NHL Predictions in Canada

James Smith
August 20, 2020
Modified: June 27, 2023

Ice hockey is a popular sport in Canada and the United States. As well as watching the game, many Canadians place a wager on the outcome of matches. Every punter who places a bet anticipates a positive outcome, but this is not always guaranteed. With odds highly stacked up in favour of the house, it can appear challenging to beat the system.

This is where NHL tips come in handy, as they help to offer guidance to minimise the risk. Basically, NHL tips are as important as knowing each team’s individual players and line-ups. Ideally, bettors need to do some research and compile a list of hints and facts about each team in order to calculate probabilities and raise their chances of making the right decisions. However, this takes a lot of time and effort and you may still not have all the information required to arrive at an accurate conclusion. This is where Betiton’s NHL betting tips guide can come in handy.

What is the NHL?

The National Hockey League, or NHL, is a professional ice hockey league played in North America. Founded in 1917, the League initially consisted of just four Canadian teams. In 1924, the Boston Bruins from the United States was added, making this the strongest league in North America. After several periods of reorganisation and expansion, the League membership today stands at 31 teams, with seven coming from Canada and 24 from the United States of America.

These teams are categorised into two conferences – the Eastern and the Western – each with two divisions. At the end of each regular season, a total of eight teams from each conference qualify to compete in the conference playoffs. For this selection, the top three teams are picked from each division, plus the two teams with the next best records in any division within each conference. The two teams that emerge as champions in each conference then face off in a best-of-seven series for the Stanley Cup.

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During the regular season, each team will play a total of 82 games, split equally between home and road matches. The Eastern conference contains 16 teams in two divisions of eight, with the Western conference having 15 teams split into one division of eight and one of seven. As a result, the pattern of intra- and inter-divisional matches differs between the two conferences. However, this creates a big opportunity for punters to exploit, specifically those who understand how to interpret odds and make correct predictions.

Just like with MLB prediction tips, you could benefit from using the best NHL tips. The reason you want to consider expert tips is to ensure you access the best match insights without having to work hard to gather all the data and information required yourself. In this guide, you’ll learn some of the different terms associated with sport betting also for NHL betting, as well as the different types of bets that are available to punters.

What are NHL tips?

NHL tips are quite simply suggestions that are made by professional tipsters for potential bets on the NHL. They can help bettors in Canada get a clearer understanding of both the game and the different bets that they can make.

Throughout the NHL season, you will find different statistics and information about individual players and each team based on their progress and other factors. Tipsters will compile and process this information to provide a fairly accurate assessment of each team to help punters in decision making. These tipsters also do all the hard work of trawling through a number of online betting sites, searching for the best betting options.

They will then offer bettors those with the most value. In this way, bettors can find a good value bet without having to do the legwork themselves. However, we do recommend that you don’t just take the tipster’s word for it, but do a little of your own research as well.

However, if you are only just starting out on your NHL betting journey, then following a particular tipster or using some NHL tips is a good place to start. Remember, though, that just like NBA predictions, with NHL tips you should still invest with caution as no one guarantees 100% results. But you may be able to get a few winning bets in, if you combine tips with your own knowledge about NHL games and players.

It’s also helpful to know a little about some of the different betting markets – more on those below. With this knowledge, you will be able to use tips as a way to confirm and compare your own analyses. If you do want to rely on tips, we recommend giving priority to tipsters who specialise in NHL betting tips. They often also offer a thorough review of their tips and an analysis of the games to help you better understand what to expect from each team.

What are the different tips in NHL?

In the NHL, just like in other sports, tips are often based on different markets. Most commonly, you will find traditional and niche markets to choose from. But many times punters will not have enough data to understand how to decode all the markets, so tips often come in as a solution to provide the much-needed guidance.

For traditional markets, you will find tips in markets like Point Spread, Game Winner and First Team to Score. These are the markets that many punters are familiar with. However, you are not always restricted to these traditional markets. You could also find tips highlighting niche betting markets like Anytime Scorer, Total Goals, Stanley Cup winner, and so on. With a diversity of markets like this, it becomes easy to specialise in a market that works best for you. This is important and encouraged as you would be using tips as a supplement and not as the only option in your decision-making process.

To calculate odds and provide the most accurate tips, the best tipsters consider different parameters in their analyses. Some of the most important parameters that are factored into the statistical calculations include: offensive strength, injuries, time of possession, defensive strength, scoring leaders, a team’s chance to hold the lead, and each team’s ability to close out games.

This is just to mention a few of the many things that are compiled and used to calculate the odds before tipsters share their NHL tips. This means the success of one tipster could be dependent upon the mathematical model they use to prepare NHL tips, MMA tips or tips for any other sport. A good statistical model will show a good degree of success, and this is what you want to look for when you are vetting tipsters. Coupled with your own learning efforts, the advice of a good tipster will improve your chances and help you reap more benefits.

  • Accumulators
  • Mega Odds Accumulators
  • Daily Double

Besides investing in straightforward single bets, you could also combine different markets for one big bet. An accumulator bet, also called an “Acca”, is basically a single bet made up of several selections. Basically, the payout from a win on the first leg of the Acca becomes the stake for the next leg and so on.

For the bet to be successful, all of these selections have to win, which is both one of the biggest risks and one of the biggest attractions of placing an Acca bet, as there is the potential to land a huge win if all stages go to plan. While there are Accas provided by betting companies, you could also place your money on accumulators prepared by independent parties – in this case, NHL tipsters. Your focus in all the Accas you make is to go with the combination that gives you the best chance to win.

Who are the favorite teams in the NHL?

One way to try to increase your betting success rate is to choose bets that involve the best NHL teams in each conference. Again, research is the key here. Take a look at the teams that are favourites for the season to see what you might expect from them. This information can inform your strategy and help you invest wisely while betting. Again, NHL tips could help you more accurately pick the teams most likely to perform well.

However, simply looking at their pre-season standings, for example, is not enough to decide which team will be crowned winner, but this should still form part of your background knowledge. You should also consider other factors that will help you to narrow down your selection to just a few teams. As the season progresses, some teams may suffer setbacks and lose track. Others will improve, so always use the most current data for any betting decision.

Once you have decided on a shortlist of the best teams from each conference, you could target your bets towards these teams across all their matches. Remember, though, that factors like injuries and whether a game is home or road can greatly affect the performance of even the best teams, so keep all these parameters in mind.

Unless two strong teams are playing, you could have an easy run when you prepare a list of the most promising NHL teams for the season. There are many other strategies you could employ besides this if your goal is to minimise losses over time. For you to reap the most benefit, you have to consistently work with this plan through the season unless later analyses show that some teams have to be replaced. Following the predictions of top NHL tipsters can be helpful, as they provide their information after analysing many different relevant data sets. However, above all, enjoy the games and enjoy playing at Betiton!


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