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Place Your Rugby World Cup 2023 Bets at Betiton Bookmakers UK

The Rugby World Cup is the biggest event in the Rugby Union calendar and arguably the most important rugby tournament. Similar to other major sporting events of this kind, it is held every four years, with the next event to be held in 2023 in France.

The Rugby World Cup became one of the most important tournaments in its respective sport in a fairly short time. In fact, the tournament became so popular that in 1999, 20 teams were allowed to participate instead of the original 16, creating an even tougher and more energetic competition the likes of which is hardly seen in other sports.

Whilst the Rugby World Cup already offers an amazing spectacle of sportsmanship, UK players can additionally find a wide range of rugby betting options, available at Betiton Bookmakers UK. What’s more is that we provide players with the ability to place bets on live matches, as well as placing bets from their mobile devices.

Rugby World Cup Betting Odds Explained

When it comes to betting, it’s very important to make sure that you know all the terms and understand what they all mean, specifically when it comes to the odds. This applies equally for all sports and all sporting tournaments; so whether you are betting on the Rugby World Cup or betting on the 6 Nations Championship, read the following for an explanation.

Odds are the numbers that will help you to decide which team is likely to win in a match, for example. Simply put, the higher the odds, the less likely they are to potentially succeed. It’s also important to remember that odds also indicate how much you stand to potentially gain.

Odds come in a few different formats, namely: fractions, decimals, and American. The most common odds format in the UK is the fraction which works like this: 1/3 are rather low odds which indicate that the event has a 75% chance of happening, which is rather likely to happen.

4 Popular RWC Betting Markets

As is the case with every other sport that you can place your bets on at Betiton UK, the Rugby World Cup offers a good number of different betting markets. These markets depend on different conditions for bets to be successful, so it’s recommended that punters read up on what the markets are before placing any bets.

In the meantime, we’ll be explaining 4 of the most popular Rugby World Cup markets that we offer on Betiton:

  • Outright Winner
  • Betting Without
  • Winning Hemisphere
  • Name the Finalist

Outright Winner

You might have already guessed what this bet means, but betting on the outright winner means that you’re betting on the winner of a match or a tournament.

When placing this sort of bet, it’s best to do some research to understand which teams have won the most games and scored the most points; this way, you’ll understand which teams stand the most chance of winning.

Betting Without

This bet, which is short for “betting without the favourite,” eliminates the favourite team from being considered in the bet, giving you better odds for a team which you might prefer but which don’t happen to be the strongest.

So, say you want to play on Wales, but New Zealand are stomping the competition; betting without bets will not consider New Zealand when giving the bookmaker gives you odds on Wales.

Winning Hemisphere

Since there are teams participating from all over the world, you can choose to back those that hail from the Southern hemisphere or the Northern hemisphere, which is what this bet does.

Betting on teams from the Southern hemisphere will see you supporting teams like South Africa and New Zealand; the Northern hemisphere, on the other hand, includes teams like England, Scotland, and France.

Name the Finalists

This bet pretty much does what it says on the tin, and that’s having to guess which teams will make it to the finals. Unlike outright winner bets, you don’t need to guess who will win the tournament to win this bet.

Where Can I Find Rugby World Cup Betting Tips?

Betting tips are kind of like suggestions or pieces of advice that tell you which team to play on, which odds to take on which match, etc. Tips are given by tipsters, sports enthusiasts that spend a lot of time analysing team dynamics, player stats, and so on, to give punters better chances of understanding their bets.

Whilst tips are great for new bettors who are still learning the ropes of sports betting, tips should not substitute for the research that you should do whenever you think of placing a bet on any sport. Unsurprisingly, a simple Google search is actually all you need to find a slew of betting tips by a number of tipsters.

The 5 Previous RWC Winners

If you are interested in the RWC you are probably curious on who won the previous editions. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 teams that won the previous Rugby World Cup tournaments, and also the teams that made it to the final but didn’t quite win.

2019South Africa32 – 12England
2015New Zealand34 – 17Australia
2011New Zealand8 – 7France
2007South Africa15 – 6England
2003England20 – 17Australia

Countries with the Most Wins

Similarly, you should also know which nations have been the most successful when it comes to winning the Rugby World Cup. Moreover, your research shouldn’t just focus on who won the Rugby World Cup the most, but also those teams that consistently win matches, score most points, and climb up to the finals of not only the Rugby World Cup but other leagues and tournaments.

Anyway, to get you start on your research, the following is a list of the countries who have won the Rugby World Cup the most times.

New Zealand31987, 2011, 2015
South Africa31995, 2007, 2019
Australia21991, 1999

The Top 5 UK Rugby Players That Have Played in the Rugby World Cup

Just because England only won the Rugby World Cup once doesn’t mean that it hasn’t produced some rather fine players! Whilst none of these players play professional rugby anymore, they’re still considered the amongst the finest and best rugby players that played for England.

So, in no particular order, here are the 5 top rugby players that played for England:

  • Jonny Wilkinson
  • Martin Johnson
  • Richard Hill
  • Jeremy Guscott
  • Rory Underwood

How Does the Rugby World Cup Work?

The Rugby World Cup sees 20 teams compete with each other for the top spot. Qualification for the event is relatively simple. The top three teams in each group from the previous World Cup, all automatically qualify for the next one.

This leaves eight spaces up for grabs and these are taken by teams from within each region who have to undergo qualifying processes to this end. The very last qualifier isn’t actually determined until the year before the World Cup.

Once at the best rugby tournament in the world, the teams are split into four groups of five teams who play each other once, scoring points for wins and draws. The top two teams in each group move forward to the knockout stages.

These consist of the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and then eventually the final. There is also a third-place playoff for the bronze medal.

Who Is Hosting the World Cup 2023?

In 2023, France is once again hosting the World Cup. They hosted the event back in 2007 and are, again, taking on the responsibility alongside their hosting of the Olympics 2024.

The 2023 World Cup is also notable for it being the 200th anniversary of the invention of the sport, making this an exciting event, as well as it being the 10th World Cup.

The various matches will take place at stadiums throughout France, with fans being able to travel about the country as they follow their team and its progress through the competition.

The final though, will take place in France’s main rugby stadium – the Stade de France – in the centre of Paris.

Discover Betiton’s Betting Offer and Bonus for UK Players

UK players at Betiton are able to make the most of their play with us as we offer a sport betting bonus promotion. This sport welcome offer can be used on any sporting event, making it an opportunity to try out our rugby betting options.

There are also wagering requirements in place, which must be adhered to if you plan on withdrawing any winnings. Please read all the terms and conditions for the bet bonus right that can be found at the bottom of the page.

Deposit and Withdraw Your Funds Safely and Securely

Players in Britain also have access to a wide range of different deposit and withdrawal methods. We always like to be able to offer our players a number of different options so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Not only do we give you a range, but we also make sure that these options are all safe and secure.

Payment MethodDeposit Time (Days)Withdraw Time (Days)
Master CardInstant4-6

When you make a deposit, you can do so anywhere from £10 to £5000 per transaction, with the money transferring instantly to your account enabling you to get betting right away.

Withdrawals can be made from £10 a time through to £7000 per month, but you must make sure to verify your account before requesting funds.

Withdrawals are also subject to a 2-day pending period before they’re processed, so you’ll have to be a little patient.

Bet With Your Mobile for the World Cup 2023

Our site has been fully mobile optimised so that you can simply open your mobile browser, find Betiton, and log in. You’ll get access to the same betting features including the same odds, betting markets, and more.

The betting slips work in the same way, so it’s a simple process of depositing some money, choosing your bet, and confirming it. You can check on live sporting updates via your phone too, as well as join some in-play betting if you want to remain a constant part of the action.

With the site being fully scalable and compatible with a range of devices, you can always make sure that all your bets will be with you wherever you go.

Solve Your Queries Fast With Betiton’s Live Customer Support

While we strive to ensure that our site is always working at optimum capacity, there are times when you might have further queries. In these instances, we have a live customer service team ready to assist.

Players can access our staff through a number of different contact channels. For instance, our live chat is open from 8am through to 1am CET every day of the week. Players can expect helpful and speedy responses ensuring that you’re ready to get back to playing quickly.

Always Bet on Online Sports Responsibly

The final aspect of our site is that of offering responsible gaming to players. For this, we have implemented a number of responsible gaming policies to help players out. For instance, we do offer links to a number of helplines that you can contact if you feel you are overwhelmed.

Finally, we also have a self-exclusion policy in place, which you can implement to stop yourself from accessing any of the betting options we have. This can last as long as you want and cannot be reversed by anyone but yourself ensuring that you can take a break from gambling with us.

Rugby World Cup 2023 FAQs

Where is the Rugby World Cup 2023 being hosted?

The 2023 edition of the Rugby World Cup will take place in France. It will be held in the Stade de France, which is the national stadium of France located in Saint-Denis, which is a few kilometres away from Paris.

When is the 2023 Rugby World Cup taking place?

The 2023 edition of the Rugby World Cup will be taking place between the 8th of September and the 21st of October. Moreover, the 2023 edition is a special edition because it will be taking place during the 200th anniversary of the ‘creation’ of rugby by William Webb Ellis.

Who is the RWC current titleholder?

The current champions of the Rugby World Cup are South Africa, who defeated England in the 2019 tournament that was held in Japan. Their victory over England in 2019 meant that South Africa won their third win in the Rugby World Cup.

Who has won the RWC the most times?

The nations that have won the Rugby World Cup the most times are South Africa and New Zealand, who have won the tournaments a total of 3 times each.

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