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Boxing Betting at Betiton

Last Updated: 12-07-2023 09:20

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Boxing is a really entertaining sport to watch – there is just something that us humans love about watching two people try to knock each other into the following week or the one after that. However, not only do sports fans love watching this sport, but they also really enjoy sports betting on it.

Due to the popularity of betting on boxing, we have made sure that we are a top boxing betting site, and in this guide you can find out all that you need to know about betting on it. We will look at the different markets, provide you with some great boxing betting tips, and have a look at some of the big fights that are on the horizon – fights that you definitely do not want to miss out on.

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How Boxing Betting Works

How does boxing betting work? Obviously, there is no point in us talking about the different boxing betting markets and boxing betting odds if you have no clue as to how to go about placing a bet. Therefore, we are going to kick-start our in-depth guide by explaining just how it is that you about betting on this sport.

  1. Obviously, the first thing you need to do is open an account with Betiton. To do this, select the “Join” that is located in the top left of our homepage. You will be asked to give us some personal data such as your full name, date of birth, email address, and house address.
  2. Once you have given us all the required info, click “Open Account”, and you’ll have a new Betiton account
  3. When your new account has been opened, the next thing you will need to do is deposit some funds into it so that you can start betting on boxing online. To do this, go to our cashier page and choose among our deposit methods and follow the easy instructions
  4. The next thing you can do, but this is optional, is claim that Welcome Bonus that we are currently offering. Make a qualifying wager of £15 with odds of at least 1.1, and you will receive a free bet that is worth £10
  5. Now that you have funds in your account and maybe even a free bet in hand, you now need to find something to bet on. Click on the boxing logo on our list of sports, and have a look through the different betting on boxing options that we have on offer
  6. When you find something that you like the look of, select it, and you will find that it is added automatically to your betting slip. Decide on how much you want to stake, and place the value in the stake box. When you are happy with your selections, click on “Submit”, and your first boxing bet with Betiton will have been placed

Boxing Betting Odds

When you are betting on boxing, it is really important that you make good use of the top boxing betting odds around. We imagine that you work really hard for the money that you have, so you will obviously want to get the most value out of it. When you are looking to purchase a car, you will do your research to ensure that you are getting the best deal, so why not do the same when you are betting on sports?
If you settle for second best odds, then you could be missing out on a lot of profit. However, you do not need to worry about that because at Betiton we offer some of the best boxing betting odds around. We are now going to take a look at some popular betting markets, and will then explain how you can read odds and highlight the importance of finding the best odds around.

Placing a bet on boxing is now more popular than ever before, which is why all of the top sports betting sites, such as Betiton, offer their punters a variety of markets for this entertaining sport. So, let us have a gander at some of the most popular kinds of boxing betting markets now that you are familiar with the boxing betting rules.

  • Boxing Moneyline: This is simply where you are betting on the fighter that you think will go on to win the match. So long as the fighter that you back goes on to win, you will win your wager.
  • 3-Way Boxing Moneyline: With a normal moneyline bet, if the fight goes on to end in a draw, then your bet is cancelled, and your wager is returned to you. However, with a 3-way boxing moneyline bet, the draw is listed as an option to bet on, so only bets that are placed on a draw will win.
  • Round Winner: A boxing fight is made up of a number of rounds, and all of the top sportsbooks will allow you to bet on the fighter that will win a particular round. If the fighter goes on to lose the fight but wins the round that you predicted them to win, then you will make yourself a profit.
  • Method of Victory: With this type of market, you are choosing the boxer that will win the bout as well as how they will go on to win. A fight can win a bout via knockout, technical knockout, on points, or by disqualification. If the fighter wins but via a different method to the one that you chose, you will lose your wager, unfortunately.
  • Prop Bets: Depending on the size of the fight, a bookmaker might offer a series of prop bets to entice their punters to place more wagers. Some common prop bets include betting on the minute that a fight will finish, whether gloves will be touched before the fight begins, and the total number of punches that a fighter lands on his opponent.
  • When the Fight Will End: You will usually be able to wager on the exact round that a bout will end, which is a boxing round betting option. Due to the difficulty of getting such a bet correct, you will usually find that the boxing betting odds on offer are very generous.

How to Read Boxing Odds

You read boxing odds in the same way that you would read the odds provided for any other sport. The odds highlight who the bookmaker thinks is the favourite to go on and win, and also indicate the type of profit that you can make with successful wagers. For instance, if Fighter A has odds of 2.00 and Fighter B has odds of 5.50, then it tells you that Fighter A is the strong favorite. The odds of 2.00 tell you that for every £1 you place, you will receive £2 back, which includes your stake.
Earlier we mentioned that it is important to make use of the best odds around, and we are now going to give you an example that will highlight why. Let us say that there is an upcoming boxing bout that you would like to place a wager on, so you have a look at the boxing betting odds at different sportsbooks and come across the following for Fighter A to be victorious:

Bookmaker Fighter odds
A 1.90
B 1.95
C 1.85

f you go and place £10 with bookmaker A and he wins, then you will land a profit of £9. If you place the same amount on Fighter A with Bookmaker B, you will make a £9.50 profit if you are successful, while £8.50 is up for grabs if you bet £10 with Bookmaker C. Now, the difference of £1 is not huge, if you miss out on a quid for 100 bets, you have missed out on a total of £100 that could have been placed on other bets.

Boxing Betting Tips

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When you are betting on boxing you can, if you want, just put down some wagers and hope that Lady Luck is smiling upon you. However, if this happens to be your only boxing betting strategy, then more often than not you will end up on the losing end of a bet. You obviously want to win more bets than you lose, which is why we are now going to provide you with some top boxing tips betting that you can put to good use when betting on boxing tonight or any other night.

  • Look at Accomplishments: Boxing is all about confidence as a fighter that is lacking in confidence will more often than not go on to lose the fight. So, before you go ahead and place a bet, check out the type of record that they have, and how they have been doing in their most recent fights. If they have lost their most recent fights, then you might want to think twice about putting your money on them to win.
  • Pay Attention to Career Length: Another thing that is of great help to a boxer is experience. A boxer who is just starting out is likely to feel more nerves than someone who has been all around the block, and this could lead to them making a mistake that sees them take a devastating blow. An experienced fighter will know when to hang back and when to go in for the knockout, so make sure you pay attention to experience when you are thinking about what to bet on.
  • Control Your Emotions: Many boxing bettors get very emotionally attached, but it is really important to bet with your head and not your heart. There might be a time where you like a promoter’s story about a player, but keep in mind that it is their job to try and sell tickets and nothing that comes out of their mouth will impact the eventual winner. A good story can sell tickets, but the fighters are the only ones that can win it. Therefore, detach yourself from your emotions when betting.
  • Watch Plenty of Fights: In order to have success when you are betting on boxing, you have to find out everything that you can about the two fighters. A great way to find out is to watch as many fights as you can. By watching boxing consistently, you can learn about the different strengths and weaknesses of the fighters such as whether they are able to take a lot of damage and stay on their feet. Such information when you are searching for a fight to wager on, can give you a good idea as to which boxer will have the advantage.
  • Check Out Social Media: Bookmakers always do their best to stay up to date with what is happening in the boxing world as this helps them to set the odds. What many bettors do not know is that social media can you an advantage with regard to breaking news and important information. Following fighters on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will let you stay updated with the latest news. Rumours of fighters being poor in training or slightly sick can provide an edge.

Live Boxing Betting Strategies

If you are betting at a top boxing betting site, such as Betiton, you will have the option of doing a spot of live boxing betting. If you are new to sports betting, a live bet is one that you place when the fight has already got underway. Below we are now going to give you some things to think about when you are making live boxing fight predictions.

  • Is one of the fighters looking a bit intimidated by their opponent?
  • Is a fighter looking tired?
  • Has some scar tissue opened up and bleeding heavily?
  • Is a fighter looking unsteady on his feet after a few heavy blows?

Bet On Boxing on Mobile

Nowadays, many online sports bettors want to be able to place their boxing betting lines wherever they are, and we are certainly aware of that fact here at Betiton. Due to this, we have made sure that our sports betting platform has been built using top HTML5 technology, meaning that our desktop sportsbook site can be accessed on a range of iOS, Android, and Windows devices.
If you are searching for the best betting app for boxing, then you will not find it at Betiton as we do not offer an app to our punters. This is because there is no need to since, as we said above, our desktop website has been made compatible with many different mobile devices. All you need to do is load the desktop site on your smartphone, and start placing our wagers.

In the table below, we have given you some of the advantages and disadvantages of mobile gambling:

Pros Cons
Bonuses and offers are available Addiction becomes an increased possibility
You can bet on your favourite sports anywhere Some sites might not be completely mobile compatible
Mobile sites are often faster than desktop sites

This boxing betting guide is now going to take a look at some of the big fights that are scheduled to be fought in the coming months of 2023. If you are going to get into boxing betting UK, then take a note of the following dates because these are fights you definitely do not want to be missing.

  • July 1st – Jared Anderson vs Zhan Kossobutskiy at the Huntington Center in Toledo, USA
  • July 25th – Terrence Crawford vs Errol Spence Jr. at the Telford International in Telford, England
  • 5th August – Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, USA
  • 12th August – Oleksandr Usyk vs Daniel Dubois in Wroclaw, Poland (Venue to be announced
  • 19th August – Artur Beterbiev vs Callum Smith at the Videotron Centre in Quebec, Canada

While boxing betting is a highly entertaining, there will be times when there are no boxing events for you to place wagers on. When this is the case, do not worry because we offer a variety of markets and odds for a wide range of other highly popular sports. Below you can find links to some in-depth guides for four popular sports at Betiton:

Why Betting Boxing Online at Betiton?

man betting on boxing at betiton on mobile

There are many sportsbooks out there, so why should you choose Betiton over them when it comes to boxing betting? Well, to start with, we will always offer top odds and a nice range of markets for all of the big boxing events. Additionally, we have made sure that our site is 100% mobile optimized, which means that you can put wagers on any event wherever you are, so long as you as have an Internet connection and a device that can connect to it. Furthermore, as we showed above, we offer more than just boxing betting here at Betiton.

We also have a top welcome offer on offer to newcomers as well as great bonuses and promotions that our regular punters can make use of. Those who decide to open an account with us can claim a free bet that is worth £10 when you deposit and place a qualifying bet of £15. Our regular punters can make good use of our Boostion promo and our cash out feature.

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions about Boxing Betting

What is the Best Way to Bet on Boxing?

Nowadays, there are a number of ways that you can wager on boxing, but for us the most exciting market is the method of victory one. Not only do you need to get the winner right, but you need to predict exactly how they will win. It usually comes with top odds.

What Does Over 7.5 Mean in Boxing?

If you place a wager on over 7.5, then it means that you think that the fight will enter the 8th round at the very least.

How Do You Win a Boxing Bet Easily?

Winning can never be guaranteed when you are betting on boxing, but you can improve your odds by making sure that you do plenty of research.

Is There a Strategy in Boxing Betting?

If you do not have a strategy, then you will lose more bets than you win. It is important to bet with your head not your heart, while also finding out as much information as you can on the boxer that you are considering betting on.