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Soccer Betting at Betiton™ Canada

Last Updated: 26-06-2023 14:48

Soccer betting is definitely the most popular sport betting activity in the world, and for good reasons. There is hardly a sport that is as easy to understand and follow as soccer, which means players can enjoy watching soccer without needing to understand complex rules. 

Despite originating in England, soccer has seen huge global popularity develop over time. In fact, the top sporting event in the world is the FIFA World Cup betting, though the upcoming Euro 2021 looks to be highly anticipated as well.

What’s really fantastic for Canadian players is this means there are plenty of places to make a soccer bet. Odds for this sport are also great, as you are able to find the best options online. At Betiton, we make soccer betting easy, convenient, and worthwhile.

With so many different betting markets, soccer is not only fun to watch but spectators can also place a wager on all of the famous football tournaments. In fact, there are a number of very popular soccer events to look forward to in the coming years.

As with every other sport in the world, there are some soccer tournaments that are by far the most prestigious that the sport has to offer. The most popular soccer tournaments in the world would definitely be the following:

Event Date Held Previous Winner
Champions League 8th Aug 2020 – 29th May 2021 FC Bayern Munich
FIFA World Cup 21st Nov 2022 – 18th Dec 2022 France
UEFA European Championship 11th June 2021 – 11th July 2021 Portugal
Premier League 12th Sep 2020 – 23rd May 2021 Liverpool F.C.

N.B. this table was last updated on the 4th of November, 2020.

FIFA World Cup

The most popular soccer event would definitely be the FIFA World Cup. Unlike the UEFA Champions League betting, this takes place every four years with the next one being held in Qatar in 2022.

What’s special about this event is that it’s not just popular with soccer fans, but with sports enthusiasts around the world, bringing in more viewers than any other sporting event.

This soccer tournament brings together the very best players and teams, enabling each country to showcase their talent through the months of this exciting event.

There’s also a whole lot of lead up, as all the nations go through the qualifying phases in order to even be part of the World Cup, so there’s a multitude of games to bet on.

UEFA European Championship

Another major soccer event that runs a close second to the World Cup is the UEFA EURO betting. Once again this is an event that focuses on countries and nations rather than on individual club teams.

Like the World Cup, this takes place every four years but is held in between the World Cup years—2021 is the next edition of the Euro. It was initially meant to be held in 2020 but it had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

The top teams in Europe all compete to qualify for this event. In 2021, the event will take place at numerous venues across Europe as a way of celebrating the Euro’s 60th birthday

It’s a prestigious event for the European teams participating and can actually be used as a gauge for how teams will perform in the World Cup.

Like the FIFA World Cup, there are a lot of things going on, all of which will eventually lead up to the Euro. That means that there are plenty of opportunities to place your soccer bets when the Euro hits! 

UEFA Champions League

Another highly illustrious international tournament would be the UEFA Champions League. The Champions League sees the greatest football clubs in Europe vying to be the winners of the highly prestigious league.

In fact, some of the clubs that regularly make an appearance in the top positions of the league are renowned clubs. These include highly respected clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool, Milan, Barcelona, and Ajax.

Other than superb clubs, the Champions League also features some of the greatest players in the world. These include players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Kylian Mbappé, Kevin de Bruyne, and Gianluigi Buffon.

Unlike the previous tournaments we mentioned, the Champions League is a yearly event, so football fans and bettors have something to look forward to every year. 

Premier League

The final top soccer event we’ll talk about is the English Premier League betting, which is actually only a national event. This is held in the UK only and is a competition for the 20 soccer teams that are in the top club division in the country.

However, despite being UK-centric, this is actually one of the most watched leagues in the world, and one of the top national soccer leagues. If not on the other tournaments, the Premier League is the perfect place to try out your first soccer bet.

Club teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Arsenal all enjoy global popularity, with merchandising sold the world over.

The Premier League has no real bearing on any of the other soccer events, and takes place every year. However, a number of top soccer players do play for these clubs, which makes these games fun to watch for individual prowess and skill.

Canadian Soccer Events to Also Look Forward to

Whilst the above tournaments are all rather exciting to watch, it must also be said that Canadian teams do not really feature in them. This means that you cannot a team from “home,” so to speak, which is a wonderful experience in itself.

To counteract this, we have provided a table with a number of Canadian tournaments that you can watch and bet on:

Event Date Held Previous Winner
Canadian Premier League TBA Forge FC
Canadian Championship TBA Montreal Impact
Canadian Soccer League TBA FC Vorkuta

N.B. this table was last updated on the 4th of November, 2020.

Online Sports Betting Markets: What Are They?

We mentioned the concept of “betting markets” before, which is probably something that is completely new to those who are starting out in the world of sports betting. Not to worry, betting markets are quite a simple concept to understand.

In the simplest of terms, betting markets are merely the wagers that are available on a sportsbook. These are offered by bookmakers and depend on certain conditions for them to pay out; there are numerous such conditions.

These conditions can be anything from betting on who the winner of a football match will be, or if they will draw instead; how many goals will be scored by half-time; which player will score a goal; guessing the exact score at half-time, etc. 

Alongside the markets, bookmakers also provide their odds, which we will explain later. However, we can tell you that odds are highly important. They will tell you which team is the favorite and which is the underdog, alongside other things. 

6 Examples of Soccer Betting Markets

  • Total Goals
  • Both Teams to Score
  • First to Score
  • Draw No Bet
  • Exact Score
  • Asian Handicap

Total Goals

This bet requires players to correctly guess the total numer of goals that will be scored in a match.

Both Teams to Score

As readers might easily assume, both teams need to score a goal in the game for this bet to win.

First to Score

If bettors manage to correctly guess which of the teams in a game will score the first goal, then this bet is a winner.

Draw No Bet

The possibility of a draw is not considered for this bet, which narrows the bet down to betting on either one team or another to win. This gives you better odds since it effectively lowers the number of possible outcomes.

Exact Score

For this bet to win, bettors will have to correctly guess what score both teams will have when the game is over. This is different to the total goals bet because you will need to precisely say how many times each team scored a goal.

Asian Handicap

Teams are not equal, and some teams are stronger than others. This makes one team the favorite, and the other the underdog. However, this creates a problem: betting on the favorite is unprofitable and betting on the underdog is way too risky.

This is where the Asian handicap bet comes in. Firstly, a handicap bet is designed to bettors a chance to bet on the underdog by placing a goal deficit on the favorite. That way, even the underdog loses, bettors can still potentially win their bet.

On the other hand, the Asian handicap was created to also remove the possibility of a draw from happening, which gives bettors far better odds. Moreover, the favorite will have a handicap whilst the underdog will have a head start in goals.

Online Sports Betting Lessons With Betiton: Odds & Tips

Understanding the odds is really important if you plan on placing any soccer bets, or any type of sports betting really. This is because they give you a clear indication of the probability that something is going to occur as well as outlining how much you can win.

Odds can come in a range of different forms including fractional, decimal, and American (or moneyline odds). For Canadian players, you’ll usually find bets offered in decimals, though we have the option to choose different formats—pick the one that you prefer.

Odds for Soccer Betting Markets

Odds are calculated by bookmakers and given alongside the markets they provide. In fact, if you scroll through our sportsbook, you will see all of our markets have their odds clearly stated next to them. But how are odds calculated?

Bookmakers spend a lot of time looking up sports statistics like player performances, team compositions, previous performances by teams, etc., in order to determine which team will stand the best chance of winning in a match. 

This is useful when considering what bet to make, of course. In a match, knowing which team is the better team helps in making a smarter bet. However, it is also good to know that bets on the team that stands the best chance of winning usually offer low payouts!

Betiton Explains: Odds Formats & How They Work

As we already said, bets show you either of two things, which are: 1) what the chances of something happening are; 2) how much you would win if the bet goes your way. The different formats all show these two things in different ways.

However, there is a general rule of thumb to keep in mind: the higher the odds, the higher the reward but the higher the risks. The lower the odds, on the other hand, the lower the reward and the lower the risk will be.

It’s good to keep this in mind so that you can balance out the factors and see which bet is best for you. Would you want to risk the money in return for a potentially large payout? Or would you like to play it safe? 

When it comes to how these odds work for soccer, you will also need to understand what the odds mean in terms of the likelihood of a win. Decimal odds indicate this by having values greater than 1, since 1 is the lowest possible odds in decimals.

The higher the value of decimal odds, then, the less likely the event will happen. On the other hand, fractional odds indicate this according to the relation of the numbers in the fractions. The higher the number on the right, the lower the odds. 

On the other hand, the higher the number on the left, the lower the odds. For example, odds of 9/1 are rather high; however, odds of 1/9 are very low. Finally, American odds work via a system of positive and negative numbers, generally in the hundreds.

The more a number is negative, the lower the odds will be; the more a number is postive, the higher the odds will be. The odds, as we said, also show how much they are worth, each one doing this in different ways. 

Firstly, to calculate the payout of decimal odds, you will need to multiply your bet by the odds and then subtract your original bet from the result. That might seem like a lot of mathematics, but it’s really basic arithmetic. So, imagine placing €10 on odds of 10.00:

  • 10 x 10 = 100
  • 100 – 10 = 90

So, the payout will be $90. On the other hand, to calculate the payout for fractional odds take the right digit to mean your bet, whilst the left digit will be your payout. So, a 9/1 bet will mean you spend $1 to get $9 back.

Finally, American odds actually show you either of two things:

  1. how much you need to wager to get a payout of $100 (when the odds are negative numbers)
  2. how much you will be paid for a wager of $100 (when the odds are positive numbers)

So, if the odds were 900, then you will be paid $900 on top of your initial $100 wager. When it comes to odds of -900, you will have to stake $900 to get a return of $100 on top of your bet. And that’s all you need to know when it comes to odds.

It’s for this reason that American odds are also known as moneyline odds. Moneyline odds may be confusing but in reality every odds format can be considered a form of moneyline odds as they all show you much you stand to win when betting.

What Tips & Tipsters Are & How They Can Help You

Tips are often given out by sporting tipsters. Tipsters are people that professionally watch sports, analyzing every aspect of a game, the moves and plays a team have done, and the individual performances of the players.

Tipsters will also search online to find the very best betting odds so that punters can get a chance to get decent returns on their wagers. These findings will be published so that you can use these soccer tips to your own advantage.

Often these tipsters will find good value bets, placing money on events that others may not think of taking. However, all tips should not be taken at face value. It’s recommended that you do your own research too when it comes to making the best soccer bet.

As we touched upon, soccer tips from professionals can be really helpful to get you started. However, nothing beats your own research. We recommend that you use tipster suggestions at the start of your betting career only.

In this way, you can learn what the important things to look out for are when placing a bet. It will also give you a better idea of team and player form. When betting on soccer, remember that the venue is always important.

With so many home and away games, make sure to check where a team is playing as this can greatly influence the outcome, even if they look like they are likely winners, commonly beating the other team. It’s very different from an away game!

How to Find Them

Surprisingly, tips can easily be found by doing nothing more than a basic Google search. A simple search on Google, or any other search engine you prefer, will give you more tips than you’ll know what to do with.

When looking for tips, take the time to find the best tips for you, whilst at the same time doing your own research. Finally, our best tips are to stay healthy, stick to a betting budget, and make time for important things in life.

Alternatively, you can also make use of our exclusive football predictions and betting tips. These exclusive predictions and picks are provided by our brand ambassador and resident football expert, Djibril Cissé! Cissé is an accomplished footballer who professional career stretches from 1998 to the present. Moreover, Cissé has played with prestigious clubs like Liverpool, Marseilles, and Panathinaikos.

Our Available Betting Bonuses at Betiton Canada

When you start betting online, one of the best things to do is make use of any bonuses that are being offered. Bonuses are the best way to boost your bankroll or to give you that little extra bet that you can place on a soccer event or team you might not otherwise have wagered on.

At Betiton all our players from Canada can make use of the exciting extra bet we offer. All you need to do is make a qualifying bet of $15 or more and you’ll be rewarded with an extra $10 bet. This extra bet can be used on any sporting event, but cannot be split when wagered.

There are other conditions associated with our extra bet bonus. We highly encourage all of our players to read our T&Cs to be fully aware of what they will be accepting when accepting the bonus. For our full terms and conditions as well as our bonus policy, you can find both of these at the footer of each of our pages.

Discover Our Loyalty Club for Canadian Players

We also have a Loyalty Club available for Canadian players, which offers a whole range of exciting bonuses like cashback and higher withdrawal limits. As you play with real money on Betiton, you will accrue loyalty points.

These points will put you at the matching Loyalty Club level where you will move up the ladder. As you play more with us and move up the club tiers, you will get more bonuses. However, at this time, sportsbook bets don’t count.

What Deposit and Withdrawal Methods We Offer Canadians

Payment methods are always important at online casinos as they need to be fast, but also safe and secure. At Betiton we have a range of top payment options for players in Canada.

These options are all from reputable providers such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Skrill. All of these options can be found in the cashier section of the site.

Payment Method Deposit Time Withdrawal Time
ecoPayz Instant Up to 4 business days
AstroPay Instant Up to 3 business days
MasterCard Instant Up to 6 business days
Neteller Instant Up to 2 business days
Visa Instant Up to 6 business days
Skrill Instant Up to 2 business days

For all payments there is a minimum limit of $10. Maximums range from $5000 to $7000 for deposits and withdrawals respectively. It’s good to keep in mind that the maximum withdrawal limit is monthly, whilst deposits are capped per transactions. 

For all transactions, everything goes a lot smoother if you have verified your account first—this is especially pertinent when making a withdrawal request, which does have to go through a 48-hour processing period before transferring to your account.

Enjoy Mobile Gaming in Canada

We have also made it very easy for players to access all our soccer betting options via their mobile devices so that they don’t have to be at home when placing a wager. You can access all the same features, betting markets, and bonuses when you open our site via the mobile browser.

The browser site is completely compatible with a range of different devices so you can access it via tablets and phones. Due to the scalability of the site, it will fit to any screen size effortlessly giving you access to a clutter-free, navigable interface. That way, you won’t have to worry about compatibility.

The Customer Support Our Players Deserve

Customer support is very important at Betiton because we want all our players in Canada to have a seamless and pleasurable betting experience. Our live chat support is available 8:00-0:00 CET every day and in eight different languages. Our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions, quickly getting you back up and running. 

Keeping Your Gaming Responsible at Betiton Canada

The last important aspect of our site is the importance we place on responsible gaming. Sports betting is a lot of fun but it is important that players do not let it take over every aspect of their life.

If you do feel it’s becoming overwhelming, we provide links to a number of helplines that players in Canada can use to get in touch with someone to help them through these issues.

We also have a self-exclusion option in place which you implement yourself. This is a long-term block on your account preventing you from accessing any betting options.

Moreover, we provide responsible gaming tips and a list of symptoms of problem gaming. These are in place to help players keep their gaming responsible.

Finally, we also offer ways that parents can prevent underage gambling, including links to software that’s designed to prevent children from having access to gaming. 

Online Soccer Betting in Canada FAQs

How do I bet on soccer?

First things first, make sure you have created an account on Betiton. Afterwards, make a deposit to your bankroll; we offer a multitude of payment methods with which you can make your deposit. We only accept deposits from $10 and over.

Then you will have to access our sportsbook. Whilst you’re there, feel free to have a look through our available markets, and familiarise yourself with the odds. Once you have found what you would like to bet on, simply click on it.

Your selected market will appear on the betting slip on the right side of the screen. Adjust how much you would like to bet on the market and then simply click “PLACE BETS.” Then cross your fingers and hope you win!

How can I bet and win?

There is no real way to predict what the outcome of a match will be, meaning that you cannot assure your bet will win. At the same time, however, you can educate yourself to make smarter bets which are less likely to lose.

What is the meaning of under in betting?

There is a certain kind of betting, especially used in soccer, called “over/under betting.” This form of betting is rather popular but it may be confusing to the novice bettor. Essentially, this is a bet “against” the bookmaker.

The way it works is that the bookmaker will make a prediction of how many goals, for example, will be scored in a game. Bettors will then make bets on whether there will be more (over) or less (under) goals scored.

So, if the bookmaker says there will be 3 goals scored, an under bet will win when less than 3 goals are scored. An over bet, on the other hand, will win when more than 3 goals are scored.

How can I bet without losing money?

Part of the process of betting involves losing money; it happens, but it’s only a natural part of any form of gambling. Punters should always keep in mind that betting and gambling are merely forms of entertainment with money.

However, to keep your losses to a minimum, you should always do your research beforehand. That way, you will make smarter bets. Moreover, you should always stick to a budget of money that you can afford to lose.

What is a handicap in soccer betting?

There are some teams that simply dominate the competition, making them the clear winners in quite nearly every match they take part in. This makes them the “favorite” in a match, whilst the other team would be the “underdog.”

However, betting on matches where there is a clear favorite and a clear underdog is hardly worth your while. That’s because the bet on the favorite won’t pay out much, whilst the bet on the underage is very unlikely. 

This is where handicap bets come in. Handicap bets are designed to “level the playing field” between the two teams, giving bettors a chance of betting on the underdog. This is done by placing a goal deficit, or handicap, on the favorite.

This means that the favorite will “start” with a negative number of goals. When the game is over and the scores are settled, the handicap will be deducted from the favorite’s score. If the favorite has less goals than the underdog this way, the underdog bets win!

What is spread betting in soccer?

The spread bet is similar to the handicap bet, in that, it was created to give bettors the chance to bet on either the favorite or the underdog. However, the way the spread bet works is quite different from the handicap bet.

Instead of placing a handicap on the favorite, or giving the underdog a head start, the bookmaker will instead declare a point or goal difference between the underdog and the favorite. The difference will be taken into account after the match is over.

So, for example imagine that the bookmaker declares a spread of 2 goals. For bets on the underdog to win, the underdog has to either win the match outright, or score a number of goals that, when the spread is added, exceeds the goals scored by the favorite.

On the other hand, the favorite needs to score enough goals that, when the spread is subtracted from their goal total, still surpasses the total number of goals scored by the underdog. Let us explain this with an example.

If we take a goal spread of 2 and bet on the underdog:

  • the underdog scores 1 goal and the favorite scores 2 goals
  • 1 + 2 > 2

This way, the underdog bets win. However, if we change the score slightly:

  •  the underdog doesn’t score and the favorite scores 3 goals
  • 0 + 2 < 3

Like this, the underdog bets lose, and bets on the favourite win. However, if we take the same spread and bet on the favorite:

  • the underdog doesn’t score and the favorite scores 1 goal
  • 1 – 2 < 0

The favorite bets lose this way. However, with a different score:

  • the underdog scores 1 goal and the favorite scores 4 goals
  • 4 – 2 > 1

This way, the favorite bets will win. That is essentially how spread betting works. It might seem complex but there is not all that much to it. Simply keep in mind that the spread will be subtracted from goals by the favorite and added to goals by the underdog.

Is it good to bet on the draw in soccer betting?

Firstly, any bet is good to make if you simply want to have fun. Of course, always pay attention to the odds, find tips, do your own research, and so on, to get the most out of your soccer betting experience. 

Secondly, betting on the draw is definitely a legitimate bet to make. In fact, draws are surprisingly common in soccer: between 2012-2017, the average of games in the Premier League that ended in a draw was around 25%!

So, on average, a quarter of games that are played in the Premier League end in draws. In fact, this percentage of draws can be found in other leagues, championships, and tournaments as well. The tendency for a game to draw is not low by any means then.

In fact, almost half of the games in the 2016-2017 UEFA Champions League resulted in a draw. That figure is hardly negligable and is definitely worth considering when betting. Just make sure to pay attention to the odds, however.