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Discover Grand National Betting at Betiton UK Bookmaker

The Grand National is one of the biggest horse races in the UK, if not the biggest horse race of them all. Not only is the Grand National one of the biggest horse races in the UK, but it’s the jump race with the biggest prize pool in the entirety of Europe.

Moreover, the Grand National is so popular that even people who aren’t avid fans of horse racing will enjoy watching the race. Not only that but a huge portion of the nation actually enjoys some Grand National betting, even if it is only a small, one quid flutter.

But what exactly is the Grand National? The Grand National is a handicap steeplechase that takes place over a distance of 4 miles and 2½ furlongs (which is 6.907 kilometres). A steeplechase is a type of horse race where the horses have to jump over obstacles.

Betting on the Grand National in the UK at Betiton™

Whether you’re a huge fan of horse racing, or simply enjoy watching the Grand National, you’re probably well aware of the immense popularity that horse race betting holds, especially in the UK.

Betting online can be done through a number of prestigious bookmakers operating in the UK. Our sportsbook at Betiton UK will not only allow you to bet on all your favourite races, but will give you a healthy variety of markets on all of them. Moreover, we also have plenty of other sports available to bet on.

Where is the Grand National Held?

The Grand National is held at the Aintree Racecourse at Aintree, England, which is on the border of Liverpool.

When is it Taking Place?

The Grand National is held every year but other than that, it doesn’t take place on a particular date. In fact, it generally takes place on a Saturday in April, either the first or second Saturday of the month; the date when the Grand National takes place is decided by the British Horseracing Authority.

Where Can UK Players Find Grand National Odds?

What Are Odds?

If you want to get a leg up over the rest when it comes to betting on this event, then we suggest brushing up on your horse racing and betting jargon. The main thing to understand are the odds. Odds explain the probability of an event occurring. They also tell you how much you are likely to win.

To explain a little further, odds show you how likely or unlikely something is to happen; odds are calculated by bookmakers to essentially represent what the stakes of a particular bet are. At the same time, the odds tell you how much money your wager will give you if your bet wins.

Odds come in three different formats, these being: fraction, decimal, and American. The most common odds format in the UK is the fraction format, but players can choose another format on our sportsbook if they are more comfortable with a different odds format.

How Do Odds Work?

As we already said, odds show you how likely or unlikely something is to happen. This is the same as when you’re betting on football where the bookmaker will give you odds representing how likely or unlikely a team will win.

However, let us now explain how odds work in the context of horse racing: so, say you want to bet on a particular horse in a particular race, such as the Grand National, to place either first or second in that race. On this horse, the bookmaker has placed odds of 3/1, which are rather high odds.

These odds show you that the bookmaker thinks the horse only has a 25% chance of winning the race. However, the odds also tell you that for every £1 you wager, you’ll get £3 on top of it. On the other hand, if for instance, a horse is sitting at 1/2, then these are low odds indicating a high probability that the horse will win.

In fact, odds of 1/2 show you that the bookmaker thinks the horse has 66.7% chance of winning the race. However, these odds also show you that for every £2 you wager, you’ll only receive only £1 if you manage to win your bet, which is hardly profitable.

4 Popular Betiton Horse Racing Betting Markets

What Are Markets?

All of our new players would do well to understand what markets are: markets are essentially wagers that are offered by bookmakers on a particular sport. Each market has odds associated with it and a particular condition for the bet to win.

We have a good number of other sports on offer as well; in fact, players can also give dart match betting a go if they’re keen on it. However, if players prefer horse racing, they can place bets on a multitude of horse races, including the illustrious Grand National.

What Markets Can I Bet On?

At Betiton UK, we offer players the best markets to place their stakes on. As we already mentioned, we offer markets on a huge number of sports, each with its own particular markets.

When it comes to betting on the Grand National, players can choose to bet on simple bets like who the winners of the Grand National might be, or who will place second, or who the runners-up will be. However, there are other bets that players can freely make.

Our 4 most popular bets on Betiton are the following:

  • Place Only Bets
  • Forecast/Tricast Bets
  • In-Running Bets
  • Multiple Bets

Place Only Bets

This bet backs a particular horse to place in a number of positions, generally the topmost positions, such as the top two or top three positions.

Forecast/Tricast Bets

Somewhat similar to the previous bet but rather different at the same time are these bets; whilst the place only bets allow you to back a single horse to place in a range of positions, the forecast and tricast bets require you to correctly guess which horses will place in which positions.

The forecast bet depends on bettors to correctly guess which horses will place first and second, whilst the tricast bet will require bettors to successfully guess which horses will be first, second, and third.

In-Running Bets

This is essentially the horse racing version of live or in-play betting as it only means that you are placing bets as the horses are running.

Multiple Bets

To put it simply, this bet is multiple selections packed into one bet; so, for example, you can back multiple horses to place in various positions in a single wager.

Find Out More About Grand National Betting Tips

What Are Tips?

To put it simply, tips are suggestions or pieces of advice given by tipsters on which bets to take when betting on, for example, the Grand National. They will suggest which horse to bet on, which odds to take, etc. Moreover, tips can also suggest which race to bet on.

Tipsters are persons that spend a lot of their time analysing team compositions, player performances, competition records, and other such information that will help them make predictions about who they think will potentially win in a particular race, match, game, etc.

They are usually quite knowledgeable on sports, which is exactly why they give tips in the first place.

Where Can I Find Tips?

Our UK players will be surprised to know that a simple Google search is all it takes for them to find a treasure trove of tips. However, whilst tips are great and all, especially for players that are starting out, players shouldn’t forgo doing genuine research. Moreover, our best tips are to stay healthy, keep your gaming responsible, and make time for all the important things in your life.

Who are The Previous Grand National Winners?

Of course, if you’re going to be betting on the Grand National, other than understanding what odds and markets are, you’re going to need to know who the previous winners of the race were.

Doing this sort of research should be a rule when it comes to horse racing betting and every other sort of betting that you’ll be doing, no matter what sport it is. So, be sure to do your research before placing any bets.

The winner of the Grand National in 2019 was Tiger Roll, who also happens to be the winner of the 2018 edition of the Grand National. It seems that Tiger Roll, whose trainer is Gordon Elliot and jockey is Davy Russell, really destroyed the competition these last two years.

Sadly, the 2020 Grand National had to be cancelled, so we can never know if Tiger Roll would have won this year’s Grand National too! Finally, players can find a list of the last 5 winners of the Grand National below:

2019Tiger Roll9Davy RussellGordon Elliot
2018Tiger Roll8Davy RussellGordon Elliot
2017One for Arthur8Derek FoxLucinda Russell
2016Rule The World9David MullinsMouse Morris
2015Many Clouds8Leighton AspellOliver Sherwood

A Brief History of the Grand National

The Grand National is one of the most popular events when it comes to horse racing. It’s also one of the older races with the first event held in 1839. It’s a handicap race that’s run over one of the longer distances—four miles and 2 and a half furlongs to be exact.

That makes checking the odds very important. The race covers two laps and a total of 30 fences with the biggest fence, the notorious Beecher’s Brook, being known to be the downfall of many a horse. It’s also the most valuable steeplechase in Europe with a prize purse of £1 million.

Despite many people not watching horse racing, this event has become a very prominent fixture in British culture and is streamed live on the terrestrial channels so that everyone who is able to watch it, can tune in to do so. In fact, it’s not just big here, but is watched in over 140 countries.

Similar to how so many people enjoy placing a bet on tennis, spectators of the Grand National very much enjoy placing a bet or two on the illustrious race. If placing a flutter is something that interests you, you can find all sorts of markets on the Grand National on our sportsbook at Betiton UK.

The Reasons Why People Bet on The Grand National

The Grand National is an intense race that really tests the stamina and prowess of both the horse and the jockey. The length of the race, coupled with the massive fences that have to be navigated, are a testament to the power of the horse and really serve to show just how good the animal is.

It’s a race that’s not often won by the same horse more than once. In fact, the mighty Red Rum owes his fame to the fact that he’s the only horse to have won this event three times. What also makes this race standout is its unpredictable nature.

While some horses may appear to be favourites, nothing is guaranteed. This is why it’s always very important to not only check each horse’s form, but the ground on the day as well, as this can affect how successfully horses will run.

This means you should be checking the Grand National odds regularly to keep up to date. This is the same as when you’re keeping an eye on the odds when you’re placing rugby bets; the competition can go any which way, so you have to not only do your research, but keep a wary eye on the odds as well.

Who Is Hosting the Grand National?

The Grand National is held every year at the Aintree Racecourse in Merseyside in England. The event always takes place in April. The race never changes, it’s the same distance and the same fences that are jumped, which means that jockeys know what to expect.

The only difference each year is the field of horses that take part and what the ground and the weather will be like on the day. When it comes to bets, these aspects can be very important to take into consideration. For example, some horses run better on muddy ground, others on dry.

The field can also vary in size depending on the year, with the largest field comprising a whopping 66 horses which take part and the smallest just ten. This can also affect the race outcome—with more horses there is a greater risk of collisions, unseated riders and so on.

For a comparison, this is the same as when punters place bets on the Eurovision: throughout the years, countries participating in the Eurovision increased, which means that the odds increased as well. With more countries performing their songs, the competition only gets stiffer.

Find Out About Betiton’s Betting Offers and Bonus

UK players can make use of our betting offer. This can be used on any sporting event, even for the Grand National. There are also wagering requirements in place and you must make sure to follow these if you plan on withdrawing your winnings. Click here for the full terms and conditions.

Deposit and Withdraw Your Funds Securely With Betiton Bookmaker

UK players can choose from a list of different banking methods to use. We only pick the very best options, ensuring our players’ transactions take place securely and speedily. Head over to the cashier section of the site and you’ll find the full list of options available to you including:

Payment Method Deposit Time (Days)Withdraw Time (Days)
Master CardInstant4-6

Deposits can be made with any of these methods and occur instantly. You can make deposits from as little as £10 to as much as £5000 in one transaction. Withdrawals work in a similar fashion, although they take a bit longer to process as there is a 48-hour pending period in place.

Once this period is up, the money will then go to your account, though this can still take up to five more days depending on the withdrawal method you’ve picked. Withdrawals can be made from £10 to a maximum of £7000 per month.

Bet the Grand National With Your Mobile

UK players are now able to enjoy placing bets and following games on their phone. At Betiton we have made sure that our site has been fully mobile optimised. What this means is that you can simply open your mobile browser, find Betiton and log in.

From there you can access all the same features and functions as the desktop site. This includes banking options, support and, of course, the bonus offers.

It also means that you can check out the latest Grand National betting odds, keep an eye on any changes in the horses running, and even watch the race as the event unfolds if you want to take part in in-play betting.

The site is also compatible with a range of different devices as well as being scalable so that it fits to any screen size.

UK Players Can Receive Live Customer Support

Customer support plays a very important part in keeping casinos running smoothly. We offer players in Britain a number of different ways to get in touch with us when a problem arises.

Our support team is online every day of the week via live chat between the hours of 8am and midnight CET, and are always ready to help you out.

Remember to Always Bet Responsibly

The final feature that we deem to be of great importance on our site is that of responsible gaming. In order to help you bet responsibly we have links to a number of helplines available, so that you can get in touch with someone who can advise you.

We also have a self-exclusion option that you can implement yourself. This prevents you from accessing your account or any of our betting options for the long term. We will never reverse this unless we get your permission to do so.

Grand National Betting FAQs

When is the Grand National Held?

The Grand National is held every year on April. The exact date is subject to change and is up to the British Horseracing Authority to decide. However, the Grand National always takes place on a Saturday, and it generally falls on either the first or the second Saturday of April.

Where does the Grand National Take Place?

At the Aintree Racecourse at Aintree, Merseyside, England. Aintree is on the border of the city of Liverpool.

Who won the previous Grand National?

The Grand National of 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic. However, 2019 Grand National was won by Tiger Roll, an Irish Thoroughbred who also won the Grand National of 2018.

How long does the Grand National Last?

You’d be surprised to know that the Grand National only lasts a few minutes—in fact, the slowest ever recorded Grand National race didn’t even last a quarter of an hour. On the other hand, the fastest ever completed Grand National race clocked in at 8 minutes and 47.8 seconds.

The time it takes for the Grand National to be completed largely depends on the conditions of the track and the weather—for example, if it was raining then the race is likely to take longer to be finished. However, the average time it takes for the Grand National to be completed is between 9 to 11 minutes.

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