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Big Bass Bonanza

Last Updated: 20-03-2023 11:14

Fishing is a fun hobby for many, and it can be made even more exciting when there is some money up for grabs. If you love to play fishing themed online slots, then Big Bass Bonanza by Pragmatic Play is a slot game that we really do recommend you try out. However, before you jump right in and start risking your hard-earned money, take ten minutes or so out of your day to read this in-depth Big Bass Bonanza review and find out all that you need to know about this Big Bass Bonanza slot.

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Big Bass Bonanza Slot Details

Software Release Date Game type Paylines Reels RTP Volatility Hit Ratio % Minimum Bet Maximum Bet Jackpot
Pragmatic Play December 2020 Online slot 10 5 96.71% High 13% 0.10 250.00 2100x Stake

Big Bass Bonanza Review

While fishing themed slot games are not the most popular out there, there are still many slot players who enjoy playing them, which is why any online casino that is worth its salt will make sure that they have slots like Big Bass Bonanza available to play. This Big Bass Bonanza game arrived on the scene in December of 2020, so it is a relatively new slot, but it has already become really popular among slot lovers. So, without further delay, let us now give you all the information that you require for Big Bass Bonanza slot.

Game Design

When you open up the online slot for the first time, you will notice that the five reels are made out of bubbles and that they are transparent, which is something that we really like the look of since it helps to add to the water element of the slot.

You will see that the visuals are cartoonish and pretty simple, but simplicity is something that should be expected due to the back to nature feel that this slot game is supposed to give off. We actually really enjoy the cartoon graphics and the jaunty track playing in the background is one that we would not consider turning off after just a couple of minutes. In fact, we really do feel that the music helps to add to fun of this slot – although, we do appreciate that some players might consider muting it.

Overall, we feel that the graphics and soundtrack of this Big Bass Bonanza slot game fit really well with the theme of the slot and help to make for an enjoyable slot playing experience.


When you sit yourself down to play Big Bass Bonanza, you aim is to try and match 2-5 identical symbols on one of the available paylines. There used to be a time where you would have to match three or more symbols when playing in order to land a prize, but because of how competitive the online slot world is now, a lot of software creators are now developing slots that pay out some cash when two identical symbols land consecutively on a payline from left to right. However, we need to stress here that not each symbol in Big Bass Bonanza will pay out if you land two of them from left to right on a payline.

Slot games have become one of the most popular types of game at online casinos, and the reason why this is the case is because they are simple to play and give players the chance to land decent cash prizes without having to risk a lot of their hard-earned money. You will be glad to hear that when you play games like Big Bass Bonanza that you will be able to get to grips with them in next to no time.

In the bottom right of the screen you will see a plus and minus sign and you can use these to increase or decrease your total stake per spin. Once you are happy with your chosen stake, click on the spin button that is in the middle of the plus and minus, and the reels will start to spin. Then, all you need to do is hope that Lady Luck is nearby and is on your side.

The majority of online slots nowadays will come with an autoplay option that will allow you to set things up so that the reels spin automatically without you having to keep on clicking on spin. However, this Big Bass Bonanza slot does not come with an autoplay option, which is a little bit disappointing in our opinion. Despite this, this is no reason not to try Big Bass Bonanza online.

Big Bass Bonanza Symbols

Those who have played slot games before will know that the symbols that are available come with different values and that you obviously looking to land the highest paying ones. If all of the symbols were the same in a slot, then that game would be the most boring slot game to ever exist. In this part of our Big Bass Bonanza slot review, we are going to give you a table that shows just how much the different symbols in this slot game are worth.

Although we are going to give you all of the info that we feel you need when it comes to this quality Pragmatic Play slot game, we still suggest that you take some time to look at the slot’s paytable before you dive in and start playing with real money. To find the paytable, simply click on the “i” symbol that can be found in the bottom left of the screen.

Symbols Value 2, 3, 4, or 5 Identical Symbols
Multi-Coloured Float 0.5x, 5x, 20x, or 200x your stake
Fishing Rod 3x, 15x, or 100x your stake
Dragonfly 2x, 10x, or 50x your stake
Tackle Box 2x, 10x, or 50x your stake
Fish 1x, 5x, or 20x your stake
Ace 0.5x, 2.5x, or 10x your stake
King 0.5x, 2.5x, or 10x your stake
Queen 0.5x, 2.5x, or 10x your stake
Jack 0.5x, 2.5x, or 10x your stake
Ten 0.5x, 2.5x, or 10x your stake

So, as is clear from the above table, the multi-coloured float is the slot’s highest paying symbol and the one that you will want to get five of along a payline, while the five different playing card symbols are the lowest paying ones. However, having said that, the payouts for the playing card symbols are really decent and higher than the value of playing cards in many other slot games. This slot also has its own wild and scatter symbols, but since we are going to talk about those later on in our review, we do not see the need to mention them just yet.

RTP and Volatility

When you come across a new slot that you like the look of but have never played before, you should take the time to find out what the Return to Player rate of the game is and the kind of volatility that it comes with.

If you are a newbie when it comes to online slots, then there is a really big chance that you do not entirely know what is meant by the Return to Player rate, also shortened to RTP, of a slot. If this sounds like you, then do not fret since we will explain it now for you. The RTP of a slot is a theoretical figure that indicates the amount that a slot will pay out over time. However, this figure is only a theoretical one that is formed from millions of reel spins, so the chances of you having a similar experience to the state RTP are slim. The Big Bass Bonanza slot RTP stands at 96.71%, which is more than reasonable in our opinion. The higher the RTP, the better, theoretically, things should be for the player.

What is the volatility of a slot? Well, the volatility indicates the kind of winnings that you are more likely to land if luck is on your side. For instance, if a slot is said to come with a low volatility, then it means that you have a chance of landing plenty of small wins, but the big wins will be quite rare. However, if a slot comes with a high volatility, it means that the smaller wins will be quite rare, but when a win does come your way, it will be a bigger one. This Big Bass Bonanza Pragmatic Play game comes with a high volatility, so if you prefer low volatility slot games, it is probably not the one for you.

Bet Limits

We do not all have the same amount of money, which means that we cannot all afford to spend the same amount per spin on slot games that we want to play. This is why software developers know that it is really important that they create online slots that fit a wide range of budgets so that they do not end up alienating a portion of their potential customers and lose plenty of money.

This slot game will allow you to play for as little as €0.10 per spin as much as €250.00 per spin, which means that it definitely a slot that caters to a wide range of budgets.

What is the Big Bass Bonanza Jackpot (Max Win)?

The online slot casino world has become fiercely competitive over the past number of years, so online slots have to find a way to stand out from the crowd if they want to have any sort of success. One way to make sure that this is the case is to offer players the opportunity to win some large cash sums.

If you decide to play this slot game for real money, then the Big Bass Bonanza max win that you can land if Lady Luck is with you stands at 2100x your wager. Therefore, the most that you can win is a very crisp €525,000 if you are playing with the maximum stake of €250.00 per spin.

How to Play Big Bass Bonanza Slot Online

In order to have a decent slot playing session on this game, all you need is a few euros and a bit of luck. Earlier we mentioned that this is a simple slot to play, and below we have given you a step-by-step guide that highlights just how easy it is to play this Pragmatic Play Big Bass Bonanza game:

  1. Use the plus and minus buttons in the bottom right to set your stake per spin
  2. Click on the “Spin” button in the middle of the plus and minus signs to set the reels in motion
  3. The reels will stop after a number of seconds and if you are lucky enough to land three or more identical symbols along one of the ten paylines from left to right, then you will win some money. Any wins that you are fortunate enough to get will be added to your balance right away

N.B. Some slot games are now coming with a feature that gives you the option of speeding up the reels so that you can save a bit of time and get extra spins in during your gaming session, but casinos with Big Bass Bonanza do not offer this.

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Playing Big Bass Bonanza on Mobile

Nowadays the majority of us have access to smartphones and the Internet, so it stands to reason that playing slots and other types of casino games on mobile devices is now more popular than ever before. People love having the ability to play their favourite slots wherever they happen to be, and all the top software developers are aware of this fact, which is why they always need to make sure that their games can be played on many different mobile devices.

If you are the type of gambler that enjoys playing your favourite slots on your mobile devices, then you will be glad to hear that if you play the Big Bass Bonanza slot demo and like it so much that you want to start playing with real money on the line, you will be able to play it on the go wherever you are.

Bonuses in Big Bass Bonanza

As we said earlier, the world of slot games is super competitive, so software developers need to come up with various bonus features for their slots so that they have every chance of being successful. A slot game that comes with no or few bonuses is one that will bore players very quickly and will disappear as quickly as it appeared. This Big Bass Bonanza slot has a number of bonuses, and we are now going to take a look at them in closer detail for you.


Most slot games now come with a wild symbol, which is one that can act as a substitute for all other symbols on the reel aside from the scatter symbol. When it comes to this slot game, the fisherman is the wild symbol, so keep a look out for him as he can help increase your chances of winning.


Some people believe that respins and free spins are pretty much the same, but this is not actually the case. With a respins feature, particular reels can be frozen, and the remaining reels will then be spun to see if you are fortunate enough to land some winning combos. On the other hand, when it comes to free spins, all of the reels will be spun again at the same time with no extra cost to you. Respins are usually activated when you manage to land particular symbols on the reels, but there is no need to think about respins when playing at a Big Bass Bonanza casino since this slot does not come with a respin option.


Everyone loves to have the option of winning some extra money when they are gambling, which is why you will not be able to find any kind of slot lover that does not love getting multipliers when playing slot games. A multiplier will multiply any winnings by their face value, so if you manage to win €30.00 while there is a multiplier of 5x activated, then you will get a crisp €150.00 added to your balance.

While multipliers are very common nowadays, it does not mean that all slot games come equipped with them. However, you will be glad to hear that Big Bass Bonanza is not a slot game that fits into this no multiplier category. When you are playing this game, the highest multiplier that you can unlock is 10x, which is how you go about being in with the shot of winning the jackpot of 2100x your stake.

Free Spins in Big Bass Bonanza

The free spins feature, like in most slots you can play, is activated by landing three, four, or five fish scatter symbols on the reels. If you manage to land three scatters, then you will get 10 bonus spins, four scatters will lead to 15 bonus spins, and five scatters will give you 20 free spins.

During this Big Bass Bonanza bonus feature, you will see that green fish symbols appear with cash values attached to them. Whenever the fisherman wild lands on the reels, he will pick up these cash values – for instance, if there are fish on the reels that are worth €5 and €3, and a wild fisherman appears, then he will pick up these fish and you will win €8.00. However, things get even better the more wilds that appear on the reels since each fisherman wild will collect the fish prizes. So, to keep with the above example, if three wilds were to appear, you will receive three lots of €8.00 for a total cash prize worth €32.00.

But wait, there is even more. Every time that a wild appears on the reels during the free spins Big Bass Bonanza, it is collected in a meter that can be found above the reels. Once you have collected four wild symbols, there will be a retrigger to give you some extra bonus spins and increase the multiplier. If you manage to get 12 wilds in total during this Big Bass Bonanza free spins feature, of which there is a maximum of 50, you will receive 10 additional free spins and a 10x multiplier to boot.

Big Bass Bonanza Pros and Cons

Nothing in this world is completely perfect and everything comes with its pros and cons, so we are now going to give you a small table that highlights the main pros and cons of this Big Bass Bonanza slot game.

Pros Cons
An RTP of 96.71% Some might not like the music
Multipliers can reach 10x your stake Bonus can only be retriggered three times
Suits a variety of budgets N/A

Play Big Bass Bonanza on Betiton™

If you want to try out this slot game by Pragmatic Play, then you will be able to do so right here at Betiton™ and you will also find a wide variety of other quality slot games. If you are still not entirely sure as to whether this is a slot game that you would like to play, then you will be happy to find out that you can play Big Bass Bonanza demo before you start playing with your own money. However, please remember that if you decide to play the Big Bass Bonanza demo that you will not be able to win any real money.

Also, we know that many gamblers like to do a spot of mobile gambling, which is why we have made sure that this slot game is available for our punters to play wherever they happen to be. Alongside all of the slot games at Betiton™, you will also find a large variety of quality table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, and we also have a top live casino that you will be able to make good use of. To add to this, if you are the type of casino player that also enjoys betting on sports, you will be happy to find out that we also have a really good sportsbook where we offer a variety of markets and really competitive odds.

Apart from this, we also offer our players top banking options for withdrawals and deposits, and we also offer existing players a nice variety of bonuses and promotions to make use of. Finally, if you ever come across a problem, no matter how big or small, speak to our professional and friendly customer care team and they will help you out in next to no time.

The Big Bass Bonanza Review Conclusion

“We really like this Big Bass Bonanza slot game from Pragmatic Play. We know that it is not the most sophisticated slot game out there, but its simple gameplay and cartoon design are really appealing to us. It is one of those simple slot games that focuses on the bonus feature, which is great since this is where the big money can be won if luck is with you. If you are the type of gambler that loves trying to land a whopper, then this is a slot that you should definitely try out.

“Overall, we think it is fair to give this slot a rating of 4.5/5”
4.5 / 5

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Frequently Asked Questions about Big Bass Bonanza

What RTP does Big Bass Bonanza have?

The Big Bass Bonanza slot game by Pragmatic Play comes with an RTP of 96.71%, which is a really reasonable RTP in our humble opinion.

Where can I play Big Bass Bonanza?

You can play Big Bass Bonanza right here at Betiton. If you want to test it out before you start playing with your own hard-earned money, then you can make use of a demo Big Bass Bonanza. However, remember that you cannot win any real money when you Big Bass Bonanza demo play.

What is the maximum win in Big Bass Bonanza?

The most that you will be able to win when you are playing this slot is 2100x your stake, which means that the biggest prize is €525,000 if you are playing with the maximum stake per spin of €250.00.

Are there free spins on offer in Big Bass Bonanza?

Yes, if you three, four, or five scatters on the reels then you can claim 10, 15, or 20 bonus spins. Keep a lookout for the wild symbol since if you land 12 of these during the bonus spins feature, you will earn 10 additional spins and a 10x multiplier will be activated.