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Eurovision Betting

Last Updated: 08-07-2022 16:47

The Eurovision Song Contest is undoubtedly a source of national pride, as contestants from across Europe, and even beyond it, compete to sing Europe’s favourite song. Thus, it’s no wonder that Eurovision betting is so popular! The Eurovision Song Contest has been operating as an international song competition since 1956, and with the exception of the cancelled event in 2020, it has taken place every single year and It still remains one of the most-watched and most bet-on non-sporting events in the world.


Eurovision Betting 2022

Eurovision in 2022 will return to our screens on the 10th to the 4th May 2022. Hosted in Turin, Italy, it will be the 66th edition of the song contest.

Eurovision betting is quite simple. You can bet on many outcomes, such as the winners of the semi-final and final, the top 3 contestants or the who will be ranked at the bottom of the pile with “Nul Points”.

Betiton offers plenty of options to those who want to bet on Eurovision in the same manner as online sports betting. By creating an account at Betiton™ UK you can enjoy several benefits to Eurovision betting online, including our extra bet bonus, secure payment methods, and more.

If you’re new to the Eurovision Song Content betting then you’re going to need to know how it works. Don’t worry, however, as we’ll explain everything for you here. Finally, we’ll also be providing you with information regarding the upcoming Eurovision 2022 in May.

Eurovision Betting Markets

Betting markets are the bets that you’re able to make on the various Eurovision odds you’ll find on our Eurovision betting page. These betting markets can be on anything that happens in any song contest. In fact, you can find markets on tonnes of different outcomes!

For example, some of the various Eurovision betting markets include who will win the Eurovision final, the winner of the national qualifying contest, and so on.

Bet on the Overall Eurovision Winner

This betting market is about who you believe will be the overall winner of the Eurovision Song Contest after the voting is finished at the end of the Grand Final on 14 May 2022.

The most popular options for Eurovision Winner betting at the moment are Ukraine, Italy and Sweden. Ukraine is the favourite right now and you can either back it or lay it. Montenegro is currently set to come last.

Bet on the Top Finishers

This betting market allows you to place a wager on which countries will finish in the top 10, top 5, top 4 or top 3 of the contest by the end of the Grand Final.

Semi-Final Betting

You don’t just have to bet on the winner of the grand final, you can also place bets on the winners of the semi-finals as well. Semi finals betting markets include which countries will qualify, the country to finish in last place and the countries in the top 3 positions.

Eurovision Betting Odds

Odds are essentially predictions on what is most likely to happen. Eurovision odds work as they would for any other competition, as you predict the outcome of an event based on its probability. The lower the odds, the more likely the song is to win. And of course, songs which have higher odds are less likely to win but will payout bigger winnings if they do.

There are many things that factor into the calculation of Eurovision odds, especially as things are panning out in the competition.

For example, the odds for the overall winner fluctuate as more and more countries add and confirm their chosen performer and song. So, the more singers there are, the higher the odds of correctly guessing who the winner will be.

Moreover, odds also tell you how much you can win if your bet proves to be a successful prediction. It’s for these reasons that understanding odds is so important for British bettors. Finally, odds come in a number of formats: decimal, fractional, & American.

The differences between these formats consist in where in the world they happen to be most popular and in how they show the odds. We’ll be explaining a little bit more about these formats in the following sections.

Fractional Odds

This format—which is also known as “UK odds” thanks to its popularity in both the UK and in Ireland—uses fractions to “show” the odds. You can make sense of these odds by taking a close look at the numbers of the fractions.

If the number on the left is bigger, then the odds are likely low; whilst if the number on the right is bigger, the odds are high. Finally, if you take the right number to mean your stake and the left to mean the payout, you can figure out how much you can win.

For example, 10/1 means you will receive £10 in winnings for a £1 stake.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds, on the other hand, use decimal numbers to represent the risk and reward of a bet. Similarly, by looking at the numbers presented in this format, you can figure out what this odds format indicates.

An example of decimal odds is 2.10, which means if you bet £2, your payout will be £4.20.

How to Begin Eurovision Betting Online

To be able to bet on Eurovision, you’re first going to need to create an account at Betiton™ UK. Don’t worry, however, as the process is rather straightforward. Simply click on the “JOIN” button and fill in the details.

After your account is ready, you’ll need to make a deposit. Without having made a deposit to your account, you won’t be able to bet on Eurovision. Moreover, when you make your first deposit you can claim our welcome bonus!

Our welcome bonus gives you an extra bet of £10 whenever you bet £15 on odds of 1/1 or higher. You’re free to use this bonus bet on any sport and market of your choosing. However, there are terms & conditions (T&Cs) that apply to this bonus.

Thus, we suggest reading our T&Cs and our bonus policy to understand what conditions apply to this bonus as well as understand certain terms associated with the bonus. With your deposit done, placing a bet is also straightforward:

  1. Access our sportsbook and select the event that you’d like to bet on from our offered events;
  2. Feel free to browse through our available betting markets and see which ones catch your fancy most;
  3. Once you’ve decided on the bets that you’d like to make, select them;
  4. Your selected bets will appear on the betting slip on the right-hand side of the page;
  5. Adjust how much you’d like to bet on the betting slip;
  6. Once you’re satisfied with your bet amount, click on “PLACE BETS“;
  7. You’ve made your first Eurovision bet! Good luck!

When Will Eurovision 2022 Take Place?

First things first, the Eurovision is held annually. After each country hosts their national qualifying contest—which ends in March—to decide on the contestant that will represent it, the Eurovision will have two semi-final heats before the day of the grand final on 14 May 2022.

These three main events are stretched over a week, where each event is separated by a day. The table below provides you with the days of the Eurovision events. So, be sure to tune in to the Eurovision when these days come around!

Event Date
Semi-final 1 10 May 2022
Semi-final 2 12 May 2022
Grand Final 14 May 2022

Who is Hosting Eurovision 2022?

The rules state that the previous year’s winners of the competition must host the following year’s event. Since the previous winners were Italy, they will be the hosts of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest; it will be taking place in Turin at the PalaOlimpico arena.

Who Will Win Eurovision 2022?

The winner of Eurovision is decided entirely by the combined votes of the viewing audience and the expert judges. Betiton along with a few other Eurovision betting sites have already made our top 3 predictions for this year’s event with Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra having the best odds with a calculated 35% chance of winning.

Italy and Sweden come at second and third with 15% and 11% chances.

The prediction of Ukraine as most likely to win Eurovision 2022 is most probably due to the ongoing circumstances facing that country, but it has also had a history of popular performances in previous years. Verka Serduchka’s 2007 second place performance with the song “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” still remains very fondly remembered.

Eurovision Betting Tips

Eurovision betting tips are pieces of advice and predictions made by people that spend a lot of time analysing the song contest in order to post their predictions of which song is the most likely to win the contest.

The best tip we can give you is to do research into all the competing entries.

  1. Learn about the countries that are participating and the songs they have submitted. Pay attention to the lyrics and languages used.
  2. Watch YouTube videos of the performances and find out how many likes and positive comments they have.
  3. Understand that the final winner will have received votes from televiewers and independent juries combined.
  4. Anticipate how current politics will affect the audience’s votes.
  5. Try placing smaller bets on multiple countries to win, as anything can happen at the grand final.
  6. Check into the history of the contest to see who has won before, and what kind of music it was.

Keep in mind that just because you apply these tips to your betting, doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to win. Finally, remember to stay healthy and never bet more than you can afford.

Eurovision 2022 Format

Each participating nation has its own national qualifying contest to decide who will represent it in the Eurovision Finals. These countries are all nominally European, but other EBU member countries like Azerbaijan, Israel and Australia participate as well.

The contest has a two semi-final rounds and the grand finale a little after. The semi-finals determine the 26 countries who will compete in the grand final. The final always includes the “Big Five” countries France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, each of whom contributes the most to the event financially.

In the final all the performers perform their songs in front of the Eurovision audience. Once all participating nations have performed their original songs, each country must cast their votes and have them combined by the votes of an expert judging panel.

The votes translate to the number of points that are conferred to other countries. The points are as follows: 1-8, 10, and 12. Obviously, the winning country is determined by the highest number of votes and points.

Which Countries Will Compete in Eurovision?

Active members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), as well as invited associate members, have the possibility of competing in the contest each year. Below, is a list of all the 39 contestants that will participate in Eurovision 2022:

Country Singer Song Language
Albania Ronela Hajati “Sekret” Albanian, English
Armenia Rosa Linn “Snap” English
Australia Sheldon Riley “Not the Same” English
Austria Lumix feat. Pia Maria “Halo” English
Azerbaijan Nadir Rustamli “Fade to Black” English
Belgium Jérémie Makiese “Miss You” English
Bulgaria Intelligent Music Project “Intention” English
Croatia Mia Dimšić “Guilty Pleasure” English
Cyprus Andromache “Ela” (Έλα) English, Greek
Czech Republic We Are Domi “Lights Off” English
Denmark Reddi “The Show” English
Estonia Stefan “Hope” English
Finland The Rasmus “Jezebel” English
France Alvan and Ahez “Fulenn” Breton
Georgia Circus Mircus “Lock Me In” English
Germany Malik Harris “Rockstars” English
Greece Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord “Die Together” English
Iceland Systur “Með hækkandi sól” Icelandic
Ireland Brooke “That’s Rich” English
Israel Michael Ben David “I.M” English
Italy Mahmood and Blanco “Brividi” Italian
Latvia Citi Zēni “Eat Your Salad” English
Lithuania Monika Liu “Sentimentai” Lithuanian
Malta Emma Muscat “I Am What I Am” English
Moldova Zdob și Zdub and Frații Advahov “Trenulețul” Romanian
Montenegro Vladana “Breathe” English
Netherlands S10 “De diepte” Dutch
North Macedonia Andrea “Circles” English
Norway Subwoolfer “Give That Wolf a Banana” English
Poland Ochman “River” English
Portugal Maro “Saudade, saudade” English, Portuguese
Romania WRS “Llámame” English[d]
San Marino Achille Lauro “Stripper” Italian, English
Serbia Konstrakta “In corpore sano” Serbian, Latin
Slovenia LPS “Disko” Slovene
Spain Chanel “SloMo” Spanish, English
Sweden Cornelia Jakobs “Hold Me Closer” English
Switzerland Marius Bear “Boys Do Cry” English
Ukraine Kalush Orchestra “Stefania” (Стефанія) Ukrainian
United Kingdom Sam Ryder “Space Man” English

Feel free to use and review this table when deciding on your selections and winner bets. As a final note, our players from the UK can wager on all of the above competitors on our Eurovision betting page at Betiton™ UK. So, whichever song you like most, rest assured that you can bet on it!

Past Winners Of the Eurovision Song Contest

The song contest has given success for notable artists such as ABBA, loreen, Netta, Cliff Richard, Celine Dion and Conchita Wurst to name just a few. Knowing the previous winners helps gives you an idea of which kind of performance might beat the odds and become this year’s winning song.

These are the last previous six winners of theEurovision Song Contest. Note that there was no contest in 2020 due to the worldwide pandemic.

Year Winner Performer Song Points
2021 Italy Måneskin Zitti e buoni 524
2019 Netherlands Duncan Laurence Arcade 498
2018 Israel Netta Toy 529
2017 Portugal Salvador Sobral Amar pelos dois 758
2016 Ukraine Jamala Jamala 534
2015 Sweden Måns Zelmerlöw Heroes 365

Which Country Has Won Eurovision the Most Times?

Currently, Ireland is at the top with 7 wins, but it’s been quite a while since their last win—26 years to be precise. So, the time might soon come when their place at the top is taken from them, unless they somehow start winning again!

But even if a performer is from a specific country that has won a number of times, this doesn’t guarantee that their song will be pronounced the winner, so keep this in mind when betting on the Eurovision on our online sportsbook.

Wins Country Years
7 Ireland 1970, 1980, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996
6 Sweden 1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012, 2015
5 France 1958, 1960, 1962, 1969, 1977
5 Luxembourg 1961, 1965, 1972, 1973, 1983
5 United Kingdom 1967, 1969, 1976, 1981, 1997
5 Netherlands 1957, 1959, 1969, 1975, 2019

How to Watch Eurovision Live In The UK

If you are in the UK and want to do Eurovision betting and also watch the show live as it airs as it airs live, then there are several ways to do this.

Unfortunately you will need to access to different screens as Betiton does not yet offer a Eurovision livestream where you can watch and bet on it at the same time. Instead, you can livestream Eurovision through the official Eurovision website, Eurovision.tv or via the official Eurovision YouTube channel. The Semi Finals will also be broadcast on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer on Tuesday 10 and Thursday 12 May at 8pm and the Grand Final will be broadcast on BBC One and BBC iPlayer plus via BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds on Saturday 14 May from 8pm.

Eurovision Betting Gone Mobile

We understand that in today’s modern and hectic world, people want to bet on the go. Which is why we have done all that we can to deliver one of the most efficient and secure mobile services in the game to our players in the UK.

The convenience of our mobile platform means that you can bet on your favourite Eurovision song whenever you have an internet connection. This means that you’ll never miss the opportunity to place the bet that you’ve been itching to play!

So, wherever you happen to be, you can bet on the Eurovision just the same. Moreover, thanks to our live bet feature, you can place your bets on the Eurovision live! Finally, our mobile site looks the same as the online platform.

It’s straightforward to navigate and has all the same features of the desktop version. Moreover, our mobile platform ensures your data remains secure. Ultimately, this lets you make the swap to mobile betting without breaking a sweat.

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Additional Information:

Eurovision Betting FAQs

Are Eurovision odds accurate?

Eurovision odds fluctuate throughout the competition as the nations progress. They can be accurate; however, it is always best to do thorough research before placing a bet.

Who won the 2021 Eurovision?

The Eurovision 2021 final was won by Italy with the song Zitti e buoni sung by Måneskin.

What are the Big Five and why don’t they participate in semi-finals?

The Big Five are a group of countries that contribute the most money to the European Broadcasting Union, the producers of the Eurovision. These are ItalyGermanyFranceSpain, and the United Kingdom. Due to this, these five countries are always guaranteed a spot in the finals.

Which country has won the Eurovision song contest the most?

Currently, Ireland has won the Eurovision the most times with a total of 7 wins under its belt.

Which country has never won the Eurovision?

There are a number of countries that have never won the Eurovision. These include: Malta, Australia, Iceland, Lithuania, Andorra, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Georgia, Cyprus, and North Macedonia.

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