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A Beginner’s Guide to Extra spins

July 2, 2020
Modified: January 18, 2022

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You will find many casinos announcing extra spins as part of their offers. But if you are a new punter, you might be wondering what these kinds of offers involve. You also wonder whether to accept them or not. In case you choose to jump ship, you also wonder how to use them to your benefit. That’s why this Betiton guide is here. Read on to discover more about casino bonus extra spins .

What is a extra spin?

Extra spins allow you to spin the wheels without paying anything. They can be given when you sign up a new account with a casino or when you make your first deposit. There are also some slot games that open an opportunity for extra spins when you hit certain combinations. Either way, being awarded extra spins means you get a chance to enjoy your game a little more at no added cost.

Extra spins are a good opportunity for new players or someone trying a certain slot for the first time. It gives an opportunity to test the waters before you dip your two feet. Besides, extra spins can also win you some money if you know how to use them wisely. So, whether it’s a bonus slot round won at sign up or after reload, just grab that offer and rock the game.

What are the different types of extra spins?

As mentioned earlier, extra spins bonuses come in various shapes and sizes. Every casino has its own creative way of designing these offers and they sometimes call them different names. The casinos make variations of these extra spins offers to attract customers. Don’t be confused by the different names. Instead, strive to know the terms and conditions for each offer and understand what you need to do to earn the bonuses.

  • Promotions
  • No deposit bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • Prizes
  • Mobile-specific extra spins
  • Birthday
  • No deposit codes

As you can see, casinos can avail numerous opportunities for their players to earn extra spins. It doesn’t matter if you are a new player or an experienced one, you will still find an option that’s suitable for you. In fact, getting extra spins is part of the fun in gambling slots or poker. So, make sure you find out how you can earn some during your next slot game.

Extra spins in casino promotions

Casinos want to get more players signing up for their slot games. This is why they will offer different types of bonuses to promote their online casinos. One of the popular bonuses is extra spins . But you can also find the deals fashioned into a no deposit bonus or free play credits. Either way, you get to test the slot machine without making any initial payment.

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No deposit extra spins bonus

With no deposit extra spins, it means that a player doesn’t need to deposit any money to get the spins. They are mostly awarded at sign-up with a new casino. This works well to attract new players as they can try an online casino or a new game risk-free. There is also another benefit to the no deposit bonus – you can actually win real money or use it to boost your bankroll.

Extra spins in casino promotions

It’s also good to note that extra spins can be awarded when you make a deposit. In this case, they are referred to as deposit extra spins. Some casinos have numerous extra spins for just a small deposit amount. It’s important to check the conditions to make sure the offers are worth your attention. Some important considerations include wagering terms, withdrawal limits, and cashout period, among others.

Extra spin prizes

Casinos can have extra spins bonuses awarded for various reasons. For instance, they can sometimes come as a perk for various programs such as Loyalty or So, if you are signed in such you earn a specified number of extra spins each month. They could also be given as a casino welcome bonus or when you win a tournament and in-house competitions such as completing a certain number of games.

Mobile extra spins

This is an exclusive bonus for people playing on mobile. Today, many players are enjoying slots on the go via mobile devices. The game creators have also modified their slots to fit mobile gaming. This has caused providers to come up with offers that are designed just for players using mobile phones. Just like in regular casinos, mobile extra spins can be no deposit or given after a deposit.

Extra spins codes

It is possible that the extra spins you receive will require a code to redeem them. It does not matter whether you got a deposit or no deposit bonus. In this case, make sure the extra spins code is valid or updated. However, it is good to note that not all offers of extra spins will require a code to redeem. Each casino is different and will offer guidelines for receiving your reward.

How many extra spins can you get?

Essentially, the offers will differ from one casino to another. You will find a casino that awards 10 extra spins while another can have a generous offer of 20 or more. This will totally depend on the deal at hand. Just check the given steps and fill the required information to unlock your bonus. You may also check the website to see the details of a promotional offer before you sign up.

If you are keen on getting the best extra spins bonus, you may consider comparing different Betiton casinos or slot games. You will find that each deal comes with some attractive features to attract players. Read the details of each offer just to know which one will give the best returns. Comparing several online casinos or different offers within a casino will reveal a good deal for you.

How to claim your extra spins

Claiming your offer is simple and will involve a few steps. Each casino offer may have specific guidelines so it is important that you read these. However, most bonuses will require you to sign up or create an account, identify your desired bonus and – you are ready to have fun playing for free! Let’s have a detailed look at each of these steps in the sections below.

Register to an online casino

If you have identified a casino that has promotional offers, the first step you need to take is to register with the casino. Many good casinos will provide an online form where you can fill a few details and in no time you will be ready to play. The forms are self-explanatory and you will just need to provide the required information to create a gambling account.

Select your casino bonus

Once you are registered, you will see a variety of bonus offers that are available and suitable for new players like you. You might find no deposit extra spins or real money offers. All you should do now is to choose one that suits you. Before settling on a bonus, you may want to read the fine details. Always make sure you understand any terms and conditions before clicking “accept”.

Play your bonus and enjoy

Apply the code if your offer came with one. Otherwise, selecting the next step will just open the relevant bonus. In this case, you are now ready to play and enjoy it. Try a new and popular slot or have fun learning what betting is all about. Always keep in mind that if you play your cards well, you could actually win real money while playing extra spins.

What are the term and conditions for extra spins bonuses?

To enjoy extra spins bonuses, you need to understand the terms and conditions. These terms will not only determine the bonus you select but also how you use it. There are various points to check including wagering requirements, expiry limits, where the bonus is applicable, and others. Look at the casino specific conditions as well. You need to meet all these terms so that you can claim your bonus or any winnings.

Wagering requirements

These are the betting rules that you must meet in order to be able to withdraw any wins from your extra spins. Unless you get wager-free extra spins, you should check the wagering requirements of a bonus. This is the sum total of the times you should wager money earned from extra spins before you can withdraw it. Wagering requirements can be between 25 and 40 times, but again, it depends on the casino.

Slot specific

Some extra spins can specify the particular slot you are supposed to play. This means you can only use those Betiton extra spins on the game mentioned on the terms and conditions. It thus makes sense to decide whether you are comfortable playing that slot before accepting the offer. However, there are also extra spins that can be applied to any slot game. That’s why you need to check the details keenly.

Cash limit

Make sure you check how much you can actually win when spinning for free. In some cases, online casinos put a cash limit on the amount you can win when spinning for free. This means in case you hit the jackpot on a high-paying slot using extra spins, you will not be paid all the money. In this case, the bonus may seem lucrative but the terms don’t allow you to enjoy full rewards.

Extra spins payout

You can play with extra spins and win real money that you are allowed to actually keep. However, to get the payout, you may need to meet some of the conditions mentioned earlier. For instance, beware of the wagering requirements as these will determine when you can actually expect a payout of your winnings. The payout terms will differ from one online casino to another or one game to another.

It’s a casino offer that allows you to test an online or mobile slot game for free.

There is: No deposit bonuses and extra spins deposit bonuses.

Wagering requirements are the number of times you have to bet winnings before withdrawing the money.

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