MasterCard Casino Deposits & Withdrawals at Betiton Ireland

betiton mastercard casino

Last Updated: 24-01-2024 17:43

💰 Minimum MasterCard Deposit€10
💳 Maximum MasterCard Deposit€5000
💸 Minimum MasterCard Withdrawal€10
💼 Maximum MasterCard Withdrawal€7000

MasterCard casino payments are undoubtedly the most widely accepted form of online payment at online casinos in Ireland. It’s also the most traditional form of banking for casino online activity and online sports betting, making it highly reliable and trustworthy, too.

The option to play online casino with MasterCard payments was one of the first ways to deposit and withdraw at an online casino, but over the past few years, several alternative banking methods have become available.

Nevertheless, thousands of players still rely on MasterCard or VISA payments, so in this MasterCard review, we’ll give you all the information necessary to get started at a MasterCard Casino.

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What Is MasterCard?

MasterCard is the biggest global payment network in the world alongside VISA, two companies that almost anyone knows. Established in 1966, the company was initially founded as the Interbank Card Association (ICA) and later became MasterCard International.

It’s one of the world’s oldest and first cashless forms of payment and a popular option for taking care of casino deposits and withdrawals.

MasterCard offers several services, including the MasterCard voucher or prepaid card, the MasterCard debit card, and virtual MasterCard credit or debit card.

As a payment network processor, MasterCard works directly with banks all over the world, which is why you can get a MasterCard quite easily in Ireland.

How to Make a Deposit with MasterCard at Betiton Ireland?

With approximately 1.5 billion MasterCard debit cards and 1.05 billion MasterCard credit and debit cards issued worldwide, chances are you already have one. If not, you can easily apply for your MasterCard through the Bank of Ireland by completing the online application form.

If you already have a MasterCard, you can start using your card right away at any MasterCard casino like Betiton Ireland. Below, we’ve included a step-by-step guide you can follow to make your first online casino MasterCard deposit:

mastercard deposit

1️⃣ Login to your Betiton account or sign up if you’re not a member yet.

2️⃣ Go to the Cashier section and click the ‘Deposit’ button.

3️⃣ Choose the casino MasterCard payment option and click on the amount you want to deposit.

4️⃣ Enter your card details, including the full card number, expiry date, and CVV(the 3-digit number on the back).

5️⃣ Check all your details and click ‘Confirm’ to complete the deposit.

Once you confirm the transaction, the money should be taken from your bank account and added to your Betiton account right away.

How to Withdraw from Betiton Ireland with MasterCard?

Next, let’s talk about the online casino MasterCard withdrawal process. You can use your MasterCard to transfer funds into your betting account, and if you trigger any wins, you can use the same card to withdraw those winnings back to your bank account.

It’s easy to withdraw any amount from your Betiton account to the bank account linked with your MasterCard by following the steps outlined in the guide below:

mastercard withdrawal

1️⃣ Log in to your Betiton account.

2️⃣ Go back to the ‘Payments’ section and choose ‘Withdraw’.

3️⃣ Choose MasterCard and click on the amount you want to withdraw.

4️⃣ Enter your full card details to authorise the transaction.

5️⃣ Check all your details and click ‘Confirm’ when ready.

The minimum amount you can withdraw via MasterCard is €10, the same limit for any of our supported banking methods.

Withdrawals via MasterCard are free, so you don’t have to worry about paying any fees. On a final note, please note that unlike deposits, withdrawals aren’t instant.

Once your withdrawal request is approved, it can take up to a maximum of six days for the funds to reach your account.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using MasterCard for Online Gambling

MasterCard has many positive features, but like any other payment method that can be used for casino banking, there are downsides, too.

It’s always important to consider the pros and cons before picking the banking option you’ll use for all your casino transactions. Let’s go over the most important advantages and disadvantages.

One of the biggest advantages of using the online casino MasterCard payment system is that you can claim exciting casino bonuses when depositing via MasterCard.

Unlike alternative banking methods, which are a third party between your bank account and your casino account, MasterCard lets you make direct transfers to and from your bank account.

For example, if you were using an e-wallet, you would need to keep your winnings in your account or make another withdrawal from that account to your bank account.

As one of the oldest payment networks, MasterCard is one of the most trusted card issuers in the world. There’s no doubt that this is a safe and reliable way of paying online.

Still, many casino players in Ireland don’t feel comfortable providing card details online because of security and anonymity concerns.

✔️ Trusted and reliable payment method❌ Card number must be provided
✔️ Instant deposits❌ Payments are not anonymous
✔️ Withdrawals supported❌ –

Safety and Security of Using MasterCard for Online Gambling

MasterCard has a flawless reputation, and there’s no doubt that it’s a safe and secure payment method. Billions of users trust their funds and handle both in-person and online payments with their MasterCard.

The security features you can benefit from may vary depending on the type of card you have, but all of them are protected against unauthorised payments and MasterCard ID Theft Protection, which monitors, detects, and protects against fraud or identity theft.

To put your mind at rest, MasterCard also offers 24/7 Customer Support to report lost or stolen cards instantly.

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Why Choose MasterCard Payments?

Betiton is one of the best MasterCard casino sites available in Ireland, so if you’re looking to bank with your prepaid or debit card, you can do so safely at Betiton Ireland.

Naturally, there are always pros and cons to consider with any banking method, but the most obvious concern for many prepaid MasterCard casino players is that payments aren’t anonymous or private.

Besides this concern, there’s also the downside that withdrawals aren’t processed as quickly as they are with alternative payment methods.

However, MasterCard is incredibly trusted by billions of users all over the world, and it’s also a very simple and straightforward way of handling all your transactions at Betiton Ireland.

In short, if you’re comfortable with a more traditional payment method you might already be using for other online purchases, MasterCard is an excellent choice for safe playing at an online casino.

If anonymity is your main concern, we invite you to consider some of our alternatives, such as Skrill, PayPal, or Paysafecard.

Frequently Asked Questions about MasterCard

What is MasterCard?

MasterCard is one of the largest payment processing networks in the world, offering several services, including prepaid cards, debit cards, and credit cards.

How long do casino deposits take with MasterCard?

MasterCard deposit casino transactions will reach your account immediately once the transaction is confirmed.

How long does it take to withdraw from Betiton with MasterCard?

Any withdrawals made with a MasterCard debit or a MasterCard credit card take up to six business days to process, although in most cases, they’re processed much faster. Please note you must upload the necessary identity verification documents to your account before requesting a withdrawal.

Are there fees for MasterCard transactions?

There aren’t any fees when playing at a MasterCard online casino like Betiton, but the company may charge minor withdrawal fees if you make multiple withdrawal requests per month.

Are there any gambling restrictions on using MasterCard in Ireland?

There are currently no gambling restrictions on using MasterCard for online gambling in Ireland.