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CashtoCode Casino: How to Use CashtoCode at Betiton Ireland

Last Updated: 07-09-2023 15:16

Betiton offers a highly competitive range of casino banking methods for players to choose from whenever they want to top up their casino account or withdraw any winnings. The reason is simply that every player has different preferences and budgets, so we want our players to be able to choose a banking option that suits them just right. CashtoCode is one of the options available at Betiton Ireland, and we’re pleased to be able to offer this option for all your CashtoCode casino deposits.

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If you’re curious about the CashtoCode online casino payment method and you’re wondering how to get started, this CashtoCode voucher guide will give you all the information you need. We’ve created an easy-to-follow Betiton guide to help you understand how CashtoCode works, and we’ll also be going over some benefits and drawbacks, which will give you some insight into why we’re proud to be a top CashtoCode online casino in Ireland.

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How to Start CashtoCode Online Gambling at Betiton

CashtoCode isn’t one of Ireland’s most well-known banking options, but it’s quickly gaining a lot popularity thanks to its benefits. This banking method has only been available in Ireland since 2021, which is why it might be a new name for many of our Irish players.  Below are some of the top features of the CashtoCode payment method to introduce you to this banking option: 

  • Easy and quick payment method with instant deposits
  • No bank account or credit card details required – pay in cash for your casino deposit
  • CashtoCode is one of the most discreet ways to pay at an online casino
  • No account registration necessary
  • 100% safe and anonymous payment method

For our punters who might be new to the CashtoCode casinos payment method, we’ve compiled a quick Betiton guide that you can follow for all your transactions via CashtoCode. However, before you can do that, it should be noted that your Betiton account must be verified first.  

If you haven’t uploaded the required documents yet, you’ll need to complete this process before you can deposit or cash out any winnings. The identity verification is part of the KYC process, which we’re required to comply with as a licensed and regulated online casino in Ireland. 

All casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission must comply with KYC procedures for anti-money laundering and anti-fraud purposes. This means we’ll need to verify your identity to make sure it’s you opening an account. Verifying your identity protects us as a casino but you as a player too; we want to make sure that no one pretending to be you is opening an account on your behalf. 

Besides proof of identification like a national ID card, or passport, you’ll also need to verify your address. This can be quickly done by providing a copy of a recent utility bill issued within the last three months or less, a government-issued letter, or a number of other acceptable documents which can be found on the Betiton website. 

Finally, we’re also required by law to verify your source of income to make sure our players use legitimate sources of income to play at our casino or some online betting on our sportsbook. We also need to confirm that your income can support your gambling activity, which is why we require documents like recent tax returns or payslips (amongst other documents) to verify your source of income. 

Uploading these documents shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and our casino team will work hard to ensure your documents are approved as quickly as possible. The process needs to be done just once, so once you get it out of the way, you can enjoy full access to your account without providing further documentation (unless required for a specific reason, such as to increase limits). 


If you’ve already verified your account, you can go ahead and make your first CashtoCode deposit by following the step-by-step guide below: 

  1. Log in to your Betiton account and click the ‘Deposit’ button at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose the CashtoCode deposit option from the list of banking methods shown.
  3. Next, select how much you want to deposit via CashtoCode to generate your barcode.
  4. Find the nearest point of sale using the Find a CashtoCode store feature on the website.
  5. Display your barcode at the CashtoCode outlet, and an attendant will scan it for you.
  6. Finally, pay for your deposit in cash, and the transaction will be complete.
  7. The amount will be immediately transferred into your Betiton account.

It’s essential to remember that the barcode generated will only be valid for seven days. So, once you generate it on the casinos payment page, you’ll need to scan it and make the cash payment within seven days. Otherwise, the barcode will expire, and you’ll have to generate a new one. 

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Before you use any payment method for the first time, it’s important to read the t&c carefully first. You can find all the CashtoCode t&c on the official website. 


Unfortunately, one of the apparent drawbacks of the CashtoCode online casino payment system is that you can’t use it to withdraw casino winnings. This banking option supports only deposits, but this doesn’t really come as a surprise because of the type of payment method that it is. So far, there are no vouchers or similar prepaid options that allow you to withdraw funds as well. 

What Is CashtoCode?

CashtoCode is an online payment service owned by Funanga AG, a company founded in 2013 by a team of professionals with years of experience in the payments and e-commerce industries. In Ireland, CashtoCode evoucher payments are relatively new because it was launched in 2021 after CashtoCode signed a partnership with Payzone.  

Since entering the Irish market, CashtoCode is now widely available online and offline all over Ireland. It’s currently available at more than 3500 retailers in the country, allowing Irish players to top up their casino account by depositing in-store.  

Despite the rapidly growing popularity of card payments, cash payments are still prevalent in Ireland. For casino payments, paying in cash is an ideal way to top up your casino account, especially if you’re concerned about anonymity. 

This is why the innovative online cash payment solution CashtoCode is an ideal deposit method for casino banking. With CashtoCode, you can transfer an amount of cash to your casino balance without any of the usual drawbacks. There’s no need to register for an account or use a third-party service like a digital wallet to complete the transaction, and your bank or credit card details are never revealed either. 

CashtoCode allows you to make 100% anonymous transactions that won’t be visible to your bank or in any bank statements. For several reasons, many players have concerns about their gambling transactions being visible to their bank. Still, luckily, there are banking options that don’t require you to provide your card number or bank details but are still highly secure. 

Besides being a payment option that’s becoming very popular amongst online casinos in Ireland, CashtoCode can also be used for in-store purchases around Ireland.  

What Is a CashtoCode Account?

Most payment methods require you to complete a registration form and create an account to use their services for online casino payments, but Cashtocode is different. Because it works a lot like a prepaid evoucher, you don’t need a CashtoCode account to make a deposit at an online casino in Ireland. 

Not only is a CashtoCode account not required, but you don’t need a bank account or even own a credit card to use the CashtoCode voucher payment method. This is a primarily cash-based payment system, so you can forget about completing registration forms, uploading documents and waiting for your identity to be verified, or even providing any personal information. 

As described above, you can pay for your deposit in cash, meaning that your identity will remain completely anonymous, and there’s no need to provide any documentation. It’s one of the simplest banking options currently available at Betiton Ireland, but it does require you to pay for your deposit in person rather than online. 

What Is a CashtoCode Casino?

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A CashtoCode Casino is a way to refer to any online casinos that accept payments via a CashtoCode voucher. This way, readers will immediately know that the casino they’re interested in takes this deposit payment method. However, this phrase doesn’t mean the casino accepts this payment method only. On the contrary, most online casinos offer at least five different banking options for players to choose from. At Betiton Ireland, you can choose from a list of more than 10 banking options, including other voucher payments, prepaid vouchers, digital wallets, and card payments

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How Does CashtoCode Work?

CashtoCode is very similar to a voucher or prepaid payment system that you might be familiar with already, but it’s also a little bit different. Essentially, it’s a digital voucher that works by generating a unique barcode. Instead of a PIN or code, CashtoCode uses a unique barcode created every time you want to make a transaction.  

The main difference between a prepaid voucher and a CashtoCode evoucher is that payments work the other way around. With a prepaid voucher, you first purchase a voucher in the amount you want by paying for it. Once you’ve paid, a code will be generated, which you’ll need to use to complete payment. 

On the other hand, CashtoCode works oppositely. First, a unique barcode is generated without making any payments. Then, once the barcode is scanned, you can pay for your deposit in cash to complete the transaction. 

When the barcode is generated, you need to go to one of the points of sale close to you and pay in cash for the deposit. You can also pay using another payment system like a bank card, but most users prefer cash for added security and anonymity. Once you scan the barcode and pay, your deposit should immediately be credited to your account.  

There are currently 360,000 retail locations that accept CashtoCode payments all over the world, including over 2500 retail locations in Ireland alone. You can now find hundreds of websites that accept CashtoCode payments, including a growing list of online casinos like Betiton Ireland and other online websites and merchants. 

If you’re unsure where to scan your CashtoCode barcode, you can simply visit the CashtoCode Ireland website. At the bottom, you can find a search feature where you can enter your address to find all the nearby CashtoCode outlets.  

CashtoCode Withdrawal Time

Like any voucher or prepaid payment system, CashtoCode can’t be used for withdrawals, which is one of the drawbacks we’ll look at later in this CashtoCode casino review. If it’s time for you to cash out some winnings, you can choose from various banking options available at Betiton Ireland. You can visit our payments page to find all the options available and the expected processing time for each one. 

CashtoCode Casino Payment Limits

Now, let’s talk about payment limits, which you should always consider before choosing a payment method for your casino transactions. CashtoCode has relatively flexible limits, so you can decide how much you want to deposit. 

In most cases, you can deposit up to €400 at one go when using CashtoCode, which are considerably low limits. Remember that besides the limits set by your chosen banking method, you must also be aware of the limits required by the CashtoCode online casino. 

At Betiton Ireland, you simply need to remember that the minimum you can top up your account with is €10. As for the maximum, this is currently set at €5000 per transaction. Although you can’t withdraw via CashtoCode, it’s also good to know that the minimum withdrawal limit is also €10. This means you’ll need a balance of at least €10 in your account before requesting a cash out. 

Advantages of Betting with CashtoCode

You can enjoy several benefits when banking with CashtoCode evoucher, but like every other banking method available on the internet, there are some drawbacks too. First, let’s review the main benefits of betting with CashtoCode at Betiton Ireland. 

Safe Payment Method 

The most obvious advantage is that CashtoCode is a secure payment method that guarantees 100% safe transactions. It’s one of the safest payment methods you can choose in Ireland because it’s as safe and anonymous as paying in cash.  

The possibility of fraud or theft is improbable because of how the payment system works. You will never be asked to provide any financial information or even personal data to generate your CashtoCode barcode, and you’ll need to pay for your deposit in person with cash, making it highly safe and discreet too.  

The fact that you don’t need to share bank details or even personal information is one of the most significant advantages, and it’s also highly discreet because it can’t show up in your bank statements. When you pay in cash, the transaction can’t be visible in your bank statements, and paying with CashtoCode works just the same. 

No Associated Fees 

Another major advantage is that there are no associated fees when using the CashtoCode casino app. You don’t need to pay any processing fees, and we won’t charge you any fees when depositing via CashtoCode, either. This is always a big bonus because finding a banking method with zero associated fees is rare. In short, if you generate a barcode for a deposit of €20, the total amount will be credited to your Betiton account once you complete the transaction. 

Allows for Anonymous Payments 

The fact that payments are anonymous goes hand in hand with the earlier point about security and safety. The way CashtoCode works makes payments anonymous and untraceable too. No information is collected when you generate a CashtoCode barcode, so your deposit is anonymous.  

This is a significant advantage because many punters often have concerns about their gambling transactions being visible to their bank. Many also feel uncomfortable using bank details or other financial information when making a deposit online because of safety concerns, but with CashtoCode, this is never a concern. 

Instant Deposits 

Instant deposits can now be expected from most online casino payment methods, but it’s always a bonus. A few banking methods don’t support instant deposits, which can be a considerable drawback. Most players can accept waiting a few hours or days to receive their withdrawal, but deposits should always be instant so you can start playing your favourite games right away. When your deposit goes through, you can use it to play any games of your choice, including hundreds of slot games, live casino tables, and much more at Betiton, including sports betting. 

Once you pay for your deposit by scanning the barcode, it will be added to your Betiton account immediately. To make the process even quicker, we suggest generating the barcode through the Betiton Ireland mobile website so you can immediately scan the code. If you initiate the payment through your desktop, you’ll need to go to the CashtoCode point of sale to finish the transaction, but thanks to our mobile-friendly website, you can complete the transaction in a few minutes while you’re out. 

CashtoCode App 

A CashtoCode app is also available, and we highly recommend downloading this app to make deposits even quicker and more efficient. The CashtoCode app can be downloaded on Android or Apple devices. Still, if you prefer to avoid downloads, you can initiate a CashtoCode payment directly on the Betiton website and save the barcode on your smartphone.  

Developed by Funanga, the parent company of this payment method, the CashtoCode app is designed for online casino punters who want to generate quick barcodes to make casino deposits instantly. 

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Disadvantages of Betting with CashtoCode

Claim an exclusive bonus when you register with Betiton!

Register as a new player, receive a bonus of 100% up to €150 and 150 free spins!

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We’ve listed multiple advantages and benefits of gambling with a CashtoCode voucher, but there are drawbacks too. We want our players to be able to make an informed decision for themselves before selecting a payment method, which is why we always make sure to go through some drawbacks and disadvantages of betting with a particular method. It’s essential to be aware of the limitations of a banking method and to factor them in before you start transacting with it. 

Below, we’ll discuss some main disadvantages of betting with CashtoCode. 

Low Deposit Limits 

One of the disadvantages that many players often comment on when using CashtoCode is that the deposit limits are low. This is a common drawback when using prepaid payment systems or digital vouchers. Since this is a cash-based payment method, the limits are quite low, meaning that if you want to make a larger deposit, you might need to make multiple transactions. 

Deposits Only—No Withdrawals 

CashtoCode can only be used for deposits, which is always a significant disadvantage. It’s usually recommended to use the same payment option you used to make a deposit when cashing out any winnings, but if you opt for the CashtoCode option, this won’t be possible. 

Luckily, Betiton Ireland offers a vast array of alternative banking methods for you to choose from, allowing you to safely and quickly withdraw any winnings. These include digital wallets like Skrill, PayPal, or Neteller, card payments via Visa or Mastercard, and more. 

CashtoCode vs Paysafecard

The CashtoCode casino payment method is often recommended or mentioned as an excellent alternative to the Paysafecard option for the simple reason that they’re very similar to each other. Both CashtoCode and Paysafecard are highly secure deposit options that allow you to make instant, safe, and anonymous payments at an online casino. 

Paysafecard is a prepaid voucher banking option which means that, like CashtoCode, it can only be used to top up a casino account. The way it works is also different because instead of generating a code and then paying for it, this works the other way around. 

With Paysafecard, you first purchase a voucher in the amount you want to get a 16-digit PIN code. Then, you can go to the deposit page and enter the code to transfer the money from your voucher into your Betiton account.  

When comparing the two payment options, it’s not really about which is better because there are a few differences. The table below summarises the key differences between Paysafecard and CashtoCode, which might help you decide which one is more suitable for you.

Feature Paysafecard CashtoCode
Method of payment Uses a 16-digit PIN generated when purchasing a voucher A barcode is generated and then used to complete the deposit
Deposit timeframe Instant Instant
Withdrawals Not supported Not supported
Anonymity Yes Yes
Mobile app Yes Yes
Expiration No, but a fee is charged after 24 months of inactivity Barcode expires in 7 days
Limits €50 per voucher €500 per deposit

Our Other Casino Payment Guides

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FAQs About CashtoCode

How do I use a CashtoCode voucher?

It’s straightforward to use a CashtoCode voucher at online casinos by following a few steps. First, choose the CashtoCode payment method on the deposit page and decide how much you want to top up your account. This will generate a unique barcode which you’ll need to take to your nearest point of sale. The shop attendant will then scan your code, and you can pay for the deposit using cash. The amount will then be added to your casino account right away.

Is CashtoCode safe?

Yes, CashtoCode is one of the safest payment methods you can use at online casinos because it’s 100% anonymous, discreet, and secure. No financial information or bank details are needed – you don’t need to provide any personal data like your name or address to generate the barcode.

How to use CashtoCode?

To use CashtoCode, you’ll need to select it as a payment method and generate a barcode by choosing a deposit amount. That code must then be scanned at one of the CashtoCode points of sale to complete the deposit.

Where is CashtoCode popular?

The CashtoCode payment method is becoming quite popular amongst online casinos in Ireland and the UK, but it’s not only used for online casino deposits. In Europe, CashtoCode is very popular to pay at any online merchant where you want to avoid using a credit or debit card.