other than these differences, the formats are largely interchangeable.


The most common format in the UK is the fractional format. This format also happens to be quite popular with Irish bookmakers. The format uses fractions to indicate the chances of winning your wager, and it works like this: 1/3, 4/5, 7/10, etc.


This is a very popular format outside of the UK, which is used largely in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The decimal format uses decimal numbers in order to represent the odds, such as in the following examples: 5.45, 2.75, 8.00, etc.

What Are Rugby World Cup Tips and How Can They Help You? 

Tips are kind of like suggestions or pieces of advice that tell you which team to play on in the Rugby World Cup, etc. Tips are given by tipsters, sports enthusiasts that spend a lot of time analysing team dynamics, player stats, and so on.

After finishing their analyses, tipsters will then post their predictions on who’s likeliest to win the championship or any of the matches that take place during the championship. They will post these predictions either for free or at a price.

You can use these predictions when wagering but make sure that to take these tips with a grain of salt and not to depend too much on them. At the same time, make sure that you also do your own research when placing any wagers.

Where Can I Find Rugby World Cup Tips?

Unsurprisingly, a simple Google search is actually all you need to find a slew of tips by a number of tipsters. However, our best tips are to never stake more than you can afford to lose and to make time for other important things in your life.

Other Rugby Tournaments to Bet On:

  • The Six Nations Championship is another extremely important event that sees 6 European national teams battling it out. Any rugby union fan should consider trying out Six Nations betting at least once in their life!

Additional Information:

Rugby World Cup Betting FAQs

Where is the Rugby World Cup 2023 being hosted?

The 2023 edition of the Rugby World Cup will take place in France. It will be held in the Stade de France, which is the national stadium of France located in Saint-Denis, which is a few kilometres away from Paris.

When is the 2023 Rugby World Cup taking place?

The 2023 edition of the Rugby World Cup will be taking place between the 8th of September and the 21st of October. Moreover, the 2023 edition is a special edition because it will be taking place during the 200th anniversary of the ‘creation’ of rugby by William Webb Ellis.

Who is the Rugby World Cup current titleholder?

The current champions are South Africa, who defeated England in the 2019 tournament that was held in Japan.

Who has won the Rugby World Cup the most times?

The nations that have won the Rugby World Cup the most times are South Africa and New Zealand, who have won the tournament a total of 3 times each.

What is a handicap bet in Rugby World Cup betting?

A handicap bet is a wager that aims to equalise the competition between a particular powerful team and a team that is far less strong. In these situations, wagering on either team isn’t worth your while all that much. This is where the handicap bet comes in: by placing a handicap on the stronger team, the odds are balanced out and you can wager on either team with better odds.

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