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Online Betting at Betiton™ Sport Ireland

Last Updated: 23-08-2022 16:02

Welcome to Betiton™, one of the top online betting sites in Ireland. Online betting is an activity where punters attempt to predict the outcome of a sporting event by staking money on their prediction. Wagering on the result of a sporting event can be done on any sport or popular event. Whether it’s a major sports event, eSports, or the results of the next Irish election, Betiton’s sportsbook will provide for all your betting needs.

Sports Betting

This page provides you with a wide range of sports that you can bet on online in Ireland. Whether you are a big football fan, love your horse racing, enjoy a bit of golf, or have a passion for GAA games, you will be able to find exactly the sport betting action you are after here.

For in-play betting you can access a wide range of betting markets for a broad variety of sports. However, if you’re new to sports betting in Ireland, you’re going to need to know a few things before you can place your first sport bet.

What’s the Best Sport to Bet on at Betiton™’s Sportsbook Ireland?

There are many sports that our players can bet on here on our online sportsbook. However, we feel that the most popular sports amongst our Irish members are the following:

  • Golf Betting
  • Football Betting
  • GAA Betting
  • Horse Racing Betting
  • Snooker Betting
  • Rugby Betting
  • Darts Betting
  • Eurovision Betting
  • Esports Betting

Golf Betting

Online Golf betting is an extremely popular activity in Ireland. In fact, Irish golf fans love golf betting almost more than any other nation. The combination of skill, patience, and precision which every golfer displays is simply awe-inspiring. This makes golf is a very interesting sport to watch and bet on.

Moreover, there are many prestigious and popular golf tournaments that our Irish members can follow and wager on. So, if you are a golf fan you are in luck as we provide a tonne of golf betting odds on all of the biggest golf tournaments that happen the world over.

These include extremely illustrious championships as the US Masters, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship. If you’re looking forward to betting on these championships, the following table lists the dates of the upcoming editions.

Biggest Golf Betting Events You Can Bet Online Ireland

Golf Championship Dates
US Masters 4th – 10th Apr
The Ryder Cup 29th Sep – 1st Oct
The Open Championship 14th – 17th Jul
The PGA Championship 19th – 22nd May
LIV Golf Invitational 9th Jun – 30th Oct

Football Betting

Football, as we all know, is the world’s most popular sport. We know that many Irish people are extremely passionate about football betting. In fact, the majority support teams from the English Premier League such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and the Spurs.

Here at Betiton™, Irish players will be able to find many football betting odds and markets for all of the best leagues in the world such as Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, Brasileiro, Serie A, and La Liga. There are also online football betting wagers for plenty of other smaller leagues as well.

When it comes to the big European tournaments, then you’ll also find football betting odds on the biggest championships around, like UEFA Champions League betting and the UEFA Europa League. Finally, what about international championships?

Well, you will find wagers for prestigious international competitions like FIFA World Cup betting, EURO betting, as well as several other of the greatest tournaments in the world. In short, Betiton™ have you covered when it comes to online betting on this fantastic sporting activity.

The Biggest Football Betting Events

Football Championship Dates
Premier League 13th Aug 2021 – 22nd May 2022
Champions League 22nd Jun 2021 – 28th May 2022
FIFA World Cup 21st Nov 2022 – 18th Dec 2022
UEFA European Championship 14th Jun 2024 – 14th July 2024

GAA Betting

Online GAA betting is naturally close to the heart of the Irish as it represents the most Irish of sports. For those not in the know, GAA stands for the “Gaelic Athletic Association” and it’s the governing body for and official promotor of Gaelic games around the world. The GAA promotes the following Gaelic games:

  • Hurling
  • Gaelic football
  • Handball
  • Rounders
  • Camogie
  • Ladies Football

It’s only natural then that GAA betting holds as much popularity as it does in Ireland. We truly understand that our players from Ireland love GAA betting as much as betting on any other sport, which is why we’ve provided a variety of GAA betting odds and markets on our sportsbook Ireland.

The most popular of all the Gaelic games, however, has to be Gaelic football and the most important tournament that happens in Gaelic football is the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship. Naturally, then, All Ireland betting holds a particular popularity in Ireland.

All Ireland Betting

Gaelic football is a traditional Irish sport and one of the country’s favourite sports. There is a good handful of important tournaments in this sporting activity but the All-Ireland Football Championship is definitely the biggest of them all.

The tournament sees 32 teams compete against each other for the right to be crowned the best team in the country. Taking place every year, the teams that compete in the championship hail from the 4 regions of Ireland.

These teams compete in their own qualifiers to see who will move forward to the qualifying rounds for the tournament. The teams in each group will play each other once and the top 2 teams from each group will qualify for the semi-finals.

The winners of the two semi-finals will then compete in the final which is always held on the 35th Sunday of each year at Croke Park, Dublin. At Betiton™, you will also be able to wager on who you think will win this tournament.

Bet on Ireland’s Most Anticipated GAA Betting Tournaments

GAA Championship Dates
National Football League (Ireland) Jan – Apr 2023
All-Ireland Senior Football Championship 16th Apr – 24th Jul 2022
All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship 16 Apr – 17 Jul 2022

Horse Race Betting

If there is one thing that the Irish love in terms of online betting, it’s horse race betting. Some of the reasons why horse race betting is so popular in Ireland is that it is an extremely social event and the fact that it is a thrilling sporting activity to watch.

The popularity of horse racing translates to a huge number of exciting events and prestigious races to watch and bet on! In fact, you can easily find several high-profile races, such as the Grand National, the Royal Ascot, and the Epsom Derby.

However, great races aren’t restricted to the UK as Ireland itself is full of fantastic events and racecourses. These include the Irish Grand National, the Irish Derby, the Irish Champions Stakes, the Irish 1,000 Guineas, and the Irish Oaks, amongst many others.

At Betiton™ Sportsbook Ireland, we know just how much our Irish players love horse racing betting online, which is why we offer online odds and wagers on all of the big horse racing meetings. In fact, you can find a handful of the biggest races in the following table.

The Biggest Horse Racing Betting Meetings

Horse Race Dates
The Grand National 15th Apr 2023
Cheltenham Gold Cup 17th Mar 2023
2000 Guineas Stakes 30th Apr 2022
Royal Ascot 14th – 18th Apr 2022
Irish Derby 24th – 26th Jun 2022
Irish Champions Stakes 10th Sep 2022

Snooker Betting

If we’re on the topic of the best sports to bet on, we’d be silly if we didn’t include snooker betting. Snooker is an incredible sport that takes a well-balanced mix of precision and patience in order to excel in it, which is no wonder why snooker betting is so popular in Ireland.

When it comes to tournaments, players looking to do some snooker betting can definitely find their fair share of illustrious championships available to bet on. These would have to include the 3 most high-profile competitions in the entire sport, known collectively as the Triple Crown.

These tournaments would be the World Championship, the UK Championship, and the Masters. We provide snooker betting odds on all 3 of these tournaments, and even other tournaments like the China Open, the Tour Championship, the German Masters, and the Welsh Open.

Biggest Snooker Tournaments for Online Betting

Snooker Tournament Dates
World Championship 16th Apr – 2nd May 2022
UK Championship 8th – 20th Nov 2022
Masters 8th – 15th Jan 2022
British Open 26th Sep – 2nd Oct 2022

Rugby Betting

Another one of Ireland’s favourite choice of sports betting would definitely be rugby betting. This is one of the most popular sports in the world, meaning that there are a tonne of important tournaments to wager on. However, the rugby tournament that Irish rugby fans look forward to the most is 6 Nations betting.

This event takes place each year generally during the months of February and March. The championship sees England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy, and France play each other once to see who the best rugby team in Europe is.

The team that gets the most points from their 5 games will be crowned the champions. However, the biggest honour that each team tries to achieve is to win the Grand Slam—that is, they win all of their matches against all the others.

At Betiton™ Ireland, you’ll be able to enjoy rugby betting markets for this popular championship as well as wagers for other rugby events such as Rugby World Cup betting, the Rugby Championship, the All Ireland League, the Gallagher Championship, and the Lions Tours.

Bet on the Biggest Rugby Betting Championships

Rugby Championship Date Held
Guinness 6 Nations Championship TBA
European Rugby Champions Cup 10th Dec 2021 – 28th May 2022
The Rugby Championship 6th Aug – 24th Sep 2022
The Rugby World Cup 8th Sep – 28th Oct 2023

Darts Betting

From friendly pub game to fiercely competitive international sport, it’s little wonder why darts betting is as popular as it is. Professional darts takes some serious precision and focus in order to be amongst the best, making it a fairly respectable sport in its own right.

Due to the sheer popularity of darts betting, we provide a wide variety of darts betting odds on the biggest tournaments that happen in the sport. These would include the illustrious PDC World Darts Championship, the World Matchplay, the World Grand Prix, and the UK Open.

However, players looking to do some darts betting can also find betting odds on plenty of other tournaments. Moreover, our darts betting markets options also include the possibility of darts outright betting on all of these fantastic competitions and more!

Bet Online on the Biggest Darts Tournaments

Darts Tournament Dates
PDC World Darts Championship TBA
World Matchplay 16th – 24th Jul 2022
World Grand Prix 2nd – 8th Oct 2022

Esports Betting

The term esports refers to the organized, competitive video game industry. Participants from different countries play against each other in a series of competitions, where they play games popular amongst at-home gamers. These competitions are so relatable and fun to watch because the games are available to everyone. You don’t need to visit a tennis court to play the games that professional egamers do—all you need is a reliable PC and the gaming software and you can have a go at it yourself.

You also don’t need to leave your home and travel to a stadium to become part of the action—esports can be watched online. Typically, the gamers participating in esports events have a large internet following on various streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube, where their fans observe their gameplay every week.

If you are coming across esports for the first time, you might be wondering who watches these leagues and tournaments. Hold on to your hats—it looks like they have packed up quite the following.

In 2019, the global esports audience had a 16% growth in global viewers, rounding up to 212 million Occasional Viewers, and 215 million esports Enthusiasts. Irish viewers make up a good chunk of the audience, with a particular interest in the European Pro League, DOTA 2 Champions League, Thunderpick Bitcoin Series, and some esports conventions like Insomnia Gaming Festival and the Eurogamer Expo.

Despite not being a sport per se, we can think of esports as a competitive activity in a similar way to chess. Esports requires devotion, concentration, skill, practice, and talent—very similar to the necessary requirements in sports participation. It is no surprise that esports has grown into such a popular sports betting category. Taking all this into consideration, we can begin to understand how readily available it is for viewers to place online bets on esports while right in the middle of the action.

Looking for appropriate esports games to watch and place sports bets on? Here are the most popular games you can wager on at Betiton™:

  • StarCraft 2 Betting
  • Call of Duty Betting
  • Kings of Glory Betting
  • Rainbow Six Betting
  • Valorant Betting
  • Counter-Strike Betting
  • League of Legends Betting
  • DOTA 2 Betting
  • Hearthstone Betting

Eurovision Betting

Finally, Irish punters also love doing a bit of Eurovision betting. Touted to be the biggest non-sporting betting event in the world, the Eurovision sees plenty of players from Ireland give Eurovision betting a go. And it’s little wonder too given that the Irish have won the competition the most times!

The Eurovision song contest sees a number of nations compete with their song of choice, generally decided through some form of national song contest. The competition sees songs in a variety of genres from the traditional pop music, to rock ballads, and even electronic songs.

The competition also has the possibility of shooting some artists to international fame. In fact, a number of these artists including ABBA, Måneskin, and Céline Dion went on to become world-famous musical acts. Anyone looking to enjoy some Eurovision betting can find plenty of Eurovision betting odds on our sportsbook Ireland!

How to Bet Online With Betiton™ Sport

Well, the first thing that you’re going to need to do is create an account with us here at Betiton™ Ireland. Without an account, you won’t be able to wager on our sportsbook online. Not to worry, though, as you can create your account in a matter of minutes.

Firstly, you’re going to need to click on the “JOIN” button. On the pop-up, fill in the empty fields with the required details. Once everything is filled in, click on “OPEN ACCOUNT” and you’re an official member! Afterwards, you’re going to need to make a deposit.

We support a large number of payment methods, all of which are secure and provided by trustworthy providers. This means that all your transactions on Betiton™ are absolutely safe! Once your account and your deposit are ready, you’re all set to bet!

  1. Once you’re on our sportsbook Ireland, have a look through what sports we offer;
  2. When you find the sport that you’d like to bet on, click on it;
  3. This will take you to all of our available sports bets and betting odds on what you’ve chosen;
  4. Of course, if you’d like to choose any other sports, you can do so by following the same steps;
  5. Have a look through our offered wagers until you find the ones you like;
  6. When you find the ones that you’d like to play, click on them and they’ll appear on the betting slip on the right-hand side of the screen;
  7. You’re also quite free to choose multiple wagers and/or place an accumulator bet;
  8. On the betting slip, decide on how much you’d like to wager by adjusting your stake;
  9. Once you’re satisfied with both your chosen bets and your stake, click on “PLACE BETS“;
  10. Congratulations on your first sports bet at Betiton™ Sportsbook Ireland!

Why Bet at Betiton™?

You might be wondering why you should choose Betiton™ Ireland as your online sportsbook of choice. Well, we have several features that makes betting online on our website worthwhile for players. These include our website that has been created with the utmost security in mind, which means that players can bet with complete peace of mind.

Furthermore, our sportsbook is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission. Moreover, we also hold an Irish Betting Licence. This means that our operations are totally legitimate. Moreover, we provide competitive betting odds as well an extremely wide range of sports betting markets on an equally wide variety of sports.

We provide a wide variety of betting markets on our Irish betting site for online betting, including betting on football, horse racing, the NFL, NBA, cricket, snooker, and many other events. Additionally, members get access to the Betiton™ online casino, as well as our casino bonuses and promotions. We also provide a loyalty program that rewards players for simply playing on our casino.

It’s good for players to know that they can also use our online sportsbook on any mobile device they happen to use as our site is fully mobile-optimised and responsive to every mobile device. Finally, if our players are having any issues whilst using our sportsbook online, they can contact our customer service agents every day. Our customer service is also available in several languages.

A summary of these benefits can be found in the list below:

  • A wide range of betting markets and online odds
  • Free bets Ireland for new players
  • Other promotions that players can benefit from
  • A loyalty program that rewards players for playing casino games
  • Mobile-optimised website so you can sports bet on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Fully secure website thanks to 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption
  • Licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (licence no. MGA/CRP/148/2007)
  • Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (licence no. 039483-R-319409-016)
  • Holds an Irish Remote Bookmaker’s Licence (licence no. 1014834)
  • Daily customer support via email and live chat
  • Customer care available in different languages

What Is an Online Betting Market?

Registering is easy, but the first thing that you’re going to need to know before making your first sports bet is what betting markets are. That’s because these are what you’ll be using to bet online on various sports on our online sportsbook for Irish players.

In other words, markets are the available wagers that we offer on our platform. Furthermore, next to every market, there is the online odds of that market. This is another important concept that we’ll be explaining in detail later on.

Betiton™’s Online Betting Markets for Ireland

Punters from Ireland can bet on a myriad of things with our betting markets here at Betiton™. These can be anything from a simple wager on who the winner of a match or race will be, to choosing who the best player will be, and so on.

The list of examples of what you can bet on is quite endless, so you can forgive us for not mentioning everything. However, below we have given you some examples of the different sports bets that you can find at Betiton™ for Irish Punters.

Win/Draw/Win (1X2)

This is the most popular market that players can find on our online sportsbook. When betting on this market, you’ll essentially be backing either of 2 teams to win or for a draw to happen instead.

In-Play Betting / Live Betting

We provide the possibility of live betting online on our sportsbook. Live betting, which is also known as “in-play betting“, means that you’ll be betting on a match as it’s being played in real time. This form of online betting is highly popular because it takes advantage of sport betting odds that change in real time. Moreover, it simply makes watching a sports match much more exciting.

Placing a live bet on our sportsbook requires the same steps as placing any other bet. However, instead of going to our regular markets, click on the “IN-PLAY” tab at the top of the sidebar on the left-hand side of our sports betting interface. This will present you with all of our live betting odds and markets.

Money Line betting

The simplest and most straightforward sports bet is the money line bet. It merely asks the bettor to wager on one of two teams or people engaged in a game. For example, in Team A vs Team B, the Money Line bet just involves betting on either Team A or Team B To win.

Prop Bets

A prop bet i.e., a proposition bet, is any bet that isn’t directly connected to the outcome of the final result of the sports event. Instead, prop bets allow you to bet on very specific facets of the event. For example, in cricket betting, you could bet on the Over/Under on how many wickets a bowler will take, or whether a specified batsman will score a century. For rugby prop bets, you could bet on the Over/Under of total tries, conversions or scrums.

Over/Under betting

A highly popular market where players have to bet online against the bookmaker. By that we mean that we’ll be providing you with a range of numbers which represent how many goals we think will be scored during a game. You’ll need to bet on whether there will more (over) or fewer (under) goals scored.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

Another highly popular market which requires players to bet on whether both teams will score during a match.

First Goal Scorer

With this market, you’ll be betting online on whichever player you think will be the first one to score in a game.

Anytime Goal Scorer

Related to the previous market, except with this market you’ll be betting on whichever player you think will score at any point of the game, regardless of whether they’re first or last to score.

Point Spread Betting / Puck Line Betting

Finally, there is the option of spread betting. For those wondering, this is the same thing as handicap betting. Spread betting exists in order to level the playing field between a strong competitor (the favourite) and a weaker one (the underdog). In usual circumstances, the online odds would be tipped in favour of the favourite. This is where spread betting or handicap betting come in.

Spread betting evens the betting odds by either placing a points deficit on the favourite or giving a points bonus to the underdog. In other words, if you’re betting on the favourite to win through spread betting, then the favourite has to win by a number of points more for you to win your spread bet. So, for example, if the spread is -3.5, then the team has to win by 4 points or more.

If you’re betting on the underdog instead, they either need to win the match or lose by less than a number of points for you to win your bet. So, if you’re given a spread of +5.5, then the underdog will have to lose by no less than 5 points for you to win your bet. However, you would also win your bet if the underdog manages to win the match.

Betting Odds Explained

Before you can go off and place any online bets on any of your favourite sports, it would serve you well to know what sports betting odds are. These are the numbers that you’ll find next to each market that we provide on any of the sports that you’re looking to wager on.

These numbers are important for 2 reasons: firstly, they show you how much money you’ll receive when making a successful sports bet. Secondly, they also tell you the likelihood of something happening in the sporting tournament you’ll be wagering on.

These are obviously very important as they can help you choose what wagers to play. Thus, when deciding on what wagers to place on our online sportsbook, it would be very beneficial for you to pay special attention to the sporting odds of our wagers.

How to Read Online Betting Odds Formats

If you’d like to be able to understand the sports betting odds that we provide on our sportsbook Ireland, you’re first going to have to understand that there are 3 main formats which represent these numbers. These formats are the decimal, fractional, and American formats.

There are a couple of differences between these 3 formats, which are mainly where in the world they happen to be used the most and how they represent the probability and profitability of a sport bet. Other than that, they’re quite interchangeable and using one format over another is a matter of preference.

However, each format has its own way of being “understood”, so to speak. Since these formats represent your risks and rewards in different ways, there are then different ways of understanding them. Thus, we’ll be explaining everything in the coming sections.

Decimal Odds

The decimal format is mainly used in mainland Europe, hence why you’ll sometimes find that it’s called “European odds“. However, they’re also fairly popular in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. As you can expect, this format uses decimal numbers.

The lowest possible number of this format is 1, which means that the event has a 100% chance of happening. Anything above that means that the probability starts getting lower. To understand the chance of success of an event, you have to divide 100 by the number you’re presented.

For example, let’s say that you’re playing a wager on a market with online odds of 2.45. Thus, the calculation would look something like this:

  • 100 ÷ 2.45 = 40.82

Therefore, the probability of the wager going your way is 40.82%. Calculating how much money you can receive from a successful wager also requires another calculation. With this calculation, you need to multiply your stake by the sporting odds.

This gives you your total return from the successful sports bet. You’ll then need to subtract your original stake from the result to find the profit. So, let’s say that you’re wagering €20 on the online odds we mentioned above. The calculation would be:

  • 20 × 2.45 = 49
  • 49 − 20 = 29

Thus, your total return would be €49, but your profit from the online bet would be €29.

Fractional Odds

The fractional format, on the other hand, is mainly used in the United Kingdom, which is why you’ll sometimes find them as “British odds“. However, this format is also popular with online bookmakers Ireland. Needless to say, this format uses fractions.

It might seem like a complicated format to understand but you can understand this format much more easily than you would expect. Firstly, by comparing the numbers of the online odds, you can determine whether they’re high or low.

If the number on the right is higher, then the sports betting odds are low (that is, over 50%). On the other hand, if the number of the left is higher, then the online odds are high (that is, under 50%). Finally, by also looking at the numbers, you’ll be to determine your payout.

Let’s say that you’re looking at odds online of 9/2. This means that for every €2 you stake, your payout will be €9 on top of it. Moreover, you can also appreciate that these odds are quite high. The process is the same for any numbers of this format that you’ll encounter.

American Odds

The final format we’ll be looking at is the American format which is also known as “US odds“. As you can probably guess from the name of this format, it’s mainly used in the United States. This format makes use of a system of 3 digit numbers, pluses and minuses to represent the odds online.

The pluses display the sporting odds of the favourites, or those expected to win. Moreover, they also tell you how much you’ll win if you bet €100 on a market. On the other hand, the minuses display the sports betting odds for the underdogs, or those expected to lose, as well how much you need to bet in order to receive a return of €100.

So, for example, if you’re betting online on a team that has odds of -450, then you can tell that they’re the favourites to win. At the same time, you need to bet €450 to get a payout of €100. On the other hand, a team with sports betting odds of +230 are the ones expected to lose. However, if your sports bet on them goes your way, you’ll win €230 if you bet €100 on them.

How to Find the Latest Betting Odds on Betiton™’s Sportsbook

Our online sportsbook is constantly being updated with new betting odds, especially on our live betting online markets. If you would like to consult our latest betting odds, all you need to do is load up our sportsbook Ireland as normal and our latest betting odds will be the first thing to appear. However, if you’d like, you can go to our “IN-PLAY” to see our latest betting odds as well as our live betting odds.

Outright Betting at Betiton™ Sportsbook

We also provide the possibility for players to enjoy outright betting. This is a special form of online betting where players can bet on whichever competitor they think will be the outright winner of a tournament. This form of sports betting can be done on any tournament you can think. Outright betting is popular because the betting odds are usually higher.

Placing an outright bet involves the same process as placing any other online bet on our sportsbook Ireland. However, instead of choosing a particular tournament, you’ll need to choose the “Outrights” option instead. This will take you to all of our outright markets and sports betting odds on the particular sport or sports you have chosen.

Accumulator Bets

On our online sportsbook Ireland you have the possibility of placing an accumulator bet. This is an extremely popular kind of bet that combines multiple selections and is thus able to offer higher betting odds than regular sports bets. Placing an accumulator bet at Betiton™ is easy as you simply have to select multiple markets.

Once you have made your selections, you’ll notice that the betting slip will say “COMBI“. This is the same thing as an accumulator bet. Once you’re satisfied with your selections and your stake, click on “PLACE BETS” and you’ve just placed an accumulator bet!

However, for those players that don’t know what accumulator bets are, we’ll be explaining this form of online betting Ireland in the next section.

What Is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator bet, which is also known as an “acca“, is a wager with multiple selections all combined into one bet. This tends to offer you much greater odds than when you place multiple separate bets. This is due to the fact that for an accumulator bet to be successful all of the selections have to win.

If any one of your selections goes off, then your accumulator bet loses, which is why an accumulator bet tends to have higher betting odds because of the higher risk involved. There are multiple kinds of accumulator bets, with the most basic ones being a bet with 4 selections combined into one.

Other kinds of accumulator bets include bets with more selections than just 4, generally up to a maximum to 20 selections. There is also the each-way accumulator which involves placing multiple each-way bets. An each-way bet is a wager that is split in 2, so you’ll be betting on 2 things at the same time.

Boost Your Accas with Betiton™’s Boostiton Promotion

If accumulator bets are something that interests you, then you’ll be happy to know that we provide a promotion that boosts your winnings for any successful accas you place. This is our Boostiton promotion and it offers a wide range of boosts depending what sort of accumulator you’ve placed. Of course, be sure to read the T&Cs when making use of any of our promotions.

Fixed Odds Betting

Finally, we also provide fixed odds on our sportsbook. This is a very popular way of betting online Ireland as it can help you when value betting. You can usually find this sort of sports betting amongst our horse racing betting markets. However, if you don’t know what it is then we’ll be explaining everything in the next section.

What Is Fixed Odds Betting?

Fixed odds betting is when you bet on a particular market with odds that won’t fluctuate in the future. In other words, you’ll be agreeing to the odds that bookmaker sets out at the particular point in time when you place the bet. This type of online betting is very popular with players as the bet can work in their favour and they’ll end up winning much more than had the odds not been fixed.

Competitive Odds Betting

Our insight into sports events allows us to produce some of the most competitive online betting odds in Ireland. We’re proud to offer our Irish customers some of the most competitive sportsbook related markets.

Get Your Free Bets Ireland at Betiton Sport

We value every single one of our players, so we treat anyone who decides to register with us to an €10 free bet. To claim this free bet, you will have to deposit at least €15 and then make a €15 wager with online betting odds of at least 2.00.

After you’ve done this, you will be given your €10 free bet. You will then have 14 days to use the free bet and it can only be used with odds of 1.80 or more. There are no wagering requirements attached, but there are other conditions that you need to be aware of.t

For instance, the value of the free bets will be taken away from any winnings that are made. These are just some of the terms and conditions for this welcome bonus. There are some more, and we highly recommend that you read them all carefully.

Additionally, we provide our players with other types of promotions that will certainly prove useful for new and old members alike. Visit our “Promotions” page to see what we have on offer. Once again, please remember to read all the T&Cs carefully as well as our bonus policy.

Make Your Online Betting Count with the Betiton Loyalty Program

We have some great news for the Irish punters that have chosen to stay at Betiton for the long haul. Members that are planning to stick around will be able to make the most out of their betting through our exclusive loyalty program.

Our loyalty program works through a points system. In other words, every time you bet real money on our casino, you’ll receive loyalty points. These loyalty points are then used to scale up our loyalty program, which is divided into 7 levels.

These different levels offer different bonuses, but the higher the level, the better the bonuses. In fact, members that occupy the top levels of our loyalty program enjoy higher deposit and withdrawal limits, faster cashout rates, and monthly cashbacks!

Mobile Betting App

You can also access Betiton™’s sportsbook Ireland using an iOS, Android, or Windows device. In fact, we’ve optimised our platform to be compatible with all sorts of mobile devices. This means that no matter your device, you can access our sportsbook just the same.

Moreover, our mobile site is easy to navigate, easy on the eye, and you will be able to find Ireland online betting wagers that you will find when using our desktop site. You can follow plenty of sports action from your smartphone, place some in-play bets, etc.

Furthermore, the process for placing a sports bet using your mobile device is no different to how we explained it above. Additionally, all the bonuses and customer support features are the same, so your gaming experience on mobile will be as seamless as it would be if you were using a desktop device.

Deposits & Withdrawals: Safe Banking at Betiton

Betiton provides our Irish players with all the popular banking methods available in Ireland such as Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and Neteller. With regards to deposits and withdrawals, the minimum amount that you can deposit or withdraw stands at €10.

The maximum amount that you can deposit in your account is €5,000, while the maximum withdrawal is €7,000 per month. When you make a deposit, the money will appear in your Betiton™ account right away, while withdrawals will take much longer.

Payment Method Deposit Time (Days) Withdraw Time (Days)
MasterCard Instant 0–6
Visa Instant 0–6
Skrill Instant 0–2
Neteller Instant 0–2
MuchBetter Instant 0–2
ecoPayz Instant 0–4

Before you request a withdrawal, make sure that you have completed the verification process as this will lift any account restrictions that apply. Completing the verification process is necessary as we need to make sure that all our players are who they say they are and of a legal gambling age. It is a simple process that will only take you a few minutes to complete.

What Are Online Betting Tips?

Betting tips are bits of advice given to sports bettors by tipsters. These are people who spend plenty of time inspecting players and teams, reviewing matches, and making assessments and giving their picks and predictions on who they think will win in a game, match, or any other event.

Tipsters are very knowledgeable because of the many hours they spend doing in-depth analysis to come up with their betting tips. They will then post their betting predictions on the internet for sports bettors to make use of when placing their bets.

Bettors can find these betting tips provided either for free or at a price, depending on the particular tipster. Tipsters that provide their online betting tips for a price will generally ask you to subscribe to their services and then pay a subscription fee.

How to Find Betting Tips to Help You Bet Online

Finding betting tips is actually far easier than you would think as all you need to do is look them up on your preferred search engine. However, our best tips are not to wager more than you can afford to lose; always play responsibly; and always make time for important things in life.

Customer Support for Irish Bettors

We care about all of our players here at Betiton™ Sportsbook Ireland. This is why we employ knowledgeable and friendly customer care agents that are always happy to answer any queries or solve any issues that a customer has.

Our customer support team is available every day from 08:00 until 00:00 CET. They can be contacted via live chat or by email. However, do also check our comprehensive FAQs and help sections as they might contain the answer to your query.

Keep Your Online Betting In Moderation: Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is taken very seriously by Betiton™ Sportsbook Online, which is why we give all of our players from Ireland the tools they need to gamble responsibly. Firstly, we give all of our players the ability to place a daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limit.

Once you have reached the deposit limit, you won’t be able to deposit any more money until the time frame you specified elapses. Players also have the option of excluding themselves from their account for a specific period of time (1, 3 or 6 months).

Irish players can also choose to permanently exclude themselves. However, if you opt for this option then your account will be shut down forever and any money that’s still sitting in the account will be returned to you.

If you want to exclude yourself from your account, you need to get in touch with a customer care agent. Also, all of our players can set time limits for each gambling session. Once again, this is done by speaking to a customer care agent.

You can trust that we will do the best for our players as we are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, two regulatory bodies that are careful when it comes to handing out their licenses.

If you feel that you have developed a gambling issue, then you can get help from this charity specialising in helping problem gamers. They have a team of professionals that will help you overcome any problems you have developed with regards to your gaming.

Frequently asked Questions about Betiton Online Betting

How do betting odds work?

Betting odds represent the likelihood of something happening, whether it’s in sports betting, casino, and so on. They’re generally found in either of 3 different formats: fractional, decimal, or American. The differences between these are how they represent the betting odds and where in the world they’re most popular.

How are sports betting odds are calculated?

Betting odds are nothing more than a bookmaker’s assessment of how likely an outcome will happen and how much they’re willing to pay out if that outcome were to happen. So, sports betting odds are created with this mixture of how probable an event is versus how profitable a successful bet should be.

How does online betting work?

Online betting works by staking money on the markets provided by an online sportsbook. The process of online betting Ireland has been made easy on Betiton™. After creating your account and making your first deposit, all you need to do is simply click on our available markets. This will cause the markets to show up on the betting slip on the righthand side of our sportsbook. Adjust your stake on the betting slip and click on “PLACE BETS” and you’re done!

How to bet sports?

The process of online betting Ireland has  been made easy on Betiton™. After creating your account and making your first deposit, all you need to do is simply click on our available markets. This will cause the markets to show up on the betting slip on the righthand side of our sportsbook. Adjust your stake on the betting slip and click on “PLACE BETS” and you’re done!

Where can I bet online on sports?

At Betiton™, of course! Our sportsbook Ireland provides new players with free bets, a wide range of online betting markets, all with competitive sports betting odds, and a tonne of other benefits!

What is a wager in Sport Betting in Ireland?

A wager is simply another word for “bet“. In other words, it’s simply an amount of money that you stake on an online betting market.

Is sports betting a good idea?

Sports betting is a form of entertainment using money and is not meant to be a business venture or somebody’s occupation. Online betting Ireland is a good idea as long as it’s done to have fun.

What type of bet can I place?

There are many kinds of bets that you can place on Betiton™. You can place win bets, outright bets, totals or over/under bets, spread bets, accumulator bets, and so on.

What is the difference betting on location and betting online?

Betting online means that you are betting from home or whatever other location you happen to find yourself in on an online bookie. On the other hand, betting on location is when you are at the sporting event and make a wager with a physical bookie.

What is a handicap in online betting?

A handicap is used when you have an unequal game where you have 2 competitors where one is much more powerful than the other. Thus, this creates an awkward situation where the odds are heavily skewed in favour of the favourite. The handicap equalises the competition between the 2 competitors by placing a point deficit on the favourite and a point surplus on the underdog. This gives you better odds when wagering on the game in question.

Can I place a Live Sports bet at Betiton™?

Yes, you absolutely can enjoy sports betting live! Live wagering, for those not in the know, is when you wager on a sports match, game, or tournament as it’s being played.

What’s the best sport to bet on?

There is no “best sport” to wager on as all sports are made equal. If anything, the “best sport” to wager on is the sport that you enjoy following the most. However, you can wager on any sport of your choosing and you can still enjoy yourself.

How does the over/under work?

The over/under market is a wager where the bookmaker will present a number of points that they think will be scored over the course of a game or event. You simply have to wager whether you think more (over) or less (under) will be scored.

How do I calculate my betting winnings?

To calculate your winnings from online betting, you can either use a bet calculator that calculates your winnings for you, or you can calculate the potential winnings from the betting odds manually. Each format has its own of representing your potential winnings, so it’s best to understand how to truly read the sports betting odds if you want to be able to manually calculate your winnings.

What is a spread in sports betting?

A spread in sports betting is a form of bet. Spread betting is also known as handicap betting. Essentially, this form of online betting Ireland evens out the competition between 2 competitors that are unevenly matched. This is done by giving a “points bonus” to the underdog (the weaker competitor) or by placing a “points deficit” on favourite (the stronger competitor). For your bet to win on the underdog, they must either win the match outright or lose by no fewer points than the spread. For your bet to win on the favourite, they must win with more points than the spread.

What does plus and minus mean in sports betting?

The plus and minus in online betting are part of the American format of sports betting odds. The American format uses a system of pluses, minuses, and 3-digit numbers. Pluses show the betting odds are low and the event is likely to happen. On the other hand, minuses show the opposite: that the betting odds are high and the event is not very probable.

How do I win a bet every time?

It’s impossible to win every bet you place, but there are things that you can do in order to place better bets. The first of which is understanding what sports betting odds are and what they tell you. Second, you could look up betting tips, which are pieces of advice that help you make better bets. Finally, you could also do plenty of research yourself to understand which teams or competitors have the best chance of winning irrespective of what the betting odds say.

How do you not lose money in sports betting?

This is impossible as losing is an intrinsic part of online betting. It’s best to learn how to accept your losses as this is a natural part of betting online.

What is the best online betting site?

You know we’ll have to say that Betiton™ is the best online betting site but allow us to give you a few logical reasons why. Betiton™ is a safe, legal, fair and secure gambling site that puts you, the player, at the top of our priorities list.

We want to put you in control of your gaming – that is why we update our games library weekly with fresh new titles by the biggest game providers in the industry. We also include tons of promotions outside of the usual sign-up bonus – we like to treat our players for sticking around.

In addition, we provide our members with top-quality customer service, so they always have someone qualified to speak to should an issue occur. Among our other benefits is our impeccable mobile service, and the rest you’ll simply have to find out by registering at Betiton™ Online Casino.

Is online betting illegal?

Online betting in Ireland is completely legal. Specific gambling regulations have been passed by lawmakers to allow Irish individuals to legally gamble online at both domestic and offshore sites that have received the necessary certifications.

As long as the gambling site has a legal and active gambling license and is being regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, you can leave your worries at the door and enjoy some quality games.

Which app is best for online betting?

While there currently isn’t a Betiton™ App, we can explain why the best mobile ‘app’ is in fact mobile browser service. Do you really want to download bulky software while limited storage has become such a common issue? You will also have to wait for the app to download and it might even send you some push notifications you didn’t even know you signed up for.

Forget all that – simply bookmark the Betiton™ homepage and you’ll get instant access and won’t have to waste time looking up the site every time.

We don’t offer our members a Betiton™ App because we already provide them access to all games and functions of the Betiton™ Casino and Sportsbook on their mobile devices. You can visit our site both from a tablet and smartphone all thanks to the magic of HTML5.

Is online betting safe?

It is normal for players to be concerned about the safety of their private information and especially their funds. You don’t have to worry about safe betting at Betiton™ – we use 128-bit SSL to encrypt our site and keep your information away from unwanted eyes. Some online gambling sites on the other hand might not be as prepared to offer secure services for their players, so always stay vigilant and do your background research.

Are online betting apps legal?

Yes, online betting apps are legal in Ireland, but the casino still needs to be registered with the UK Gambling Commission and hold an active gambling license, as well as have the app officially registered to be able to legally provide this service to its players.