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PayPal Casino: How to Use PayPal at Betiton Ireland

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Last Updated: 26-06-2023 10:54

Have you expressed interest in Betiton because you heard it’s one of the best PayPal Casino Ireland has to offer? PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods in the iGaming business and is regarded as one of the most modern banking solutions. We will demonstrate how this banking method works on our website, emphasising some unique features and discussing its benefits and drawbacks, offering your insight into why we are delighted to be an online casino that accepts PayPal as a payment method.

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How to Gamble Online with PayPal at Betiton

PayPal is a simple and secure way to deposit and receive payments from your favourite online casino. Before you proceed to claim your Welcome Bonus and play your favourite slots and live casino games let’s briefly highlight why PayPal is a top choice for online banking. Millions of users all across the world choose PayPal as their preferred payment option, and there are plenty of reasons for that:

  • PayPal is faster than most online payment services.
  • You can set up recurring payments to settle your bills and subscriptions.
  • Purchase your favourite goods all across the world – there are 203 global markets that permit PayPal transactions.
  • Earn rewards every time you pay with a PayPal plastic card, however, it’s not available in Ireland just yet.
  • Enjoy anonymity – PayPal won’t share your banking details when making financial transactions.
  • High-end security procedures are in place to keep your account safe.

To begin, you’ll need to register a PayPal casino Ireland account, but since you’re currently here, you’ve probably already done so. For those that haven’t and are considering opening an account, here is a quick Betiton guide to help you set it up:

  • Step One: Head over to paypal.com on your browser or mobile device. And select “Sign Up”.
  • Step Two: Select “Personal account” when choosing the type of profile you are creating, and enter the necessary details such as name, address, date of birth, and your phone number.
  • Step Three: Select the method you would like to use to fund your PayPal account. This could be a debit/credit card or a bank account.
  • Consider setting up two-factor identification to keep your account safe – you can choose to use your phone for authenticating, or a separate app called Google Authenticator, which you can download from your app store.

nb: Always review the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) before signing up. In addition, some documents might be requested, such as proof of ID or residence, which comply with some country-specific KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures.

If you followed these steps, your account should be ready for use when you visit the cashier at Betiton.

Upon registering for the first time at Betiton Ireland, you will be prompted to make your initial deposit.

To gamble with PayPal, all you need to do is select your preferred banking method in the Cashier and choose the amount you wish to deposit. You can repeat this process as many times as you like.


Betiton Online Casino Paypal offers this payment service for both deposits and withdrawals, and you can use it both on Betiton Casino and the Betiton Sportsbook. Keep in mind that while PayPal deposits are instant, you likely won’t find an instant withdrawal casino in Ireland.

Much like any other website, Betiton will require players to deposit a minimum sum into the casino. To make a PayPal Casino Deposit, you need to spend at least €10 each time you transfer money into the casino. Depositing only takes a few simple steps:

  • Step One: Head over to the cashier at Betiton and select “Deposit”.
  • Step Two: Click on PayPal to select it as your preferred payment method.
  • Step Three: Follow the relevant instructions and click on Learn More if you need further guidance.
  • Step Four: Select the amount you would like to deposit and click “Confirm”.

As usual, before you make your deposit and register with Betiton, please make sure to read the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) provided on our website.

You can start playing your favourite casino games as soon as you’ve done your first deposit.

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Before you can withdraw any earnings at Betiton online Casino, you must first verify your account details and prove your identity. This is done for a few reasons – to avoid money laundering and prohibit underage gambling.

Any licensed PayPal casino in Ireland is required to implement what are called KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, designed to verify your account. While these may take a bit of effort on your side, they are a necessary part of the withdrawing process, and you only need to do it once.

Verifying your account requires uploading images or scans of several documents:

The documents can be uploaded to your account and sent to casino staff for verification. It takes between 3-5 business days to get your documents reviewed, so it is best to do this before making any plans for withdrawals, to ensure that you get your money as fast as possible.

Make sure your documents for address approval are recent (issued in the last 3 months) and clearly state your address and name.

Betiton casino generally doesn’t impose withdrawal limits, other than the maximum withdrawal of €7000 month, which could be adjusted when speaking to our customer support team.

When it comes to withdrawal times, it will take slightly longer to see any money land in your account. PayPal transfers might take up to two days to arrive in your account, provided it has been verified by the casino. Here is a summary of the Cashout process:

  • Step One: Head over to the Cashier.
  • Step Two: Choose the sum you would like to transfer into your PayPal account.
  • Step Three: Click “Confirm” to Cash Out your earnings.

The above steps may differ slightly if you choose to withdraw using your PayPal mobile app or PayPal digital wallet.

The status of your withdrawal will change to “In Process” and cannot be reversed past that point. You will receive an email notification once the payment has been processed and the money has arrived in your account.

What Is PayPal?

If you are looking to partake in some PayPal online gambling in Ireland, it’s best to know what PayPal is. Established in 1998, the site is an online service designed to help users send and receive money. It is considered the leader in payment processing and has been internationally accepted worldwide. The service is 100% free, but some transactions may be charged. Creating an account is fast and easy, all you need to do is add your credit or debit card. Your personal information will stay protected as you won’t use your credit card information at any point when transferring.

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How Does PayPal Work?

As a registered PayPal member, you can send and receive money using your PayPal account. This account is linked to your credit/debit card, and any funds that enter it are then transferred into your bank balance. You can fund your PayPal account using your bank account and make further payments.

You will receive an email confirming your transactions, whether funds are leaving or entering your account. PayPal is currently accepted in 43 countries, including Ireland, and it may take between 3 and 5 business days to receive money from your PayPal account into your bank account.

Advantages of Gambling Online with PayPal

PayPal gambling has its advantages. You likely selected this payment option because of the perks we discuss in the next few sections. If you don’t know the benefits of creating a PayPal account for betting transactions, allow us to go over the most important aspects of gambling with PayPal.

Highly Secure Payment Method

To start, PayPal is one of the most secure payment options in the world. It is also straightforward to create an account and if you wish to add to your security, you can use additional tools like Google Authenticator which can be paired with your account. It generates a unique code each time you want to log in, making impossible to breach into your account. To add, none of the transactions you make will give away your personal bank details. Instead, they use your PayPal credentials, keeping your private info secured away from cyber-attackers.

Guarantees Relative Anonymity

The next advantage we must discuss is anonymity. When you gamble online with PayPal, you can enjoy anonymity – this guarantees that PayPal won’t share your personal banking info with any third parties. This makes it harder for cyber-attackers to target your bank card, as information like your full name, unique 14-digit card number, and CVV won’t be processed in the transaction. And if you don’t share those, there is a lesser chance that you will be a target of data leaks.

To add, many gamblers prefer to use a different online account for their betting transactions. This not only helps them budget their spending better but won’t appear in bank statements, where it could be considered a drawback for potential loan considerations.

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Today’s gamers are all about the mobile experience. Mobile devices rule our social lives – who would guess that writing (or typing, more specifically) would be the preferred method of communication? Our social lives fit in a pocket smartphone device, so why shouldn’t our games?

Therefore, you also need a banking service that supports mobile money transfers. PayPal is the best choice for a mobile-friendly payment processing service. Players using mobile devices for betting download the PayPal app from the App Store or Google Play store and enjoy more flexibility when paying on the go.

You may use PayPal software to transform your smartphone into a mobile wallet without disclosing any personal financial information. Never again will you need a credit card, debit card, Maestro card, or any physical form of payment. You may enjoy Betiton Online PayPal Casino Ireland and play for real money after setting up your PayPal mobile account.

Despite the fact that Betiton Ireland doesn’t have a corresponding mobile app (not yet at least), you may still enjoy all your favourite games and access your casino profile from your smartphone. Simply log in through your mobile browser on your smartphone or tablet and let HTML5 do its magic. Your favourite casino will be available just as you know it – only conveniently accessible through your phone or tablet.

Free Account

You won’t encounter any yearly account fees and monthly maintenance costs with PayPal. Once you’ve opened an online PayPal casino account, it will be active and cost-free until you decide to close it. The yearly fees assessed on many credit cards, as well as the requirement to keep a minimum monthly balance in financial accounts, are not issues for PayPal-registered members. PayPal charges you only when you receive money, by taking a small percentage of the funds being transferred.

Transactions Are Online & Hassle-Free

There is no need to go to a nearby bank to transfer money using PayPal. You also don’t need to go to a physical casino to deposit your fund and enjoy some casino games. The beauty of modern technology allows us to enjoy online betting on the go – and with PayPal’s mobile app you can deposit and withdraw in a manner of seconds.

Simply go into your Betiton account whenever you’re ready to enjoy some gambling online with PayPal and head to the cashier. When you get there, just choose PayPal, and you’re good to go.

If you need to add more than one financial source to your PayPal account, there is no room for concern. PayPal makes this possible and as a result, you can utilize funds from another bank account to fund your PayPal transfers if the former is running low.

Offers Both Deposits & Withdrawals

Typically, players should keep their eyes peeled when choosing a payment option, as some might not be available for both deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. At Betiton Ireland, however, online casino PayPal deposits and withdrawals are readily available to registered members.

Having a casino PayPal deposit and withdrawal option saves you from using two different payment methods for your casino banking. It’s convenient and quick to use, and most casinos, Betiton included, will memorise your preferred payment method, to save you even more time when making a financial transaction – leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy casino gaming.

Helps with Responsible Gaming

Each time you deposit by PayPal casino you first need to have added funds to your PayPal account. You also have the benefit of successfully managing your bankroll because you may play on all online casino websites using only the funds you used to add to your budget. As a result, you won’t go over budget, spend more than you can afford, or pick up any irresponsible gaming habits.

Claim an exclusive bonus when you register with Betiton!

Register as a new player, receive a bonus of 100% up to €150 and 150 free spins!

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PayPal Customer Support

PayPal’s Customer Support centre is another great perk to appreciate. You can choose between several helpful support options, including the Resolution Centre, the Ask the Community service, and the Message Centre to help resolve issues and answer your questions. PayPal customer support is available 24/7, 7 days a week, so you can rest assured someone will be available to help if you need it.

PayPal Special Features

Now that you know how to use PayPal for online casino, we wanted to give you some further information on other incredible features you likely didn’t know were offered by PayPal.

  • PayPal One Touch™: You no longer need to type in your account number to pay with PayPal. You can stay logged in using One Touch from any of your devices – just type in your passport and you’re good to go.
  • PayPal Reward System: If you enjoy PayPal, you can order their plastic card and earn points, miles and cash back every time you pay. Enjoy fun rewards for your purchases!
  • PayPal Currency Conversions: PayPal can easily convert a payment from one currency to another when you make a transfer. Not to mention they offer low conversion fees.
  • Online Digital Wallet: One of PayPal’s mottos is delivering money worldwide as fast as possible. That’s why it’s no surprise they introduced an e-Wallet, implementing the same security and functions that can be found in digital bank wallets.
  • Smartphone Payment App: PayPal may also be carried about in your pocket – metaphorically speaking, if you download the PayPal smartphone app on your smartphone or tablet in the form of an app for iOS and Android users. With so many casino applications available, online casino customers especially appreciate this while playing games on their mobile devices.
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Disadvantages of Gambling Online with PayPal

When gambling online PayPal users in Ireland might come across a few minor disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at some of the disadvantages you might want to consider before making PayPal your go-to casino payment option.

Payment Fees

One potential drawback is that PayPal will take away a small percentage of any funds that enter your account. The same goes for any conversion from one currency to another. These are calculated depending on the sum of money you are transferring and can be confirmed on the official website. Keep in mind these fees are associated with PayPal strictly and have nothing to do with Betiton Online Casino.

Online Gambling with PayPal Not Covered by Buyer Protection

If you decide to join a casino with PayPal deposit options, keep in mind that you won’t have buyer protection. If this is the first time you’ve heard of this term, allow us to explain.

When transferring money online using PayPal, the website offers Buyer Protection, meaning that you could be financially compensated should there be a problem with an item, for example, if you buy any online goods. PayPal is used by merchants most often, which is the primary reason this Buyer protection policy exists.

However, considering that online gambling is a separate type of online ‘purchase’, you will not be offered comprehensive protection if your transaction encounters issues or in a case where you lose money.

FAQs about PayPal

Does PayPal come with transaction fees?

When you make a PayPal deposit online casino you won’t encounter any fees. The same goes for withdrawals. However, keep in mind that the transfer from the casino to your PayPal account will be charged a small fee on PayPal’s side. This isn’t too bad, considering PayPal will not charge you monthly or yearly fees.

Is PayPal secure?

Yes, PayPal is one of the most secure online payment services in Ireland, providing a variety of safety measures. You can protect your account with a security key or use two-factor identification and download the Google Authenticator or add a phone number.

Generally speaking, a casino that accepts PayPal is considered more protected than others – and in a sense, PayPal can be synonymous with security.

Can you cancel/reverse PayPal transactions?

When depositing at Betiton Online Casino with PayPal, if your transaction has entered the “In Process” stage, it can no longer be reversed. Always double-check your details and the sums you are typing into your account.

Is PayPal widely used in online gambling?

When depositing online casino real money PayPal is one of the most common options among gamblers. For this reason, it is accepted in Ireland and the majority of reputable casinos offer this option. When playing on their mobile devices, players especially value PayPal’s simplicity. You may deposit or withdraw money fast and securely in just a few easy steps, giving you complete control over your playing budget. Starting it up only takes a couple of taps.

Does Betiton offer special PayPal bonuses?

While online gambling PayPal can be beneficial in many ways, Betiton Irelanddoesn’t offer any PayPal -specific promotions.

Are PayPal deposits instant?

When you choose to deposit via PayPal online casino, you should expect your money to arrive in your casino profile instantly. The same goes for the rest of the payment methods offered at Betiton. Keep in mind that is not the case for withdrawals.

Is it safe to use PayPal at Betiton?

You can expect a top security service at nearly any online casino that takes PayPal deposits and withdrawals. Betiton specifically uses SSL technology to protect your personal information when banking in and out of the casino, and this combined with PayPal’s unique security features can give you a perfectly safe user experience.

What are the best alternatives to PayPal?

Skrill is one of the popular methods used worldwide that has several similarities to PayPal. Just like PayPal, you can send and receive money in your Skrill account. Revolut is another similar payment option that won’t share your personal details.