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Live Casino


Play the Greatest Live Dealer Casino Games Online at Betiton™ Ireland

Live casino is perfect for those players that love their traditional table games but would like to take their online gambling experience to the next level. This is because live casino games are online casino games that feature a live dealer!

Therefore, instead of playing on what feels like a computer programme, you’ll be up against an actual person. This creates the “illusion” that you’re at an actual, brick-and-mortar casino, when you’re actually simply playing on an online casino instead.

Of course, that’s only part of the package of live casino at Betiton™ in Ireland! In fact, we’ll be explaining what benefits you can enjoy whenever you become a Betiton™ player. We’ll also be going over what games you can find on our online live casino section.

Thus, new players on our casino should make it a point to read this page in order to understand everything there is to know about live casino. Moreover, it’ll also explain what games we provide, how to sign up to our platform, and what benefits you can enjoy when doing so.

What Is Live Casino Ireland? And What Makes It So Different?

First of all, it’s best to understand what live casino actually is. Live casino online consists of games that are meant to replicate the experience of land-based casinos. Hence, when you’re on these games, you’ll have an actual person operating the table.

The action of this person will be streamed in real time from a studio that has been designed and set up to look identical to physical casinos. At the same time, your actions and that of other players at the same table as you are also registered in real time on special software.

Whilst you’re enjoying the table, you can also communicate with both the dealers and the other players. The ability to communicate with the dealer and other players gives these games a social element that you won’t find on the usual virtual games.

We must warn you, however, that intimidating, inflammatory, and offensive language is absolutely prohibited on our platform. Finally, any games that you play will work in the same way as their virtual counterparts; this applies for roulette, blackjack, etc.

However, our selection of online live casino tables comprises a number of variants that offer special rules. It would be wise to read up on these before staking any actual money. All in all, live casino gives you an experience that greatly resembles that of a physical casino.

What Live Casino Games Are at Betiton™?

We offer a wide array of live casino games available for you to play on. These include classic games such as blackjack, roulette, etc. Moreover, each of these genres offers a great number of interesting variants, each of which a special rule or a slightly different way of playing. Finally, thanks to our partnership with Evolution Gaming, we can 100% guarantee that all of our games are of the topmost quality.

Live Blackjack

The first game that we’ll be looking at is the classic game of blackjack. This is one of the most iconic games that you’ll encounter at the casino. However, before you can go on and play our live blackjack tables, you should know how the game works.

Firstly, the objective of the game is to receive a card combination that’s as close to 21 as possible. Moreover, if you receive a hand of 21, you automatically win! At the same time, your hand should be higher than that of the dealer’s.

Thus, even if you don’t get a combination of 21, you’ll win so long as your hand is better than that of the dealer’s. However, if your combination goes over 21, then you “go bust” and you lose. There are a few other things you should know, which we suggest reading up on.

However, it’s good to know that in blackjack, you’ll be against the dealer and not against other players. This creates a friendly environment rather than a competitive one. Finally, we’re finishing off with a list of 5 of our most popular blackjack variants:

  • Blackjack VIP
  • Free Bet Blackjack
  • Blackjack Party
  • Power Blackjack
  • Blackjack Fortune VIP

Live Roulette

The second game on our list is none other than roulette. This is another iconic casino game that actually rivals blackjack in popularity. There are many reasons as to why roulette has attained the popularity that it has, such as the fact that it’s not a complex game.

The game is played by simply betting on where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. That’s all there is to it! Moreover, roulette is a game that comes in many variants. In fact, there are 3 main variants that this game can be found in. These are:

  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • European Roulette

There are a number of slight differences between these variants, such as the number of pockets on the roulette wheel and the layout of the betting table. Another reason is that the game offers a tonne of wagers that players can make for every spin.

This makes the experience of playing on live roulette games continuously fresh as you can change your bets with every spin! In fact, you can wager on where the ball will land on the wheel, the colour of the pocket it will land on, etc. Finally, we’d like to conclude this section by giving you a list of our most popular live roulette variants:

  • Real Auto Roulette
  • First Person Roulette
  • Lightning Roulette
  • Immersive Roulette
  • VIP Roulette
  • Instant Roulette Live

Live Baccarat

The third entry on our list of available games is a rising star in the casino world, as its popularity is a fairly recent phenomenon, and that’s baccarat. The reasons for its popularity would definitely have to be its straightfoward and its very quick gameplay.

In fact, the aim of the game is to wager on which of 2 hands will be the better one. In order for this to happen, the dealer deals 2 hands of 2 cards each. These are known as the “banker’s” and the “player’s” hand. You’ll then have to bet on either one of them.

The hand that has a value that’s as close to 9 as possible or that has a higher value than the other hand is the winner. Thus, in baccarat, 9 is the best value you can receive, similar to how 21 is the best value that you can have in blackjack.

However, unlike blackjack, you can’t go bust in baccarat. Instead, if you get a value higher than 9, the score “resets”. In other words, a value of 15 is actually considered to be a 5. However, if you wish to play baccarat, there’s a few more rules you ought to know.

Thus, we suggest reading up on these before going to play our live baccarat tables. Speaking of which, below we’re providing you with a list of 4 of our most played variants:

  • Baccarat Squeeze
  • First Person Baccarat
  • Lightning Baccarat
  • Speed Baccarat

Live Poker

Our next entry is another extremely popular game at the casino and that would have to be poker. Similar to roulette, poker comes in a number of “main variants”, better known as “families”. These main variations are the following:

  • Stud
  • Draw
  • Community Card or Flop

Whilst these variations are essentially various ways of playing poker, they all use the same hands. These are essentially various card combinations with different values for each combination. These combinations are used to determine who the winner of round is.

Thus, it’s extremely important to know what the hands are, what they consist of, and what values they have. After you’ve familiarised yourself with the hands and the rules of poker, you’ll finally be able to enjoy our range of live poker tables!

The great thing about our live poker variants is that you won’t be against other players but against the dealer instead! This creates a social environment rather than the usual competitive one. Finally, you can find our most popular variants below:

  • Casino Hold’Em
  • Texas Hold’Em Bonus
  • Side Bet City
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’Em
  • Caribbean Stud Poker

Other Live Casino Games

Other than the games we mentioned above, you can find other sorts of live dealer games on our platform. These are games that don’t fall under any of the “categories” we mentioned above and can be considered their own “genre”, so to speak.

In fact, we also provide live dealer dice games such as Sic-Bo. You can find as well variants of our card games, such as Dragon Tiger. Other than that, you can find wheel-of-fortune type titles such as Dream Catcher. However, this is only a taste of what we actually offer.

Of course, to get an idea of the full range of games that we offer, all you have to do is sign up to our platform. Once you’ve become a Betiton™ player, you’re going to have to deposit actual cash in order to be able to place real money wagers. Speaking of which…

How Do You Bet on Live Casino?

When you finally decide to play, you’re obviously going to need to know how to bet. If you’re familiar with the online games, then you pretty much already know the process. However, if you have no idea how betting works, then we suggest you read this section.

Once you’ve loaded up your chosen game or variant, you’re presented with a range of chips and a number of available bets. With the chips, you’re meant to decide on an appropriate stake, one that make sense with your gambling budget.

After deciding on an appropriate stake, you can place this stake on the bet area on the game’s screen. Depending on the game you’ve chosen, you’ll have different options for bets. Thus, knowing what bets you can make in a game is extremely important.

This is part of the process of learning and understanding a game. Therefore, it’s imperative that you fully understand the game that you’ve chosen to play on before wagering any actual cash. It’s also a good idea to read up on any special rules of certain variants you might want to play.

Becoming an Official Betiton™ Member: How to Sign Up to Our Casino

If you wish to join our online Betiton™ community and reap the benefits of being a member of our platform, there’s a few steps that you’re going to have to follow. The first step is, of course, creating an account here with us.

Without an account, you won’t be able to enjoy any of the benefits that we offer to our members. Don’t worry, however, as our account creation process won’t take you more than a few minutes at most! In fact, to register an account, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Click on the blue “JOIN” button on the sidebar to the left;
  2. This causes a pop-up to appear on your screen;
  3. On this pop-up, fill in the fields with the required details, such as your name, surname, etc.;
  4. Once you’ve filled everything in, click on the “OPEN ACCOUNT” button;
  5. Welcome to Betiton™! You’re now an official member!

Once you’ve created your account, the only thing you need to do now is to make a deposit. This is the cash that you’ll be using to play our live casino games with. Without depositing any funds, you won’t be able to play any of our live dealer titles.

We provide a wide array of secure and trustworthy payment methods with which you can make your deposit. This means that all of your transactions on our platform are 100% safe. After depositing some funds, all you have to do is select a game to play and enjoy!

What Benefits Do You Enjoy When Signing Up to Betiton™ Online Live Casino?

Other than being able to enjoy a wide range of live casino tables on our platform, there is a number of exclusive benefits that you can enjoy by being a member of our casino. If you’d like to know more, a list of some of these benefits can be found below:

  • A wonderful welcome bonus for the new players on our casino
  • An exclusive, members-only loyalty club that awards our members with bonuses for simply doing what they love: enjoying games on our platform
  • Members can enjoy a large selection of live casino tables provided by the great Evolution Gaming
  • Players can also enjoy a varied and wide selection of games, such as slot machines and digital table games
  • Our members can play with the peace of mind they deserve knowing that our platform is fully secure thanks to our use of 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology
  • Moreover, our casino is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA/CRP/148/2007) and the UK Gambling Commission (039483-R-319409-016)
  • Members who require assistance will be happy to know that they can find daily customer support in both email and live chat
  • Furthermore, our website has been localised in 7 languages as well as our customer support
  • Finally, mobile gamers will feel at home on our site as our platform and our games are fully compatible with all mobile devices

How We Guarantee an Absolutely Secure Online Casino for Players

We here at Betiton™ take our members’ security extremely seriously. Thus, players can rest assured that our platform is totally safe for them to use. This is due to the fact that we’ve taken several steps in order to ensure that our casino is as secure as can be for our members.

First of all, we are licenced and regulated by several gaming authorities, including the MGA and the UKGC. Therefore, our members can play with the peace of mind they deserve knowing full well that we are a legitimate operator.

Other than that, players will be glad to know that our platform is full encrypted thanks to our use of 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology. This is an industry-standard encryption technique that encrypts all of the data on our site.

Thus, your personal and financial data is 100% safe at Betiton™! Finally, all of our live casino games are outsourced from Evolution Gaming, arguably one of the best providers in the industry. Not only do they provide excellent games, but their croupiers are professional and their software is totally robust.

Additional Information:


Why is live casino gaming so special?

Live casino allows you to experience the enjoyment and adrenaline of being in a physical casino from the comfort of your own home! Thus, you can play with other gamers and with live dealers from your device.

Can I chat with the live dealers?

Yes, you absolutely can! By simply using the chat feature, you can communicate with the dealer! However, please remember to be polite.

Can live dealers hear or see you?

No, there is no way that the dealers can see or hear you. However, they will reply any messages you send them through the chat.

Can I talk with the other players?

Yes, you can also speak to other players by using the chat function! However, offensive or intimidating language is prohibited.

Can I pick which dealer I want to play with?

Indeed, you can. We provide many tables for each of our variants. Thus, if you want to choose a new dealer, all you have to do is pick a new table.

Do I need specific software to play live casino?

No, there is no need for any particular software or device to enjoy live casino. If you have a modern computer, phone, or other device, you can easily play live casino.

Can I play live casino games for free?

Unfortunately, our live dealer games are not available as demos. So, to play live casino, you have to wager real money.