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Sports betting in Ireland

Online betting at Betiton

Sport bets such as horse racing betting, rugby and Gaelic football are hugely popular in Ireland. With Betiton you’ll have access to a whole load of them to bet on and find the best odds in all your favourite sports.

Ireland is very much a sporting nation, with citizens following numerous different sporting events including various Gaelic sports, rugby, football and horse racing. This means that when it comes to sports betting, online betting is the way forward. With so many different sports being watched, accessing them in one sportsbook like Betiton is ideal as it means Irish players can access football betting, rugby, horse racing, Gaelic sports and many more, all from one easy, convenient platform. Betiton also makes it extra easy by being highly accessible and offering a wide range of competitive odds that mean players don’t have to go searching around for the best. Instead, players can simply sit at home, place their bets and then watch the event in comfort. For all the best craic, joining Betiton is the way forward.

  • Wide range of different sports
  • Competitive odds
  • Highly accessible

There are many popular sports in Ireland and these include horse racing, rugby, Gaelic football and football. Read on to find out more about them.

Most popular sports events in Ireland

  1. 6 Nations
  2. All Ireland Senior Football Championship

One of the most popular events on the sporting calendar is the Rugby Union Guinness 6 Nations and not golf betting as some might guess. This event is held every year in February and March, spanning seven weeks. The event doesn’t just take place in Ireland, but across England, Wales, Scotland, Italy and France, with each team hosting home games as well as playing away. Each team plays the others just one time, with teams accruing points for a win, draw and loss (scoring a losers bonus point if they come within eight points or less in the final score against the winning team. Points matter throughout the Championship, though it’s the goal of all teams to perform a Grand Slam – the team wins every single game and therefore makes a clean sweep of the opposition and takes home the trophy.

The All Ireland Senior Football championship is the number one Gaelic football league in the country. The tournament happens every year and is played by only Irish teams against one another. The game is one of the oldest in the country, with the event dating back to 1887 when the first tournament took place. The ending event is always the same though – the final is held on the 35th Sunday in the year at Dublin’s Croke Park. There is a relatively lengthy process of selection to end up in the event, with each of the four regions within Ireland playing their own qualifying games to see which teams reach the qualifiers for the tournament. Once in the qualifiers, teams go through two knockout rounds which whittle the number to eight teams in two groups of four, who play a round-robin with each other.

Odds and tips for online betting

When you decide to start sports betting, you need to understand what the odds mean and what tips you can use to get ahead. Keep reading on to learn what odds are and how they work for sports betting. Need info on tips and tipsters? We have you covered for that too!

Odds for sports in Ireland

If you’re planning on starting a betting career as an Irish player, then you need to be aware of what the odds are and how they can help you. An odd is the number that details how likely it is that an event will happen. The lower they are, the higher the probability that the event in question will happen. However, they don’t just tell you the probability, but also how much money you can win if you make that bet and it comes to pass. These numbers can be written in a number of different formats that include fractions, decimals and American. In general, fractions are used in Ireland, but you can use whichever of the formats you are most comfortable with – the one that makes the most sense to you.

When looking for the best odds, there are some things you need to bear in mind. For instance, while odds such as 2/1 indicate a very high probability that the event will happen, if it does, you’re not going to get a very big payout at the end of it. For every euro you bet, you’re going to get two back. Odds like 40/1 will give you a much bigger payout – for each euro wagered, you’re going to get €40. However, the fact that these odds are so high is an indication that it’s unlikely the event will come to pass. You can make this bet, but generally, you’re going to lose your money by doing so. With this in mind, it’s important that you weigh up the options when placing a bet.

Tips and tipsters for sports in Ireland

All sporting events require a certain amount of background knowledge, as well as current information on the player, team, field or pitch and more if you want to make accurate predictions and subsequent bets. As a partial answer to this, you will find that there are numerous tipsters all offering various sports betting tips online. These tipsters spend much of their time following teams and players, analysing games and results and checking out overall form and injury status. They do this in order to create an informed picture on each team and therefore can make accurate predictions on the outcome of sporting events. These predictions will be shared online so that players can make use of them, or not, as they choose. However, we don’t recommend solely relying on tipsters for all your betting needs.

While tipsters can get you ahead initially in online betting, it is always a good idea to couple their information with your own research. Using a tipster is a good jumping-off point if you’re new to sports betting or to a particular sport as they can give you an idea of what it is you need to be looking for, and what can affect an outcome. They can also be handy for finding good value bets online too, where you can make a little extra unexpected cash. Generally, though, use tipsters as a jumping-off point and then make your own betting decisions so that you are not relying on everything they say. After all, they’re not perfect and can get it wrong too, and sometimes going with a gut feeling is the right way.

Betting offers and bonus at Betiton

Bonuses are one of the best parts about betting online rather than in a land-based bookie’s. These bonuses can really help to boost your bankroll, giving you more funds to place additional bets, some of which you might otherwise not have placed. At Betiton we offer Irish players the chance to scoop a free 10 EUR bet when they make a bet of 15 EUR or more. This free bet is available to be wagered on any sporting event, so why not try something new like a hurling game, Gaelic football or a flutter on the 6 Nations? That being said, the free bet must be used in its entirety and cannot be split across multiple bets when you choose to use it. Click here for our full terms and conditions.

Deposit and withdrawal

It is always important to be able to offer players in Ireland secure and trusted payment methods. At Betiton, we have a range of trusted providers at your disposal, including options such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. All of these options are well-known throughout the world as being secure and speedy transaction options, which helps to put players’ minds at ease when depositing with us. When it comes to deposits, all happen instantly and can be made from 10 EUR to 5000 EUR per day. Withdrawals undergo a 48-hour pending period, with players able to withdraw 10 EUR to 7000 EUR in a month; though if you are a member of the Loyalty Club, you will be able to withdraw larger values. For all withdrawals, you will need to verify your account first.

Bet on sports in Ireland with your mobile

One of the more important aspects in this day and age is the ability to access a betting site via your mobile phone. Players in Ireland like to be able to place a bet when on the move, so in order to accommodate this, we have ensured that our site is fully mobile-compatible. This means that players simply need to log on into their account when opening the Betiton page via their mobile browser. All the same functions as the desktop site are available, such as betting, bonuses and support, as the site is optimised for a wide variety of mobile devices, ensuring you won’t be missing out on anything. The optimisation continues on to the scalability of the site too, ensuring that no matter what your screen size, you’ll enjoy flawless performance.

Customer support and Loyalty Club

At Betiton we pride ourselves on providing an easy access platform where you can get in touch with our support team quickly and easily. While we do make sure that our website as a whole is operating smoothly, there are times when you may simply have a query that we have not covered. In these instances, you can get in touch with our support staff every day of the week from 8am through to 1am CET. We also offer an exciting Loyalty Club for you to join, where you can earn extra bonuses and promotions as you work your way through the seven tiers. In order to move up these levels, you need to earn points, which you will do when you make real money bets throughout the casino and sportsbook.

Responsible gaming

Being able to offer our Irish players a secure and responsible gaming platform is a priority here at Betiton. We are licensed with the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, meaning you can trust us to give you a safe gambling experience. We also offer all the information needed if you, or anyone you know, is experiencing any sort of issue with gambling addiction, from useful phone numbers to how-tos on how you can self-exclude from gambling activities.

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