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Tennis Betting at Betiton™ UK

Last Updated: 08-07-2022 17:51

Whether in person or online, tennis betting attracts thousands of bettors to bet on it. At Betiton™, we offer more tennis markets than you’ll know what do with and such competitive odds that your bets will always prove exciting.

Thanks to our online sportsbook at Betiton™ bookmaker, online sports betting in the UK has never been so easy and convenient. In fact, you can enjoy tennis betting with the mere click of a button! This is only one of the benefits of joining our sportsbook.

We have a shedload of other benefits for our British bettors. However, if you’re new to tennis betting, betting sites, etc., you’re going to need to know how everything works before going to play a stake on any tennis matches. Luckily, we have you covered.

We’ll be explaining everything that you need to know to start betting on tennis. Moreover, we’ll be going over some of the biggest tournaments you can bet on at Betiton™, as well as who the greatest contemporary players are.

What Are Tennis Betting Markets?

We mentioned markets on tennis in the previous section but exactly are they? To put it simply, these are the bets that are available to make at an online sportsbook and betting site. They’re offered by bookmakers on various sports.

Moreover, they can be on anything that occurs in a particular sport or sporting event. For example, when betting on tennis, you can play a stake on who you think the winner will be, who will win the first set, how many points will be scored, etc.

5 Tennis Betting Markets You’ll Find at Betiton™

Betiton™ has a vast list of markets to choose from; our markets don’t only offer events and matches, but you can also play on players. That way you can vary your bets in order to change it up a little.

Feel free to browse the available markets on our site to get a feel of the range we offer. Bear in mind that you can also use these for live betting. A few examples of what markets we offer on our sportsbook can be found below:

  • Winner Full Time: this wager requires you to correctly guess who the winner of a match will be.
  • Set Betting (Correct Score): for this bet, you’ll need to stake on what you think the final score of the match will be.
  • Handicap Games: a handicap is a penalty imposed on the favourite of a match in order to ‘even’ the competition and give bettors better odds. This penalty is on the number of games the favourite needs to win. You’ll need to bet on who you think the winner will be after the handicap is applied.
  • Over/Under Games: for this wager, we’ll be giving you a number of games that we think will happen over the course of a tennis game. You simply need to bet on whether you think there will be more (over) or less (under).
  • Sets Handicap: this is another handicap bet; however, this time there’s a penalty on the number of sets that need to be won.

Before Placing Your First Bet on Tennis

If you’re new to our site and you’d like to bet on tennis, you’re going to first of all need to create an account. Don’t worry, however, as we’ve made the account-creation process as streamlined and convenient as possible.

Simply click on the “JOIN” button, fill in the required details, click on “OPEN ACCOUNT“, and bish bash bosh, you’re an official Betiton™ member. After which, you’re going to need to deposit to your account as otherwise you won’t be able to wager on tennis.

Rest assured that we support plenty of secure and renowned payment providers on our site, so your transactions are always safe. Moreover, you can also claim our welcome bonus with your first deposit and wager.

Apart from our sport welcome bonus, we also have a number of other offers for our bettors in the UK. Feel free to look at our bonus offers by going in the “Promotions” section of our site. However, bear in mind that T&Cs apply.

How Does the Tennis Scoring System Work?

For our bettors in the UK that are new to tennis, the scoring system proves to be rather confusing. Not to worry, however, as we’ll be explaining everything you need to know. First of all, a game of tennis is made up of the following “building blocks”:

  • Points
  • Games
  • Set
  • Match

The way it works is like this: a player needs to score a number of points in order to win a game. In fact, he must score 4 points whilst also being ahead of the opponent by a minimum of 2 points. Then he’ll need to win a number of games to win a set.

Similarly, to win a set, he must win 6 games and be at least 2 games ahead of the opponent. Then, to win the match, he’ll need to win a number of sets over his opponent. After winning 2 or 3 more sets than the opponent, he wins the match!

Top 4 Tennis Betting Tournaments in the UK

Every sporting enthusiast has a particular competition that they look forward to. There are, obviously, many very important events in the world of tennis, like the World Tennis Championship and the Summer Olympic Games. However, the most important ones are known as the Grand Slam tournaments, of which there are 4, which can be found in the following table:

Event Country Dates
Wimbledon London United Kingdom
US Open New York USA
Roland Garros Paris France
Australian Open Melbourne Australia

Wimbledon Open

It will come as no surprise that one of the most popular tennis events in the UK is Wimbledon. There is hardly a more anticipated tournament, which is why Wimbledon betting is so exciting for the tennis-loving sports-bettor in the UK.

One of the many aspects that makes Wimbledon stand out from the rest is that it’s the only Grand Slam event to take place on grass. Moving on, Wimbledon is held in London, generally between the end of June and the beginning of July.

Both men and women compete in this prestigious event, vying to be the best. In fact, the winner of Wimbledon is generally thought to be one of the greatest tennis players in the world. Due to this, the Wimbledon matches prove to be rather thrilling games!

US Open

Next on the list of top tennis events is the US Open. It’s one of the biggest majors on the tennis calendar and the most famous one in the US. Hosted in New York, the event takes place each year from August to September.

In terms of succession, this event is the last Grand Slam that takes place during the year. This tournament has alternated between different court surfaces: starting out with grass, then trying out clay, until settling on the current hardcourt.

Roland Garros (French Open)

Roland Garros, or the French Open, is the third in the list of Grand Slam events. It stands out from the others as this is the only one that’s played on clay courts. This is known to be a hard surface for many athletes to play on.

It can really influence the outcome for each player, as they have different preferences when it comes to the surface they play on. Held in Paris, the event is usually hosted between May and June, and is generally considered as the toughest tournament to play.

Australian Open

Last, but hardly least, is the Australian Open, which is the youngest of the Grand Slams. Despite being the youngest of them all, it’s also considered to be a very prestigious tournament, and it’s actually the most valuable one.

Moreover, it’s also the first Grand Slam that takes place in the year. In fact, it’s generally held during the last two weeks of January. The Australian Open is also played on a hardcourt, after having switched out its previous grass court.

Who Are the Current Top 5 Male Tennis Players in the ATP?

As with all other sports, there are some athletes that have won game after game and have proven themselves to be the greatest. Of course, it’s good to know who is the best, so you can make smarter bets when playing on future tennis games.

There are plenty of fantastic athletes that are worth mentioning, including Andy Murray, Alexander Zverev, Stan Wawrinka, and David Goffin. However, these are the top 5 men players according to the Association of Tennis Professionals (otherwise known as the ATP):

Name Nationality Points
Novak Djokovic Serbian 12
Rafael Nadal Spanish 9
Daniil Medvedev Russian 9
Dominic Thiem Austrian 9
Roger Federer Swiss 6

N.B. this table was last updated 17/05/2022.

Who Are the Current Top 5 Female Tennis Players in the WTA?

As we saw with then men’s tennis players, the same thing applies to the women: there are female athletes who’ve proven themselves to be the best in their division. There are many incredible female athletes in tennis that we could mention.

These include athletes like Belinda Bencic, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Steffi Graf, etc. However, as of 2021, these are the 5 best women players according to the Women’s Tennis Association (or WTA for short):

Name Nationality Points
Ashleigh Barty Australian 9186
Naomi Osaka Japanese 7835
Simona Halep Romanian 7,255
Sofia Kenin American 5760
Elina Svitolina Ukrainian 5370

N.B. this table was last updated 17/05/2022.

What Are Tennis Betting Odds? And Why Are They Important?

If you plan on betting on tennis, it’s best to understand the odds that come with the available markets. This is because odds tell you how likely it is that an event will actually occur as well as how much you stand to gain from a successful bet.

Odds can be written in different formats, which are: decimals, fractions, or American. As a general rule, UK bookmakers use fractions, but it’s possible to switch between the different options to find the format that suits you best.

How Do Online Tennis Odds Work?

Of course, you need to be able to understand what’s going on if you want to make a proper bet. So, a more familiar situation would be for example, when placing a bet on a tennis match between Novak Djokovic and Aslan Karastev.

The odds of the match are given 1/15 against 8/1. These mean that Djokovic is way more likely to win but a bet on him pays very little (£1 for every £15 you bet). A stake on Karastev is far less likely to go your way, but pays a great deal more (£8 for every £1 you bet).

So, to sum up, the higher the odds, the less likely something will happen but the more it will pay out; conversely, the lower the odds, the more likely it will happen but the payment would be similarly low. This applies to the other formats as well.

Tennis Betting Tips—What Are They and How Can You Find Them?

Tips are pieces of advice on, for example, who to bet on in a tennis match. They are given out by tipsters, sports-experts who analyse player form, review previous performances, and spend a lot of their time assessing tennis matches.

After spending a lot of time doing these various analyses, tipsters will post their predictions of who is most likely to succeed in a match. Tipsters will either post these for free or ask their users for a subscription fee in order to access their tips.

Tips can be found anywhere and everywhere, especially online. In fact, a simple Google search will direct you to loads of tipsters offering the best tennis betting tips, odds, where to place your bets, and so on.

Of course, it’s best to do your research before placing a bet on a game, but it’s good to keep in mind that no matter the tips, odds, etc., you’re not guaranteed to win. So, our tip is to remember to have to fun and not to bet above your budget!

Other Sports to Bet On:

  • There’s hardly a sporting activity that epitomises the UK more than darts; of course, then, our British bettors can enjoy darts betting to their hearts’ content on our sportsbook.
  • Football is the biggest sport in the world, and one of the UK’s favourite sports to watch and wager on! Which is why we offer plenty of football betting markets for our punters in the UK.
  • The entirety of Europe waits eagerly, year after year, for the Eurovision, and the UK is no exception. It’s for this reason that British bettors can enjoy Eurovision betting on our site.
  • Going to the racecourse to watch some fantastic horses race is one of the UK’s favourite pasttimes. So, any of our members that enjoy horse racing betting will be at home on our sportsbook!
  • There are many fantastic horse races and racecourses in the UK, but the Grand National is definitely the greatest. Therefore, our UK members can rest assured that we offer tonnes of available Grand National betting markets that can be enjoyed.
  • Another one of the most adored sports in the UK, which is none other than rugby. We know that rugby betting is something our UK bettors love doing, so we provide plenty of available wagers.

Additional Information:

Tennis Betting FAQs

What is handicap in tennis betting?

With certain matchups, there will be a contender who is far more powerful than their opponent. When this happens, the odds will be skewed in favour of the powerful player, making them ridiculously low odds; whilst bets on the weaker opponent will simply have odds that are too.

This is where the handicap bet comes in: with a handicap bet, an even playing field is created as the bookmakers apply an advantage (that is, a point boost) to the player unlikely to win. On the other hand, a handicap (that is, a point penalty) is applied to the contender that is likely to triumph.

In terms of handicap betting, it doesn’t matter who won the actual match, as you can still win even if the player with the advantage loses and the player with the handicap wins. In the end, the scores with the handicap applied only matter.

What happens if the score is 6–6 in tennis?

If it so happens that the score is 6–6, then a tiebreaker round is played. For a player to win a tiebreaker, they must be the first to score 7 points. However, if the score once again reaches 6–6, then the player who scores 2 points over their opponent wins. This can go on indefinitely as there is no limit to the number of points that can be scored.

Does a walkover count as a loss?

A walkover is when a player wins a tennis match because their opponent was unable to show up to play (generally due to an injury during warm-up). When a walkover occurs, the player that showed up to the match automatically wins—therefore the other player loses. However, when a walkover happens, all bets will be voided and refunded.

Is there a draw in tennis?

Draws are not possible in tennis because of the tiebreaker rule. Essentially, there are rules in place for when players reach an equal score in a set. These rules state that the tie must be broken via special game known as the tiebreaker.

What does WC mean in tennis?

WC stands for “wild card”. This is an entry in the tournament awarded to a player or team at the discretion of the organisers. Generally, the wild card will be a player who didn’t qualify through the “normal” means. Moreover, the player is generally someone who is either a promising novice, a renowned player, and so on.

Why do they say love in tennis?

“Love” is a slang term in tennis that means “zero”. Love is used in tennis to mean that a player is at zero points, that is, he still hasn’t scored yet.